Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The epitome of jackassery was reached the other day when President Barack Hussein Obama looked down from the podium during yet another of his dull speeches and smirked at the president of Kenya as he lectured him on the need to glorify homosexuality, as he has done in the U.S, for the practice of which behavior-wise a participant is granted 14 years in the hoosegow in Kenya. It is also a crime in over 30 African nations, third-world populations that have not as yet entered, as Obama and the U.S. have, the 21st century.

To add further insult as the premier Ugly-American, he stared at the Kenyan president and lectured him as to the evils and consequences of corruption. Though he never lets slide an opportunity to remind everyone that he is the commander-in-chief, he didn't recognize in that act of stupidity his own broadly corrupt approach to matters in the U.S., such as the persecution of people with whom he doesn't agree by using the IRS to put them out of business. Or, what about the humongous lie he told even the survivors, personally, regarding what caused the Benghazi Massacre? He is indeed the Corrupter-in- Chief, those acts perfidious in the extreme.

Or, what about the equally humongous lie he told the American public regarding the healthcare law he got passed through the architecture of MIT's Gruber—generator of the BIG LIE and originator of the term for lying as “grubering?” Then, there was the time that he and fellow thugs Senator Durbin and Senator Reid attempted to deny the Senate-seat he vacated to the man constitutionally mandated both Federally and state-wise to receive it. The three disgraceful elected officials, hypocrites without equals and lawless to the nth degree, were unsuccessful but never bothered to apologize, at least to my knowledge.

Obama's hangup with Kenya (he claimed to be Kenyan-American) is that 83% of its citizens claim to be Christians, while the prez, as shown lately with his obeisance to Ramadan, has made every effort to see that the evils of Islam must never be mentioned as such, even when Muslim terrorists acting—as they always do quite publicly in behalf of Allah—burn, torture, behead and otherwise violate innocent and vulnerable people all over the world; this, though homosexuals are absolutely condemned even in Islam, the tradition to which he was born but urged Kenya to accept as normal. Disgusting!

He had a great time ridiculing the Kenyan president in front of his relatives, referring to himself as the first Kenyan-American president to visit Kenya. One can only be glad that he didn't refer to himself as the first Kansan-American president, which would have been appropriate since his mother was born and raised in Kansas, but, of course, she was white and he always references himself as African-American, black, disrespecting his own mother and, more especially, his white grandmother, who raised him and whom he labeled as the “typical white person,” a derogatory pronouncement, as he meant it to be.

When Obama, bypassing Congress and both the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act, ordered decent American military operatives to bomb the bejesus out of Libyans for seven months, murdering no one has ever said how many, he should have been impeached in 2011, as he should have been concerning the huge LIES he has told throughout his terms.

Indeed, he is the Corrupter-in-Chief.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trash-Mouth Is Coach's Dear Friend

The big sports-news in the Lexington Herald-Leader of 23 July was that the rapper Drake has been ordered by the University of Kentucky to stop publicizing a picture he made with a UK athlete apparently during the October 2014 basketball “Midnight Madness” activity celebrating the university's concept of God, called Basketball. The publicity is a minor infraction of NCAA rules. UK basketball coach John Calipari, according to the article, called Drake a dear friend who would be welcome to visit any time. This is a line from one of Drake's latest “songs” called “Energy:” They tryna take the wave from a nigga/Fuckin' with the kid and pray for your nigga. That's real class.

The “madness” event is also celebrated on a number of university campuses, is covered by TV, and involves making icons of basketball players. This effort, like the ones preceding it each year, trivialized the sport and sorta made monkeys out of those who perpetrated and attended it. Assuming the final okay for this coronation of campus royalty came from University of Kentucky Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart, one wonders if he needs to step up to the next level of maturity.

The UK affair cost $300,000, roughly equivalent to a year's tuition and fees for 31 actual students. The basketball players are predominantly part of the minor leagues for the NBA and expect to be gone after one year of non-study unless they aren't judged high draft-picks as freshmen, in which case they stay for a second year of non-study...maybe even a third. Their career as UK players, as often noted by Coach Calipari, is a one-shot stab at greatness, thus not an academic endeavor.

The big draw last year was trash-mouth-rapper Drake. Strangely, Rap is usually described as music. It's actually a recitation set to an accompaniment of percussion instruments, mostly drums, that might accompany a dance with grunts, groans and screams in deepest Africa engaged in just before some sort of tribal bloodletting or par-boiling of a missionary. Back in the day, it would have been a celebration when one tribe sold the men of a defeated tribe to the slave-traders.

Drake couldn't do his act in the Madness venue, even though the young people there were familiar with his lyrics/performances and were misled into believing he would regurgitate his thing. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been the main-liner. A look at some of his stuff is instructive for sound, fury and “poetry.” Drake's buzz-words are fuckin', nigga, bitch and shit. His masterpiece called “The Catch Up” features two “fuckin' niggas” caught up in a—you guessed it—gun-fight.

In his classic called “The Motto,” he raps about the fuckin' man, the bitch, the real nigga and shit. This is his phrase in Motto: “almost drowned in her pussy so I swam to her butt.” Another: “I tongue-kiss her other tongue.” Get it? In his classic tune “Light Up,” he uses the term “mother-fucker.” This usage is as sacred to gangsta-rap as Christ's mother Mary is to Christianity. Here's a line: “Wait until the sun goes down and we gon' make this bitch light up.” His conclusion: “fuck niggas, bitches, too, all I got is money, this'll do.”

Contextually, one has to remember that the women's basketball team and women cheerleaders are/were part of Midnight Madness. In Drake's parlance the “ho,” rap-term for whore, is mentioned, and these UK women were exposed to Drake, who sees them not as human beings but objects to use, abuse, discard. Was Drake's background even cursorily examined by Barnhart, Calipari, and—oh yes—Matthew Mitchell, the women's coach? Sad fact: it probably was and considered a real turn-on for today's sophisticated adolescents and 20-somethings. Maybe the headliner for 2015 will be Miley Cyrus appearing nude to “twerk” with an assistant coach.

Mitchell added to the denigration of women by cavorting and aping somebody called Bruno Mars. I don't know what he performed but in Mars' classic “When I Was Your Man,” the singer lamented longingly about the fact that his shack-up partner (ho) is gone. In Mars' number “Locked Out of Heaven” (another masterpiece?), is this line: “Your sex takes me to paradise.” Hopefully, Mitchell didn't “writhe” that one.

Mars collaborated on this artistry called “Bubble Butt.” His line was one of the mildest: “Turn around, stick it out, show the world you got...”. From Mars' “Like Tonight,” this gem: “You've got your lips along my body And I'm not gonna stop you...”. What was Matthew thinking? Obviously, he wasn't...or was.

Yeah...Midnight Madness last year was Basketball Bacchanalia since it mainlined orgy as normal and should have been doubly offensive to the men's and women's teams since about the only players who spend many minutes in at least a men's game are African-American. Drake is black and Mars is Puerto Rican/filipino. The lurid background for this stuff (men sex/rape-crazy and women as chattel) insulted all the players. The maturity-arrested spectators got what they deserved – tripe.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, July 20, 2015

Morally in the Tank

The current time-frame in the U.S. might be called the “Southward Era,” as in devolving downward (in jargon only) when applied to U.S. culture, which is becoming cruder and more perverted in enhanced acceleration, its mores being shredded at warp speed. The nation, besides suffering under poor governance, is also experiencing a moral emergency, with the government aiding and abetting – if not causing – this societal decline.

Religion (including religious practices…or malpractices) is also an important matter, as behaviors particularly condemned in scripture are virtually glorified under the rubric of political correctness, even in churches/denominations. While it's a fool's errand to make substantive predictions concerning the end of it all, as some ministers do, one has to wonder just how long the nation – established “under God” – will survive.

The Supreme Court has deliberated and heaved out a ruling that in the Constitution can be found the right for two men to be wed. The Court is made up of three Jews and six Catholics, all from Yale or Harvard concerning education or lunacy (take your pick). Four Catholics voted against this “landmark ruling” – Egad! – with three Jews and two Catholics in favor Constitutionally of homosexuals tying the knot.

These five “enlightened” justices probably never gave a thought to the fact that something as weird as two men getting married, with neither one of them physically prepared to be a mother, ever occurred to the founders. They knew about homosexual behavior, were thoroughly disgusted by it, one presumes, and considered marriage as only between a man and woman. They knew this as both biologically and scripturally mandated, thus pondered within that context as they structured the nation. Undoubtedly, their test for marriage would have turned on whether or not children would be possible.

It's strange that the 14th Amendment regarding abridgment of privileges and immunities should be an argument for disallowing states to define marriage, but not an argument for states or any government defining anything else such as proof of identity for voting or the amount of alcohol necessary for DUI conviction or alcohol-purchasing-age or crime-definitions/penalties, all of which represent abridgments.

It's instructive to note that Justice Kennedy made much of the element of love, fidelity, sacrifice, etc., in writing the ruling, but laws are neither made nor upheld on the basis of emotions, something the founders knew instinctively; otherwise, murder would be okay if a perpetrator found that to be emotionally fulfilling, like Dahmer, for instance. In codifying same-sex marriage, Kennedy degraded marriage (natural family) and trivialized its importance as the basic unit in the societal fabric.

Morally, the nation is in the tank.


The measure of a nation can be wrought
By judging its morality, its thought...
One wonders what the measure would be now
If current U.S. judged anent the vow
Of founders for pursuit of happiness,
For life and liberty without duress
From oligarchic nimrods zealously
Perverting what was planned religiously.

The nation stands upon the cusp today
Of floundering about in gross decay
Because of morals slouched in disarray,
Its leadership too stupid, weak to pay
Attention to perversions ill-acclaimed,
Pay homage to the crudeness that defamed
The ancients...then through centuries till now
Brought down empires strong men would disavow.

Five people with collective intellect
Approaching zero could just interject
Into the law that men may marry men
And codify what Nature must condemn,
Their imprimatur on degrading acts
That thinking people know in time exacts
A retribution – Nature's own revenge,
Its plan for stream of life to thus avenge.

Executive an accident in place,
With lack of preparation a disgrace,
Obsessed always incredibly with race,
Speech-making most days firming up his base;
A Congress firmly deadlocked in its greed
Collectively itself thus to succeed,
The population mired incessantly
In something called the great diversity
Which by its own defining schism brings,
Sets groups against each other in all things.

The measure of this nation being wrought
Must be that sadly, surely it is fraught
With social ills that if not quickly healed
Will sicken it until its death is sealed,
And Nature, blasphemed by the populace
That tolerates this wanton, vile disgrace,
Will not be pressed to see itself revenged –
Oh no....just watch and see its plans avenged.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

James M. Dunn (RIP)

The recent death of James M. Dunn, who was head of the Baptist Joint Committee for Public Affairs (familiarly known as BJC) 1981-99, furnishes a reminder of how people can change over the years. This is not said pejoratively since most people DO change as they pass through the different phases of life, myself included.

Dunn was a very effective leader vis-a-vis church-state relationship, arguing consistently and successfully for a solid separation of the two. After leaving the BJC, he became a faculty member of Wake Forest University School of Divinity. He was highly responsible for nullifying any state-mandated prayer in public schools but helped structure the opportunity, nevertheless, for students to pray.

The primary funding of the BJC was provided by the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Baptist denomination in the U.S., until 1991, when SBC leaders, if not the rank-and-file as well, became dissatisfied with Dunn's approaches. From about 1979 until 1991, conservative leaders attempted to make the SBC itself more conservative and were successful, the result being a handful of groups pulling out, the largest probably the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, which does not claim to be an actual denomination most likely because many if not most of its “partner” churches are dually aligned with both the SBC and CBF. It furnishes no membership statistics, as do other denominations, but has a headquarters in Decatur, Georgia. Dunn was a member of the Board of Directors of Baptists Today, a liberal magazine closely connected to the CBF.

Initiated in September 2003 was something called then or shortly after the Clergy Network for National leadership Change. It was a "527" organization, meaning that it was not tax-exempt, actually a PAC. Its head was Albert Pennybacker, a retired minister and former National Council of Churches honcho, and its headquarters was in the nation's capital. Part of its funding was furnished by the George Soros outfit (MoveOn.org), dedicated to the disruption of the U.S.

Sitting on its National Committee was Dunn, also listed as the president of the BJC Endowment. Serving with Dunn, who was also a substantial financial contributor about whose motives one can only conjecture in light of his former stance, was the Rev. Jesse Jackson, protest-gadfly and head of the Rainbow-Push Coalition.

The first paragraph of the CLN Mission Statement: As clergy--pastors, rabbis, imams, and other religious leaders, both men and women--we are deeply concerned about the well being of our country, we are committed to sweeping changes--changes in faltering political leadership and its increasing lack of credibility and rejection of public policies increasingly seen as not only failing but actually destructive of the quality of current life and America's future.

The actors in CLN were not identified as "citizens" concerned about the well-being of the country; rather, they were clearly identified as clergy and other religious leaders, so it would seem that their sole purpose was to tear down the wall that separates state and church (synagogue, mosque) by entering the elective process through religious convictions/actions only, else they would not have identified themselves unmistakably and solely as "religious leaders." So, the CLN was a PAC, pure and simple, dedicated to one purpose, the election of a specific candidate, John Kerry. Dunn had “evolved” into a liberal.

It was significant that in the 1,200-member CLN's National Gathering in Cleveland in May 2004 vice presidential candidate John Edwards (along with Jackson a high-profile adulterer) was a speaker. The CLN defined itself as the "Religious Left" on its Web site, thus identifying itself unmistakably with the Democrat Party, although it's inconceivable that more than a bare majority of its members could have been as far left as John Kerry or Edwards. Or Dunn?

Dunn's evolution continued when he joined Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton in 2008 in something called the New Baptist Covenant (advertised as representing some 30 or so Baptist groups), actually Carter's revenge against the uninvited SBC, whose leaders rejected Carter's theology in 1991, never mind his “devoutness.” Dunn conducted one of the conferences during the clambake, held 30 January – 01 February in Atlanta just as the conventions of the three largest black Baptist denominations were ending (attempting captive black participation) and just prior to the Georgia presidential primary vote on “Tsunami Tuesday.” Nearly half of the speakers were either then or had been connected to politics at the highest level (church-state separation?). Carter was on the record as supporting state-sanctioned civil unions for gay couples. Hillary lost Georgia to Obama, anyway.

The NBC's most profound fiasco was giving Al Gore time and space to present his film An Inconvenient Truth, which could be shown in British public schools only after its many errors (lies) were explained. Its claim of man-made global warming was thoroughly debunked in 2009 by emails of the UN-sponsored perpetrators of the monumental hoax, not realizing that they were leaving themselves to twist in the wind. On the light side, Bill Moyers, an ordained Baptist minister, was to be a featured speaker but was dropped from the program. For decades, he had been a member of a church affiliated with the United Church of Christ, the denomination of Barack Obama and the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, and which officially sanctioned same-sex marriage in 2005.

Just as Obama “evolved” (his term) almost overnight from insisting marriage only between a man and woman to actually marriage being anything, Carter “evolved” away from the Bible on homosexual behavior and Dunn, after years of yeoman service in behalf of church-state separation, “evolved” away from separation to clergy-sponsored politics and participation in a Hillary Clinton campaign effort (NBC) plus faux climate-alarmist clambake (NBC), whether he believed that stuff or not.

Sad to see the giants fall!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Saturday, July 04, 2015


In a recent interview with an Atlanta TV station, African-American Andrew Young, former two-time mayor of Atlanta and President Carter's ambassador to the UN, said, “The problems we face don't have anything to do with the flag, the fact is that 93% of the black people killed are killed by other black people. So if black lives matter, let us start believing that we matter.” He also explained that flags mean a lot of things to a lot of people. He understands that white people have as much right to love the stars-and-bars as blacks have to hate it.

Either it isn't taught in school or people forget that slavery was not introduced to this country by white southerners but by the British in the early 1600s, long before the Revolution, Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, made official in 1789. In 1807, the U.S. Congress banned further importation of slaves from anywhere. The South inherited the problem of slavery, upon which its economy depended almost entirely. The slaves were emancipated in 1863, just 74 years after the USA was born.

Nearly the entire Civil War was fought in the South, meaning physical devastation (Sherman's march, for instance) as well as a totally wrecked economy. Nearly 300,000 Confederate soldiers died in the war, as did nearly 365,000 Union soldiers. Together, those deaths comprised 2% of the total population in 1860. Slaves numbered just under 4,000,000 (12%) in a total U.S. population of 31,443,000, but made up only a third of the population in the 15 slave-holding states, meaning that there was a significant number of slaves in the North.

Young knew his history, one presumes, an examination of which indicates that the entire economy of the world was built on slavery virtually from the beginning right into the twentieth century in some places. In fact, it is still a factor in third-world nations, not surprising since the natives procured in Africa by the slave-traders were sold to them by other natives, though this probably is not taught in politically correct schools, either. Indeed, there is much in the Holy Bible dealing with how slaves – an inescapable fact of life way back then – were to be treated.

None of this is an apologetic for slavery, a heinous business. My great-grandfather and two great-uncles are well documented as having fought in the Union Army as volunteers since, being Kentuckians, they could not be drafted. Great-granddad was wounded once and nearly died of disease once and finally drew a pension. All three were born in England and, of course, had never owned a slave.

Although politically incorrect to make the analogy, Jefferson Davis and the seceding states attempted the same thing as George Washington and the seceding thirteen colonies, i.e., declaring independence, with the understanding that they would have to shed blood and treasure in the process. The dead soldiers of the Civil War (including North and South) exceeded by more than 200,00 the number who died in World War II. The Civil War deaths averaged about 340 per day over four years, disease costlier than combat.

Thankfully, Washington and the colonists were successful. Thankfully, Davis and the secessionists were not; otherwise, the world scene would be drastically different today, not to mention a fractured and much weaker Union instead of the marvel the nation is today. Young was indirectly affirming that until black men collectively take their places as heads of households instead of gang-bangers and druggies the situation will worsen.

He probably would also agree that it's time for black youth to spurn the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons, with their insistence on victim-hood, and become producers, not parasites. Unless and until strong black families are once again the norm – as they used to be – there's little hope...and no flag has anything to do with that.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark