Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trump—Professor's Last Resort

Retired University of Kentucky professor Marty Solomon is a frequent columnist of the Lexington Herald-Leader, holding forth as the paper's resident socialist, though probably registered (assuming such) as a democrat or independent. He opened with this on 29 September: “For too long now, we have allowed lobbyists and special interests in America to control our politicians, buy their votes and even write the legislation that becomes laws.” How's that for something new?

After stating the obvious, he then goes down a list of things earning his disapproval that the evil lobbyists have pulled off, noting that the energy industry, for instance, invests $90 million a year in lobbying. He even accused Congress (a bunch of jihad-goons?) of disregarding human life at the behest of wicked lobbyists vis-a-vis the next elections. The lobbying culprit for this mayhem: the National Rifle Association, of course. In the president's hometown of Chicago, N-R-A stands for NO RIVALS ALIVE among the gang-bangers and other community organizers.

But I digress! The nation finally is seeing a candidate for the presidency that Solomon can support because the campaigner is not beholden to any PAC, lobby-group, or other special interest group. Solomon should just become a supporter of a financially pure office-seeker, who can afford to remain financially pure if elected—a totally free kind of guy—Donald Trump, who uses no one's money but his. The presumptive democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, carries enough financial baggage to humble a railroad-boxcar and is the personification of insider-corruption.

Solomon mentioned the usual cure...term limits and new campaign finance laws...but dutifully adds that neither will ever happen. He then destroys his own argument by claiming that throwing out incumbents—the objective of term limits—might be like “throwing out the baby with the sewage.” Translated, this means that a 32-year democrat senator, with all that seniority, is too precious to lose.

To his credit, Solomon then suggested a “more surgical approach,” namely, discovering the voting records of the legislators (have them e-mailed for free, presumably) as one method, and provided a web-site for discovering a solon's top campaign contributors and amounts. He claimed that the appropriate bums could then be voted out of office, though he didn't mention that the successful office-seeker might be even more sewage-prone than the loser. So, that puts a voter back at square-one...PACs, interest groups, lobbyists masquerading as campaign gofers, etc.

Added to this is the fact that perhaps most voters just hit the “party-button” on the voting machine, come hell or high water, and figure that the risk is no greater that way than any other. Corruption is an equal opportunity fact of life in the U.S., sewage-bait knowing no favorites. Besides, the legislator, incumbent or wannabe, might be a political transgender, sort of like Vermont Senator Jeffords, who was elected as a republican in November 2000 but “evolved” (Obama's term) beyond cretin-republicanism two months later and handed the Senate to the democrats. That's dishonesty to the nth degree.

Add into the mix that nearly half of households pay no income taxes but vote hugely to try to determine how the money provided by the other half will be spent (or given away). These certainly are the party-button-pushers, so government is swinging toward the swingers—the socialists.

So...Solomon is stuck with the flamboyant Trump as the financially pure candidate, no questions asked. That might not be all bad since, without explaining how to pay for it, Trump insists that he would see to it that every American has healthcare, presumably side-stepping the whole issue of insurance companies. Trump has just released his tax program and Solomon is sure to despise it (hugely reduced taxes), but...hey, a voter can't have everything. Cut the guy some slack.

In the meantime, socialism is alive and well in the U.S. and is overtaking the system, no matter which party or individual wins.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pope

CAVEAT ALERT: I'm not a Catholic but respect Catholics as fellow Christians and view the Pope as the spiritual authority for the worldwide Roman Catholic Church. Nothing here is to be taken as disrespect for the Pope or the Church. They are observations vis-a-vis my viewings of the Pope's activities on his U.S. visit.

I appreciate the Church's positions and the fact that the Pope must teach, protect, and even enforce them, no matter whether or not the rank-and-file pay attention and act accordingly. There's always been a question about the “infallibility” (incapable of error) of the Pope, since, despite his exalted position, he is just a person (to call him a man—the obvious—would be politically incorrect). Only God is infallible.

Right after his installation, Pope Francis said, regarding homosexual behavior, “Who am I to judge?” This made him a darling of the U.S. mainstream media, notwithstanding his church's stand on that subject, which is total intolerance, necessitating his backtracking that statement. Another Papal bone thrown to “sinners” was the recent announcement of a “year of mercy” December 2015-November 2016 wherein the “sin of abortion” will be forgiven, as if forgiveness can be granted by priests or the church. In any case, why not now instead of waiting for December?

President Obama, smiling (smirking) all the while, rubbed il Papa's face in sexual detritus by publicly inviting homosexuals and other sexual deviates to his grand reception for the Pope, as well as inviting former Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson, who married a woman, had two children, decided on divorce (anathema to Catholic dogma), adopted homosexuality, shacked up with a male “partner,” whom he later married (as if he could) and then divorced. This was Obama's penultimate insult, an insensitive trivializing of Pope and Church. Mohammad's ghost is still laughing at Obama's Papal beheading.

The Pope's emphasis was on help for the poor worldwide, meaning that developed nations such as the U.S. must “step up,” sort of divesting themselves of the good life and establishing that elusive “level playing field.” He doesn't understand that once that happens—capital/wealth destroyed—everyone becomes poor, with no further deliverance possible. He lectured the world (Congress?) about the evils of capitalism, the source of funds-for-relief, exhibiting ignorance of how it and socialism, his failed way, differ. He should check the second parable in Matthew 25 to get Christ's idea about capitalism/economics.

The colossal irony concerning the poor: The Pope—not God—was virtually deified—worshiped—as he made his way through the crowds in flowing robes, solid white while traveling, and, like multitudes of other church officials, in layers of colorful and expensive robes and strange head-wear for the Mass. The media folks were overwhelmed while describing the three-year $175 million renovation of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, its opulence for all to see. Repairs are one thing, excess quite another.

The supreme irony lay in the difference between the ministry in the U.S. of the Pope, amidst all the trappings of huge wealth, and that of Jesus Christ, who was a hunted man and fortunate to have clothes. The use of the small car was so transparently superficial as to be insulting. It's less than a hundred miles from New York City to Philadelphia—a short, quick helicopter ride—but the Pope (or somebody) rented a huge airliner for the trip, filling the atmosphere with toxic gasses and, like the helicopter, easily shot down by a Muslim with a shoulder-fired missile.

This introduces the Papal fear of climate-change, as if only he knows what the climate should be. He and Obama made common cause vis-a-vis stopping alleged man-made global warming when no warming has happened for nearly 20 years. Warming identified in the Arctic has been offset by temperatures in the Antarctic resulting in the highest volume of southern-ocean sea-ice ever recorded. Apparently, neither man—woefully out of his depth—knows that climatologists rate the year 1100 much warmer than 2015, with an ice-age following, or that climatologists warned in the 1970s that a cruel ice-age was about to follow the modern hottest-on-record decade, the 1930s. Man has nothing substantial to do with climate, though he can cause cleaner air.

The Pope was on target with his plea for the “least of these,” but disgust is felt at the virtual worship of the man. Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari tweeted that if he got close enough he would kiss the Pope's ring. That's sick. Pennsylvania Congressman Brady made off with the glass of water the Pope sipped during his speech in Congress, sipped it himself and made it available to others to stick their fingers in the “holy water” for a blessing. That's sick.

Sicker still has been the corruption, criminal pedophilia and rampant homosexuality in the priesthood (especially in the seminaries). The Pope lectured the bishops and seminarians decades after the fact. Hopefully, he will tend to the business and spirituality of the church and leave world politics and economics alone. I respect the Pope for being a religious leader but not a world politician.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, September 24, 2015

DNC Memorandum #18

From the office of the chairWOMAN 24 September 2015

***Listen up! Note: This appeared in a previous memorandum and is reproduced because of continued laxity: “The chairWOMAN is not happy with current efforts by young staffers (nearly everyone) to mentor young people regarding ACA. [Note: The term Obamacare is no longer in use. Never use it in any meetings except those involving people who can be expected to come up with big dollars. When in union meetings, avoid the subject altogether.] A check with the healthcare people (at least the ones who could be found—little joke there) has revealed that many staffers have elected to pay the fine instead of enrolling in a plan. This sets a bad example, so sign up, never mind if you're still on your parents' policies. Take responsibility.” This applies even if you can do five pushups, have a BMI in the low-20s, and have never been sick. In this regard, POTUS has promised to think again about enforcing the employer-mandate provision, hinting that he will do that on 20 January 2017 if his thinking evolves appropriately.

***In meetings this week, be especially respectful to the Pope (Catholic head honcho, for Harvard, Yale graduates who may not have heard of him), never mind that he might still be aligning himself with those wicked/insensitive evangelicals—especially Baptists—on the subjects of marriage, homosexuality and sex in general (exempting pedophilia, of course). POTUS has declared that the “new normal” now is homosexual and that he's evolving toward a new understanding of transgender-status as also normal, and has hired architects to redesign the White House bathroom configuration for homosexual activity, transgender comfort, and simply generic (for the straights and Qs [still searching for their sexual identities?]). In this regard, POTUS is asking the Rev. Jesse Jackson to change the logo of his clambake from the rainbow to something else and has insisted that “rain-bowing” the White House when SCOTUS had the same-sex epiphany was not a copyright infringement, since Noah started it a few thousand years ago.

***Even though he remarked her/his courage and even twittered same, the rumor that POTUS plans to award the Medal of Honor to Caitlin (nee Bruce) is patently untrue. As noted before, HHS is planning a homosexual manual for people who may not understand the sexual ecstasies connected to becoming the “new normal.” Former condom-queen Sandra Fluke will prepare a chapter on “safe government-supplied fun-and-games for all genders.” POTUS is planning to discontinue one military-medal (probably the bronze star) and replace it with a medal for bravery to be awarded anyone who comes out instead of being outed. For those protecting clothes from pin-holes, the medal will be configured to fit an ear-lobe, lower lip, or eyebrow, or as a necklace, whichever is preferred, and colored to match an appropriate tattoo in close proximity.

***I have heard giggling around the diet-enhanced, sugar-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free, taste-free, pork-free, beef-free, nicotine-free (unless POTUS lights up) and un-carbonated soft-drink/snack/vegan machines in the Bush dart-board area concerning the possible need of VPOTUS for speech- or anecdote-writers in case he decides to get in the race (third time a charm?), thus being rude and mean to a woman—not Bernie Sanders (for the same crowd mentioned above). WARNING! A possible jail-sentence awaits anyone who writes or says that Hillary Clinton is the first mainstream feminine-American who is articulate, and bright and clean. This is what VPOTUS said in 2007 about the first mainstream African American, referencing POTUS at the time. That was all in good fun then since VPOTUS was also running to be POTUS but, like then fellow-senator-loser Chris Dodd, made the fatal mistake of dodging the debate sponsored by the LGBTQ folks. Also, do not—REPEAT—do NOT go near a library or browser since you may be tempted to plagiarize someone else's speech, especially one of Irish extraction.

***POTUS plans a new executive order mandating updated enforceable tire-pressures on every kind of vehicle from baby-carriages to motorcycles to cars to trucks (even skateboards—little joke there), which means a new bureaucracy in the Transportation Department (job opportunity for crowd mentioned above) to handle on-site inspections. As already known, POTUS intends to change the climate before 2017, thus this activity is of extreme importance. There will also be regulations governing the kind, ply and usage of toilet tissue, the type and size of light bulbs (with smokeless candles an alternative), the flatulence of cattle and pigs (humans a bit later when people get used to the program and may be allowed to measure their own) and tobacco. For instance, a snuff-user can be arrested for spitting in a public place (baseball players exempted) or a smoker for dropping his/her butt on the ground. Staffers are encouraged to urge their friends to apply, though an applicant must have proof of accident insurance for obvious reasons. Being kicked by a cow or redneck snuffer is no laughing matter.

***POTUS is preparing to campaign for all democrats who are seeking or re-seeking office next year. To date, he has not been invited by any candidates but it's early in the game, though he will inform all candidates of his offer. Please contact the office-seekers in your respective states and urge them to apply early. Applicants must be able to supply extra security and guarantee that no one with pies, eggs, tomatoes or other objects for throwing purposes are allowed anywhere near POTUS.

***Currently, one of the two front-running candidates might be facing criminal charges (email ignorance no excuse) and the other believes everyone living comfortably should pay the government 90% of income, meaning that a tie-breaker, particularly a first-timer woman, might be needed, especially one 25 years younger than available options. So...keep that in mind as you accept my sincerest thanks for—I mean REALLY—doing such good, marvelous, fantastic, overwhelming—REALLY—great work.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Constitution vs. Sharia Law

Never the Twain Shall Meet

Republican candidate Dr. Carson has stirred the proverbial hornet's nest with his statement that he would be against a Muslim ever becoming president, though he probably has a lot of company in this country, especially in light of the worldwide atrocities being committed by Muslim jihadists in the name of their god, Allah, actually a figment of the imagination of Mohammad, an illiterate caravan-raider in the long ago. Carson's reasoning was that a Muslim president, instead of enforcing/upholding the U.S. Constitution, would attempt to make the inhumane Muslim “Sharia Law” the law of the land.

Freedom of religion is not the issue. American presidents of all faiths have sworn to uphold the Constitution, with their personal beliefs not a factor. Any Muslim in this country can freely practice his/her religion, though there are laws against polygamy, contrary to Sharia Law, which allows for a man to have four wives, though not for a woman to have four husbands. Actually, Mohammad had fourteen wives, one of them age ten.

The issue is seen clearly in the oath taken by Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison with his hand atop the Koran, the Muslim holy book in which are the directives, along with other writings, that infidels (everyone not a Muslim) at every opportunity are to be made to pay the tax (enslaved) or killed, except for Jews, who are to be killed only. Mohammad's recipe for the endgame is that the Dajjal (Muslim one-eyed, scar-faced warrior) will with his armies overcome the world and set up the eternal reign of the Twelfth Imam, who will then have the Dajjal assassinated, with all infidels enslaved or dead.

This is Ellison's belief, whether brought up in it or not. He, like many other African Americans, may be a convert. This surely is the belief of the Nation of Islam, headed by Louis (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan (nee Louis Eugene Walcott), the outfit deserted by Malcolm X when he discovered the infidelities of then-leader Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm left the NOI and was assassinated while making a speech. In 1984, Farrakhan and his friend, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright—Obama's mentor—traveled to Libya for a visit with Qaddafi. Memory says Farrakhan's purpose was to cadge a million bucks from the Libyan. Farrakhan returned to Libya in 1996 but was disallowed by the U.S. from accepting $1 billion from Qaddafi then.

President Obama, as all other presidents, took the oath of office with his hand resting on the Holy Bible, in which is not found a directive that Jews and Christians must at every opportunity gratuitously kill or enslave anyone, whether or not religious or atheistic. On U.S. currency as well as government buildings and documents are references to God—not Allah—as represented in the Bible. This involves faith (in God we trust) , loyalty, obeisance, and supplication concerning God while recognizing the separation of church and state. In Islam, the faith is the state, so an oath taken on the Koran is a repudiation—not an endorsement or upholding—of the Constitution. Ellison's oath was such a repudiation.

Whether or not by design, Carson has pointed to the number-one enemy of the world—Islam. ISIS is obsessed with establishing the Caliphate, the Islamic government it claims will rule the world through enslaving the infidels and is already entrenched (using U.S. weaponry abandoned by Iraqis) in its captured territory in Syria and Iraq and being spread through huge influxes of Muslims into Europe, especially Germany, France and Sweden. Many if not most of these people can be expected to do as their ayatollahs, imams and mullahs tell them, no matter how sanguinary the results.

In a press conference in Ohio on 22 September, Carson reiterated his position and called attention to the political-correctness craze in the country that inhibits folks from saying what they think. Carson said what he thought, let the chips fall where they may. No other candidates are likely to publicly agree with him, no matter how they feel. The super-tolerant elitists, whether of high or low esteem, will self-righteously castigate Carson as bigoted, biased, stupid, discriminatory and all the rest, including, as always in every disagreement, racist. He was being truthful, no matter the cost, and that counts for something.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, September 21, 2015

Carson is RIGHT

No U.S. Muslim Officials

It was predictable from the moment he said it on the Sunday morning Meet the Press TV talk-show that Ben Carson's remark vis-a-vis a Muslim being president would go viral, i.e., in that in defying political correctness he categorically and with emphasis claimed that a Muslim should never be president of the USA. It was not a swipe at Obama in that he made it clear that he believed Obama in his claim to be a Christian.

Those who are hung-up on political correctness, never mind what a Muslim president might or might not do, will try to crucify Carson for making this claim, which did not involve any hemming and hawing but was spontaneous and indicative of a decision already made. Carson also indicated that electing a Muslim in Congress would involve further thought, but his body language seemed to indicate that he wouldn't favor that, either.

There are two Muslims in Congress, Representative Keith Ellison, Minnesota democrat, and Representative Andre Carson, Indiana democrat. Both are black and probably consider themselves as African-Americans. They were born in Detroit and Indianapolis, respectively, but neither is Arabic, at least in appearance. I don't know if either is part of the Nation of Islam, headed by Louis Farrakhan, or any other segment of Islam, though Ellison is Sunni, according to Wiki. Neither should be there.

Carson's assertion is actually a no-brainer and he has forced the other candidates to declare, notwithstanding that the Islamic holy book, the Quran, and other Islamic holy writings stipulate that infidels are to either pay the tax (become slaves) or be killed, with the exception of Jews, for whom the only directive is death. The Islamic theologians (top brass such as the ayatollah in Iran) and other teachers do not dispute this but affirm it as the truth, as do local Muslim pooh-bahs.

Earlier this year, Iranian ruler, ayatollah Khameini, called for “death to America,” more familiarly known in Iran as the Great Satan. That just about says it all. Notwithstanding that threat, State Secretary Kerry has just announced that the U.S. will allow 85,000 Muslims to emigrate to the U.S. in 2016, with another 100,000 in 2017.

Kerry mentioned those as immigration-totals but at least 95% will be Syrian Muslims. That's either numbskull stupidity or elitist lunacy. There are 6.7 million Muslims in the U.S., just over 2% of the total population, and that's quite enough, especially since every mosque in the nation is or can be a breeding ground for homegrown Muslims desiring to kill women and children in the malls or on buses/trains. Ask the British, French or Spanish citizens.

This is not to say that aid should not be given to Muslim refugees, only that it should be given generously in helping the affected persons exist in their current locations. Besides having a $19 trillion debt, this nation doesn't even take adequate care of its vets, let alone taking in tens of thousands to add to the welfare rolls. Just providing transportation for 185,000 people (planes, of course) boggles the mind. One wonders already from where up to $1,200, necessary for a refugee to buy a trip out of Syria, comes. The refugees, in camps already, have not been at work.

Does money for the passage come from ISIS in an effort to slip as many terrorists as possible into Europe now and into the U.S. later—if President Obama gets his way? This is the time for Congress to step up—both parties—and show some spine for a change by simply refusing to fund this outrage. All the propaganda about the peacefulness of Islam is given the lie every day as Muslims (Sharia Law) murder/torture Christians and others by the thousands, not to mention their treachery on 9/11 as well as in the Boston Marathon killings and mutilations. It's no wonder that a huge segment of the U.S. population considers Obama a Muslim.

Such would not be the case if the people involved were from Africa, China, Europe, for instance. The Muslims, obsessed with their Caliphate (of which Europe stands to become a part) have declared death to this country. That's the difference.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I treated the second debate—this one staged by CNN—just as I did the first one, conducted by Fox. I watched the beginning to see what the tone would be and then checked in occasionally to see who was fuming or arguing with whom at the time. I did read a large part of the transcript, saving boatloads of time and not having to suffer through the commercials. The moderators (interrogators, opportunists, agenda-freaks) began their respective political circuses (orgies) the same way—an all-out effort to see that Donald Trump looked b-a-a-d-d-d-d...even evil.

Out of the gate, Fox sicced commentator Megan Kelly on Trump, with the charge that he abused women verbally. She hurt herself—perhaps by just her obvious anger and agenda—and left for a few days off shortly after. CNN's Jake Tapper employed the same modus operandi, though not attacking Trump himself but inviting the only woman in the debate to shred Trump. It remains to be seen whether Tapper's ploy worked or not. I'm not a Trump supporter but this sort of piling-on simply proved again that the “newsies” have an agenda that transparently is non-Trump.

The beginning of the debate turned it into either a huge soap opera, reality show, or circus—take your pick. There were far too many on the dais and it went on for far too long. Trump (an old guy) indicated somewhere that it proved he could stand for three hours, and Fiorina “trumped” him by saying “in high heels” on her behalf. Imagine a president in high heels...egad!

This is the year of the woman and Dr. Ben Carson in his opening remarks made sure to welcome Carly Fiorina to the fray. Later, she and Trump got into it over their respective records, Fiorina's in her being fired from Hewlett-Packard when the corporation did poorly after she took over, and Trump account his four bankruptcies of various enterprises. One can only imagine the catfight next year if Fiorina and Hillary Clinton should be the nominees. New Jersey Governor Christie tried to put the quietus on the Fiorina-Trump dust-up by suggesting no one was interested in their business biographies.

I will not be much interested in the race until sometime next year after the field is narrowed, mostly by the ability or lack thereof of candidates to raise money, something Trump, by his own account at least, does not have to bother with. He gets plenty of free publicity by simply being outrageous. Why bother spending millions on TV ads?

Carson is at a distinct disadvantage not because of any thing he's done or not done but because he's African-American at a time when the first African- American to be president has completely botched the job, both domestically and internationally. The debate happened, for instance, on the same day that it was reported that Obama's DOD has spent $42 million to train 54 Syrians to fight Syria President Assad's army, as if they actually could, with only four of them now to be found, representing $10 million per “successful” trainee.

Carson believes marriage is only between a man and woman, but that's what Obama said in 2008 until he was running for reelection in 2012. He discovered that he had—his word—EVOLVED into a better understanding and that it was perfectly OK for men to marry men. So...the voter has to wonder if Carson might EVOLVE. Obama's other baggage, for instance a seeming compulsion to lie, forms problems. Without question, racial divisiveness and outright violence have been enhanced during his presidency, so one wonders what Carson would do if the opportunity might arise to ruin a white policeman's career as in the case of Obama vis-a-vis Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

The “Iran-deal” just damned into being by State Secretary Kerry got some attention and disagreements. Fiorina, with an obviously well-rehearsed presentation, talked t-o-o-u-u-g-g-h-h and made it plain whom she would call right after she took office and give a piece of her mind—Netanyahu (promised support) and whoever she decides is conducting Iranian affairs, probably the ayatollah Khameini (possible destruction). Cruz totally disdained it. Kasich decided it should have a chance.

Planned Parenthood (or Planned un-Parenthood [abortion to the fore], depending on the individual) came in for discussion regarding shutting down the government over continuing funding or not. Just as with most questions, it's way too early to take any of these folks too seriously. Positions probably will change between now and next year, when the chips are down. If the country's shut down each side will blame the other, so what else is new.

It's almost unbelievable that the candidates allow themselves to be jerked around by the media, as they have been in these faux debates. Far better would be a scenario in which the candidates, seated and without moderators, simply take turns with equal time to discuss their positions regarding agreed-upon issues. The only thing to be needed would be a clock. As it is, the debates are actually all about the moderators.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Whither the LEGACY?

President Obama may or may not be interested in his legacy, though many think it's a main concern. Some believe it will be primarily marked by Obamacare, but the verdict is not in on that because Obama has seen fit not to enforce the employer mandate, perhaps the most important of its provisions. It was supposed to take effect in January 2014, requiring businesses with more than 50 employees to furnish insurance.

The president as chief executive and required by oath to uphold the nation's laws did not enforce the mandate in January 2014 or 2015 and will not enforce it in January 2016, making sure he will be out of office if and when it will be enforced. Since it applied mainly to full-time workers (30 hours per week, hardly full-time), the hours of workers have already been cut as managers prepared to skirt the law in preparation for its expected enforcement, making part-time work substitute for the usual 37.5- or 40-hour workweek. They could have saved themselves the trouble. The projected cost of the employer mandate put Obama in a corner, where he yet resides vis-a-vis healthcare.

So...a successful healthcare program may not be primary to his legacy; rather, his ability to lie about it may remark his legacy for the most part. His lies concerning Obamacare before it was passed—keep doctor, keep current insurance—form a case in point. Or his humongous lie about what happened in Benghazi in September 2012 is another case in point, actually lying to the families of the four victims when they accepted the bodies at Andrews Air Force Base. He, along with State Secretary Clinton, lied in the Rose Garden about that matter to the nation before that sad meeting at AAFB.

Damning his legacy will be his attacking of Libya in March 2011, with the promise of days not weeks for establishing a no-fly zone, which actually was accomplished in about four days, not least because Libya had virtually no air force to begin with. That was never his objective, another example of duplicity; rather, he wanted to bring about the death of Libya President Qaddafi. He, along with NATO holding its collective nose and actually contributing little (ran out of ammo), bombed Libya for seven months but never mentioned the number of Libyans killed. Libya—population 2 million less than that of New York City—posed no threat to any country (76,000 troops), certainly not the U.S. (1.6 million troops).

Defense Secretary Gates labeled Obama's little war as “on the fly,” i.e., without planning. Gates wasn't even in the U.S. when Obama started his war. He was in Russia when—if he had known what was about to happen—he should have been in Washington, conducting the war. In skirting Congress, Obama violated both the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act, an impeachable offense, and just went on a killing spree. Today, Libya is in chaos and provides the location for training al Qaeda butchers to wreak havoc worldwide. He ignored his own secretary of defense and Joint Chiefs Chairman, who stated publicly in a Congressional hearing that this war should not be waged. This horrible, bloody mistake will mark Obama's legacy in infamy.

The historians someday probably will say that Obama's legacy triumph (or perfidy, depending on the historian) was his insistence that homosexuals officially marry each other if so inclined, opening the way for combinations of all kinds—as the result of lawsuits—to be accounted as marriages, everything from polygamy to gang marriages...heteros, homos, whatever. In short, Obama will be given the credit for the nastiest of perversions.

Just as noxious as perversion to his legacy will be his “war on the police,” especially the white police, beginning right after he took office in 2009 when, though knowing no facts, he accused a white policeman just doing his job of acting stupidly. Again without knowing facts, he and his DOJ, inserted themselves into affairs like the one in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, in which they virtually put their imprimatur on violent, bloody protests often eventuating in the burning of huge portions of real estate and small businesses. The policeman was innocent but Attorney General Holder ruined his career with unsuccessful civil lawsuits. Now, vulnerable policemen are almost routinely shot and killed, especially by blacks, who, noting the president's disdain of lawmen, might have considered Obama as “in the hood.”

Deviousness will probably be the keyword the historians use to describe Obama, who, as the first black president, completely blew the golden opportunity to make a difference, especially for blacks. During his administration, the racial divide has widened considerably, as has the “education gap.” He promised CHANGE and has delivered disastrously.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

NO Muslim Immigration

Aid Refugees...from a distance

Predictably, some in the U.S. insist that the U.S. immediately absorb a huge segment of the mostly Muslim refugees crossing from Syria through Turkey and through a number of European countries to Germany, with Chancellor Merkel's government absorbing 800,000 to add to the two percent of the German population made up of mostly Muslim Turks. The new Muslim immigrants will swell the percentage to three overnight.

A better way to infiltrate Germany with jihad butchers—militant Muslims of 9/11 caliber—could not be imagined. They will appear as “just your ordinary Muslims,” take up residence, meet and plan in their mosques, and carry out their various brands of terrorism, just as they've already done in France, Spain, the UK and the U.S. Fellow Muslims in Turkey knew this—Muslims kill each other as a matter of course—and said “No, thanks.” This may sound harsh but it's something the people in this country had better give attention, especially because lame-duck President Obama may feel inclined to replicate Merkel's action.

It's instructive vis-a-vis the in-air bombing of Pan Am #103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988, killing 270 people in the plane and on the ground, that the bomb was placed on the plane in Frankfurt, Germany. It was the work of Muslim Libyans, one of whom was convicted years later of the crime. Saddam Hussein was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths—mostly Muslim deaths.

This isn't to say the U.S. has no responsibility to help needy people. The 12 million undocumented Hispanics in the U.S. are proof that this country has not been derelict in its duty. Those folks equal four percent of the U.S. population and are for the most part peaceful and law-abiding. Indeed, 15% of the total U.S. population is Hispanic, the largest group of the most recent immigrants. This indicates the U.S. has remained in recent times a genuine benefactor, though many take issue with current governmental policies especially regarding entitlements. On this basis alone, this nation should not feel responsible for further influxes from abroad.

Muslims account for about 4% of the Danish population and between five- and ten-percent of that of France. Muslim acts of terrorism have been well-publicized in those countries, one of the most recent in the Charlie Hebdo killings of last January in Paris, in which 12 were murdered in cold blood. In England, second generation Muslims now form constant danger in all public places. Just over ten years ago, Muslim bombers blew up three subway trains and one bus in London, killing 52 and injuring 700, in well-coordinated attacks on the same day.

In this country, the Boston Marathon killings come to mind, as well as the failed attempts on airliners and the ones foiled by government before they could be carried out. This is not even to mention the monstrous carnage of 11 September 2001, with some 3,000 blown to bits or burned alive in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. The perpetrators of these crimes were Muslims acting in the name of religion, most of them losing their lives in the process.

Besides the 800,000 accepted this year in Germany, there will be 500,000 accepted per year going forward, according to German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. Since the Muslim threat will be operative there, too, one wonders why Germany takes the chance. A reason: The German birth-rate is the lowest in the world, 8.2 births per thousand citizens over the last five years. By contrast, that figure is 50 in the African nation of Niger and 12.5 in the U.S., which has had a one percent uptick in 2014 over 2013.

Most of the refugees are Syrian, and the Syrian birth-rate is nearly 23 births per thousand, or four times that of native Germans. An aging population must be supported by people at work and paying taxes, so the population must be kept at a sufficient level to sustain the nation's economy and care for the old. The math is simple but the problem is complex and could be very dangerous. Germany will become Muslim-governed in the fairly near future, another training location for terrorists. ISIS is headquartered in Syria.

The U.S. should contribute to refugee-relief but should not endanger its citizens through stupid immigration practices. This warning is especially applicable when remembering 11 September 14 years ago.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Campus Rape Responsibility

No Silver Bullet

On 01 September, a large part of the first and second pages of the Lexington Herald-Leader was devoted to the fact that in a survey it was found that 1,053 students at the University of Kentucky said they had been sexually assaulted in one year but that fewer than half reported the assaults to any authority. The survey involved 24,382 students, who had to complete the questionnaire before being allowed to register for classes. This is ho-hum stuff, something sensitive people in academia gasp about frequently, with little or nothing done to change things, not least because people, not “things,” need to be changed to actually effect changes.

This is a women's issue, of course, and UK has just been listed, along with 132 other universities, for investigation by the federal government for its handling (mishandling?) of sexual assaults. Interestingly, 62.5% of assaults were reported as off-campus so the school could hardly be held accountable for those. More interestingly, 74.6% of the 830 students who provided details claimed that a fellow student was the miscreant, not surprising because roughly 13,000 respondents claimed to be in a “relationship,” euphemism for shacking-up or sleeping around, since college “relationships” can be so fleeting.

Seven percent (910) of these 13,000 co-habit folks reported physical violence from the partner(s) and 17% (2,210) reported serious psychological abuse, whatever that means, probably what anyone says it means. This totals 3,120 mistreated folks, probably 99.9% female, or 13% of the student population, or actually about 25% of the women students. There were amazing statistics relating to student remarks about the use of alcohol vis-a-vis sex-acts—what they had seen or heard—but they were suspect because the folks doing the reporting were probably deeply in their cups, as well, not too reliable.

This is what the UK president said: “This survey isn't a silver bullet; it is a bullet that has to pierce the hearts and minds of everybody on this this campus that has responsibility for one another and responsibility for the welfare of what is most precious to us, and that's our students.” How's that for stating the obvious? One might have expected the president to at least make some suggestions, but no—just a little pep talk. One hopes that he might advance some practical solutions to maybe the board of trustees, for instance.

He might start with a memo to the girls that they actually can think, despite the survey depicting them as “victims.” As long as they subscribe to “hormones-over-mind,” they're in trouble, giving their bodies to the male du jour, in the process being dumb as gourds. He might decree that coed dorms be abolished immediately, thereby putting his imprimatur on common sense instead of political correctness, never mind the elite female knucklehead-administrators/professors screaming NO MEANS NO.

He might suggest that “relationships” don't work because they're built on mutual sexual and/or other exploitation, not any deeply-felt caring, and that animals via instinct do sex but that humans are supposed to operate via thought, not instinct. He dare not mention God but perhaps might cite a “spiritual” approach remarking the sanctity of the body and that in later years the “loose” gal or guy—becoming wiser—will inevitably have regrets about having no moral compass while in college.

He could suggest that girls ignore the bistros off-campus and fraternities on-campus though that would be s-o-o-o old-fashioned and preachy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of the reported 20 million STD-cases each year occur among those age 15-24. Is a guy or gal gonna tell before getting it on? Not likely, so dumbbells pay the price when abstinence is so much easier than remembering in a fit of passion to gasp a meaningless NO.

In January 2013, a coed at UK partied (went drinking) here and there with friends till about 2:00 a.m., whereupon she let a guy in her room supposedly to use the bathroom. She did the whole nine yards vis-a-vis forcible rape (choked into unconsciousness), rape-kit and all. He went free at warp-speed trial. She committed suicide a few months later. That says it all, ladies. Take responsibility for yourselves. There's no silver bullet.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark