Tuesday, August 22, 2017


His line of work is protesting
No matter what the cause may be,
He has the tools for anything
Protester-boss happens to see
As slowing down the protest-plan
Like mean policeman with his tase
Who quickly springs it rather than
Just dodge warm spit—protester-craze!

To qualify for protest-job
One has to have morality
With relativity its throb
So even a fatality
Is, ipso facto, right or wrong
Depending upon who is dead
Or who is weak and who is strong –
Demands a conscience also dead.

Protesting-training is a must –
Just how to march, carry a sign
Or learn how someone's head to bust
Then run and find the retreat line,
Thus then return with street-smart hires,
Disrupting meeting in process
By vandalizing stores, set fires
And make of cops a bloody mess.

The college students are the best
At protesting than all the rest,
Indoctrinated in protest
At professorial behest,
Reflecting academia
Now governed by the hippie-creed...
Just bash and smash...brains gone to seed.

Protesting-wage is not that bad,
Cool billionaire's cough up the cash,
No longer is protest a fad,
A good protester builds a stash;
Protesters travel everywhere
But rarely for republicans,
The democrats no cost will spare
To have them hound republicans.

Simplistic is protest-credo –
Disrupt no matter how contrived –
Yelling, screaming, body-blows,
Gassing, burning, all connived
To break up peaceful, legal crowd,
Belabor cops and burn their cars,
No limit to what is allowed...
Stop speech-freedom and leave some scars.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark