Friday, January 19, 2018

Prexy Physical

The prexy had his physical,
Important, thus an annual,
And so the medic Admiral
Spoke to the press – unusual
At least in one-hour conference
Explaining that the evidence
Showed health intact,
In fact, quite good...collective fact.

The mainstream media fought back
With questions, comments – full attack
To make the case that prexy lacked
The stamina...and was half-cracked,
Such circumstances ruling out
His tenure, and of that no doubt,
But, truth to tell, they hated him
And meant to make his future dim.

The admiral had all the facts
And furnished numerous extracts
Like readings per cholesterol –
The L-D-L, H-D-L call,
Blood pressure and things glandular,
A heart quite strong, correct pulsar,
Cognition rated excellent,
Thus causing news-gang resentment.

The newsies were all primed to claim
The prexy crazy – brain of maim,
Since cognition was never part
Of physicals right from the start,
But prexy was a step ahead,
Requested testing of his head
On which he made a perfect score,
Thus in the press-room moan of roar.

A network turned over a rock
And found beneath its kind of doc
Who claimed the prexy's heart disease,
Of which was none, but would appease
Network, which likely crossed his palm
With gobs of greenbacks – soothing balm –
In case his conscience rubbed him raw
Or he was charged with breaking law.

One newsie ranted when apprised
That prexy never exercised
And all displayed aggravation
Since prexy ignored nutrition...
And so it was consensual
That prexy via physical
Was lucky just to be alive,
But doomed right soon his White House jive.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark