Friday, July 22, 2011

DNC Memorandum #3

From the office of the ChairWOMAN, 22 July 2011

***Listen up. Discipline has been lax lately and will not be tolerated. I’ve set the example for toughness with my speech in the House by calling out Congressman West, who may think his Bronze Star and 22 years in the military is a match for WOMAN. A mere lieutenant colonel, probably lower than a sergeant – who cares – he dared to disagree with a DNC chairWOMAN, probably the second most important person to the First Lady in the country now. In response, West said I am the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives. I wear that badge proudly and advise all women staffers to become the same. Do NOT – repeat – do NOT mention in any meeting that Congressman West was not in the chamber when I took him on. The rumor that I had him called to the phone before I spoke is untrue, and I won’t do that again.

***Republican harridan Michele Bachman is unfit to be president because it is well documented that she has migraine headaches, a debilitating ailment that would make her dangerous if called at 3:00 a.m. in the midst of one of those attacks, especially requiring a decision as momentous as whether or not the breakfast eggs should be scambled or taken on the half-shell. State Secretary Clinton stated that she would be fine at 3:00 a.m., but she didn’t have migraines. POTUS is also clear-headedly wakeable at 3:00 a.m. and keeps a teleprompter handy at his bedside programmed to answer any emergency. All new campaign materials are to include information concerning the ravages of migraines, complete with diagrams of how they disorient the brain and distort performance accruing to even well-prepared teleprompters, much less the ones used by POTUS, who does not suffer from migraines despite his ramblings during press conferences, concerning which POTUS has announced officially that SACRIFICE is a keyword in his campaign, on which he plans to spend a billion big ones, roughly 67 times the GDP of Tuvalu, an important ally in the Pacific.

***My patience is running thin concerning the red/yellow/black/white paper that POTUS has demanded be prepared explaining why he is still leading from behind in the Libya shootout. Not one has been received except those from recent Harvard graduates that blame George Bush for not stopping the carnage he started in March. These reflect the party-line that Bush and his father were/are/will be responsible for everything bad at least through 2050 but simply form too big a stretch. The Harvard gang is being sent to the Durbin Reeducation Camp for a remedial course in something as soon as Durbin decides what their problem is, other than LSD, Mary Jane, Meth, Ecstasy and the like. They will be treated gently and not accused of being what Durbin has described American GIs to be: SS troops (Nazis), keeper of the Gulags (Soviet KGB), or killing-field operators (Pol Pot).

***There’s been talk around the water-fountain (only bottled, since D.C. water is suspect) that POTUS has decided to lead from behind regarding the space program, leaving it to the Russians, Frenchies and any other entity that can get anything off the ground (besides U.S. missiles over Libya or Iranian rockets from Gaza over Israel). POTUS has correctly concluded that people can’t live comfortably on the moon, so what’s the use? The rumor that he has stated that neither golf nor cigarettes will ever be available on the moon, besides the fact that Air Force One can’t even get there, much less land, is untrue and he will not make that claim again.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the interest of gender equality, bathrooms exclusively for men and women only are being abolished in the headquarters building, except for the chairWOMAN’S suite. These outdated facilities have to remain there since uncultured visitors might be traumatized by the new emphasis on unisex. This new arrangement will place men and women on an equal footing with the waiting in line problem, the effort geared officially toward erasing male insensitivity and indirectly toward getting even with the &%^$#&^ so-and-so’s. Any male staffer caught outside in the tree-area will be disciplined severely, perhaps made to canvass South Carolina and eat grits three times a day. VPOTUS has stated that this is a big #%*$^# deal, so pay attention.

***Notwithstanding the evidence in all the history-books that a nation is headed for oblivion when homosexuality becomes all the rage and men marrying men makes perfect sense, the DNC is instituting a new policy of nullifying the Equal Opportunity Act in its hiring policies, giving homosexuals (actually the GLBTW gang) first dibs on every job that comes open, with the blessing of POTUS (executive order), of course, who thinks men marrying men is cool and maybe even exciting, perhaps even improving dunking techniques and chip shots. On applications, homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, in-betweeners and whatevers will not be required to fill in the gender blank but, if they prefer, may check any box they like or make up a new gender, though a description must be submitted in the latter case. Bestiality, however, will not qualify since People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claim this designation humiliates and discriminates against animals, most of whom cannot write or even hire lawyers, the latter an absolute necessity in working for the government.

***POTUS is being regularly referenced by evil republicans like Allen West (see above) and evil news outlets such as Fox as “the dear leader” and, while he enjoys the warm-fuzzy nature of the appellation, suspects the term is often used sarcastically, perhaps even juxtaposing his regal bearing with that of Kim Jong Il, that snipe in North Korea. POTUS is probably a nine-iron taller. Staffers are warned not to use this term, even in friendly town-hall meetings, and to stamp their feet and exit any un-friendly town-halls if the term is used.

***Finally, POTUS is tired of the charge by republicans that, while they’ve presented deficit-reduction and other fiscal plans, he has presented nothing, which is true, of course. Needed immediately by POTUS is a complete economic plan. POTUS would take care of this but he is booked solidly through November 2012 and simply hasn’t the time. Every staffer – repeat – EVERY staffer is to have a plan (preferably 25 words or less) on the chairWOMAN’S desk by in the morning. Anyone not responding will be disciplined by walking the Mall come hell, heat or high water for 12 hours. Note: When placing the plan on the chairWOMAN’S desk, don’t even think about using the toilet, either one of them.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Libya & the "TRUTHERS"

After every calamity of any substance, some government agency or Congressional body conducts an investigation or hearing to discover what caused the problem, usually with the stated purpose that the effort is designed to effect adjustments so that the calamity can never again happen. With respect to either government or private enterprise, the primary purpose, however, is to fix blame. This is especially true with government since elected officials are always in campaign mode and looking for ways to point the finger at opponents.

Also after every calamity of substance, some sort of “truther” organization will come on line to dispute the findings of the official body. There was an investigation/hearing into the Pearl Harbor massacre back in the 1940s (FDR knew all about it beforehand); after Katrina in 2006 (the House democrats didn’t participate since the official version was on point, but the truthers fingered FEMA); concerning the Iraq War (9/11 conspiracy by Bush/Cheney/Osama and known about by Bush beforehand); JFK assassination in 1963 (take your pick of conspiracy theories, including that LBJ did it); and more recently, torture (Bush approved it and practically wrote the torture-manual).

Usually, the truther-stuff is laughable but it seems to provide great entertainment and, of course, furnishes an outlet for whatever political agenda any group/individual has. For instance, President Obama was gung-ho against the Patriot Act until he got elected. Recently, he signed law to continue that act upon realizing that he’d get the blame if anything untoward happened that could have been prevented by its use, which abridges no one’s rights, or at least those who have nothing to hide.

It hasn’t been held yet and, of course, will not be held unless and until the republicans have the power to do it (and they do in the House), but Obama’s personal declaration of war against Libya will someday be investigated, as it should be, especially since Congress was not even consulted, much less given an opportunity to approve or disapprove. The president simply got a UN resolution and ordered the U.S. military to attack a nation posing no threat to any other nation, including especially the U.S. Libya’s total population of six million souls is two million less than that of New York City, and it was/is virtually defenseless. The plan was to just bomb the bejesus out of Tripoli/Libya and hopefully kill Qaddafi in what Obama said would take days, not weeks. That was nearly four months ago.

For the sake of argument, assume that a hearing/investigation is held and that Obama’s actions will be certified as perfectly desirable since, being a superior human, he substituted his choice of Libyans to be killed for that of letting Qaddafi make his own choice of which Libyans to kill. The latest “truther” organization to answer this could be something called the Questionable Affairs Department for Discovering Avaricious Fuel Invaders, known by its obvious acronym, QADDAFI.

This organization claims that Obama, Biden, British Petroleum and its Middle East tyrant-connection, Ahmadinejad, met secretly in a New York mosque to plan the March 19 attack on Libya in order to guarantee that its oil operations either be shut down or simply overrun with a view toward directing its shipments to Marseilles or San Francisco, where strange things happen as a matter of course and no one would be suspicious of oil tankers from Libya with blood-stained decks tying up at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Such “truther” notables as former general Wesley Clark could head QADDAFI, which has already also discovered that the Gulf oil spill last year was also planned by O,B, BP and A, who have captured most of the millions of gallons and have them stored in a huge underground cave in the Pacific island-nation of Tuvalu, elevation 15 feet and therefore susceptible to quick ingress and egress of product, which can be used at any time to flood the market and bankrupt selected nations or simply stack euros and dollars in banks in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, or Switzerland, where partners-in-crime Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and Osama (RIP with the virgins, although he didn’t fire a shot) stashed all the Saudi money they received account of 9/11 action.

The truth seems perfectly obvious. Why would Obama spend $55 million a day for ten days straight in March dropping bombs and missiles on Libya for no logical reason other than OIL, the only industry other than camel-rehabilitation that Libya has. The Foreign Legion doesn’t count except for the elements paid by Qaddafi. Obama is up to about $750 million now and counting ($1.1 billion by Oct. 1), with Congress, in another of its frequent moments of lunacy, probably on line to give him at least until the end of the year to finish off Qaddafi, with the provision that body-counts may not lawfully be publicized, especially those of children.

The truthers know that LBJ colluded with Fidel to off JFK, that Bush 41 colluded with the whole world to do Kuwait, Bubba colluded with Tito’s ghost (channeled by Hillary and Eleanor’s ghost) to do Bosnia, and that Bush 43 colluded with Cheney, Halliburton and Osama to do 9/11. The Obama/Biden/BP/Ahmadinejad conspiracy to reduce Libya to rubble makes eminently more sense than any of the others.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Protective Order - Worthless?

Steve Nunn, a onetime Kentucky legislator and governor-aspirant, shot and killed Amanda Ross, a state employee, in late 2009 after she had obtained a protective order against him in Fayette County Family Court. Since the two were not related, one wonders why anything was done through a Family Court. It would seem that the protective order should have simply been secured in whatever other court has always administered them. Recently, Nunn confessed guilt instead of going to trial, thereby bargaining his way out of a possible trip to the execution chamber, whatever it is now.

As a result of this sordid event, the state legislature spent an inordinate amount of time in 2010 – instead of passing a budget – debating and passing some sort of law requiring anyone with a protective order against him to be tracked via GPS, necessitating that he wear some sort of device at all times. There was great debate – much ado about very little – and a weak bill of some sort was coughed up. Some counties are not equipped to satisfy the law and all the counties are strapped for cash and probably won’t do much anyway. The budget was finally signed on May 30 in, of course, one of those boondoggle-for-the-lawmakers “special sessions.”

How does the tracker, assuming someone has to be monitoring the appropriate devices, know how close an offender is to the aggrieved, anyway, if he/she doesn’t know where the aggrieved is? Or, does the wearer of the device just have to stay away from a particular area, meaning that the order is virtually useless and assuming that the protective order doesn’t amount to house arrest?

There’s nothing new about protective orders and “domestic” violence. An inordinate amount of time and resources are expended by law-enforcement agencies and the courts in taking care of this stuff. While it’s true that in some instances vulnerable people need help, in many if not most instances the people who need these orders, or think they do, have brought much of their difficulty upon themselves and then expect the officials to bail them out of the messes into which they’ve gotten themselves.

Ross and Nunn had co-habited, apparently had fought, had split, and apparently Nunn figured the publicity had cost him a good state job. Who knows what else had been going on in this seamy business? The point is that the two had done their part in bringing about all the mess, including the protective order and murder. This happens all too often, especially with women who take their panties off one time too many and wind up with a problem when they turn the old boy away, perhaps for another old boy.

This may sound crass but taxpayers have a right to be unhappy when they spend money to clean up the messes caused by these woeful indiscretions, whether through domestic violence that often costs the lives of law-enforcement officers or just piling the courts with junk, the supposedly aggrieved either participating in the violence (he warn’t all that bad so the police [or po-lice] shouldn’t have been here even though I called them) or rescinding the orders.

Bottom line: Nunn would have carried out his objective even if he’d been wearing a GPS bracelet on both ankles and around his neck. The ladies need to understand that they should choose wisely, not party indiscriminately, stay sober, and avoid adultery and fornicating. Sound insensitive? So what!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Friday, July 08, 2011

Obama's Libya-Rape Continues

ABC News, 18 March, concerning Libya: “In his meeting with Members of Congress today, sources tell ABC News, President Obama said he expected that the period that the US would be involved in heavy kinetic activity would be ‘days, not weeks,’ after which he said the U.S. would then take more of a supporting role.” Assuming that “kinetic activity” does not include the use of drones and that “supporting role” does include the furnishing of bombs and missiles to NATO nations which, coincidentally, just don’t have any more missiles and bombs to fire upon the Libyans , the president has carried double-speak, teleprompted or not, to a whole new level.

This is the definition of “kinetic” (Merriam-Webster, 11th Collegiate): “of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith.” In other words, anything this country has done regarding Libya at any time is “kinetic.” U.S.-GI-material-bodies were ordered by the commander-in-chief to kill Libyans, starting on 19 March and (through NATO, owned and controlled by Obama) continuing until today. They used material bodies called bombs and missiles to do so, and Obama has continued that use until today.

So…everything that has been done and/or used since 19 March can be classified as “kinetic” (not just the first ten days when the U.S. spent $55 million on the project each day) and “supporting role” (both in the first ten days and now). Current cost in dispatching Libyans/Muslims to eternity continues to mount.

ABC News, 15 June, concerning Libya: “In a report revealing that the total cost of US intervention in Libya as of June 3 has been $716 million and will reach $1.1 billion by the end of September, the Obama administration today told congressional leaders in a report that the role of the US military is so limited, congressional authorization is not needed.” The president said “days, not weeks,” but apparently he didn’t consider that the 105 or so days or the 15 or so weeks since 19 March actually amounted to days/weeks, or maybe he was thinking of months, now up to 3.5 months and counting.

Obama invested $550 million tax-dollars in the Libya massacre in the first ten days and is on line to invest another $550 million by the end of September, the latter, of course, in a non-kinetic supporting role, which is just as kinetic as the first kinetic role. One wonders if he thinks the general population is so collectively dumb that it can’t figure out both the kind and volume of his subterfuge.

One wonders, also, about Congress, which in Obama’s mind seems not to exist, and perhaps for good reason. The president obviously is accountable to no one. He unilaterally declared war on Libya – without even a presidential proclamation, to say nothing of one from Congress – and ordered decent men to commit murder on a nation with a population two-million less than that of New York City that has never been a threat to this country in either words or actions. The representatives and senators had no say in the matter, meaning that the people didn’t, either. The collective congressional spine is made of jelly and the citizens are un-represented. The founders of this nation would flip in their graves.

The people who have the greatest dread of war, as well as the consequent motivation to do anything to avoid it, are those who have experienced it…those who have seen and smelled the blood, gathered the dead and ministered to the twisted and torn bodies of the wounded. The president can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a Libyan when the planes or drones are heard overhead. He also can’t imagine what it’s like to administer bombs and missiles on innocent people, never mind the talk of taking out only “strategic targets.”

The bombs in Libya have been falling in residential neighborhoods, with Obama and NATO insisting that the targets were legitimate, usually “command-and-control centers.” Just one malfunctioning part of a bomb or missile sends it anywhere but where it’s intended to blow up “things.” That means that the carnage is anywhere an errant or even a properly functioning device lands. People are where the things are…euphemistically labeled “collateral damage.”

If there were a reason for all the Libyan bloodletting at the hands of Obama and NATO, there would be no condemnation of it. As it is, Obama has much innocent blood on his hands and is aiming to be smeared with much more. Disgusting! It’s long since past the time to stop the killing.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fragile Freedom

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” ~ Ronald Reagan, from his first inaugural speech as governor of California, January 5, 1967

This gem of wisdom from former president Reagan is particularly apropos currently as Americans celebrate Independence Day. The tendency is to think of freedom only in terms of attaining and maintaining it through the trials and tribulations of war. This was the tool of necessity – certainly not the weapon of choice – that was used to form the United States. Blood was shed as the seed…the nation germinated and grew from it.

Freedom for the nation as a whole was threatened by the secession-states in 1861. Whereas the nation was declared on 04 July 1776, it was re-declared both symbolically and substantively 04-06 July 1863 at Gettysburg exactly 87 years later, with respect to the shedding of blood. The war that developed as a result of the former was long and bloody. So was the war vis-à-vis the latter, of which Gettysburg was but one of the fiercest and bloodiest battles. When this writer was born, there were a number of Civil War veterans still alive. To him, therefore, that victory has a unique meaning, especially since his great-grandfather and two great-uncles, all immigrants born in England, fought in the Union Army.

Freedom, however, can be lost un-militarily and it is this fact that should concern the nation currently. This has to do with Reagan’s observation that freedom is a “fragile thing.” Even now, when both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars were/are little more to today’s youngsters than stuff in history books, young people will fight and die for what they have – fragile freedom saved through the shedding of blood. They know the good life, especially as compared to the lives of people in other countries.

The present danger to freedom is not susceptible to military action. It’s the danger that either creeps or quickly strikes from within. In his 2008 campaign, President Obama spoke of the need to rewrite the Constitution in order to provide for the redistribution of wealth, i.e., taking possessions from one person and giving them to another, in this case probably through taxation. He also spoke of the need for a national police force, reminding those old enough to remember of Hitler’s Gestapo and Stalin’s KGB. This represents two dangers to freedom – denial of ownership and the force to make it stick.

In 2008, the president said he intended to make electricity rates “skyrocket” and that he would see to it that those who presumed to build coal-fired generators would be bankrupted. The House, with no member having read the bill that would make this happen, went along with its approval of the cap/trade legislation but the Senate won’t touch it for good reason. So, the president, through his czars/regulators, is attempting to make it happen administratively. The president claims his action is to protect the climate from manmade warming, but by now everyone knows that manmade global warming is a hoax, so the president’s agenda seems to be the sinking of the economy through pricing power, its providers and its users out of the market. To what end? Total control of the population!

The president’s healthcare bill, also unread by legislators, was passed through the browbeating of legislators and finally through outright subterfuge involving Congressional parliamentary maneuvers. It’s common knowledge now that this unbelievably expensive program represents the government’s attempt at total control of its people through its bureaucracy making all medical decisions, thus stealing the freedom of life itself – perhaps the most telling one – from the citizenry.

Obama has surrounded himself with perhaps 35-40 “czars” who are responsible only to him and whose collective job is to regulate everything and everybody to an extent designed to usurp individual freedom – the saving of people from themselves. The fact that this is happening is proof that freedom is what Reagan said it is – fragile. The eroding of freedom eventuating in Socialism – the welfare state – has been creeping-up on the citizenry for some time but is now quickening its pace. Is the nation about to lose its freedom…forever, as Reagan said would be the case if and when it is lost?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark