Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Women in Combat?

Defense Secretary Panetta announced the other day that women, being quite suited to the activity, may now take their place in the infantry and fight the nation’s wars. He, of course, a political appointee and therefore free of thought-processes, did not make that decision. It was made by President Obama, who has discovered a mother-lode of votes in the female age-group most affected by this invitation to carnage, not that many of the ladies will be all that interested. Rather, they see this decision by the “hunk” not as the bare-faced pandering it is, but as further proof that unisex rules now, the devil take the hindmost male who objects.

Ironically, as Obama announced the ladies capable of severe training, hand-to-hand fighting and dying, he also made it clear that he would have to think long and hard before allowing a son (Trayvon Martin-type, as he noted a while back) to play football, so dangerous are its probabilities for trauma to the dear child. When this kind of oxymoron-think occurs in the top office of the land, one has to wonder where the nation is headed. Obama once quite publicly said that policemen in Massachusetts acted stupidly, so maybe he knows the modus operandi for that.

One would think that Obama would approve of the ladies playing in the National Football League as a reasonable part of basic training, honing their skills to both hurt and take punishment, which is what the NFL is all about. After all, a number of New Orleans Saints operatives were suspended last year (one for a whole year) for fomenting a program involving payments to players based on the number and kind of injuries they inflicted on members of the opposition. The figures were not disclosed but one can envision a lineman-concussion at $5,000 and a quarterback-concussion at twice that amount, with mere broken bones somewhat less.

The president’s mind seems to still be in Hawaii. Women play something as unimportant as sports only in their own leagues, in which they realize equality, but may not play in the NFL, the NBA, or the hockey leagues, in which they could get killed. And yet, in something as critically important as mortal conflict, in which endurance and strength mean the difference between life and death, they are quite welcome, thank you, sir. And, during the times the shells are not falling, they can nurse their babies and do their hair.

Despite objections by field commanders, Obama inflicted the military with openly practicing homosexuals…welcome to the fun and games originating in Sodom and Gomorrah…just great for morale. Now, the ladies get their chance, never mind a plethora of laws on the books such as rape-laws and restraining orders designed to protect them as a special class because they can’t physically/emotionally hold their own in even a domestic setting. This is not meant pejoratively…just a fact.

Think what would happen if a lady is taken prisoner by a bunch of al Qaeda thugs…at least before they stoned her or cut off her head. It’s perfectly obvious that Obama either hasn’t thought of this or just doesn’t care, even though he has two daughters who could be eligible for a possible draft. But the votes are there and the democrat men will follow his lead since the office and not the country—or even the women—takes precedence. Disgusting!

When the men in a country are willing to see their wives and daughters subjected to and humiliated by battlefield carnage, they’ve lost any claim to self-respect or the respect of others. The Congress, if it allows this idiocy and insensitivity to go forward, can be labeled as either unprincipled or as collectively dumb as a gourd…or both. Laws upstage executive orders, the vehicle Obama favors as the way to govern.

It is an unmistakable fact that a nation is on a downward track morally when it reduces its womanhood to cannon fodder, never mind some ladies’ protestations to the contrary. The next step is the dustbin of history, along with all the other people-states that rotted from the inside out.

Political correctness rules these days, no matter how whacko it has become. Licentious hedonism is another term for it, whether applied to the violation of women or the perversions of homosexual behavior. Glorification of the unnatural, whether the wedding of two men or feeding women to Islamic butchers, redounds to national disaster and disgrace.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, January 28, 2013

Clinton/Kerry Farce

Some of the best entertainment of last week was furnished by Fox and C-Span, namely, the Senate-committee hearings for State secretary Clinton vis-à-vis the Benghazi massacre and Senator Kerry vis-à-vis his nomination to succeed Clinton. The Senators and witnesses made their speeches, all of them reading their remarks, even the answers to questions.

I didn’t partake of either completely but heard/saw enough to know that the hearings were virtually useless with regard to anything substantive being learned. The democrat senators were in congratulatory mode and the republicans attempted to be in attack mode but their hearts didn’t seem to be in it. The Benghazi thing was a cover-up by Clinton and Obama of such magnitude that she could do little more than just say that efforts were being made to see that such a thing (the attack, not the cover-up) would not happen again.

The senators went easy on Kerry, whose appointment is assured, and whose job actually means very little, as has been the case with Clinton, whose countless miles of travel (112 nations?) elicited oohs and aahs exponentially. One remembers that soon after Clinton was confirmed in 2009 Obama appointed Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell as special envoys to Afghanistan/Pakistan and the Middle East, respectively, completely bypassing her as a significant player in the most important problem-areas.

The fact: Obama is a micromanager and will make all decisions. Kerry, as did Clinton, will live on plush Air Force planes and have a great time doing photo-ops here and there and everywhere.

Clinton and Kerry share the distinction for getting it wrong on Syria. According to Newsmax of 11 May 2011 (via The Cable), Kerry indicated to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on 16 March 2011 that in his judgment Syria was no lost cause and would embrace a legitimate relationship with the U.S. and the West and the economic opportunity that comes with that. Not long after that, he said, “I've always said the top goal of Assad is to perpetuate his own regime.” Another case of “I did this before I did that,” with reference to his approach to the Iraq War? Go figure! Kerry – lost ball in tall weeds!

According to CNSNews.com of 28 March 2011, Clinton said that visiting lawmakers regarded Assad as a reformer and that, therefore, the U.S. will not intervene on behalf of Syrian civilians. Both could not have been more wrong about Assad; however, the U.S. has not meddled, at least as far as is known. Regardless of any bluster Kerry might make, despite goading by Senators McCain and Graham, this country is not likely to get in that mess, though Obama has dispatched troops to Syria-neighbor Turkey. It seems that neither he, Clinton nor Kerry remember the American Revolution, in which the citizens/colonists did to King George what Syrian citizens have been doing to Assad and paying a frightful cost. Let ’em settle it.

As a result of the grandiose Arab Spring of 2011 (Obama’s shameful contribution, the unprovoked blindsiding attack on Libya), the Middle East, especially Libya, is a cauldron of violence and unrest, the most recent example in Egypt, where Tahrir Square has again become the focal point of potential revolution. For his part, Obama has just sent over some fighter jets to Head Honcho Morsi, who is delivering the government into the hands of the dreaded Muslim Brotherhood. U.S. policy is and will remain under Kerry/Obama in a shambles vis-à-vis the Middle East.

This is from The Daily Caller via Wickileaked of 29 November 2010: “On a February trip to the Middle East, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry (D-MA) told Qatari leaders that the Golan Heights should be returned to Syria, that a Palestinian capital should be established in East Jerusalem as part of the Arab-Israeli peace process, and that he was ‘shocked’ by what he saw on a visit to Gaza.” The Golan Heights forms a critical defense area/facility for Israel. Kerry is obviously pro-Hamas and probably is not disturbed by Iran’s threat to Israel, not realizing that the threat applies to every country in the region and ultimately to the U.S.

Could this approach refer to what Obama meant when he said to the then-Russian president last year when he thought he was off-mike that he would have more “flexibility” once he was reelected? He’s made it plain that he expects to govern through executive orders, which is what he did concerning his unilateral attack on Libya – no Congressional consultation. Kerry explained why when asked about it by Senator Paul. His answer was that the Constitutional process would have been too slow and Libyans (like the Syrians now) were killing each other. Kerry, too, possesses so much “flexibility” that as the Foreign Relations Committee chairman then and thus the one to call out the president, he made no fuss, perhaps with an eye to the future.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inaugural Poetic Justice?

John F. Kennedy was the first president to inculcate a poem as part of the inaugural observance. His choice as poet in 1961 was Robert Frost, then age 87, a man of letters with few peers. The theme of that inaugural could have been “A New Beginning,” since Kennedy, a WWII veteran, was young and was replacing a much older man, Dwight Eisenhower, a top WWII general and former head of NATO.

The inaugural theme on 21 January this year seemed to be “The Year of the Homosexual.” To celebrate this approach, the poet chosen by Obama was Richard Blanco, a homosexual, who read his poem just prior to the benediction, given by a clergyman, Luis Leon, who was a second choice for that task, the first choice, Louie Giglio, having been disinvited account his remarks in a presentation many years ago indicating the connection between homosexuality and sin.

Giglio had been invited in large part due to his fight against human trafficking. Leon is known for performing marriages between homosexuals, never mind the Defense of Marriage Act, which the president has vowed publicly not to enforce, or the laws and Constitutions of the vast majority of states that mandate marriage as between a man and woman. The president had the opposite view in 2009, upholding the DOM, but has “evolved.”

An aside: The military bands saved the day musically. The vocalists were far out of their milieu, singing music for which they seemed to have had no training. The lady who sang the national anthem rewrote both tune and rhythm, thus challenging the band and creating a sort of national sacrilege that seems more and more to mark the nation itself.

Frost’s early published poems seem to have been marked by consistent rhyme and rhythm, while much of his later work, though not exclusively, was more like Blanco’s – rhyme-less and relatively unstructured. This reminds, actually, of short essays broken into lines, with or without punctuation. Structured poetry is far more demanding than this type.

For the inaugural, Frost reverted to strict rhyme and rhythm and ended his poem with these words:

"There is a call to life a little sterner,
And braver for the earner, learner, yearner.
Less criticism of the field and court
And more preoccupation with the sport.
It makes the prophet in us all presage
The glory of a next Augustan age
Of a power leading from its strength and pride,
Of young ambition eager to be tried,
Firm in our free beliefs without dismay,
In any game the nations want to play.
A golden age of poetry and power
Of which this noonday's the beginning hour."

Frost was concerned that people be about their business, being anything but victims, real or imagined, and daring any nation to “take us on.” The direction was ever onward and the devil take the hindmost. This runs counter to the nation’s direction currently, in which victim-hood is practically glorified and the course of least resistance, such as just printing money, is followed, i.e., an almost total lack of spine. Frost, who sired a large family and endured tragedies such as the deaths of children, died in 1963. He would likely have been horrified at the current state of affairs, with little hope evidenced by this administration.

Blanco, at 44, is about half Frost’s age and, of course, has a totally dissimilar background. This is how he finished his poem:

"We head home: through the gloss of rain or weight
of snow, or the plum blush of dusk, but always—home,
always under one sky, our sky. And always one moon
like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop
and every window, of one country—all of us—
facing the stars
hope—a new constellation
waiting for us to map it,
Waiting for us to name it—together."

It’s highly doubtful that Blanco spoke for “all of us,” especially in the sort of melancholy of the words. We hope while things wait to be done? This seems to be what’s happening now. Neither president nor Congress is doing much more than waiting…or waiting each other out…as the nation continues to slide morally, as seen in this inauguration’s theme, and in more tangible ways, domestically and internationally, in the process losing its “exclusiveness” and sinking to the lowest common denominator of the nations. More’s the pity.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Disastrous Presidential Incompetence

This is from Euronews of 09 March 2011: Gaddafi told Turkey’s TRT channel that the West only wanted to take action so it could seize control of Libyan oil production. He also claimed that if he stepped down, it would leave a power vaccum [sic] to be filled by al Qaeda. “We are the ones preventing al Qaeda from taking control. They would drag the whole region into chaos,” he said.

Concerning what has happened in Algeria (deaths of more Americans at the hands of al Qaeda terrorists), President Obama can take another lesson from his mentor and spiritual adviser, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright – “The chickens have come home to roost.” Apparently for reasons of ego or maybe at the behest of three sob-sisters in the administration, Obama declared a personal war on Libya that more than just conceivably has led to this circumstance.

Only a few days after Qaddafi made that statement, Obama unleashed the U.S. Air Force in bombing and missile attacks on Libya, which posed no threat to any nation, especially the U.S., and started what amounted to a seven-month war costing no one knows how many Libyan civilian deaths and $1.1 billion. He did it without any consultation with Congress and despite the fact that both the Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs Chairman inveighed mightily against it, even before a congressional committee. The DOD chairman described the operation as being done “on the fly,” obviously without any input by him or the JCC, meaning no sufficient military planning.

In the operation that Obama said would take “days, not weeks,” the governmental structure in Libya, whether or not the president approved of it, was destroyed and that benighted nation is in total chaos today, with the U.S. State Department in such a shambles its honchos watched by drone-satellite a few months ago as four Americans were massacred in the American consulate in Benghazi and could do nothing about it…or at least thought they couldn’t.

In short, Obama’s ego-trip on Libya (population two million LESS than that of New York City) in conjunction with the grand Arab Spring uprisings in 2011, most if not all of which have made their areas worse than ever with the militant jihad-minded Muslims gaining control and thus replacing the then-current despots with worse despots, has proved to be a catastrophic disaster. The actual winner(s): al Qaeda and/or al Qaeda-linked little al Qaedas, the most ruthless of all the Muslim thugs.

The reason for that statement seems obvious enough. The oil refinery that was the scene of the latest kidnapping/torturing/murder of at least 23 hostages is virtually on the border between Libya and Algeria, which shares a border with Mali to its south. The murderers are part of something called AQIM, which actually is the term for al Qaeda in North Africa. The leader of these refinery-butchers is a guy called Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who coincidentally shares a physical condition with Mullah Omar, the head honcho of the Taliban butchers in Afghanistan – each is blind in one eye.

Qaddafi knew his country. Neither Obama nor any of the goodtime girls who pushed for the bloodshed – State Secretary Clinton, UN Ambassador Rice and White House apparatchik Power – knows enough about the Muslim mind to even wonder what a prayer rug is. Obama was so unutterably ignorant that he didn’t know he declared a personal war of seven months, not just days. He thought he could drop a few bombs, leading from behind, and that would do the job. It’s scary to think of a loose cannon like him running the country.

Ostensibly, Belmokhtar was “getting even” with the French government by the hostage-taking for sending troops to Mali to stamp out a then-successful push by al Qaeda to take over that country as part of the Muslim enterprise to take over all of Africa. That may have been true but he offered American hostages in a prisoner-exchange with this country, and that may have been the main reason for the carnage he inflicted on a lot of people, not to mention the destruction, planned or unplanned at the time, of the oil facility, which the Algerian forces prevented by their quick move on Saturday.

So…the president has the blood of countless Libyans, the four killed at Benghazi and the Americans killed in Algeria on his hands, something that could have and would have been averted by anyone with half-sense. He allowed Libya to become an al Qaeda stronghold and training-ground for terrorists…and old Jeremiah was right…the chickens have come home to roost. The reputation of this country as a world power is in tatters. Imagine a nation with 1.5 million troops attacking a nation with 76,000 and beating it to death for seven months! Incredible!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Presidential Grandstanding

President Obama bestirred himself twice this week to hold forth in public, on 14 January in a “press conference” for which he already had decided who would ask questions, and on 16 January to make a teleprompted speech to a large crowd ginned-up from somewhere (who knows where?) in the middle of the day. At least he was in town, meaning some relief from the huge expense of making Air Force One his personal taxi for yet another “campaign” speech thousands of miles away from the snake-pit.

The theme of the press conference was “We won again.” Obama used it to castigate a do-nothing-or-something-worse House of Representatives republican caucus for daring to challenge him on anything, especially the national debt and the debt-ceiling-limit, making it plain that things would be done his way, i.e., by the printing of money for the conceivable future. His key words over-and-over were “conversation” and “debate,” implying that he would talk but not budge. He also made it, as he would say, “absolutely clear,” that he would use executive orders to straighten out gun-control. This method obviously would also apply to the financial crisis.

The last question was from a lady reporter and had to do with how much the president did or didn’t properly “socialize,” and to remark that he was (gasp) shutting out women from his “inner circle,” the latter giving him a chance to extol the virtues of womanhood and explain how he had, contrarily, placed lots of women in responsible positions but would do even more. The whole exercise – in propaganda mode, of course – was just as trivial as that question, beneath contempt.

Item: Ft. Hood, November 2009, 13 murdered, 30 wounded. No presidential commission. Item: Tucson, January 2011, 6 murdered, 13 wounded. No presidential commission. Item: Aurora, July 2012, 12 murdered, 58 wounded. No presidential commission. Item: Chicago, 2012, 500 murdered by gunfire. No presidential commission. Total: 531 murdered, 101 wounded.

Item: Newtown, December 2012, 26 murdered, 2 wounded. Finally, a presidential commission headed by none other than Obama’s source of gravitas, VP Biden. The speech on 16 January was devoted to this last mass-shooting, making one wonder if the president is class-conscious to the extent of deciding whose lives are important enough to trigger action of some kind…any kind.

In both appearances, Obama made it “absolutely clear” that he was in high dudgeon concerning the Congress, and that he would work his will, apparently through executive orders, some 23 of which he has already signed referencing gun control. The orders are relatively harmless with regard to anything of substance and most of them probably have to do with laws already on the books, though perhaps not well enforced in some places, just as federal immigration laws are not enforced in Arizona, though this administration has shipped unaccounted-for guns to Mexico by the hundreds if not thousands.

To indicate how trivial the orders are is the one having to do with establishing the fact that Obamacare does not preclude a doctor from asking his patients about “guns in their home.” This is another: “Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.” Does anyone know what a “school resource officer” is? Here’s another: “Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations.” What is “mental health parity?” A “school resource officer” and “mental health parity” are what anyone says they are, making these orders too silly for words.

In other words, the whole exercise was window-dressing but another opportunity to castigate the Congress, which has the only Constitutional power to do anything of substance. The shallowness of this administration was seen in a letter to Congress from the Defense Department in December 2011 describing Major Hasan’s slaughter at Ft. Hood as “workplace violence.” WORKPLACE VIOLENCE! Egad! Since this administration has done nothing about the Benghazi massacre – not charged anyone anywhere anytime – it perhaps believes that it was just WORKPLACE VIOLENCE!

The most contemptible thing the president did concerning his speech was drag children and others from Newtown (with enough grief already) into the audience to be used as pawns in what was obviously a publicity stunt of immense proportions. He could have presented his diatribe and his list of executive orders at the press conference on the fourteenth, but he was without a teleprompter there and therefore a lost ball in the tall weeds. Perhaps, press guru Carney will explain what…uh…uh…er mental…uh…health…er…parity is. Does it mean that the appropriate czar will regulate that everyone have the same IQ? Egad!

The administration types got their noses out of joint over an NRA TV-ad that might have referenced Obama’s daughters (admittedly in poor taste), but Obama “used” those children from Newtown for what had to be a personal ego-trip. Which was worse? The president – Constitutional expert that he is, by his own admission – knows that Congress will do virtually nothing, especially any time soon, so the whole thing will just be another huge photo-op.

The nation deserves better.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Saturday, January 12, 2013

DNC Memorandum #12

From the office of the chairWOMAN, 12 January 2013

***Listen up! There’s been no memo since October because the chairWOMAN has been involved first with the election (no hanging chads in her district this time) and then in consultations with POTUS, VPOTUS, FLOTUS and an occasional dog-sitting duty with FDOTUS. The nasty rumor that she has been politicking for a cabinet position is wrong and she will not do that or dog-sit again. Her second job in the House has also taken some time although her vote is worth nil, so staffers are directed not to ask for special favors since she’s lucky to still have a nameplate, much less any political clout, the republican leadership being Neanderthal in its treatment of women and even most men.

***The rumor that POTUS is planning to create a Department of Gender may or may not be true, such is the secrecy surrounding top-priority matters. The LBGT gang has raised the issue of how many genders there are and of which one the Secretary should be, assuming, of course, that no straight white male, with or without tattoos or nose rings, would be given any consideration. Said to be first in line is Sandra Fluke, who brilliantly made the case before Congress for free condoms. Along this line, a new program is in the works called Obamacondomcare and will soon become a part of Obamacare. Under the provision, a doctor refusing to do an abortion at any fetus-stage will face 30 years in prison, and a daily government-allocation will be made to all women older than five years of two super-slimy-fail-safe-exotic condoms, featuring the two-second automatic-unrolling feature for overwhelming passion-attack panic. Also, a billion dollars will be budgeted for research into converting the pregnancy problem from women to men, who, even in POTUS’s new homosexual marriage-mode, cannot conceive and therefore actually be married.

***Since Senator Kerry has been nominated for State, no mention is to be made of the medals he threw over some fence in 1970 or thereabouts. Staffers are urged to write memos to the media outlets extolling the senator’s virtues, which, if not found or contrived personally, are listed in my office. The senator has said firmly that he did not say smart kids went to school and blockheads went to Iraq back when he considered another run for the presidency, and that he will never say that again.

***Be advised that the theme of the inauguration this month is Homosexual/Diversity Change, the natural sequence vis-à-vis the slogan in 2008, which was the rather simple, mundane Change. This being the case, the Rev. Louie Giglio has been disinvited from giving the benediction at the inauguration because he once preached that unrepentant homosexuality connotes sin. Magnanimously, Attorney General Holder has decided not to have him prosecuted for committing a hate-crime. Giglio is white, so make it clear in all correspondence and news releases that this action by POTUS was not race-based and remind that POTUS also disinvited the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, an African American, from praying in the 2009 inauguration, though not for the same reason. It just seemed unseemly that the reverend, having already prayed for the destruction of the country, would pray for POTUS (and probably himself) to be spared from the wrath of God.

***In keeping with the theme, Richard Blanco, a homosexual Latino, will read an original poem at the inauguration. The rumor that he has been cautioned about being too explicit is not true but he will not appear in drag in the parade. The fact that Defense Secretary nominee Hagel once said that one who is aggressively gay should not be an ambassador has not been a reason for withdrawing his nomination because not all homosexuals are aggressive, like the ones depicted in Sodom and Gomorrah. Hagel, a combat veteran, probably believes the same thing about homosexuals in the military, but he has already apologized about the ambassador thing and is no doubt backing down on the latter. If asked about this, simply mention that Hagel has evolved just as POTUS evolved regarding homosexuals marrying each other. Do NOT – repeat – DO NOT discuss how far either has evolved from ape-hood vis-à-vis the rest of us. The rumor that Hagel apologized because Holder threatened him with a hate-crime charge is not true and Holder has said he will not do that again.

***The rumor that, in keeping with the theme, POTUS will go to Iowa immediately after the inauguration to perform mass weddings of homosexuals to each other (but only in pairs, no matter the argument for threesomes or more-somes) is not true. Also, The DNC has been asked to suggest someone else to deliver the benediction at the inauguration, with the only firm stipulation that he/she/it (gender of transgenders unknown) be homosexual, in a committed relationship of at least six weeks and not Muslim since Islam sentences homosexuals to death, something of which POTUS, VPOTUS, FLOTUS and maybe even FDOTUS disapprove, though republicans might be another matter since they represent a danger to the nation. POTUS seems to be favoring an Afro-Asian left-handed Lesbian with a twelve-handicap at this point, so be advised. Political correctness is key and diversity must be observed. At least one inaugural ball will be devoted to homosexuals (no guns allowed for protection against jealous partners). Transvestites will be allowed, but anyone wearing stiletto heels will be turned away for obvious reasons.

***POTUS is devising executive orders to cover everything the Congress is or is not considering at present and is, in conjunction with fellow-anarchist and terrorist Bill Ayers, preparing a book on the un-Constitutionality of Congress. When former Illinois governor Blagojevich is released from jail, he and POTUS will prepare a similar book concerning the Supreme Court. Stay tuned…many CHANGES are taking place.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The WE-WON-KID Rides Again!

It would be hard to imagine a greater display of unmitigated jackassery than was displayed by the president on the afternoon of 31 December, when he assembled a large group (no one seems to know from where but perhaps bused in from one of the projects) in the Executive Office Building in order to stroke his own magnificent ego by lecturing the Congress and demeaning all republicans, especially, to the accompaniment of wild applause. To say that it was a disgusting performance is far too kind. It was an act beneath the dignity and intelligence of a pimply-faced high-school sophomore…contemptible to a degree beyond the nth.

This president has done nothing but campaign for the last four years for a second term, especially during the last 18 months. His post-Christmas flight back to Washington for the current example of overall government ineptitude was totally unnecessary since he has done nothing but say one way or another WE WON, i.e., that he’ll call all the shots and it’s “my way or the highway” for anyone getting in his way.

This latest escapade reminds of 2008, when he and John McCain, both in desperate campaign-mode, dropped everything to get back to Washington and save the country, both of them president-wannabe senators playing to the cameras and microphones. Their presence meant absolutely nothing but the grandstanding was too good to miss.

So…at least for public consumption, the vice president and Senator McConnell took center stage in an effort to save the country. This is another way of saying that Obama is so totally disengaged and uninformed, not to mention intolerably arrogant, that, as usual, somebody has to fill-in for him to get anything done. In the meantime, the citizenry gets an idea of what an empty suit looks like. Add Harry Reed to that equation (no Senate budget passed in three years) and the incompetence in the top of the hierarchy is thick enough to cut with a knife.

The only thing more despicable than a sore loser is an arrogant, taunting winner, especially in an election actually won by the vote of the big-city welfare meccas. His performance on New Year’s Eve was akin to the stupid shenanigans of athletes these days, doing the crotch-hop or chest-banger or jumping in the stands to be pummeled by the silliest fans after doing just what they’re paid well to do, in the first place. All the prez needs to do is get properly tattooed and affix some rings in his ears, nose and anywhere else there’s enough tissue available to be in the same bush-league as the pros, who are even more overpaid than he is.

The rank incompetence of this administration is seen, for instance, in its foreign policy or absence thereof. The prez, exhibiting the predictable arrogance and egoism, made it a point to tell the top leaders of countries in the Middle East to take a hike – Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen – with the result being that he has not only alienated those nations but helped deliver them into the hands of the radical jihad groups that threaten the world. Al Qaeda has never been stronger and the Muslim Brotherhood is busily making Sharia law the law of the land in Egypt and Libya and probably soon in Syria. Obama might as well be a fellow-Muslim.

He backed up none of his “get outta Dodge” commands, thus became a paper-tiger, even in the case of Libya, with the weakest military establishment in that part of the world – sorta equal maybe to the Boy Scouts. Result of that inane, insane attack: the Benghazi massacre and a nation virtually run by the radicals and even sending radicals to help Syrians kill each other. What a mess! In the process, he’s made this country into the laughingstock of the world, totally without respect.

Domestically, he’s done just what he did on 31 December – sniped at and insulted the people he despises and hammed it up for the cameras, making speeches constantly, apparently figuring that this is how a president leads…make a lot of noise and then tell the troops to “go get ’em.” Disgusting! This is called “leading from behind” – his term.

After his totally useless trip from Hawaii, he has now returned, thus keeping Air Force One, his personal air-taxi, operational for 36,000 miles and will soon add another 6,000. At $180,000 per hour, this works out to more than $8.6 million for his holiday at taxpayer expense. Add the first ladies $4.3 million for her own personal plane (his/her planes in this administration) and the recession-ridden taxpayer has coughed up nearly $13 million in air-travel costs alone for Hawaiian fun and games. This doesn’t even count the cost of the secret service and all the other add-ons to the holidays.  The ultimate irony: Obamessiah will sign the bill by electronic autopen…didn’t even stay with the troops…loyalty be damned.

Obama constantly uses the term “sacrifice” and makes himself look dumb every time he smirks it, reminding everyone that WE WON!!!! Four more years of this excuse for leadership – disgusting!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Year-end Lament

(from 2009, but not much has changed.)
Listen, my children, and you shall now hear
Just how it is at the end of this year,
The holiday firs are seen in their glow –
Once Christmas trees, but that weird name must go;
Diversity wields its pure jihad toward God,
It is a religion, worldly and mod,
Look not for Jesus, except at Walmart...
While looking, of course, just fill up the cart.

Never look back at the promises made
A few months ago as the Truth was waylaid
When O and his pols predicted...perforce!...
That those out of work would number, of course,
A mere eight percent and that not for long
As government spent the economy strong;
So...take heart, my dears, just go out and spend...
The prexy said thus...would the bad times all end.

Be glad at this time for a Congress hell-bent
On capping the gases that simply are meant
To make icebergs melt...catch folks unawares
And drown half the country, kill all polar bears;
Be glad that the reps never read cap-and-trade
Since if they had done that they might have been made
To either defeat it or...yes...made to wear
A jacket of strait where dementeds get care.

And think of the climate – especially just now,
This time of the year when to see a snow-plow
Is everyday stuff in much of the land
Where snow heretofore rarely managed to land;
And listen to Al, the guru of gore,
That soon will envelop this land more and more
As humans and beasts all succumb to the cold –
Frozen by warming as temps downward fold.

In case you’ve not noticed, remark now O’s change,
Admittedly, it may just seem a bit strange,
But banking and autos are federalized
And everything everywhere must be downsized;
Put more air in tires and save on your fuel,
And use the right light-bulbs...yeah...don’t be a fool,
The planet is dying, the U.N. has said,
Stop breathing out carbon or Earth will be dead.

At year’s end think not of recession and such –
Obama’s guru of finance said as much...
Recession is over, thus said he to George,
On A-B-C’s Sunday...so go out and gorge,
And simply pretend that the U.S. ain’t broke,
Just use credit cards and be part of the joke...
The veep said bankruptcy is nothing to fear,
Just borrow and spend and be of good cheer.

At year’s end don’t worry...the dollars are sound,
Just go to Beijing, where some billions are found,
And if you want jobs, go to Shanghai and jive,
Those folks make our undies, our shoes...and they thrive;
Don’t look for those things where they used to be made,
The land of the free...ah...but soon cap-and-trade,
Just wire the White House that you’re too big to fail,
Then wait for a check in the very next mail.

At year’s end fret not for old Gitmo soon gone,
Those terrorist dudes will now all face the dawn
In Brooklyn or out on the midwestern plain
Where they can chow down in the land of no pain
And laugh as they strut before TV’s bright light
And spew out their garbage in everyone’s sight,
Praise Allah and jihad...claim judges are dumb –
Like all infidels, with their brains simply numb.

At year’s end don’t worry if you might feel faint,
The Big O and demos are now your new saint,
Their health-care is promised for hangnails or plague
Or bones that are broken or feverish ague;
If you are not young...well...don’t worry at all,
For the lines will not form until they need to call
And simply are told that in six months...about...
They get a knee-joint or a gall bladder out.

At year’s end the parties are just everywhere,
State dinners are normal...quite often the fare,
But take care when crashing, through some staffer’s grace,
You get your brief fame, but with egg on O’s face,
Yet, fret not when questions arise in your fame,
Your name, as like hers, will not suffer some blame,
Executive-priv is the name of the game,
Except when, of course, George the Two is to frame.

At year’s end chill out...don’t be stupid...oh no!
Not like policemen, as described by Big O,
Since he’s got your back from the crib to the grave,
And you from yourself he has promised to save;
And take it from prez, if you’re ever in doubt,
Teleprompters can help, with the stuff they give out,
And don’t hesitate if you’re asked to surmise
About the U.S. – be quick...APOLOGIZE!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark