Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chickens Home to Roost

As President Obama's “spiritual adviser,” the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, might put it, the chickens have come home to roost not in the U.S. but in Libya. Last week, the U.S.-Libyan embassy in Tripoli was closed and every American, including the U.S. Marines stationed to guard it, were evacuated, leaving a U.S. presence in that benighted country at zero.

In biblical terms, it might be said that “what the president hath given, the president hath taken away.” On 19 March 2011, Obama ordered the U.S. Air Force to start plying Libya with missiles and bombs, using, of course, “pinpoint accuracy” to assure no more collateral damage (civilian deaths and injuries) than necessary. The last bomb was dropped on 31 October, the culmination of seven months of all kinds of collateral damage, though no official of either the U.S. or NATO has bothered to even estimate, much less tally up, the carnage.

It was an Obama unilateral war until NATO was arm-wrestled into it (as per an agreement of the august UN) after the first ten days, when all of Libya's air arm had been neutralized (took four days to create a no-fly zone, the ostensible actual aim of the assault). Obama figured Qaddafi to be dead or out of the country, as Obama had commanded him, by that time, but he figured wrong. It took seven months to effect the assassination of Qaddafi, culminating in utter chaos for Libya that grows even more horrendous now.

The weapons that Obama poured into obviously the wrong Libyan hands are now used tribally in civil war except for the huge amount that landed in Syria to be used by the jihad sadists against Syria President Assad, who has essentially told Obama to take a hike. As for more of those weapons plus the ones given to and deserted by a cowardly army in Iraq, they are in the hands of ISIS, the Sharia thugs who have taken over at least a third of Iraq and are merrily killing/expelling Christians with American hardware.

Obama announced his nasty little war in Brazil on 19 March 2011, far away from D.C. and especially far away from both Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen, both of whom had publicly before a Congressional committee advised against it, with Gates in Russia on that day of infamy calling it an “on-the-fly” operation, i.e., without planning or awareness of the consequences. What Obama said would last “days not weeks” lasted seven months with untold misery for Libyans.

In all of this, Congress, not even consulted let alone taking its proper position according to the Constitution and War Powers Act, was on vacation for seven months, when it should have been in impeachment mode. It's been on vacation ever since, as Obama has messed around in Syria, Israel, Palestine, etc., ignoring Congress as if it doesn't exist. Practically, it doesn't and won't unless it undergoes a makeover in November, only a slight possibility in the Senate, which is Obama's facilitator.

Ironically, the U.S furnished support to the East-Libyan gang...the Ben Ghazi crowd and location of the Ben Ghazi massacre of four Americans in 2012, culminating in perhaps the worst governmental LIE perpetrated since the Tonkin Gulf affair in Vietnam 50 years ago. Obama, State Secretary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice consciously LIED about Ben Ghazi repeatedly, Obama in even a UN speech. Disgustingly, Clinton is being ballyhooed as the next president and Rice, who would have succeeded Clinton except for the LIE she repeated on five TV-news-programs, became head of NSA.

Also ironically, Obama is pressuring Israel's Netanyahu to let up on his attempt to permanently neutralize the rocket- and tunnel-threat in Gaza account collateral damage – this in light of his totally unprovoked personal war against Libya, killing no telling how many women and children. “Pinpoint is as pinpoint does,” often not very pinpoint, to say nothing of the American-supplied weapons Libyans are using now to kill each other, a sort of past-time for Muslims anyway, as evidenced in the Sunni-Shiite mutual genocide in Muslim countries everywhere.

Obama's most pronounced achievement in six years in office has been his success in diminishing the U.S. in the eyes of the world. His wanton attack on defenseless Libya and the laughable “red-lines” in Syria and elsewhere are but a tip of the iceberg. How long, O Lord, how long?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, July 28, 2014

Islamic Instinct

I saw your feathers scattered wildly on the grass
And found the rest of you some two-three feet away
Except where once your head there now was bloody mass,
Insects of prey at work to finish some beast's prey;
I wonder how it was...that is...could you have known
Before it happened...though quite probably so fast...
The terror that the beast held then for you full-blown
Just as your head was bitten off – yes, very fast –
Ere you could spread your wings and from the danger flown
Into a sky so safe because it is so vast.

The ground was yours as much as for a dog or cat,
To feed your brood you had to forage for the worm...
But did that make you any different...at that...
From dog or cat? Would that fact make you sort of squirm?
I wonder now as I look down from where I sat
How many people worldwide form collective worm!
But instinct drives the dog, the cat, the worm, the bird
But only drives the starving in the human herd.
The conquests by the well-fed are just malice-stirred,
Their claim of benefiting others is absurd.

And so upon my shovel you took your last flight
Whence Nature's course will set the plan at final bed,
And I will ponder on the reason for your plight
But I will know Islamic instinct means...behead.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, July 21, 2014

Train Wreck

An Arctic glacier once – they say –
Just carved Ohio River-way
Right out of old Kentucky soil
And then through millions years of boil
Retreated to north latitude
While hillbillies with attitude
Returned from Congo interlude
To dig their coal in gratitude.

United Nations gurus say
That boil again is underway...
The president agrees with that,
Says in the fire is now the fat
Though twenty years the earth has stayed
Away from boil that might have made
Hillbillies grab their coats and flee
To regions near the Arctic Sea.

But not to worry, not to fret,
Real scientists have not said yet
That Earth will soon compete with hell
For regions where its folks can dwell;
The climate matters not at all,
The president now holds in thrall
The ignorant by using it
To make his lies appear legit.

To keep the great unwashed in line
The president must realign
Their thinking so that they depend
Upon the monarch to extend
To them from birth until the end
The gracious privilege to spend
Their time afraid of global fires
They cause by under-pressured tires.

Oh yes...those glaciers...where are they
When prexy needs them every day
To beat hot, humid D.C. heat
Where eggs are fried upon the street?
But that was done in eighteen-nine
When small ice-age was on the line
And global warming was a joke
As is today – just blowing smoke.

So, chill, hillbillies, have no fears,
The prez has just a few more years,
Head not for Arctic or Congo,
He cannot create warming glow,
He tried to shut your coal-mines down
Like one who wears a golden crown –
A monarch with orders...exec,
His governance – one huge train-wreck.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, July 14, 2014

Editorial Hoax

The editorial gang at the Lexington Herald-Leader based its 13-July lead-screed (and clever cartoon of Martians) on a statement made recently by a Kentucky legislator, to wit, that the climate on Mars and Earth is the same, despite the fact that Mars has no coal mines and factories, although the legislator couldn't know for certain about the mines and factories. The paper ridiculed him, of course, for being ignorant since a savvy fifth-grader knows the temperatures on Mars are much colder.

The editorial-gang missed the point, obviously, and the legislator was exactly right, to wit, that the climate on both orbs is totally beyond both the creation and change of people, just as people have no ability to void earthquakes and hurricanes. They can only react; otherwise, they would already have plans for a bridge to England for solar-powered cars.

On any hot day, the global-warming alarmists salivate and predict that the sky is falling while reasonable (old) people sigh, aware that there were 21 days in Lexington, Ky., during 1936 that topped out at 100+ degrees. The summer of 1936 was the hottest summer ever recorded in Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green. During July 8-15 of 1936, all major reporting stations reported 100 degree temperatures each day.

The point of the editorial was that coal has to go since its generator-plant “smoke,” notably its carbon dioxide (which everyone exhales with every breath), is killing the earth. It also arises from the oceans, some 73% or so of the earth’s surface, about which people can do nothing. Perhaps folks could take turns breathing in order to stop the CO2 glut but someone would probably cheat.

Remember Copenhagen 2009, the big manmade-planet-killing-convention at which President Obama, fresh from his Nobel Peace Prize speech, was the featured speaker. Even Speaker Pelosi (with 20 Congresspersons) flew in, as well as about 200 other government apparatchiks from throughout the world. Obama had just done his “apology tour,” so the dignitaries expected an apology speech by Obama for the USA’s unspeakable climate-sins, though it couldn't/can’t hold a candle (no pun intended) to the volumes of crap generated into the atmosphere by billions of folks in China and India, world leaders in the emissions of CO2, which is harmless anyway.

The UN-IPCC gang comprised the so-called top climate-peer-group in 2009 and before, with its main gurus residing in England (East Anglia University) plus a guru in the U.S., Michael Mann (famous hockey-stick fraud), now of Penn State University. This was the group to bring on cap-and-trade, designed to mostly cripple U.S. industry, following Obama's lead in 2008 when he promised skyrocketing electricity rates and the dissolution of coal-fired generators.

Just prior to Copenhagen, through their own e-mails to each other these “peers” accidentally exposed the fact that they had cooked the books in their “research,” making it appear that global warming was happening and primarily a man-made thing. In the U.S., their work eventuated in the silly cap/trade legislation passed by the House without any of its members actually reading the bill, enhanced by 300 pages between midnight and dawn of the day it was considered.

Actually, there has been no consistent trend in the last 17 or so years to indicate global warming, man-made or otherwise. In fact, sea ice in the southern oceans stood this year at the highest volumes ever recorded. The Copenhagen clambake ended in a shambles…and 24-carat embarrassment for Obama and his Pelosi-partners-in-crime. The democrat-controlled Senate never touched cap-and-trade. Even Harry Reid wasn't that dumb.

According to the National Climatic Data Center, the record hottest year in Kentucky was 1921; the coldest, 1917. In Lexington, the average number of days per year above 90 degrees is 22; the average number below freezing, 95.

This is from the Washington Post of 09 July 1971: “The world could be as little as 50 or 60 years away from a disastrous new ice age, a leading atmospheric scientist predicts. Dr. S. I. Rasool of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Columbia says that… .” Yep, the reason had to do with the burning of fossil fuels, the same reason given for earth becoming hotter now. The professional climatologists would probably be the first to claim that the models and theories used in their predictions are not to be trusted. Empirically, this is quite true.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Friday, July 04, 2014

We Shall Under-bear

The recent SCOTUS decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, i.e., that employers cannot be forced by government to pay insurance premiums on coverage of the “morning after” pill procurement since to do so would infringe on First Amendment religious-freedom rights. The Hobby Lobby owners consider this “medicine” as the cause of murder in the case of a fetus being brought into existence and then aborted (euphemism for murdered) by the mother using the precious pill, dear to every woman's organization's heart (or “heartless,” depending on one's take).

The president's executive order attaching this perk to the so-called Affordable Care Act was ruled in violation of law, specifically the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, passed overwhelmingly by Congress and signed into law by then-president Bill Clinton. President Obama, a constitutional lecturer (whatever that is) at one time, apparently knows less than he thinks about “settled law.” Hobby Lobby pays for insurance that covers 16 (count 'em) methods of birth-control (contraception) but the feminists believe that a pill used for abortion purposes should be mandatory.

Since the ACA pertains to healthcare, both contraception and the blessed “morning after” pill are considered as medicine, making pregnancy – or the threat of it – a disease...sorta like appendicitis, the little bugger in there just like a diseased appendix or a tumor of some sort that has to be excised account protecting the health and/or convenience of the mother. One wonders if the prez will do another XO requiring employers to pay for condom coverage for men lest they inflict pregnancy upon some unsuspecting woman, with a penalty if the old stud is lax in using what government provides to keep the population down and the women well and happy.

Even crazier than the stuff already noted is the affirmation by the feminists that women are simply too stupid or broke to avoid pregnancy, thus the government – through the insurance companies – must come to the rescue. Their avoidance of pregnancy is vital to their well-being since carrying that weight around for nine months and then having to put up with the messy aftermath...well...just on the basis of promoting emotional well-being they need help, not to mention missing the former fun-and-games that a fetus or a baby constricts.

During the “Sandra Fluke era” in the run-up to the 2012 election (Obama made Fluke his ambassador to condom-less women), the prez hit the campaign trail with Fluke to show his concern for the poor ladies who could not be expected to manage 31 condoms for a month at a cost of two gallons of gas in California (where else?). As a result, Fluke was a featured speaker at the grand Democrat Convention (known as the “condom clambake”) and is today what the suffragettes were to the vote... the leader for the deliverance of women from mean mostly white men.

Some irony lies in the fact that the ladies, when running for office especially but at other times, too, make as virtually their main qualification the fact they are (gasp and a fanfare!) MOTHERS. Remember Pelosi remarking that a GRANDMOTHER had just become the Speaker. Let's face it...fathers were responsible for the mess of government but (another louder fanfare!!) MOTHERS were going to fix it. Turns out that women are just as corrupt and/or stupid. The one entity most responsible for the welfare of a child is the MOTHER, but killing the little inconvenience seems to be at the fore.

More irony: The ladies have joined the victim-hood crowd. The statistic for unreported military sexual assaults in 2012 was 26,000 and by sheer coincidence the number in 2013 was...yep...26,000, all unreported but counted though no one seems to know how to report the proper number of unreported anything. According to USA Today of September 2013, 90% of college rapes are unreported. Same deal...how the number if unreported? The ladies have also made the contraception-cause a civil-rights matter, thus becoming a minority in the population in which they form the majority. They won't sing “We shall overcome;” rather, “We shall under-bear.”

You can't make this stuff up...only in America!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark