Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Dangerous Senators

Some people are dangers to society and doubly so when they hold positions allowing them to exert great influence—such as that of a senator. While in this corner most of their positions are appreciated and supported, Senators McCain, Graham and, at least sometimes, Lieberman seem off-the-wall to the point of being scary. Most of their weird approaches have to do with how to use the U.S. military establishment…and, conversely, how not to use it.

President Obama’s legacy, at least at this point, may have less to do with the miserable economy and intolerable high rate of unemployment than with how he’s used the military to great disadvantage to both this and other nations. Start with a look at the so-called Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East in mostly 2011, including North Africa. Obama announced to the world that leaders such as Libya’s Qaddafi, Egypt’s Mubarak, Yemen’s Saleh and Syria’s Assad just had to go, with the clear implication that the U.S. would see that insurgents would get this country’s help, especially militarily.

Aiding and abetting Obama were the senators, who were gung-ho for his rape of Libya. One remembers McCain in the Benghazi area lobbying for weapons for the insurgents but, despite his claims to the contrary, had no better idea than anyone else just which insurgents could be trusted. As it happened, none of them could be and multitudes of them (and their weapons) have since left to join the insurgents in Syria.

Qaddafi warned of his fight with al Qaeda and now the three senators have helped the butchers take the country, as well as kill the U.S. ambassador and three others on 9/11 last, with the killers never apprehended. The country is much worse off today (ungovernable) than it was before Obama and the senators decided Libya was a patsy and could be had. The president said “days, not weeks,” but the bombing went on for seven months, with no accounting of the number of innocent Libyans killed.

In March 2012, the three senators came up with a “non-binding” resolution calling for the U.S. to arm Syrian rebels and establish “safe” zones inside the country. Problem: Even if Obama were to decide to do that, to whom would he give the arms? The situation is the same as that of Libya. How in the world would this country – without putting boots on the ground – establish any kind of zone? If the arms were to be funneled through the Arab League, they would wind up with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is currently accomplishing the ruination of Egypt.

Now, there are allegations that Assad is using gas on Syrian civilians. Actually, no one knows who is doing what in that benighted country. This is claimed by the pundits to be the crossing of Obama’s “red-line,” the marker establishing the use of troops. This would probably be fine with the senators, but what president in his right mind would send American GIs into a war-zone where gas is being used in a CIVIL WAR, which (sans the gas) is what was happening in Libya?

It’s especially outrageous to consider military action in light of the fact that the country’s been at war since 2003, with ground troops having been deployed multi-times to fight where their greatest fear is getting shot in the back by the people they’re supposedly helping attain democracy, an absolute impossibility in any Moslem-controlled nation anyway. Item: Interpol has a warrant for arresting the duly-elected Iraqi vice president, charged with supporting the CIVIL WAR actions of the Sunnis. He doesn’t dare show up at his own office.

None of the three senators has had ground-combat experience but Defense Secretary Hagel fought on the ground in Vietnam with distinction in another CIVIL WAR that cost this country 58,000 dead and accomplished nothing. McCain spent many years as a POW, Graham is yet a military lawyer and Lieberman has not worn the uniform. It’s doubtful that Hagel is interested in saving Syria militarily.

Maybe they ought to butt out or at least gin up some support from men who have fought on the ground, especially in Muslim territory, in which an anything-goes approach is okay, including wantonly killing women and children and back-shooting Americans, as is the case now in Afghanistan. If Obama had enough spine, he would be withdrawing Americans from Afghanistan NOW. The Russians, after spending the 1980s trying to subdue the Afghans, simply went home, with more than 13,000 dead and 35,000 wounded.

Does this country never learn?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Justice for Jihadists?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the younger of the Boston “Brother Bombers” (the one still alive), is one unlucky guy. He is being charged criminally and will thus be tried or otherwise handled in the Justice system. This means that he can be brought to trial, no religious shenanigans available to deter that.

If he had been accounted a terrorist and turned over to the army (maybe a trip to Gitmo, even), he could have grown a beard and used the “Major Hasan Defense” to escape a trial altogether, i.e., his religious beliefs concerning a beard would have been violated. The army demands its people to be clean-shaven on duty, such as while being tried for murder. The Army Court Martial judge, a male, who initially ruled that his beard had to go has been replaced by a lady judge (December 2012) but the major seems to still have no trial date of substance.

The Fort Hood massacre happened in November 2009 but 3.5 years later—no trial for a man who lots of people saw gun down 13 soldiers and one civilan and wound 43 others before being himself shot. This compares to three dead and 264 wounded in the bombing and one dead policeman vis-à-vis the Boston Marathon massacre.

Of course, the official designation of the Ft. Hood matter is “workplace violence.” Tsarnaev’s court-appointed lawyers should look into this. Did the 19-year-old commit a terrorist act? After all, he didn’t scream Allah Akbar before the bomb went off, as did Hasan before he let loose on the innocent. Maybe Tsarnaev merely committed “workplace violence” since his method was used in a business-setting where gobs of people were at work in offices, restaurants, stores, etc.

President Obama and Attorney General Holder have unique positions regarding these pieces of scum. Hasan belongs to the Army (Court Martial only), so he is beyond the reach of Holder with respect to delays or anything else. However, he is totally in the hands of Obama, the commander-in-chief, who’s never worn a uniform but often reminds the great unwashed of his rank. Obama could have signed a piece of paper years ago facilitating the trial and Hasan would be paying for his crimes now (maybe even dead) instead of being paid his generous Major’s salary ($4,222 per month + room, board, healthcare and expenses) for doing nothing but dreaming of figs, eating well and hating infidels.

Tsarnaev is in the civil-criminal sytem so he’s beyond the reach of the president, who, ipso facto, has delayed the Muslim murderous major from coming to trial, especially while his defense team perhaps dreams up insanity pleas and plans for him a life of ease in some well-appointed federal booby hatch. Tsarnaev belongs to Holder, who could sign a piece of paper and have the little butcher paying the price in a matter of months…if he wanted to.

Hasan and Tsarnaev are Muslims—serious Muslims, translated as jihadists. However, to criticize Muslims now is a distinct NO-NO-NO, political correctness being more operative than ever. Indeed, the Cathlic archbishop who presided over the religious service the other day in Boston made it a point to indicate that the Muslims—whose holy book requires death for the infidels (Americans)—must not be frowned upon, criticized or otherwise called to account for what even the imams and ayatollahs admit—death or slavery for the infidel, as required by Islam.

This means that Tsarnaev should never be referenced as a Muslim, never mind his motivation for the bombing. At age 19, he also may not know that Muslims consider second in importance only to the killing of Americans the killing of each other, which is what Saddam did in 1991 (before Tsarnaev was born) in attacking Kuwait with the hope of invading Saudi Arabia, the land of Islamic-sacred Mecca and Medina. He may be ignorant of the actual history accruing to Afghanistan regarding 9/11 and the Iraq invasion.

Of course, Obama, with no provocation of any kind, set loose the war against Muslim Libya in 2011 and reduced it to its present-day shambles. He is currently allowing U.S. operations/aid against Muslim North-Mali. He is meddling in Syria. What conclusion could anyone, even a callow youth, draw from the Libya-operation—seven months of bombing with not yet an accounting of the dead, not to mention the enabling of the al Qaeda that Qaddafi was fighting to keep out of Libya?

Will either of these Muslims be judged/sentenced any time soon? Of course not! Political-correctness simply would not allow it. They belong to a protected species.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Marathon/Euphoria

Now that the euphoria is over (or is it?) regarding the killing/capture of the Boston Marathon bombers, perhaps some conclusions can be drawn, not the least of which is the almost total inattention to the tragedy vis-à-vis the fertilizer-factory explosion in West, Texas, that in terms of lives lost and damage was much worse than in Boston/Watertown, MA. It’s almost as if the town actually wasn’t virtually blown away and 14 first-responders didn’t die. 

The first conclusion is the same as the first every time, to wit, that for probably 24+ hours just about everything that was reported by all TV-media establishments was erroneous. This is so predictable that one should pay almost no attention to any of them – even in the midst of briefings by the appropriate officials. One can only wonder how the various stories are taken seriously by responsible reporters, who seem to feel that hearsay is the same as hard news. One remembers the Florida vote-count in 2000 or the various accounts of natural disasters as initially reported and then interminably “cleaned-up” after the fact, if at all.

One can gauge the importance of an event by the rush of the network “super-anchors” to the scene, as if no one else is smart enough to explain what happened. It was interesting to watch the various programs depicting the events given their own names, just like the Evening News that comes along every day…complete with the proper graphics and the over-the-top music and wild animation – the best show in town. This went on for days and nights, a 24/7 thing that the newsies (and commercial-gang) probably thought the public just couldn’t do without.

In the “official briefings,” the usual large amount of time was devoted to a regaling of the public with a list of all the agencies involved, how utterly well they performed and how the public should extol their agents and feel safe. This isn’t to disparage the first responders and all the others but just to mention that none of that stuff is actually important and, indeed, often sounds so boastful that it turns people off. People who do great things often say little or nothing about it. Everyone knows this is a great country and has great responders of every kind.

The most salient fact was that one teenager could hold a million or so people and thousands of businesses and other enterprises hostage for a whole night and day. Everything was ordered closed-down and people ordered to stay inside. Even Harvard was closed. One understands that the situation was fluid and that there could have been possible dangers, but neither New York City nor Washington was closed down on 9/11, and that involved a much worse catastrophe than Boston. Imagine such a protocol in Kabul, Baghdad, Amman or Jerusalem, which would be necessitated every day. People would starve. In fact, Chicago vis-à-vis murder is bad enough.

This fact alone told the Muslim jihad-monsters worldwide that this nation can be cowed to a standstill by nearly anything…the worst sort of message to be sending those cutthroats, an invitation to just pick an event and scare the U.S. to death, while shutting down all services. Egad! This should not happen again, all the bluster about the episode “bringing the people together and showing the world a thing or two” being just so much blowing-smoke. To cap off the euphoria, a Boston baseball player immortalized the day with a vulgar four-letter word spoken to the world. How utterly stupid…but Obama’s FCC chairman thought it was great!

The law-enforcement folks did their usual excellent work but it needs remembering that but for a couple or so well-placed surveillance cameras the bombers could still be in Cambridge, laughing. The airliner shoe-bombers would have been successful if, either through stupidity or cold feet, they hadn’t failed to make their bombs explode. The same can be said for the character who parked an SUV-loaded bomb at Times Square but merely started a small fire instead of igniting his bomb, which could have blown away much of the area. In short, it’s only a matter of time when, not if, something else happens.

The “sleeper cells” are in this country. The Boston bombers most likely didn’t work alone. For instance, no one has indicated any visible means of support for the Tsarnaev brothers or their automobiles. It’s doubtful that one’s being a (failing) student and the other a sometime boxer would cut it.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, April 18, 2013

DNC Memorandum #13

From the office of the chairWOMAN, 18 April 2013

***Listen up! There are no apologies offered for the absence of memos since January. This has been a terribly busy time for the chairWOMAN, what with the reelection of the change-master and the nominating of new Cabinet secretaries. As is obvious, the nasty rumor that she has been politicking for a cabinet position is wrong and she will not do that again. There’s been little time for the chairWOMAN to be occupying her seat in the House, as well, but neither the Senate nor the House is doing anything these days, so what else is new?

***As you know, the term “terrorism” was stricken from all government documents, correspondence, speeches, etc., years ago and replaced by the term “man-caused disasters.” POTUS has directed that the term “terrorism” may be used again in light of the Marathon-bombing, but only temporarily. As soon as the bomber has been identified, and assuming he will be an angry White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male, the term “terrorism” will be reinstated. Caution: Do not use “terrorism” anyway since it offends POTUS.

***In the same vein, the National Football League is preparing a suit against the government account the term “man-caused disaster” is discriminatory, insensitive, and comprises a sort of racism. The league is also suing the lady-sportswriter who categorized the NFL as a training-ground for terrorists, noting that it fosters more concussions per capita than any Muslim country that sponsors terrorism, which is about all of them. POTUS has taken no position on this but VPOTUS has made it clear that it’s a big #^%$&^%%^&* deal and that women should rise up and fight, but not in the NFL.

***It was mentioned in the last memo that POTUS is considering instituting a Department of Gender. The DNC has been requested to furnish a red/yellow/black/white paper on the advantages and disadvantages, though anyone at DNC finding disadvantages concerning women will be sent to the Durbin Re-indoctrination Center & Gulag for re-orientation to liberalism. The LGBTQ crowd is on board, though it has not yet decided how many genders there are. Account VPOTUS’s extraordinary interest in the well-being of women, Sandra Fluke is lobbying legislators on behalf of awarding free double-barrel-shotguns to all women above the age of twelve, as well as two per day of the super-slimy-fail-safe-exotic condoms featuring the two-second automatic-unrolling feature for overwhelming passion-attack panic.

***POTUS has requested help with speeches to be used in his capacity as Griever-in-Chief. He has decided to make an appearance at any location in which there have been multiple killings, except for Chicago since in that case he would have to move back home (little joke there). He has made it clear that guns are to be accused as killers, not people. So, be advised that any submission must not blame any human – even Muslim jihadists, assuming they’re human – for any massacre or even a single killing. Former C-of-S Sunstein has suggested that guns should be provided with lawyers, as well as animals, but do not approach this matter. Also, a griever-speech for Benghazi has been ruled out. After all, there were only four killed there and this new policy was not in force then.

***The rumor that POTUS’s dear friend, confidant and political supporter Bill Ayers had something to do with the Marathon bombing is patently untrue and Ayers has insisted that he would not plan such a thing again. His background with the Weather Underground domestic terrorists of yesteryear, which blew up government buildings and shot at people (thankfully not when sober or LSD-free), will be useful in the government’s new manuals establishing methods of community-organizing. Ayers will be assisted by his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, also of WU fame and who teaches law at Northwestern. The rumor that she has tried to run over Presbyterians is untrue and she has said she will not do that again, though makes no promises about Baptists or other republicans.

***POTUS and even VPOTUS and even FLOTUS continue to be concerned about the job situation, which is improving since thousands of jobs are being classified as extinct, therefore pushing the unemployment figures downward. People looking for jobs that don’t exist cannot be classified as unemployed—simple. Also, laid-off workers are being encouraged to apply for total disability and this has worked wonders in decreasing the rate. As Obamacare kicks in (2015 instead of 2014 at last accounting), many more will be inducted into the ranks of the disabled, partial disability now being considered for even a hang-nail. This ailment may be upgraded to 50% disability in the near future since it is seen now by the appropriate czar as hazardous to driving.

***It is rumored that POTUS and VPOTUS are furious at Senator Reid for calling the gun legislation “anti-gun” instead of “anti-assault-weapons” or something like that. This is not true and POTUS’s castigation of the Senate in the Rose Garden over the legislation’s defeat was because he simply needed a cigarette and not because he is anti-gun. Also, rigged polls showing that the citizenry supported the legislation will be castigated, as well. In the meantime after VPOTUS’s recommendation concerning the gun-needs of women, it is reported that sales for 12-gauge double-barrel shotguns are out of sight, helping the economy. Do not—REPEAT—do NOT mention the broken shoulders and arms that often happen to people when they shoot these guns for the first time.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kerry & the Kiddie Korps

The “Kiddie Korps” is alive and well in Washington, as it has been in spades for the last four years. The latest major addition to the Korps (Obama would probably say “korpse,” as in his famous “corpse-man” [referring to navy “corpsman” twice] remark at a prayer breakfast somewhere) is John Kerry, famous by his own admission as voting for the Iraq War before he voted against it, a wondrous revelation by a “settled” mind.

Kerry also established his bona fides a few years back by stating that guys who couldn’t handle the world of education wound up in Iraq. Just these two gems of wisdom alone are indications of his ability to be secretary of state, never even mind his remarkable attempts back around 1970, by sucking up to a gaggle of North Vietnamese honchos in Paris (where else?), to end the Vietnam War. He was a low-ranking naval reserve officer at the time representing no one in an act of treason. He shares a common trait with Obama called PNS, Perpetual Narcissism Syndrome.

This is what Kerry said to a Senate committee in 1971: “So what I am saying is that yes, there will be some recrimination but far, far less than the 200,000 a year who are murdered [in Vietnam] by the United States of America …”. Kerry’s comrades/nation had murdered [his word] 1.6 million Vietnamese 1964-71 (or almost 4 percent of the population for 1970), mostly civilians – women, children, and old men. He’s never offered a scintilla of proof for that wacky accusation so, naturally, he can be secretary of state for Obama, who has no apparent love for the military…or the truth.

The big news lately has been that Defense Secretary Hagel has been busy beefing up this country’s missile-defense system in the Far East, the better to protect places like Guam, should the little idiot running (or is he?) North Korea these days decide to make mincemeat (or rice-cakes) of the U.S., as he on a daily basis promises. This means intercepting enemy missiles much like the Israelis do routinely to down those fired at Israel from Gaza. This would also protect South Korea, Japan and other places.

In other words, Hagel is using a system developed from the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) put into place three decades ago by President Reagan but over much opposition in Congress. This is what Kerry had to say about SDI in 1986: “What we must do is deny this program [SDI] the funds that would enable this cancer on our nation's defense to grow any further.” One wonders if Kerry, having been against the system then, is for the system now. He probably doesn’t know.

One year earlier in June 1985, the Associated Press reported that Kerry was advocating the same position of limiting funding to SDI, calling it, “a dream based on an illusion.” So…do either the president or Kerry eat a bit of crow, the former for his monstrous lack of judgment in appointing Kerry and the latter for being if not a hypocrite, at least not very forthcoming or convincing as a public official?

So…Kerry has visited the Chinese and strongly suggested (actually begged) that they “just do something” about Kim Jung Un, who is, after all, their puppet. The Chinese commies probably already have warned Hun-Un but since faces have to be saved all around nothing has been made public. How times have changed! After the Pearl Harbor massacre in 1941, FDR warned the Japanese in no uncertain terms that the U.S. would destroy them. He didn’t ask anybody else to do it, just kept his word, also in spades.

Obama can doubtlessly send word to Hun-Un through whatever channels are bound to exist (the newspapers if nothing else) that he, assuming he covers his behind and lives, will preside over mega-tons of ashes should he even launch a firecracker toward this country or its allies. Of course, warm-fuzzy political correctness militates against such powerful truth-telling (racism, anyone?) but one hopes that U.S. missiles are already aimed and readied to take out every conceivable threat/target in North Korea, using every available weapon (and there are myriads of them, hopefully, but in this administration who knows?), even (gasp) drones.

Hun-Un has made it public that Obama should give him a call, perhaps even offer one of his gilt-edged apologies for U.S. intransigence (along with 100 shiploads of peanut butter), so the two can settle their differences. Obama, who put the quietus on Bush’s east-European missile-defense system might even listen. After all, he told the Russkie president last year that after the election he would have more flexibility. Why not just pull an Andrew Jackson, send in the troops and make North Korea the fifty-first state, complete with entitlements all around and Dennis Rodman the governor?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Judd l'Affaire

At the Lexington, Ky., Lexington Herald-Leader, the racism, discrimination, and gender-abuse beats are patrolled by columnist Merlene Davis, whose most profound belief is probably that WASP-Ms (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Men) are actually beings belched from the nether regions as a curse from Satan and form the most glaring example possible of misogyny, homophobia and racism. She observed a bit of spleen-venting in the 11 April issue concerning Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s abuse of poor actress Ashley Judd.

Ms. Judd, a Tennessee resident, put out some feelers a while back – even conferred with Kentucky Governor Beshear, who responded favorably – about running for McConnell’s seat next year. She would have to emulate Hillary Clinton’s move to New York in 2000, raise some cash from the Hollywood crowd (or, Obama’s crowd—all the same), move to the “dark-and-bloody ground” and proceed to buy the election although McConnell’s war-chest holds about $10 million at this point. Of course, Ms. Judd could probably “loan” herself enough, anyway.

Unfortunately, Ms. Judd, perhaps attacked by a severe case of acute-self-importance, wrote, with a co-author of course, an autobiography a couple or so years ago, perhaps another tell-all book with enough titillation to attract buyers. Admittedly, I haven’t seen a copy.

Anyhow, things folks might think strange have been reported to appear in the book, and an apparent eavesdropper or the planter of a “bug” in the McConnell Louisville office managed to secure about 11 minutes of conversation carried on among his staffers, in which some of those strange things were discussed, and there was also (gasp) laughter. Progress Kentucky Super PAC, a major hate-McConnell outfit, has claimed responsibility but with an obviously cooked-up story about taping through a closed door. Apparently, McConnell’s voice did not appear in the conversation.

Included in the book is an account concerning Ms. Judd’s treatment once in a Texas institution for depression and this was part of that discussion, with the recording of the discussion somehow winding up anonymously at Mother Jones magazine (might have brought a penny or two), a far-left-beyond-the-fringe-and-sanity rag. Ms. Davis saw this as a reason for McConnell to apologize to Ms. Judd, who dropped out of the running in March. The infamous recording was made on 02 February. Surprise, surprise!

Ms. Davis brought two other women into the discussion, one the operations director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, who indicated that a stigma would attach to mental illness until it is treated the same as diabetes or cancer. The other was a super-liberal state senator who said she had been treated for depression all of her adult life. The ladies see the affliction as a mental illness. Judd, however, probably has so much baggage, some of it an unsavory sort, that her depression problem might not have been central. Being dragged through the mud (the above-mentioned PAC has just recently hammered McConnell’s wife vis-à-vis her ethnicity) might have warned off Judd, too.

Davis’s real problem with McConnell is that he’s a WASP-M and, even worse, a republican WASP-M, so it’s just a mean old republican guy attacking a young and beautiful democrat WOMAN—an absolute no-no, the lecherous ancient misogynist. However, Judd’s problem was not McConnell…it was Judd. Just her pictures through the years (clothes relatively unnecessary) do not depict senatorial decorum.

Flash back to 1972 to see how Davis-type, sensitive democrats treat other democrats who suffer from depression. Missouri Senator Eagleton was the vice presidential nominee on the ticket with Senator McGovern in the top spot. It was discovered that Eagleton had been treated in an institution for depression, ergo, he was unceremoniously dumped from the ticket though he remained in the Senate for a long time afterward.

Or take the case of Senator Muskie, early front-runner in the 1972 democrat presidential primary. He shed a few tears at a press conference and VOILA! he was done in by his own sensitive party. Now, the tears would be a badge of courage in the warm-fuzzy political correctness worshiped by liberals. Judd should have shed a few tears and fingered McConnell as a heartless, cruel curmudgeon. But, then, there’s that bare-bottom hockey-poster she did for the University of Kentucky. She didn’t show as much as Beyonce would have if she’d leaned over when she lip-synched the national anthem at the inaugural in January…but almost as much.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Liberal Silliness

Recently, the Kentucky Legislature, republican-dominated Senate and democrat-dominated House, overwhelmingly passed the Religious Freedom Bill as a further safeguard to religious liberty. The governor, Democrat Steve Beshear, promptly vetoed it, claiming something like the fact that it was too vague and would be terribly dangerous. The veto was overridden by an overwhelming majority. Similar bills have been passed in other states with no significant abuses.

The governor knew better but also knew that political correctness trumps everything else and that granting religious folks anything was unacceptable, no matter how Constitutional their rights. Indeed, the nation is becoming more secularized and hedonistic everyday, religion, especially Judeo-Christian belief, being hammered constantly. Though it shouldn’t have been, the main bone of contention was launched by the LGBTQ community, which is always worried that it will somehow cease being a protected class, collectively the darlings of the liberal establishment.

An article by Corbin, Ky., businessman Bob Terrell was published by the Lexington Herald-Leader on 08 April in which he claimed that at age 79 he had never felt his religious freedom was in jeopardy. Well, who has…does that make him somehow special? Actually, he saw the matter as legislative allowance for people of faith to FORCE their faith on others (ostensibly including him), the usual whine about conservative Christians, who, quite the opposite, have watched as any reference to the God of the Bible is being systematically disallowed in every venue—political correctness carried to the extreme, notwithstanding that God is referenced on everything from money to the Supreme Court building in Washington, with no interference whatever with the citizens’ right to believe or not believe anything.

Terrell said, “I hear no persuasive sermons about the sins of sending our precious men and women to war for reasons expressed that were lies.” Therein, Terrell destroys his whole argument. Preachers who would preach such sermons would be FORCING their religious views on others. He obviously can’t have it both ways but probably doesn’t realize this elementary truth, the liberal mind being too sanctimonious about itself to understand its shallowness. In any case, Obama bombed the bejesus out of Libya—no threat to this country—for seven months in 2011, killing he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know how many women and children. Terrell probably thinks Qaddafi and his 76,000 troops were about to invade the U.S., with its 1.5 million troops.

Terrell wrote that he heard no PASSIONATE sermons to protect voting rights. Same deal—preacher FORCING religious views on others. Anyhow, anyone eligible to vote in this country can, so why such a sermon in the first place, whether PASSIONATE or not? Does he expect preachers to sermonize on the state of North Korean voters? Maybe. Who knows?

He spoke of people being hungry, out of work and having no hope, so maybe he needs to contact the dear leader in Washington since all that travail is happening on the Obama watch, which has been in effect for more than four years. Terrell said, “We must find ways to reduce unwanted pregnancies.” Okay, rudely, I’m still laughing and admit it. Killing all the men between the ages of 14 and 86 might help. Terrell apparently thinks women are too dumb to figure that one out.

Terrell wondered if freedom actually could exist if two men are not allowed to marry each other. It’s worked pretty well since 1789, but could freedom actually exist if people are denied the right to shoot each other if so moved…or drive drunk…or marry their dogs? Why not allow polygamy…how can freedom actually exist without it? The Muslims do it so what’s wrong with that?

Terrell then took up the matter of guns and the Second Amendment and made reference to the rednecks (about everybody since their Washington representatives pass the laws) who love guns more than children. I’ve given that serious thought and decided that I don’t love my gun at all, much less more than children…but I hope my gun is not offended.

Terrell wrote that the far right suffers from Acute Paranoiac Egomania Syndrome, known as APES. Well…okay. Maybe the far left to which he obviously subscribes follows a protocol called Manly Orgiastic Ruminations On Nothing – MORON, for short.

And so it goes
Jim Clark

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Why Not Just LAUGH?

What happens when a country heads into “Triviality Land?” Who knows, but one thing is sure, to wit, that it’s desperately searching for an outlet to satisfy its collective need for some sort of relief from things like debt, seat-belts, and mothers-in-law. Throw North Korea’s little imp, Kim Jong Un (otherwise known as Dennis Rodman’s useful idiot…or…vice versa…take your choice), into the mix and…gangbusters for depression. Let’s hear it for some light triviality to dispel the gloom!

Take the president’s latest gaffe although lots of men would not recognize it. Actually only the gals Limbaugh calls the feminazis would…or those super-feminists who yell for combat and stagger under a 70-pound pack. The prez alluded to a lady official as being the most attractive of her ilk in the nation. The politically-correct crowd has accused him of everything from sex-mongering to gender-discrimination to outright creepiness to (gasp and three palpitations of the liver) LUST, made famous by his predecessor back in the day—Jimmy Carter who, nevertheless, considered voyeurism a SIN.

Or, take the case of Mark Sanford, for laughs. Yes, take it, you say, and deep-six it somewhere, the creep. Okay, Sanford, former South Carolina governor who partied in Argentina when he said he was walking the Appalachian Trail, has just won a primary runoff election for a seat in the Congress and has introduced to the public the hot Argentine babe who’s been his shack-up gal. Marriage didn’t get in his way back in the day but now he refers to the tango-chick as his fiancee. Don’t they all? Republicans are not laughing but democrats are sharpening their self-righteous knives and hoping no one mentions Bill Clinton or the “secrets” in Obama’s autobiography or divulged by his live-ins…or the “Baucus l’affaire,” when the senator was ramming Obamacare through the Senate whilst desperately moving his mistress to Washington.

For laughs, take the phrases of the day especially loved by the elitist talk-show crowd—“Guess What” or “You know what?” Fox’s Juan Williams loves this one…sort of dangles his wisdom out there for the recipient to salivate over. He uses it right in the middle of sentences – makes its profoundness superior even to the language itself – and dares the listener to double-down (current “fighting” euphemism for “emphasize”) on his pronouncement or miss the latest declaration from the Oracle at Delphi.

Like “double-down,” the precious and profoundly propounding of “point in time” is another laughable favorite of the news- anchors, officials and such. Instead of the steady “now,” to refer to…well, NOW, it’s so gauche to use that one-syllable word when one can evince superb intellectual acuity by comparing the instant to eternity itself. One supposes they mean to impress God…or…okay, be fair…each other. The rest of the citizens laugh and wonder how such silliness gets in the game.

Oh yes…the most glorious subject these days is same-sex marriage—all those elected officials coming out (no pun intended) for this blissful conjoining of the…well, whatever, having believed obviously rigged polls indicating that the average John Doe actually goes for it. The homosexuals liked “queer” for a while, then changed to “gay,” so one wonders what in this latest paroxysm of political correctness they will adopt—maybe “whoopee?” The minister intones solemnly, “I now pronounce you whoopee and whoopee, you may now kiss the whoopee unless you would prefer another sign of endearment…but not here.” Egad!

John McCain, who seems to have staffers on the lookout for cameras 24/7 (sorta like Senators Graham and Lieberman, laughably, not to mention Schumer, even more laughably), sometimes uses the term “terrorism,” a definitely gauche, adolescent term which the president and Homeland Security guru Napolitano have erased from the lexicon and replaced by the term “man-caused disaster.” Why use one word and be accurate when three words could be used and indicate real stupidity? But terrorism is kinda tough-sounding and the prexy’s Muslim roots should, of course, be accommodated—political correctness observed and duly worshiped. The towers came down as an act of man-caused disaster—has such a nice ring to it. Ask the survivors.

Flash…an all-important revelation! Hillary Clinton, having sized-up the latest rigged polls, has decided that two men marrying each other is anything but laughable, which, of course, makes it laughable. She has calculated the whoopee vote—huge percentage of the electorate—and decided that fair’s fair and if two guys want to make…well, whoopee, they should do it legally.

This makes the 2016 cycle s-o-o-o interesting, what with Long John Kerry gadding about the world in her old plane and looking to that year, himself. He might even find those medals or ribbons (or maybe scivvies) that he threw over the fence back in the day when he and Jane Fonda made common cause while ol’ John McC languished in the Hanoi Hilton…not Woodstock, for Hillary’s edification.

Both of them have had a try now, though Kerry made it into the big runoff so he has seniority. A primary between those two would indeed be laughable. Hillary could describe her desperate, running escape from the Bosnian snipers in 1996, and John could talk about his trip to Paris in 1970 to stop the war so everyone could get off. The collective hot air could make a dent in the Keystone Pipeline, which Obama will likely say is too dangerous to some almost-extinct gnat to build. Laughable…oh yeah!

And so it goes, laugh-wise.
Jim Clark