Saturday, August 27, 2011

National Mall Travesty

There’s a tendency in this country to overdo it when addressing tragedies, victories, defeats, deaths, successes, as well as ethnic-defined accomplishments regarding all races. To comment on this subject is to invite criticism, even charges of racism or worse…if there IS anything worse. Perhaps the most profound excesses have to do with death, particularly death as experienced in tragic circumstances for which the deceased bore no responsibility such as a plane crash or involvement in war.

The excess is usually enhanced in the death of a young, as opposed to an older person, though the “young” identification can be quite high, often with the attached circumstance of the survivors – young children or a large family, for example. The disagreements connected with planning and constructing a “proper” monument for the 9/11 victims, or the Oklahoma City victims of 1995, or the 49 victims of a plane crash in Lexington, Ky., in 2006, not to mention the expense, can make memorials something of a hassle, though those who die in the line of duty deserve recognition.

An egregious example of overdoing it is seen in the 30-foot-tall statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., not because King doesn’t deserve recognition, including a statue, but because of the flamboyance exhibited by the out-sized statue accompanied by the four acres of land and other accoutrements connected with it that actually trivialize the memorial. The effect is a sort of garishness that demeans one of the great men of the twentieth century.

The height of the statue equals that of a full three-story building. By contrast, it is eleven feet taller than the nearby statue of Abraham Lincoln. Even if Lincoln had been sculpted as standing, his statue would still be shorter than a three-story building. The mall includes statues and monuments remarking the heroic figures that have made the country what it is – people in government service, often spending years in mortal combat, and, of course, sometimes dying by the hundreds of thousands in the process.

King’s is the only statue on the mall of a private citizen, yet it towers above all other statues, as if meant to denigrate the services of people such as the 405,000 American GIs, including blacks, who died in World War II or the 58,000, including blacks, who died in Vietnam. Even Lincoln, besides being a president, fought in a war, albeit not one of great significance. By contrast, the statue of FDR, a four-term president, is merely life-size.

Perhaps adding insult to injury, whether or not intentionally, the group controlling the MLK project had the statue designed by a Chinese sculptor and actually produced in China. After promising to use American union labor in constructing the memorial, which came in pieces from China, the group reneged and used unpaid Chinese laborers, notwithstanding that King was gunned down during a trip in Memphis in 1968 to support sanitation workers.

One might suppose a black American sculptor would have been engaged for the project, or at least an American, but such was not to be the case, which might also make one wonder if there was an “in-your-face” motive, especially noting the outrageous size underlying the project, whether or not consciously so. Facts are hard things with which to argue and the fact that the memorial was outsourced to communist China gives the appearance that it was never meant to reflect anything American, meaning that the sponsoring group perhaps wanted no connection of King to the U.S.A. If so, more’s the pity.

The King speech most closely connected to the area involved was his “I have a dream” offering delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. President Eisenhower had already used troops in Little Rock many years before to integrate a school, but King’s speech was a precursor to the civil rights enactments by Congress of the 1960s. It was an important speech remarking the right of every American to try to achieve his/her goals…on an equal footing.

The enactments resulted in a comprehensive example of the law of unintended consequences. Far from culminating in helping African Americans accomplish their dreams, the civil rights laws eventuated in nightmarish results, most notably the disintegration of the African-American family, the basic unit of any society.

A three-story statue of Mao Tse Tung would be expected in China, where communist rulers think big when commemorating themselves…or Russia’s Stalin – egos demanding out-sized memorials. Think the famous statue of Saddam being torn down in Baghdad. On 09 April 2003, CNN reported the statue to be as tall as four men – some 24 feet. This about says it all. Notwithstanding whether or not the statue belongs on the mall at all, the MLK Memorial Foundation exhibited a total lack of taste and delivered an undignified memorial, more like pop art than a serious subject, a monstrous Buddha-like object looking DOWN on everyone.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Minority Rule

The decision of Bell County High School officials (Kentucky) to dispense with the offering of a prayer before a football game, a longtime tradition, was supposedly based on the requirement of the First Amendment to the Constitution. The officials were reminded in a letter from an outfit in Madison, Wisconsin, that they would be in line for an expensive lawsuit if the exercise was continued, claiming it to be a violation of that First Amendment.

The prayers are usually offered in behalf of safekeeping for the players, who ironically are about to commit mayhem upon each other, and for other generic concerns such as safekeeping for military personnel as well as guidance for the nation’s leaders. The efficacy of such prayers is not the issue. The recognition of God is the issue, even though no recognition/establishment of any religion is offered.

The exact wording of the First Amendment as related to this matter: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The applicable definition of religion: “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.”

In a prayer, there is no attempt to respect or disrespect or even to acknowledge an establishment of religion. There is no attempt to recognize or advance any cause, principle, or system of beliefs. There is only the addressing of God for a certain result, as well as the offering of thanks for whatever is conceived of as a gift from God, either past, present, or future.

The prayer, therefore, besides having nothing to do with religion, by definition cannot in any way injure those who believe God doesn’t exist. They consider themselves outside the activity altogether, thus cannot possibly be harmed. To them, the prayer is no more than a harmless comic strip. They hear no sermon, are not victims of evangelistic effort, are not coerced in any way, and are not victims of religious teaching. Neither words nor a moment of silence do any harm.

So, the prayer does not represent an establishment of religion. Indeed, prayers are offered before the daily activities in Congress even though those prayers, as part of actual government operations performed in government facilities, not at a mere ballgame, would seem far more condemnatory, if out of order. The inscriptions of God on coins and official documents and government buildings, in state constitutions, and in certain oaths that are affirmed furnish proof that God does not represent an establishment of religion. God just is…or isn’t, depending on individual preference.

But suppose the prayer is considered an establishment of religion, in this case established by the School Board reflecting the will of the citizens. According to the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law prohibiting its exercise. The amendment says nothing about when or where or how or by whom the exercise may or may not be conducted.

The amendment was enacted to prohibit the state from affirming a specific official religion, as was the case during colonial rule vis-à-vis the Anglican Church, with Queen Elizabeth II as the present Supreme Governor and titular head of the Church. The amendment was also enacted so that people could not be constrained from observing a religious exercise if collectively they so desired, no matter the location. It’s doubtful that any cleric was/is paid for praying at a ballgame, so the prayer is not taxpayer-supported, therefore not an infringement on any tax-paying atheist’s rights. If/where this is not extant, the status quo can be changed.

Rule by the minority has become the norm in this country not just concerning religion but concerning virtually everything. For instance, the notion that men should marry men because a miniscule minority says so is unconscionable and represents an act in violation of federal/state laws as well as against nature itself, without remarking any religious context,

The Judeo-Christian God was part, if not the foundation, of the founding documents. The miniscule minority is trying to erase God. The Wisconsin group has some 125 members in Kentucky out of a population of 4,339,367, amounting to an infinitesimally small .003%.

Rule by the minority shouldn’t happen as long as no one gets hurt, as in this case.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Much has been made in the liberal media of the fact that Texas Governor Rick Perry used the term “treasonous” in his remarks about Fed Chairman Bernanke’s continuing to print money, thus devaluing the dollar without solving any problems. Indeed, President Obama, the darling of the liberal media, very condescendingly suggested that Perry was new to the game of presidential politics, did not understand the value of words spoken by those elitist/intelligent enough to engage the game, and that everyone should “cut him some slack.” The president was actually saying that Perry is as dumb as a gourd and that he should be paid no attention because of his stupidity.

The irony, of course, lies in the fact that the media is either so shallow or so agenda-driven as the propaganda arm of Obama’s presidency and now his campaign that it failed to pick up on the fact that the president has practically made it a mantra lately to describe the Congressional republicans as “treasonous.” Treason amounts to the putting of something ahead of the welfare of the country, so when the president accused the republicans of “putting party ahead of the country” he actually accused them of treason. Thus, the question that should be asked is, “Should the citizenry cut the president some slack for being so obviously mentally-challenged that he couldn’t understand what he actually has been saying, especially on his recent tax-paid campaign through three states.”

Words do come back to haunt but in this case regarding what actually amounts to treason regardless of how the words are used, the candidates will do well to express themselves accurately, not as expressions designed to merely “snow” the public. Perry was not out of order simply because neither he nor Bernanke nor anyone else is forced to agree on the meaning of treason as it relates to the economy. Don’t cut him any slack because he misspoke because he didn’t. Also, don’t cut him any slack because he seemed to lack the astuteness or guts to stick by what he said. He had a point. Bernanke DOES seem to be putting politics above country.

While Perry expressed a problem with one man, Bernanke, Obama threw his unspoken but just as obvious accusation of treason at a whole congregation of folks – those treasonous republicans who he claimed put party above country. He didn’t mind putting party and personal privilege above country when he used tax-bought buses, Air Force I and a gaggle of secret service agents and other taxpayer-funded officials for the purpose of campaigning for another term. The ridiculous assertion that he was on a “listening tour” or some such other silly description comprises an insult to the collective intelligence. He made far too many speeches for his effort to be other than blatantly political. The “listening tour” was designed not for him to listen but for the citizens of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois to listen to him campaign.

Notably, the president while in Illinois was quite near Michigan, where the unemployment rate stands at 10.9%, which is 20% above the national average. He would have gotten an earful in that state if he actually had been interested in listening, but Michigan is automatically democrat and blacks are automatically democrat, so what would have been the point of conducting a “listening tour” in that state? Iowa’s unemployment rate is 6%, so those folks needed badly to instruct the president on their hardships. Iowa’s population is 2.7% black while Michigan’s is 14.2% black, or 426% greater than Iowa’s, so what was the use of preaching to the choir…or listening, for that matter? The white folk in Iowa needed instructions.

By going to Iowa instead of Michigan, did the president put the comparative prosperity of Iowans above the comparative poverty of Michigan, thus committing treason with respect to people who have much greater need to have him “listen?” The president, already providing a shaky administration, is so disconnected with reality that he can’t even see what the citizens can easily see, to wit, that the president has no clothes?

Is it possible for a president to commit treason with respect to his own convictions vis-à-vis the welfare of the country, especially if they are strongly enough held to make a profound issue of them? In 2008 when Obama was vying for the vote, he was adamant and quite publicly so that marriage should only be between a man and woman, which, of course, was/is also the law of the land. However, in 2011 the president believes that marriage should also be between a man and a man, clearly in violation of federal and state laws in nearly all states, not to mention a multiplicity of state Constitutions.

Obama is blatantly putting personal opinion above what the vast majority of the country’s citizens believe is best for the nation and enacted into law. Iowa’s Supreme Court handed down a ruling recently that a man may marry a man, thus committing treason as a state. Obama felt quite at home there, since both he and Iowa share that description – TREASONOUS!

“Listening tour?” BAH…HUMBUG!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DNC Memorandum #4

From the office of the ChairWOMAN, 16 August 2011

***Listen up! The chairWOMAN (me, for recent Harvard grad-staffers) is fed up with the terminology being used by some DNC smart-alecks referencing the current bus-tour by POTUS. The bus is NOT to be called the Mobile Mortuary because of its completely black color, including all windows, nor is the effort to be characterized as the Under-the-bus Tour. The rumor that POTUS has said anyone using that term will be assigned to the complaint desk in Baghdad is untrue and POTUS has said he will not say that again. In addition, any remarks concerning what goes on behind those totally black windows will not be tolerated, except as they relate to POTUS planning his September jobs-program between town-hall meetings and speeches, which are essentially the same. The fact that there are two of these buses has nothing to do with nobody but the Secret Service knowing on which bus POTUS is riding. In any case, at just a paltry $1.1 million each, who would care if POTUS took ten buses, his family (Kenyans included) and half the population of Honolulu? As POTUS has said before, WE WON!.

***All staffers are to refer as often as possible to POTUS as the Commander-in-Chief. This is important because Texas Governor Rick Perry has entered the republican circus for the nomination. Perry spent five years in the Air Force in the 1970s as a pilot, flying all over the world, meaning that he has military experience, something that perhaps only Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who also spent five years in the Air Force as a doctor, can match. This makes a problem for POTUS, who has finally learned how to return a salute but now has to appear more macho than ever. In this regard, emphasize that POTUS is now leading from behind in perpetuating the highly important Arab Spring through unilaterally (Congress a bunch of chickens who would have said “no”) attacking powerful Libya, which boasts a troop-strength of 76,000, and has a huge population just two million less than that of New York City. This has been a daring example of military-use; however, do not mention that POTUS said Qaddafi would be gone in days, not weeks. Simply mention that POTUS did not mention months, another example of his superior intellect.

***With regard to the forgoing, be advised that Dan Rather is said to be investigating whether or not Perry has been given favorable treatment by the Air Force, perhaps by letting him be an officer/pilot rather than a tail-gunner, which is what his father was in WWII, or a surfer, which is what Obama was in the 1970s. Rather had a problem with Air Force typewriters of the 1960s but is open to any suggestions regarding Air Force typewriters, especially in Texas, during the 1970s-era. Any former colleague of Perry who can testify to even so much as Perry’s shoes not being properly shined during inspections is requested to contact the office of the ChairWOMAN immediately. Anyone having knowledge that Perry might have returned late from a furlough (delicious AWOL stuff) will be rewarded handsomely for any information and may remain anonymous. Even bogus information will be entertained on the basis of Rather’s being able to make it authentic. Now is the time for all democrats to come to the aid of their country…or something like that.

***POTUS has expressed brilliantly that the high unemployment rate is due to the Arab Spring and the Japanese tsunami and nuclear meltdown. He has requested a red/yellow/black/white paper explaining why this is the case. He would prepare it but he’s booked up until November 2012, even though press-person Carney has promised to give the reasons any day now. Carney isn’t clear about the Arab Spring and hasn’t the time, anyway, since he’s in charge of town-hall teleprompters and the teleprompters to be used at bedside in case POTUS is awakened for an emergency at 3:00 a.m. Also, the yellow/black/white/red paper (note diversity in colors compared to the above paper) explaining why POTUS is leading from behind in Libya has not been received – not even one. See to this at once. The chairWOMAN would take care of this but spending 100 hours a week in the work of the House and doing this job, too, leaves no time for such activity.

***POTUS has requested that Iowa be made to appear as the most advanced state in the Midwest since its Supreme Court has made it official that men can marry men. This contravenes state and federal law (DOM ACT, 1998), which states that marriage must be between one man and one woman. The justices apparently made no further restrictions concerning marriage, so it may take place between men-and-men, not just man-and-man. In other words, the more the merrier, so emphasize that Iowa, as a democrat state, is on a par now with San Francisco, where anything goes. The subject of group marriages will be taken up by the DNC very soon, the better to present the party as forward-looking and fun-loving. POTUS, as everyone knows, has changed his position on this subject from the one he held in 2008 but the rumor that he said exotic-marriage sounds exciting is untrue and he’s said he will not say that again.

***Finally, the tour-buses will not be used for more than three or five days a year, so the OMB has suggested they be rented out for weddings and funerals, not that all such are the same, though some may be. This is a time-saving one-time-for-all thing, meaning that those attending a funeral can be transported immediately to the grave-site without the bother of a funeral procession, and then back to their cars, which can be parked in most any WalMart lot. The same is true for weddings, without the bother of finding the reception-location…just stay in the reclining seat and leave the driving to the non-drunk.

***Good teleprompter-constructors and speech-writers are always in short supply so be advised that applications will be taken for these positions. POTUS, who understands the profoundness of his gravitas and worries that he sometimes speaks “over the head” of his audiences, has said that speeches are always to be directed toward those on the level of a seventh-grade education, so the field is wide-open and the more illiterate among the staff may have an excellent chance of succeeding.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Obama's Solution - TAXES!

England is afire and has been for a number of days now. The excuse of a police shooting was turned into riots by people who make no apologies for the claim that they intend to have what the rich have, the rich being most anyone who works and tries to make the economy sustainable. It is the result of class-consciousness carried to the extreme.

The socialist government is supposed to guarantee that everyone has the same “things” as everyone else. It’s supposed to do this by taxing the workers to a degree that will take care of everybody cradle-to-grave. Eventually, as is happening now in Greece, Spain, England, Italy and now France, the government will bankrupt itself, can no longer feed the classes, and the classes take to the streets. For these countries, it’s virtually too late to do anything constructive, a lesson that is almost too late for the learning for the U.S.

The top tax-rate in England is 50% for those making over 150,000 pounds ($241,950). This doesn’t touch all the other taxes they pay, so the better off are being taxed inordinately at a rate that still can’t support the system. The next step down, tax-wise, is at 40%, (those making over $56,900), both rates far above those paid in this country, yet the economy can’t be sustained. Germany’s tax rates are similar (top rate at 45% but with corporate rate at 33.3%).

The corporate tax-rate in this country stands at 35%, among the four highest in the world, in which the average rate among developed nations is 25%. By contrast, the corporate tax-rate in Canada is 16.5%, its way of proclaiming to the world that it’s ready to do business, create jobs and hopefully enlarge its individual tax base to the point that it can support its essentially socialistic system. The top individual rate is 29% but applies to all income above $128,800, as compared to Obama’s goal of 39.6% on all above $250,000 (for starters). The corporate tax-rate in China is 25%. Is it any wonder that shoes and nearly everything else bought in this country are made in China?

The U.S. economy can’t be sustained under current law but when Obamacare is added it will further crumble, never mind any of the glorious statistics that have been presented, although no one seems to know what’s actually in the new law. These countries have found it out the hard way, though Germany may last a while longer. In 1966, Medicare cost to the government was $3 billion, with the House Ways/Means committee projecting its cost for 1990 to be $12 billion.

The actual governmental outlay in 1990 was $107 billion, a mistake in prediction of 3,467%. That just about says it all with respect to the government’s understanding of economics/demographics. The outlay in 2010 was an astronomical $458 billion, an increase of 328% in just 20 years, while population of those 65 and over grew by only 1.3% from 1990 to2010. That is an amazing almost unbelievable discrepancy vis-à-vis reality. No legislator in Congress read the whole healthcare bill and it’s a lead-pipe cinch the president didn’t, either, but on the basis of history, when it kicks in (2014, well after Obama’s reelection effort) it will be a budget-buster.

Private insurance agencies handle all Medicare claims, not the government. The government got out of this complicated business a long time ago, realizing it couldn’t administer its own programs. If and when Obamacare gets real, the bureaucratic quagmire will only worsen, with layers of overlapping bureaucracy similar to that which already exists in all areas of government. Congresses have tweaked the original Medicare bill through the years, as in 2003 when prescription drugs became a part of it, but by far the main reason for its out-of-control costs is corruption.

Anything that belongs to the government actually belongs to no one, thus open season on the government till, in this case by the pharmaceuticals, doctors, lawyers and hardware providers and individuals who can figure a way to game the system. As a for instance, U.S. Attorney Stephen Pence estimated that while Dr. Steve Henry was lieutenant governor of Kentucky 1996-2001, he committed fraud amounting to between $400,000 and $600,000 account not being present in surgical procedures for which he billed Medicare/Medicaid. Henry settled for $162,000.

Part of the tragedy in the socialist health systems is the rationing of care and the long lines, for which Obama wants taxes raised (his 39.6% for the better-off just the start), but it’s been proven that constant raising of taxes, besides not saving the economy, degrades all the goods and services. These countries go after the middle class just like they go after the biggies, and this is also Obama’s agenda, notwithstanding any of the high-flown rhetoric about saving the middle class. The middle class to Obama is the unions.

At any rate, increasing taxes is not the answer. A complete revamping of government enterprise is.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Boogity Boogity Boogity Amen!

For some strange reason, there just has to be a prayer preceding the action at sports events, notwithstanding that prayers per se have fallen out of favor with every entity from Atheists United to the ACLU. Here is the prayer offered before a NASCAR race in Nashville the other night by Pastor Joe Nelms:

“Heavenly father, we thank you tonight for all your blessings. You said ‘in all things give thanks.’ So we want to thank you tonight for these mighty machines that you’ve brought before us. Thank you for the Dodges and the Toyotas. Thank you for the Fords and most of all thank you for Roush and Yates partnering to give us the power we see before us tonight. Thank you for GM Performance Technology and the R07 engines. Thank you for Sunoco racing fuel and Goodyear tires that bring performance and power to the track. Lord, I want to thank you for my smokin’ hot wife tonight, Lisa. My two children, Eli and Emma, or as we like to call them — the little E’s. Lord I pray you’ll bless the drivers as usual tonight. May they put on a performance worthy of this great track in Jesus’ name. Boogity boogity boogity. Amen.”

One can only wonder how that entreaty rates in the Great Beyond, especially when – at the encouragement of NASCAR pooh-bahs – the drivers bump their opponents’ cars during races, sometimes causing dangerous high-speed wrecks, in order to get a high-powered edge for their “mighty machines” that God has “brought before us.” One can just see the angels in the clouds covering their eyes at the prospect of a crashing, smashing spinout, perhaps sending a new traveler to the pearly gates. Of course, the pastor prayed that the Lord would “bless the drivers as usual,” so was that supposed to invoke no trip that night to bivouac with St. Pete forever? Who knows?

How would such a prayer go preceding a hockey game, another sport in which a premium is placed on fights and skull-creases? First would come thanks for the lethal hockey sticks/clubs/whatever that make mayhem (and good gate receipts) possible, not to mention the padded armament worn by the players to ward off fatal injuries, at least. If the presiding invocator should have a smokin’ hot wife, he naturally would give thanks for such a blessing and hope no one is checking her credentials while he’s blessing the gladiators. If he should become suspicious he can just borrow one of those hockey sticks aka weapons and imitate the players.

Football is almost as sacred in this country as prayer itself, so there must be a prayer before an NFL game, in which, after the prayer is offered beseeching the Lord to “protect as usual,” the gangs of millionaires will proceed to knock the stuffing out of each other, sort of daring God to let anything bad happen since the reverend had specifically requested deliverance from all concussions, broken bones, torn tendons, and displaced kidneys, as well as ruptured tattoos. The reverend wouldn’t have to worry about his wife, no matter how “smokin’ hot,” since the NFL cheerleaders take care of that part of prayerful concern. As for the proper fuel, he would simply express thanks for the steroids and human-growth-hormones that make the macho-men fearless, lean and mean enough to totally disable anyone who gets in the way. As for putting “on a performance worthy of this great” game, the reverend could pray that no player will hurt/embarrass himself through celebration-gyrations after cracking someone’s collarbone, known to have completely thrown crotches out of sync and sometimes cause broken ribs.

A prayer before a soccer match is always in order. After all, people who bounce hard balls off their heads and occasionally crash their heads into the heads of other people trying to do the same thing to them definitely need help of an otherworldly nature…a higher power. The reverend might pray for a minimum of concussions, since concussions are expected to happen, else the players would protect their heads from both balls and other heads. Even the macho footballers dare not go into combat bareheaded since a simple concussion is preferable to an all-out skull-fracture, the obvious intention of any linebacker worth his tattoo vis-à-vis any quarterback (or for some linebackers, just anybody still on his feet, wobbling or not).

A prayer before a basketball game was once unnecessary since the sport was classified as “non-contact.” No more! Weight rooms are designed to make the famous HULK appear as a pantywaist compared to the seven-foot behemoths who roam under the basket these nights looking for their prey, usually other behemoths returning the compliment. The resulting collisions, calculated to rev up the fans exponentially (especially if blood spurts on the sensitive referees) are definitely a subject of prayer, since the multi-millionaire players involved might actually get mad and kill a totally expendable referee…may the reverend pray him onward and upward in that case. In other words: Boogity boogity boogity. Amen.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, August 01, 2011

Hillary Rides Again!

State Secretary Hillary Clinton blew into Istanbul, Turkey, a couple weeks ago and announced to the world that Libya had a new government, one that she personally approved…well, what would any government be if she didn’t personally approve of it? The Libyans didn’t take a vote concerning their new government and Libyan President (or whatever he is) Qaddafi didn’t resign or appoint it, but there it was – signed sealed and delivered by Hillary of derring-do fame when she dodged those bullets in the sniper infested fields of Bosnia, circa 1996. Don’t believe it? Just check the campaign of 2008 for all the grisly particulars.

This new government is something called the Transitional National Council (TNC), though it doesn’t seem likely that anyone quite knows who runs the thing, how it’s financed, and exactly how Hillary decided it was just the cat’s meow for improving not only Libya but the whole world, which is in her hand. Take that, you fundamentalists! You thought the whole world was in God’s hand, you cretins! Now you know, so shape up.

Seems that a “gang of thirty,” with Hillary presumably the main equal among equals scrounged from various and assorted governments, had met about four times to decide about Qaddafi, whom President Obama said back in March would have no country to rule in “days, not weeks,” courtesy the U.S. Air Force. It’s been about 140 days since then, but what’s a month here or there (or even a year) when Obamessiah has made a pronouncement from the sacred press-room of the White House? Actually, the gang-of-thirty ostensibly met to decide about the makeup of the post-Qaddafi era, but Qaddafi hasn’t accommodated the group yet by providing the post to its era.

Why have a TNC, in the first place? Libyans will do what Muslims do all the time anyway, i.e., fight among themselves, so what does it matter what the government, if any, is? Hillary’s husband knows beyond a doubt what is is. For one thing, if a new Libya government installed by Hillary et al takes over, couldn’t it just take all of Libya’s now-frozen assets and spend them…on the Libyans, of course, at least that part that doesn’t go into those deep bureaucratic pockets. But what would the ever hovering United Nations think of such a robbery, seeing as how the TNC doesn’t signify there? Only the Shadow (and Hillary) knows.

It seems that at least 32 nations are in it with Hillary/Barack against poor old Qaddafi. In fact, Germany has loaned (or will loan) $144 million to the Libyan rebels, who presumably will divvy it up amongst themselves…and why not? After all, Libya was a disaster area for Germany in World War II. Not even the mighty Rommel could defeat the Brits and Patton. It’s payback time. A “Group of Fifteen,” including Clinton, will also coordinate aid for Libya, which, being translated, means Uncle Sugar will be doling out billions to pay off some entity for being nice, as per usual in these matters of high diplomacy.

But…why not? Obama is on track to spend a total of 1.1 billion taxpayer-dollars by the end of September in the ongoing effort of “leading NATO from behind” in killing enough Libyans to make even Qaddafi think twice. There’s no telling how many innocent Libyans U.S. and NATO forces have killed since 19 March, but, after all, they’re killing Libyans in order to keep Qaddafi from killing Libyans. So, it makes perfect sense – right?

Left to their own devices, Qaddafi and the rebels probably would have made some kind of peace by now – Mid-east peace, that is, which essentially means fighting until neither side has anything to gain and everything to lose – of what’s left, of course, if anything. This is what’s going on in Syria and Yemen now, but nothing has been heard from the gang-of-thirty about those places. Meanwhile, in liberated Tunisia and Egypt, folks have chosen up sides predictably and set about doing each other in…perfectly normal for Muslim countries. The Egyptian army and police have just cleared the squatters out of Tahrir Square, that veritable bastion of niceness earlier this year. Can Camelot be far behind?

So…Hillary has approved a new government for Libya…hallelujah! The top general in the rebel force, presumably TNC to the core, has just been assassinated, unfortunately, so what else is new? He wasn’t killed by Qaddafi…he was killed by members of his own rebel army…so go figure. Surely Hillary will come to the rescue and surely goodness and mercy will follow Libya all the days of its life. So there, all you fundamentalists! Hillary leads through the green pastures to the still waters.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark