Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SCOTUS "Gang of Five"

University of Kentucky ultra-liberal history professor Ron Formisano writes regularly for the Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, Ky. In his 02 May column, he informed the whole country and all the ships at sea that the Supreme Court includes members that form the “Tea Party Gang of Five.”

Formisano: “‘The Supremes’ once meant Diana, Flo and Mary, but now conjures the most political and partisan U.S. Supreme Court since the 1930s, or maybe since the 1857 Dred Scott decision. The Tea Party gang of five (Justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Anthony Kennedy) act virtually as an ally of the Republican Party, and some have engaged in breaches of ethics.” WOW! He didn’t say which ethics but at least didn’t compare the “gang” to Hitler, the usual liberal choice for defamation-mongering.

Formisano didn’t condemn the “gang” for something it had done; rather, he castigated the “gang” for something he just knows it is about to do, namely, deep-six Obamacare, officially titled the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” though some evil people consider its acronym PPACA to mean the “Physical Proportioning of Affirmative Care Act.”

Under this act, the appropriate czar decides who does and does not get a hip-replacement or (zounds!) who needs to check out and relieve Medicare of further payments. Contrarily, conservatives are nervous because of an element in the SCOTUS called the “Socialist Party Gang of Five” that threatens to approve PPACA.

The gang members might be enamored of something that legendary vaudevillians Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Gummo and Zeppo (Marxists?), might conceive, a zany reality show with the grand prize being the honor of pushing the old codger in the wheelchair off the cliff (a la the democrat TV commercial), a side-splitting skit straight from La-La-Land featuring a hopelessly insensitive republican drooling at the carnage.

Justice Kagan is an automatic aye-vote since she (not realizing that e-mail is so public) gushed her approval to colleague Laurence Tribe when the House passed the bill. “I hear they have the votes, Larry!! Simply amazing.” Stop giggling, y’all! At the time, she was solicitor general, involved in PPACA, and even appointed the main government attorney just in case the law was brought before SCOTUS.

According to 28 USC 455, a Supreme Court justice must recuse from “any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” The law also says a justice must recuse anytime he has “expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy” while he “served in governmental employment.”

Kagan should have recused herself because of that requirement and this gem that she uttered in the recent hearing before SCOTUS: “Why is a big gift from the federal government a matter of coercion?” For Kagan, government is Santa Claus and the reindeer are hapless taxpayers, who are indeed coerced.

Justice Ginsberg came up with this wisdom during the hearing: “Those who don’t participate in healthcare make it more expensive for everyone else.” That’s the same as saying those who don’t use automobiles make gasoline more expensive for everyone else, ergo, the government should demand that all citizens drive cars, never walk except to the bathroom or ride bicycles.

Justice Breyer remonstrated with the government’s lawyer over his constant use of the term “tax,” insisting that nowhere in the Act is that word used; rather, that the term “penalty” applies to the poor guy who can’t or won’t buy insurance. The fact that he also can’t pay the penalty, presumably according to Breyer, means that he must simply go to jail or the emergency room, whichever grabs him first.

Justice Sotomayor, whose watershed ruling concerning racial discrimination (she favored it), was overturned by SCOTUS while she was in the process of being confirmed said in the hearing: “Why don’t we let Congress fix it [PPACA]?” Fix what? SCOTUS would have to tell Congress what needed fixing but Justice Scalia was of the opinion that forcing SCOTUS to read the whole 2,700-page law was cruel and inhuman punishment. Indeed, the Congress-people didn’t read it, either, before or after passage.

Sotomayor favors the Act but maybe doesn’t know exactly why, except perhaps that President Obama (self-admitted Constitutional expert) said SCOTUS had never overturned an Act with such overwhelming Congressional approval. PPACA barely made it through the Senate on Christmas Eve night 2009.

That leaves Justice Kennedy as the possible fifth Socialist gang-banger, since justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts are expected to vote some or all of PPACA un-Constitutional. Kennedy has been accused of siding with the cons but he voted for KELO in 2005, approving condemnation proceedings against a landowner in behalf of taking her land to let private retail enterprises and a medicine factory occupy it to make mucho greenbacks. Today, it’s bare and has become an eyesore dumping ground.

Kennedy also wrote the opinion in 2003 overturning laws banning sodomy, which overturned a 1986 SCOTUS decision doing the opposite. In other words, Kennedy is the loose cannon, so all bets are actually off. On the basis of KELO, he might think the government can do anything it wants with respect to civil rights concerning hip-replacements and appropriate demises, and on the basis of the sodomy thing (political correctness, donchaknow) he probably got sucked in by retired Justice Stevens (anything goes), who eschewed oral arguments in D.C. and famously (or infamously) did his duty from Florida.

Even the five wacky Marx brothers couldn’t make up such stuff as the Socialist Party Gang of Five. SCOTUS schleps in June! Meanwhile, the professor listens to old Supremes records and rants.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memoriam

Someone mentioned to me a while back that I should check on some of the overseas newspapers to see how intense is the loss of this nation's "goodwill of much of the rest of the world;" however, I can read as much hatred for this country as they spew over there just by reading the mainstream press in the USA or watching NBC/ABC/CBS and their cable outlets. I couldn't care less about the goodwill of much of the world, or any of the world, for that matter. What I DO care about is the safety of this country.

As for American Imperialism, a favorite term for some of the dumbest detractors, just tally up all the lands in the world captured and now governed by the USA as the result of its victories for the last 100 or so years, during which it has been the difference between freedom and slavery for entire populations. I'm a lot more interested in the history of those 100 years than in what any foreign newspaper has to say about anything, or any other rag for that matter, like the New York Times or the Washington Post. Obviously, the key to security is having the strongest military establishment in the world – an establishment comprised of those who are prepared to give their all. Those who die in the process are honored each year at this time, and stood between this country and the tyrants who stop at nothing in their quest to undermine U.S. liberty and that of the rest of the world.

Europe realized freedom as early as 1917-18 (after four years of bloodletting) ONLY because of the USA (117,000 dead Americans); ditto for Europe and Asia 1941-45 (405,000 dead Americans); South Korea 1950-53 (37,000 dead Americans). How much of any of the countries involved in these conflicts does the USA own/govern today? How much of Vietnam from the fighting in the 1960s-70s (58,000 dead Americans), which would not have been communist today but for the incompetence in Washington?

After freeing it in 1991, how much of Kuwait and all of its oil belongs to the USA, or has ever belonged to the USA, this terrible imperialistic power so named by people like talking-head Pat Buchanan or perhaps the (gasp) foreign, sophisticated press? The USA did the dirty work regarding Serbia-Kosovo in the 90s, so how much of those countries does the USA own/govern today? All of eastern Europe was freed in 1989-90 from the Soviet Union ONLY because of the USA, and how much of that huge expanse does the USA own/govern today?

The USA also freed Cuba and the Philippines from Spain just over 100 years ago and maintained a presence in the latter, helping against Japan in WWII, and removing itself militarily, as requested, just a few years ago. Now, Muslim thugs are taking over that country. The USA could have made Cuba into a state, but it didn't, and now look at the mess there. To even mention imperialism in connection with anything this country has done militarily is to not only be patently wrongheaded, but also to be scurrilous to the point of malice.

Here is a tribute in this Memorial Day season to those who are the sentries and combatants in the never-ending struggle for freedom:


The muffled sound of drum and fife
And musketry in mortal strife
And voices raised in anger, pain,
Or mourning those among the slain
Are sensed when contemplating still
The carnage of a Bunker Hill,
When only battles - bloody, fierce -
The wall of tyranny could pierce.

Then comes to mind the gory scenes
From Queenston Heights to New Orleans
When tyranny again was banned
Upon the sea, upon the land;
And one can sense again the sound
When roaring cannons shook the ground
And mortal men...to make men free...
Would enter immortality.

On Shiloh’s bloody ground that day
They died with valor in full sway,
Or Gettysburg...Chancellorsville,
Where brothers each might brother kill;
One hears the massive, tragic groan
As tens of thousands would atone
- With blood - for hated slavery...
The vilest form of tyranny.

When jaded beasts oppress the poor
And close to them sweet freedom’s door,
It falls upon the free...the strong
Throughout the world to right this wrong;
At Santiago, brave men fell,
And San Juan Hill became a hell,
But men who found eternity
Gained entry scourging tyranny.

Chateau-Thierry, Belleau Wood,
Where thousands died, but others stood
Their ground with blood and sweat and fears,
And buried comrades through their tears;
And one can sense the frightful sounds
Of tanks and planes emitting rounds
From lethal, modern weaponry
To end the threat of tyranny.

To end the threat of tyranny? -
Ah...no...remember Normandy,
Or Iwo Jima, Anzio,
Where once again the blood must flow;
And one may close the eyes and see
And hear the mighty guns at sea
And wonder why it all must be...
But knows deep down...end tyranny.

So listen!...hear the muffled roar
Of new jet planes now bound for war,
Of new invasions from the sea,
The dying fighting tyranny;
And names like Inchon, Pork Chop Hill,
And Bloody Ridge - remembered still -
Assault the mind, yet augur peace,
In hope that tyranny will cease.

But hope, though strong, has little worth
As long as despots roam the earth,
As long as beasts whose prime resource
Is tyranny...forge brutal force;
So listen...as the jungle screams,
And those who die are shorn of dreams
At Pleiku, Khe Sanh, and Da Nang,
Where flags from coffins daily hang.

No…evil tyranny survives,
Each generation robbed of lives
Attempting to wipe out its curse,
Each war the next one to rehearse;
Recall the battle in the sand -
Exploding missiles as they land
On Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Iraq,
Mad tyranny again to block.

As in most centuries before,
The twenty-first began with war
When evil men in Allah’s name
Torched innocents in bomb and flame;
The terrorists will find they pay
In Afghan mountains day by day
Or in Iraq on blood-black sand
An awesome price when good men stand.


In tranquil fields throughout the world,
Our dead are marked by flags unfurled,
Or marked by nature’s restless waves,
Beneath the seas in timeless graves;
Yes, thus it is, and thus will be...
Until God’s final, terse decree...
But until then, now strong and free,
The decent must kill tyranny.

Note: Reprinted from May 2008.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Same-sex Marriage & Religion

Regular columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader Merlene Davis wrote this in the 24 May issue: “I don’t see same-sex marriage as a religious issue,” the implication being that it’s merely a matter of civil rights. She exampled her marriage, not performed in a church and conducted by a justice of the peace, and wrote this: “It didn’t have a thing to do with religion.” Obviously, it wasn’t a same-sex affair, so for her no marriage is a religious issue.

So…even though marriage hadn’t a thing to do with religion, she went through the usual litany of “sins” listed in the Bible that are as bad as homosexuality, perhaps never realizing that homosexual behavior and not the homosexual is the subject of condemnation. She indicated that all sins except blasphemy are forgivable, another way of saying that if it feels good do it because God is lenient.

Ironically, after insisting that religion had nothing to do with her marriage, let alone same-sex marriage, she spent a whole column discussing how religion does have everything to do with marriage, though she did digress sufficiently to insist that Romney isn’t fit to be president because of his insensitivity to the poor and elderly, which, of course, had nothing to do with her subject.

Not wishing to allow her extensive lesson in theology to be shallow, Davis strangely quoted instances in both the Old and New Testaments in which homosexual behavior is roundly condemned, even to the point of the death sentence being mandated for such aberrant behavior. She was careful not to mention Sodom and Gomorrah, however, since that exemplary wrath of God could hardly be spun into forgiveness.

Many religionists make much of the OT law being segued into NT grace, thereby excusing most anything if it feels good. President Obama’s denomination – United Church of Christ – officially sanctioned same-sex marriage in 2005. Jesus said he came, however, to fulfill the law and not negate it. He also brought up the subject of Sodom and Gomorrah in his condemnation of other worldly cities (Matthew 11). Homosexual behavior was anathema to him, totally unacceptable.

It remained, then, for the apostle Paul to explain that aberrant behavior was also to be condemned “under grace,” i.e., that God didn’t mean for the body, which is sacred because God made it in his image, to be defiled by using the elements designed for the procreation of the race in unseemly ways, such as in oral and anal “sex,” which actually isn’t sex at all, just unnatural use of body appendages and orifices.

Davis made much of the fact that the NAACP has come out in favor of “marriage equality,” whatever that is, though to her it meant same-sex marriage. What she didn’t mention is the fact that black folk don’t put much stock in any kind of marriage, more than 70% of black youngsters born with no documented father, i.e., parents who didn’t bother with marriage, which involves necessary but bothersome commitment. In 1960, about 75% of children were born to black “families” – mother, father. Things have changed.

This was Davis’s coup de grace: “Short of blasphemy, God doesn’t calibrate sins, even if we do.” She has no more idea of God’s “calibration” than an orangutan does, but she’s welcome to her own calibrations, which obviously indicate that since a murderer can be forgiven, his sin is no worse than the sins of gossiping/gluttony, which she mentions. Weird!

Blasphemy is defined as “irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable.” Violating God’s in-his-image handiwork, the human body governed through the gift of self-determination, by abusing its only instruments for perpetuating what continues in sacredness is aptly discussed in Deuteronomy 8:19-20, in which it is made clear that God can and will destroy nations that collectively succumb to defiling his creation. This country travels a moral slippery slope. One should remember the lessons of history vis-à-vis other great rotting-from-the-inside nations such as the Soviet Union, in real time.

None of this matters to Davis, of course, since it has to do with religion, which she says has nothing to do with marriage, though she devoted an entire column to biblical influence on marriage, which makes her attempt at a disconnect futile. She seemed to be preaching to herself, rather than making a point, sort of advancing the paper’s editorial stance.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is Licentiousness Normal?

All the networks/media, mainstream and otherwise, have been having a field-day regarding the Secret Service agents and military personnel vis-à-vis their cavorting with prostitutes in Colombia just prior to the president’s visit there. Folks have been suspended or transferred or perhaps been resigned to their fate and just quit.

The guys didn’t break any laws since prostitution is legal in Colombia but, according to the propaganda, they must be held to a “higher standard,” though one wonders how that actually plays in Washington, where “higher standard” is a joke. The most recent sex-joker in the presidency was Bill Clinton but presidents down through the years have been caught in all sorts of bizarre behavior.

John F. Kennedy has been well documented, for instance, as having his paramours in and out of the White House and probably most everywhere else. He shared a mistress with a Mafia-associated gangster, among other weird happenings, but no one blamed the Secret Service for letting him endanger the nation.

President Obama, back in the 1980s, lived with a woman not his wife (not racist comment…she was white), sort of playing gigolo to her prostitute. He hasn’t seemed to be inordinately shocked and appalled at the conduct of his agents and that may be the reason…sort of anything goes as long as the dallier doesn’t cause a problem, which, in the extant case, probably would never have been made public if one of the agents hadn’t cheated on the fee.

This is no brief for the errant agents/troops. What they did was despicable because it was morally wrong, especially in the case of the married ones, who could and probably did take some sort of STD home. In their ecstasies, especially if enhanced by booze, they could have spilled vital information. If some of their “ladies of the night” had been Colombian agents or those of another country, there might have been serious trouble.

Lost in the media condemnation of the men, as usual, is the fact that, while they bought bodies, it was the women who sold them. As they report about the cads, the giggling gals in “TV-News” programs, dressed in their off-the-shoulder and off-their-other-body-parts frocks, come across as shallow, if not hypocritical. They flounce around with enough cleavage and thigh showing to compete favorably with the Colombian street-walkers. The men, conversely, are dressed to the nines head-to-toe.

This has made the “news” programs a sort of exercise in cheesecake frivolity. Sitting across from Wolf Blitzer or Bill O’Reilly in a pose calculated to make at least all the male viewers hear very little of what’s said seems almost to be a requirement of the ladies, and one wonders if they might better appear more modestly, especially when, with their features hanging out or bared to the limit, they intone about serious subjects such as the awful deaths in Afghanistan…sort of like attending a funeral in a bikini.

This circumstance makes one wonder if the hippy-dippy generations (two of them now), who have been running the show for a long while with respect to entertainment, government and even the church, have damned the society with a permissiveness that glorifies licentiousness, sexual and otherwise. Without question, morals have degenerated to the point, for instance, that condoms are distributed in public schools, thus inviting the students to copulate like so many rabbits…at every opportunity.

Ah well…this is the sort of diatribe that the elites such as the intelligentsia on college campuses and the Hollywood types decry as coming from a religious nut or a crazy do-gooder, someone so far behind the times that he even believes homosexuals shouldn’t (actually physically can’t) marry each other. The president, on the other hand, has evolved through his superior intellect in just three (a four-letter word, for Biden) years to the point that he sees virtue in such couplings, never mind the consequent, aberrant behavior.

So…what about the jerks in Colombia? Were they just “doing what comes naturally” as defined by the flower-children and their children, who have managed to turn the culture upside-down since the sixties? Well…yeah. The elitists, with a voluminous glee, flaunt their idiocies as being perfectly normal, and the nation suffers, rotting from the inside out. God defines sin. Humans define morals…and currently the twain are mutually inclusive. Sad!

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Saturday, May 19, 2012

DNC Memorandum #9

From the Office of the ChairWOMAN, 19 May 2012

***LISTEN UP! Unfortunately, the conservative-media Neanderthals have noted lately that POTUS had a thing for white women (probably not “typical white persons” like his grandmother but proof that POTUS was not prejudiced – little joke there) when he was a New York resident, before heading for Chicago and hooking up with the Bill Ayers crowd (no pun intended), thus fornicating on a daily basis since marriage was never an issue. The ladies had enough money for protection, unlike poor Sandra Fluke, whom POTUS called and agreed that government should add condom-care to Obama-care the better to forestall pregnancy, another name for assault and battery by males. Discuss this freely in town-hall meetings in San Francisco but deny that it ever happened when canvassing in the South since fornicating is frowned upon there, not that it isn’t common…just not talked about. The rumor that FLOTUS threatened POTUS to within an inch of his life over this is untrue and FLOTUS has said she will not do it again.

***Be aware of the fact that POTUS has okayed the visa of POC Raoul Castro’s daughter, Mariela, to come to the States and agitate for homosexual marriage. Since POTUS has said homosexuals should be married to each other if so inclined, plan rallies with mock homosexual weddings featuring receptions with rhumba-bands and rum-colas instead of punch-bowls. Be careful with the rum-colas, however, since drunken grooms might get into a real fight and cause a scene (Obama has said cops act stupidly so they might embarrassingly arrive), whereas in a heterosexual marriage a drunken groom usually just mumbles or passes out but does not attack his bride, whether or not she’s drunk, too. Ms. Castro will attend conferences in San Francisco (where else?) and Washington, sometimes known as the snake-pit on the Potomac.

***If someone in a rally mentions the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, act as if you never heard of him. If you are caught in that subterfuge (lies are permissible, even desired, in campaigns), claim that Wright is bad-mouthing POTUS because he’s tired of being under the bus and if not allowed to give the invocation soon in some convocation or other has threatened to get even by talking about that $150,000 bribe-offer in 2008 for not preaching until after the election. In this connection, there will be a seminar at headquarters soon on the finer points of spinning a lie. It will be led by VPOTUS, whose plagiarism that distinguished him in 1988 and recent claim that “jobs” is a three-letter word make him eminently credible. He will be aided by Senator Durbin, who is still spinning his remarks concerning American GIs, to wit, that they compare favorably with Stalin’s keepers of the Gulags, Hitler’s storm-troopers, and Pol Pot’s keepers of the Cambodian killing fields, all of which involved 60-70 million murders or so…but who’s counting anyway? Homeland Security Chief Napolitano is still spinning her warning to citizens a while back to beware of GIs returning from Iraq and Afghanistan account they might go on rampages at any time and become “man-caused disasters,” her definition of terrorists.

***Say as little as possible about former president Clinton’s current effort to have State Secretary Clinton replace VPOTUS on the ticket in November. Even though she’s a soul-sister to POTUS, she would likely completely bankrupt the country in a year. It’s already in bankruptcy but POTUS, busy as a bee on Air Force One every day, hasn’t noticed yet. Bill misses the nooks and crannies in the White House that are perfect spots for homo-eroticism like oral sex with young girls and encrypted telephone lines for phone-sex, something he should have thought about back in the arcane 90s. This partly explains the recent peccadilloes of the Secret Service in Colombia, who understood that the “anything goes” rule was in operation for everyone on Bill’s trips anywhere, even to the bathroom, and haven’t readjusted yet.

***Help people understand that the “domestic drone” operation is not eavesdropping on innocent citizens since there are security cameras everywhere these days such as in all stores and on their humongous parking-lots/garages, on many street-corners, and in high-school bathrooms, which are also equipped with smoke- and hidden metal-detectors. Remind voters that POTUS called for a national police force in the 2008 campaign that would be comparable to the size and scope of the military. This hasn’t happened because bailing out the banks, signing the Stimulus, and bankrupting General Motors and Chrysler sucked the energy out of the financing. Upon reelection, this issue will be on the front-burner, with Mao’s China, Kim Il Un’s North Korea, and Hitler’s Germany as paradigms, though terms such as Gestapo and KGB are not to be used.

***As you know, the theme of the POTUS campaign is FORWARD! The wag whose poster GREAT LEAP FORWARD was mysteriously pinned on the wall next to the George Bush dart-board along with a picture of 30 million Chinese bungee-thumpers will be disciplined by having to write an essay on why Mao’s plan failed…700 million people dispatched to 27,000 communes, where the thumpers starved or got trampled. There aren’t half that many people in the U.S. and POTUS’s plan for the National Police Force is said to require relocation for only republicans anyway, where they will mostly turn wheat and corn into ethane…or methane…or whatever thane works. On calm days, they will also pedal the energy producing windmills to keep them turning and shine bright lights on solar panels on cloudy days.

***Materials are being designed as public-school handouts encouraging youngsters to report any tires that seem to be under-inflated, even if the tires are on the family car; traditional light-bulbs even if on in-house lamps; and any food that tastes too salty even if straight from the family grill or the school lunchroom. Youngsters turning in the most reports will receive plaques signed by FLOTUS, provided the reporters have the proper body-mass indexes. Pictures must accompany each report so the proper determination can be made. This does not constitute BMI-discrimination because POTUS has said it doesn’t and POTUS is a Constitutional expert by his own admission.

*** In his recent West Virginia speech, the Rev. Dr. Wright claimed that SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas worships “some other god” but didn’t say which one, so there’s been a request, as noted in Memorandum #8, from the White House for a red/yellow/black/white paper outlining all the possibilities, the better to smear him into retirement. None has been received, so redouble your efforts and if at all possible prove that he’s a soul-brother to Major Hasan, the Fort Hood man-caused disaster, and deifies Allah. That should also make HS Chief Napolitano happy.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Homosexual Problem

Two accounts in the Lexington Herald-Leader of 14 May dealing with the subject of homosexuality provide a look at the rationales used by different “gay” groups to insist that society recognize their uniqueness and respond to it in specific ways connoting total acceptance of their “normalcy,” which, on the behavioral level, is anything but normal, i.e., with respect to physical manifestations. This is not said pejoratively but simply as fact.

Two lesbian students at a local Catholic high school were denied attendance at the annual prom account their insistence upon participating as a “couple.” They were upfront about their relationship, which is sanctioned as unacceptable, even sinful, by the Catholic Church. If they had attended as “singles” or with male escorts they would have had no problem but they preferred to flaunt their relationship, so they held their own concomitant prom in the parking lot, complete with refreshments and music.

They were joined by other students, teenagers easily convinced that their classmates had been mistreated, not surprising when immaturity rules and features rebellion against the status quo and/or authority as a matter of course, indeed a sort of rite of passage.

The second article was headlined “Gay political donors move into the mainstream,” insisting that this was proven by huge amounts of campaign contributions generated by homosexuals and homosexually-oriented groups such as the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, with the recipient of the largesse being President Obama. It’s no small coincidence that Obama has “evolved” from affirming homosexual marriage in the 1990s to a rock-hard position in 2008 that marriage is between a man and woman to his current belief that homosexuals should be allowed to marry each other, an example of flip-flopping based on expediency. He now has a campaign adjunct agency called the LGBT Leadership Council, a fund-raising committee operating officially in his behalf.

Supposedly, it’s about civil rights since married couples, i.e., a man and woman legally married, have rights, especially as concerning financial and insurance matters, that homosexual “partners” lack. For instance, a homosexual’s perks on the job may not obtain for his “partner” while they may for a legal spouse. Thus, the “partner” has to shift for himself/herself, connoting unfairness. This makes Obama the go-to guy with respect to politics since republicans, in the main, insist upon the Defense of Marriage Act passed in the 1990s, mandating marriage as only between a man and a woman.

The teenage girls accused the school of treating them unfairly because it allowed prom-attendance to their classmates who fornicated, also a sin according to the church, indeed most churches. They were probably right in accusing their classmates but neglected or failed to see the difference between what’s done in private and claimed in public (their case), though their intimate relationship was as private as those of their fornicating classmates. If there had been a couple describing itself as fornicating, it likely would have been disallowed at the prom.

The immature teenagers were seeking social acceptance for their abnormality, whether acquired or genetic. The GLBT group seeks, besides social acceptance that will never be possible, political leverage in order to gain materially while at the same time striking out at legal marriage as not uniquely qualified for defining governmental responsibilities, notwithstanding that the marriage contract suffices for the legal standing of children and their support, and mandates provisions applicable to inheritances, for instance, and other contractual/legal considerations.

Most homosexuality defenders, regarding governmental or other status, accuse detractors of opposition for religious reasons, admittedly the case with many. However, the sociological/biological/psychological differences in the genders – with no religious bearing – provide the actual reason militating against homosexual marriage, to wit, that the fundamental unit of society is the family as formed by natural method and eventuating in the propagation of the human race.

The perverted use of bodily appendages and orifices designed for the high-flown objective of perpetuating humanity is a form of debauchery, the rotting-from-the-inside that has brought down governments consistently throughout history, as everything from rampant incest/pedophilia to homosexual behavior to indiscriminate sex and sex-orgies spelled their doom, the sensual trumping the mental, matter over mind, a sure killer for any society.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama & States' Rights

In an interview on ABC News (where else?) on 09 May, President Obama said, “I've just concluded that for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” Grammar students might cringe at the redundancies but Obama probably was not using a teleprompter.

One shakes his head in wonder at the statement since it indicates that the president may be unaware of the primary definition of “marriage,” which is, “the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law.” (Merriam-Webster Collegiate, 11th edition)

The secondary definition is, “the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage.” In this instance, obviously, the relationship is not “recognized by law,” but is just traditional, i.e., mostly with some sort of ceremony. This (traditional) is already done in some states, with whatever is thought to be legal not applying in any other state, so the participants are not “married” anywhere but in the state where their ceremony took place.

So…how does the president figure that same-sex couples become “able to get married,” at least legally, with respect to the accepted definition? There’s only one solution, to wit, one partner must have a sex-change operation, becoming a member of the opposite sex. This, of course, may lead to problems since upon becoming the other gender the changed partner may not find marriage to remain attractive…may even start chasing “skirts” or “hunks,” depending on whoever made the change.

Silly, you say? Well…maybe. The element that’s always a possibility (most of the time a probability) in a marriage is the making of babies, something that cannot happen in a sex-act between members of the same sex, though there’s no such thing as a “sex act” between homosexuals anyway. Their erotic behavior is merely some sort of unnatural use of their bodies. Neither oral nor anal “sex,” for instance, can produce a pregnancy, i.e., the perpetuation of the race.

Indeed, homosexuals may like mutual hook-ups for the very fact that they can engage their sex organs ecstatically without the worry of possible offspring. The same is true with heterosexuals who engage in oral or anal sex…plenty of huffing and puffing and sucking without the worry of needing an abortion.

This brings up an important issue. In the same interview with ABC News (where else?), the president said he supports the concept of states deciding the homosexual-marriage issue on their own. Whoa!!! What, then, does the president think about abortion vis-à-vis states’ rights? Does he think the SCOTUS should encourage an invitation to revisit Roe-Wade or an individual should sue over the matter? Isn’t abortion the same type of “privacy” issue that homosexual marriage is? Well, of course!

To carry out his contention, the president himself should undertake the effort to either make the Defense of Marriage Act, now as settled law, into a Constitutional amendment, as 30 states have done and nine others have otherwise done legally, or engage action to have Roe-Wade overturned as a federal matter, with the states again being responsible for deciding about abortion.

Since Roe-Wade in 1973, there have been better than 54.5 million abortions covering two generations. If the first generation had not been aborted and had 1.5 children per marriage, there would have been about 92 million more citizens by now, making the total population at near 400 million. This is a matter of huge importance regardless of how people view abortion.

Perhaps the president had not thought out his statement before making it or perhaps his “handlers” hadn’t given it a thought before telling him what he thinks. Actually, he has no position on marriage because he’s been all over the map on the subject but it’s a leadpipe cinch he will make no statement regarding Roe-Wade since to try to return abortion matters to the states would lose his biggest cadre of voters – women. The abortion rate has leveled off to “only” 1.2 million per year, possibly disappointing the feminists, but those silent murders represent success or failure for Obama at the ballot box.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama & Homosexuality

According to The Telegraph, a prominent Italian historian, Roberto De Mattei, claimed in April 2011 that the Roman Empire collapsed because a "contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy" made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes. That didn’t set well with the “progressives” in Italy but the ancient empire in its day was just like the U.S. is (or is said to be) now, too militarily strong to be defeated by any nation. By recent actions, homosexuals have been invited into the military (where the boys are) in this country and so the citizen can draw his own conclusions.

More to the point, the president has just announced that he deems it perfectly natural for men to marry men, thus sanctioning the perversions connected to homosexual “sexual” exercises. In 2008, he claimed in no uncertain terms that marriage was between one man and one woman. He hasn’t said yet if homosexual marriage is between one man and one man, nor can he because there is no relevant law (as pertaining to bigamy or polygamy). So…homosexuals can marry as many as they please, as long as a government apparatchik will perform the dishonors in states allowing homosexual marriage.

Incredibly, Obama (February 2011) has declared that his administration does not and will not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act passed in the 1990s, which is federal law, making it perfectly alright, according to him, for anyone to choose which laws to obey and which ones not to obey. Ditto for local law-enforcement agencies with regard to enforcement. The prez was at one time a law school “lecturer” whose expertise accrued to his understanding of the Constitution, so go figure. He swore to faithfully execute the office (Article 2, Section 1), meaning enforcing acts passed by Congress and signed into law (Clinton). His words reveal his unworthiness.

Also incredibly, Obama said he consulted with his daughters, ages ten and 13, regarding this matter and is abiding by their views. This remarks the time when Democrat President Carter consulted with his daughter Amy, 13, as to what the most important consideration was in 1980. She decided on nuclear weaponry and the control of nuclear arms. She certainly didn’t mention the U.S. hostages held in Iran. Carter has affirmed that he thinks same-sex unions should be officially sanctioned, so the DOMA wouldn’t have meant anything to him, either, though he probably would have had sense enough to enforce it.

The president said his attitude concerning marriage has been “evolving.” It has, and it started back in the 1990s, when he ran for a seat in the Illinois Legislature. It is documented in concrete that he affirmed then that he believed in homosexual marriage. By 2008, he had “evolved” to the point that he believed marriage was a one-man-one-woman thing only. In 2012, he has “evolved” into believing homosexuals should be allowed to marry each other if so inclined. He has “evolved” into a complete revolution, notwithstanding that 30 state constitutions define marriage as heterosexual only and that 39 states bar homosexual marriage by law.

Obviously, Obama has no position on marriage. His definition depends entirely upon expediency, just as his approach to just about everything else does. His backers are the ultra-liberal Hollywood types who pour millions into his campaigns. The hoi polloi, like the vast majority of North Carolina voters who just approved a non-homosexual-marriage constitutional amendment to go along with its current law that does the same thing, mean nothing when payback time to the elite is at hand. Obama defined them in 2008 as clutching their Bibles and firearms and chasing illegal immigrants. In other words, he considers them to be ignoramuses.

Vice President Biden, probably as planned by Obama, came out for homosexual marriage to NBC’s David Gregory on 06 May and probably considers “weds” a three-letter word. Education Secretary Duncan did the same the next day on another program, both instances probably planned in conjunction with the appropriate media. Until last year, Kevin Jennings worked for Duncan as head of the Office of State and Drug-free Schools. Jennings, a homosexual, founded the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network. As another czar regulating schools, he had a lurid history of promoting homosexuality in the schools.

Hilary Rosen, apparently the resident lesbian in the Obama White House, recently castigated Romney’s wife for having never worked, though she has raised a sizeable family of five sons. SCOTUS justice Kagan could but does not settle the question of whether or not she’s a lesbian. If she is, she would be an idiot to do so, though the president has given the green light. The public outcry would be loud and long.

In October 1964 just before the election, Walter Jenkins, President Lyndon Johnson’s right-hand man and daily operator in the White House (would be called chief of staff today), was arrested account apprehended having sex with another man in a YMCA toilet in Washington. He was gone from the scene immediately, his career in presidential politics ended. He had a further lurid history concerning his homosexuality. In that same circumstance today, Obama would welcome him to the party. Jenkins, a Catholic, and his wife had six children, so it would appear that for him homosexual behavior was a choice that might have totally compromisd him with respect to such things as national security.

Obama welcomes that sort of potential catastrophe to the White House. As Italian Roberto De Mattei would have it, the president encourages the country’s rotting-out from the inside.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Professor & TEA-SCOTUS

University of Kentucky history professor Ron Formisano writes regularly for the Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, Ky. He has the “compare-anything-I-don’t-like-to-Hitler-syndrome,” i.e., he compares his naysayers to something b-a-a-a-d in order to make his point. In his February column, he compared the Republican Party to “the posture of the slavery-dominated antebellum democracy.” Whew…that’s about as bad as it gets!

In his 02 May column, he informed the whole country and all the ships at sea that included in the Supreme Court is the “Tea Party Gang of Five.” To a liberal of Formisano’s profound persuasion, that’s also about as bad as it gets and indicates that justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy are lower than a democrat’s IQ (also as bad as it gets), some of them actually having (gasp) “engaged in breaches of ethics,” though he didn’t remark their perfidies.

Formisano didn’t condemn the “gang” for something it had done; rather, he castigated the “gang” for something he just knows it is about to do, namely, deep-six Obamacare, officially titled the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” though some evil people consider its acronym PPACA to mean the “Physical Proportioning of Affirmative Care Act.” Under this act, the appropriate czar decides who does and does not get a hip-replacement or (zounds!) who needs to check out.

Though it’s probably not noted on his resume, the professor deems himself to possess clairvoyance, defined as the “ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception.” To get an idea of Formisano’s sagacity, one notes this in his February column: “The conservatives among the nation's founders wanted a strong central government.” This is another way of saying these devilish conservatives wanted Washington to be the new king. They obviously had nothing to do with Article I, Section 8, and all of Article II of the U.S Constitution.

In his column, Formisano delivered an analysis of each member of the “gang.” He noted that Scalia, the court’s “intellectual giant,” was actually “calculating potential Republican Senate votes to overturn the law.” If that’s the case, Formisano destroyed the whole premise of his screed since Scalia would hardly be expected to overturn the law if he was lining up the senators to do it because he couldn’t.

Maybe there’s something in the water at the university faculty lounge. In a December column in the H-L, one of Formisano’s fellow professors, Robert Olson, remarked that four million people died during the Civil War to save the Union. That was 18% of the population in the North. The revision of history is a favorite liberal cause but one might expect a somewhat subtler approach than that.

Perhaps to guard against being labeled a racist, Formisano chose to excoriate Justice Thomas’s wife, who is white, expecting the reader to get the subtle connection…that old “judge a person by the crowd she hangs with” thing. Formisano called her a (drum roll, please) “Tea Party activist,” maybe as dangerous as Obama’s buddies/sponsors/supporters Bill Ayers and his wife, who went around blowing up buildings, shooting at people and robbing whatever wasn’t moving when they consorted with the Weather Underground.

Formisano called Justice Alito a “Tea Party hero” but didn’t say if that was better or worse than being a “Tea Party activist.” He said Alito disrespected the president during a State of the Union speech by shaking his head and conspicuously “mouthing, ‘Not true’.” Yes, Alito did just that when the prez orated a lie. Being attacked by a truth can be traumatic for liberals, ergo, forswear dealing with truth. Give the man credit, though, since mouth-reading is an art that few people have, though bad-mouthing is actually Formisano’s forte.

Formisano reserved the dreaded “What would Jesus do” condemnation for Justice Kennedy, citing the biblical “Good Samaritan” as the anti-Kennedy, even though the subject of his condemnation had to do with the blind man noted by Kennedy in the hearing, just as biblical and eminently more appropriate to the screed. Liberals have a tendency toward mixed metaphors when they attempt to use the Bible, assuming they know the difference between it and Mein Kampf or the Communist Manifesto.

Formisano administered the coup de grace to Chief Justice Roberts, however, for his unbelievably (reach for the smelling salts) misleading of…yep…the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Nothing could possibly be worse than accusing the nation’s top jurist of lying to the Senate, even though it also has its share of liars. Vice President Biden, the Senate’s most infamous plagiarist, was on that committee and voted against the Roberts nomination.

Formisano was fair enough not to mention the other justices (perhaps called the “Afternoon Tea Gang”)…didn’t even give them a political-party mention or aptly compare them to the Socialist Party. He was nice enough not to mention Justice Sotomayor, for instance, whose watershed ruling concerning discrimination (she favored it), was overturned by the Court while she was in the process of being confirmed.

The only thing better than revising history is revising the present. Ask Formisano. In the meantime, the “Tea Party Gang of Five” rides again!

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Shameful Presidential Posturing

The president is still busy taking his “victory lap” account the assassination of Osama bin Laden in May2011, something about which he said a few days after the feat was accomplished that there would be no “spiking the ball,” i.e., crowing loud and long concerning “see what I did…hooray!” Now, he’s even taken his act to Afghanistan, a bit of buffoonery in an effort toward reelection but “rubbing the Pakistanis nose in it,” a diplomatic bit of stupidity, just a good photo-op. Predictably, the Taliban responded to his brief visit with a car-bombing, killing seven and wounding 17. He might as well have burned a Koran.

Obama, at least, didn’t fabricate a tale in which he had to run a gauntlet of snipers similar to the huge lie foisted on the public in 2008 by State Secretary Clinton concerning the visit she and daughter Chelsea made to Bosnia in 1996. For that bit of integrity she entered the president’s cabinet. It’s no wonder tax-cheat Geithner became Treasurer and former senator Tom Daschle had to cough up over $100,000 in unpaid taxes in his unsuccessful effort to become secretary of something or other. Dishonesty seemed to be a virtual requirement, and these folks were not the only examples.

One remembers the incident of last May with respect to just how much Obama had (or not) to do with it. The actual account is sure to come out in a book by somebody in this administration either after he’s gone or Obama is gone, whichever comes first, hopefully the latter in November. The account by an “insider” has been well documented on the Internet and includes info relative to just how incompetent Obama is regarding anything military. It seems clear enough that the “Osama Affaire” was then CIA-director Panetta’s baby, with Obama “leading from behind,” if at all.

The assassination effort took place at Osama’s compound just about a half-mile from the Pakistan Military Academy, the equivalent of West Point in this country. The topographical map shows a mere handful of buildings between the two locations. There was a firefight resulting in at least five deaths (including Osama) and a number of wounded. The Navy Seals were on the ground for forty minutes during which time a helicopter crashed sending up a fireball.

The noise alone of three or four (who knows?) helicopters and the firefight, plus the enhanced noise of the crash, could have been heard a mere half-mile away from the West Point of Pakistan in Abbottabad but there was no response from presumably some of the sharpest military operatives in the country, even though the mayhem continued for forty minutes practically on their parade ground? This defies belief, so one has to wonder as to Panetta’s total knowledge and control.

What did Panetta know (plan) and when did he know (plan) it? Was there a conspiracy that included Pakistanis, who are Taliban, not al Qaeda, and who had seen what al Qaeda had caused for being allowed to operate in Afghanistan?

The plan was to secure the body of bin Laden – dead, not captured. Why? He was unarmed so he could have been taken alive or even anesthetized to make his removal easy. After all, he was to be carried out in any case, according to plan. He had more knowledge of al Qaeda plans and operatives than anyone in the world – a veritable gold mine of information to be mined at Gitmo, perhaps with water-boarding, which neither injures nor kills and is therefore not torture.

In its 01 May 2011 (same day?) account, ABC News indicated that sources had reported that DNA testing proved that Osama had been killed. This means that DNA testing was done on the spot, presumably, an impossibility. Has there ever been any information as to where and when Osama’s DNA had been previously collected and preserved by U.S. officials in order for a match to be made, especially immediately?

Osama’s son was killed in the attack but it’s a lead-pipe cinch that his DNA was not collected for a match; however, even if it had been, it could not have been calculated in a 40-minute firefight or within minutes after the attack. Osama was removed immediately and flown to a carrier in the Arabian Sea, where he joined the mermaids or the 72 virgins, whichever came first…all within 24 or so hours, lest Allah be offended. Egad!

So…whereas Iraq’s Saddam was not shot by his American captor but made to stand trial and be publicly hanged, leaving no doubt as to his identity and final disposition, all the public got concerning the May 2011 celebrant, whoever he was, was a bunch of pictures and verbal assurances that he was bin Laden.

American citizens, especially the relatives of those killed on 9/11 and in the fighting in Afghanistan deserved to see bin Laden brought to justice by this country, like Saddam and the German butchers after World War II in Iraq and Holland, respectively. Why not just drown 9/11-planner Khalid in the Atlantic at some unmarked spot instead of giving him the “good life” at Gitmo…same difference?

None of this is to say that bin Laden was not killed on 01 May 2011. It is to say that the peculiarities surrounding the event make the administration’s accounting stink. The interrogation, public trial and execution of Osama would have sent the proper message to terrorists everywhere. Dishonesty concerning Osama is the hallmark of this administration…either that or abject stupidity.

One thing is certain, to wit, Obama should continue his campaigning on the basis of his actual performance and stop trying to con the public, crowing and hoo-hahing about his personal execution of Osama bin Laden. He was just a bystander, like everyone else. Someday, the truth will be known.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Most people at one time or another in defining their state will say, “Only in ********!” In Kentucky, strange things happen that make the statement only too true…and sometimes hilarious.

For instance, the lead story on the front page of the “A” section above the fold of the 30 April Lexington Herald-Leader was the earth-shaking news-account that a horse had died (okay, euthanized)…actually a former racehorse. Of course, it was not just any racehorse but a legendary stud, as noted in the sub-head, that sired 130 (count ’em) stakes-winners. The horse, Dynaformer by name, is pictured in the front-page obituary, with the caption noting that his foals earned more than $105 million for their owners.

To have a mare mated to Dynaformer, an owner had to cough up $150,000 this year, but unfortunately the horse suffered an aortic valve rupture a while back and had to be retired at age 27. Considering just the 130 stakes-winners, Dynaformer had been well used by his owners but there’s no telling how many performances of a sexual nature he had accomplished since there were bound to be a lot more stakes-losers than -winners, not to mention a multitude of just ordinary-race-losers. One wonders if PETA knows about this, especially if too much equine sexual activity could cause such a physical malfunction.

The obit also took up one-third of page 2 and noted that Dynaformer had a surly temperament, sometimes playing havoc with his stall-wall…obviously the ruler of the barn. While the owners no doubt feel bad about the loss, such folks as stall-knockers, exercisers and other stable-hands might not feel the same remorse for a horse that ruled with an iron hoof, sometimes planted on an unsuspecting human derriere.

For Dynaformer there will be a memorial service, of course, preceded by a period when folks can pay their respects. All this is noted in the front-page account – time, place, the whole nine yards. Over on page 8 was an account concerning some 20 Christian churchgoers slaughtered in South Africa in an attack similar to previous attacks by an Islamic extremist group called Boko Haram. The folks in that collective obit were wasted by folks on motorcycles, not horses, so they were relegated to the page where few folks go.

Horseracing is a sport, of course, though the horses probably don’t know that; otherwise, they would have declared a day of mourning and maybe even a strike. But Kentucky is sometimes so hung-up on sports that nearly anything is believed possible, such as a university basketball coach who publicly describes his operation as a “one-and-done” proposition, meaning that his shtick is the recruiting of All-American high-school players and practically guaranteeing them that through the good auspices of the University of Kentucky and his unique ability they will make the National Basketball Association after laboring through classes (on a sometime basis, of course) for only one year. Unbelievably, this is true…and he’s about as good as his word.

The coach pulled in something more than $4.5 million in the current salary-cycle, probably six or seven times more than the UK president and ten times more than President Obama, but who’s counting anyway? The coach’s name is more familiar throughout Kentucky (everywhere east of Frankfort, the capital, anyway) than that of the governor. In the long ago there was a rule that freshmen players could not compete in actual games, just practice. There were actually juniors and seniors playing in those days but the old adage “follow the money” rules these days (TV), so sensational raw meat is always needed, the classroom being only incidental.

This makes the universities the minor league for the NBA, as they are for the National Football League, too, for which underclassmen also declare for the draft (just finished) in droves. However, no other basketball coach and certainly no football coaches promise athletes the “promised land” in just one year of suffering through remedial math and English, with maybe soccer 101 and caddying 101 thrown in. Only the very best guards can be abided at a measly 6-5, but the forwards and centers must come in at 6-9 or preferably much taller.

A mention of the governor brings up another sporting subject – gambling or, as the governor prefers, “gaming,” which sounds much more respectable. In this case, the Kentucky guv has tried mightily to install casinos at racetracks in order to “save” the sport, since it can’t stand on its own, and it’s no wonder when it takes $150,000 to manufacture a horse and then feed it 30 lbs. of hay a day, plus nutrients. Of course, the horse may never win a race but may at least become a tax write-off account stud-deficiencies.

Well…the guv may have a point. A loser at the two-dollar (or more) window might make up his losses at blackjack or the slots, and vice versa. Both racing and casinos are sport-operations so why shouldn’t the sky be the limit? Maybe a cock-fighting pit (also a Kentucky sport) could also be installed somewhere out behind the barns.

After all, what’s the difference between horse-doping (a common practice) that injures or kills the beasts and letting chickens kill each other…with the owners in both categories getting well? Chicken has always been table-fare and horsemeat is now also acceptable, so the slaughterhouse provides another market for exploiting the “sports.” This will not be the end for Dynaformer, however, since he’ll be buried in the Stallion Cemetery.


And so it goes.

Jim Clark