Monday, July 28, 2014

Islamic Instinct

I saw your feathers scattered wildly on the grass
And found the rest of you some two-three feet away
Except where once your head there now was bloody mass,
Insects of prey at work to finish some beast's prey;
I wonder how it was...that is...could you have known
Before it happened...though quite probably so fast...
The terror that the beast held then for you full-blown
Just as your head was bitten off – yes, very fast –
Ere you could spread your wings and from the danger flown
Into a sky so safe because it is so vast.

The ground was yours as much as for a dog or cat,
To feed your brood you had to forage for the worm...
But did that make you any that...
From dog or cat? Would that fact make you sort of squirm?
I wonder now as I look down from where I sat
How many people worldwide form collective worm!
But instinct drives the dog, the cat, the worm, the bird
But only drives the starving in the human herd.
The conquests by the well-fed are just malice-stirred,
Their claim of benefiting others is absurd.

And so upon my shovel you took your last flight
Whence Nature's course will set the plan at final bed,
And I will ponder on the reason for your plight
But I will know Islamic instinct means...behead.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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