Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Columnist & Niggers

Now that some of the furor surrounding the “Paula Deen Affair” has cooled somewhat, perhaps the whole thing can be placed in a context that exists but does not conform to the insistence that Americans enjoy complete freedom of speech. This has nothing to do with government although political correctness, not common sense, drives most of government-think and is reflective of this cancer on the society, i.e., that one may never speak his mind for fear of retaliation from both private and official sources.

On a governmental level, the retaliation can take the form of job-loss, for instance, while in the private sector one risks the loss of business or opportunity to use specific abilities for purposes of profit or even survival. This is what happened to Deen. During some sort of legal procedure, she testified that somewhere along the way she had said the word “nigger,” and the entities using her products and expertise deserted her en masse.

Actually, I’m not supposed to print that word (though “honky” would be okay, or “kite” or “wop” or “hillbilly” or “cracker” or “hymie,” Jesse’s favorite), but Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Merlene Davis, the paper’s resident race-baiter, used it in a column vilifying Deen—“rich white woman [little envy there?] calling black people niggers”—so I’m “entitled,” even though she’s black and I should know better.

Ms. Davis in a column once referred to President Bush as “the strutting cowboy, sidearms shiny with notched handles,” the hated western “hired gun,” in other words. The remark had to do with an NAACP convention during which its then-president, Julian Bond, said, “The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side …”. That was okay because she and Bond were and still are black but Hitler was and most republicans were/are white, so neither the paper nor the NAACP did any expelling. Freedom of speech just works one way.

Well…Ms. Davis was not about to castigate Deen until that “rich white woman” said she only said that word once, which simply couldn’t be true, ergo, Ms. Davis calculated that Ms. Deen would answer to the Almighty for her sin of lying and using that awful term.

Anyway, according to Ms. Davis, there are more important news items deserving her superlative commentary, the first one being the impending death of Nelson Mandela, who she said was assumed to be dying of lung disease connected to his years in prison, which, of course is excellent, insightful commentary since he is only at the youthful age of 94 and probably should have lived to be at least 115—except for that jail term that ruined his health and sent him on his way at only 94. He reportedly had tuberculosis in prison but that was a very long time ago. More recently, he has suffered from prostate cancer and apparently healed.

Actually, the 27 years he spent in prison, understanding that he should never have been there though he was incarcerated for some kind of sabotage and refused earlier release because he would not renounce approval of armed resistance, might have been the very thing that made a very long life possible. Life-expectancy for men in South Africa is 50.3 years; for women, 48.5. So, Mandela has lived nearly twice as long as the average South African and may yet pull through this latest illness.

But it was on to more important things like the recent Supreme Court’s emasculation of the voting rights laws of the 1960s, according to Ms Davis. Now, the wicked southern states will not be governed by the feds in elections since there’s actually more discrimination in the north. Ms. Davis wrote that gerrymandering gone amuck will now preclude any blacks making it to office. Actually, some weird gerrymandering in states like Georgia have actually made it possible for blacks to make it to Congress.

But enough of that! Ms. Davis then took up the case of Trayvon Martin, the teenager killed in Sanford, Florida, last year by George Zimmerman, whose murder trial is in progress. Ms. Davis deemed that Zimmerman is as guilty as sin despite the fact that the first two prosecution witnesses actually made the case for his defense, according to news accounts. Mr. Zimmerman seems to be Latino but as a “White Latino” he is fair game for race-baiting, another “strutting cowboy, sidearms shiny with notched handles” and maybe reading Mein Kampf. Does that make Obama “White Kenyan,” perhaps reading Marx’s Das Kapital?

Then Ms. Davis celebrated Homosexual Heavenly Bliss, signed, sealed, and delivered by the SUPREMES, legalizing the hook-ups of people who do strange things with their “tools,” though only in certain states, not Kentucky. Surely, the first child conceived of anal intercourse (messy but then “no stain, no gain”) will happen early next year.

Imagine all that wisdom built on just one word—nigger—mentioned by Ms. Davis!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A favorite target of the liberal religionists and media for decades has been the Southern Baptist Convention, the second-largest religious denomination in the country. The Roman Catholic group is the largest but its adherents are born into membership, not the case with the Baptists, who must choose. In its annual convention recently, the SBC passed a resolution opposing the Boy Scouts decision to allow homosexual members.

With this as a backdrop, Herald-Leader columnist Paul Prather (22 June) did his number on the SBC and wondered if the decision was biblical, though he reckoned it was according to SBC-think but obviously not considered so by him. Prather lamented the fact that people on all sides of a sex-issue castigated him no matter what he wrote about it but that his shtick, New Testament-wise, is unconditional love, whatever that is. It would be hard, for instance, to love Adolph Hitler or a serial-killer, but to each his own.

Prather wrote that the New Testament’s position is: “I’m a train-wreck and so are you.” Prather even threw in Shakespeare and Faulkner, besides the NT writers, to indicate that ALL humanity is “wildly flawed.” If the collective flaw-ness is that pronounced, one could expect anarchy in the nation as each citizen does whatever feels good, the hell with the impact on anyone else.

That’s not the case, of course, even though Prather presented a laundry list of “sins,” laziness being one of them. Maybe he was just listing his own and judging everyone else by them. Strangely, Prather said St. Paul’s position regarding the “Bible’s moral rules” existed mainly to demonstrate how imperfect we are but that they never make us holy. One can imagine St. Paul snickering while he propounded that position to his church…you guys are bad and there ain’t no hope.

The fact is that not everyone is a “train wreck,” wildly flawed, as proven by the ability of people to get along with each other, notwithstanding that there are some bad apples. There always will be those but they’re “wildly” outnumbered by their opposites; otherwise, the USA would be a cesspool.

Prather wrote that scripture indicates that no sin is worse than any other, notwithstanding the second parable of Matthew 25, in which Jesus remarked different levels of unworthiness, along with the appropriate punishment. Hitler wasted 11 million human beings. Was that no worse than shoplifting?

The everyday subject in the media is homosexuality and the virtual glorification of it these days and Prather gets to the subject, writing that the scripture does not condemn “gay sex” as unusually wicked even though the scriptural rules militate against it. Prather may not appreciate St. Paul, but St. Paul, in chapters 3 and 6 of I Corinthians, made it plain that the human body is the TEMPLE of God, the implication being obvious.

So, not only do the rules about unnatural sex apply as written in both the Old and New Testaments as biological behavior gone awry, but they have to do with what actually is God’s residence on earth. Nothing is filthier or in more violation of the human body (God’s temple) than oral and anal sex and any other practice defiling the obvious uses for body-orifices, i.e., making God’s temple into a gay-bar or weird whorehouse of sorts.

There’s a deeper meaning to the matter of “gay sex” than just the act. This is why the Bible is so vehement in its condemnation of homosexual behavior. In Matthew 11, Jesus used the subject as the bellwether of evil. The misuse of the body, engendered by the misuse of the mind, is endemic to a people-group on its way to oblivion. The inordinate attention and approval granted “gay sex” currently by the media and folks like Prather is proof of a culture sliding into depravity, a la ancient Rome and Greece and Olde Europe today.  After all, Plato, the icon of the “enlightened,” was a homosexual as well as a pedophile and probably a pederast in the bargain.

Prather wrote that Christians (though probably not his brand) so disbelieve the good news of the gospel that, “They’re only happy when they can find someone somewhere to look down on.” He obviously had the Southern Baptist Convention in mind, even though the SBC does good works and supports about 10,000 missionaries around the world.

No. Not everyone is a “train wreck.” There are no perfect people, but there are still a lot of good guys out there.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Friday, June 21, 2013

Obama vs. Climate

Get a good grip on the seat or lean against something sturdy lest you fall on your face upon noticing this front-page headline accompanying a New York Times article of 20 May in the Lexington Herald-Leader: Obama preparing big push to combat climate change. This means, of course, that he who would bring CHANGE has decided exactly what the climate is supposed to be now, that it’s broken and in need of repair…and he’s just the guy to get it done.

For anyone else, this would be suffocatingly funny but for the dear leader it’s just business as usual, all in a day’s speech somewhere or other and a quick 18 holes to loosen up and face the next big challenge, like how to deal with Assad now that the squirrelly Syrian has solidified his presidency, and his ally, Russia’s Putin, has told Obamessiah to take a hike…or maybe do another 18 holes.

Barack Hussein told the pesky Assad to get outta Dodge over two years ago but he’s still in Damascus, never mind that Senator McCain has recently done a photo-op with the enemy leader (picked out the Muslim Sunni with the worst accent and biggest beard) over in Lebanon. McCain was on the scene as the self-appointed proxy State Secretary. Poor SoS John Kerry is vacationing somewhere else these days and looking presidential (he wishes).

Heather Zichal, White House Coordinator for Energy & Climate Change (ho-hum, another czar…or czaress?), said that Obamessiah is serious about making climate change a second-term priority. Well, of course! It couldn’t be a third-term thing, now could it? Whoa…is she implying a possible push for a Constitutional amendment granting the Savior of the world another try? Stay tuned.

Heather also said combating the climate is a “legacy issue,” doubtlessly making it front-burner, full-steam-ahead, top-of-the-list important. Imagine the BIG-O Presidential Museum of the future (Harvard, maybe?) with an exhibit showing how Obamessiah wrestled the climate away from God and turned it into an automatic green-watering-machine on the finest golf course in Kenya.

The WHCfE&CC said the deed would be done by getting those pesky pollutants from those wicked power-plants out of the air. She indicated that the Environmental Protection Agency would do the deed, using its own authority. She didn’t explain how the EPA would make the world’s by-far worst polluters, China and India, comply with Obama’s directives, so one snickers a bit and thinks of the ultimatum given Assad.

Actually, Russia and China might like the climate just like it is…maybe even warmer, especially in Russia’s and China’s north, in which case they would outvote India, which might like Obama to get things quintessentially refrigerated so the Ganges might turn to ice part of the year and not stink of all those spiritual baths in celebration of the cow.

Give the president credit for having the self-confidence to take on hard tasks. One wonders why he didn’t do something to stop the ravages of Hurricane Sandy last year, the result of global-warming, of course, but…hey, this is a “legacy issue” now so New Jersey and Coney Island can just suck it up and quit complaining. Help will happen next time, after Obama has fought the climate and won, legacy assured. Rev-up the snow-plows, Floridians!

The best scientists have been admitting/insisting for some time that the global-warming thing has been a gigantic hoax, notwithstanding the president’s earth-shaking Nobel Peace Prize statement to the contrary in 2009, when the hugely advertised climate convention in Denmark was completely annihilated as the proof of the hoax dribbled out and the UN was made out to be a monstrous deceiver.

The scientists are also admitting/insisting that greenhouse gases made by people have no effect on the climate, either. Notwithstanding this, in his Berlin speech on the nineteenth Obama said the U.S. and [incidentally] the world had a moral imperative to take bold action to slow the warming of the planet, such warming having been absent for the last 15 or so years, with, according to the science gurus, no warming expected in the near future.

To unmistakably make his point in Berlin, Obama (gasp) removed his coat right smack in the middle of his learned exposition and even invited folks in the crowd to do the same. This leads one to wonder how the prez will conquer the climate. The Israelites blew their trumpets back in the day and the walls of Jericho fell right down. Before that, God made a great wind upon the Red Sea, dividing it so that the Israelites could cross on dry land.

Maybe this is a clue as to how the dear leader can conquer the climate. Perhaps the collective effect (exceedingly hot air) of Obama’s plethora of speeches will scald the climate into immediate surrender or agreeing to at least a small Ice Age. Stay tuned.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Governmental Stupidity

One of the most pathetic things I’ve seen lately appeared on TV the other day. It was not a newscast, soap opera or lousy baseball game. It was a small part of a hearing held by the Senate Armed Services Committee, of which about a fourth of its 26 members are women, nearly all of them democrats.

Before the committee was an array of military officers with enough metal in rank-designations to start a foundry, enough ribbons/medals to cover countless battles and wounds all the way back to Vietnam and enough stripes of seniority to symbolize experience too profound to imagine. They sat like so many sheep, dumb before the shearers.

These officers—top brass—had to sit and take tongue lashings from the women senators, who knew about as much about the military as a bullfrog knows about jet engines. In another recent Senate hearing, for instance, a male brigadier general was upbraided harshly by Senator Barbara Boxer for answering her as “ma’am” instead of as “senator,” the position she said she had worked so hard for and thus wanted to be rewarded by being referred to as senator. She was so information-challenged that she didn’t understand that “ma’am” and “sir” are used in the military when GIs address each other.

The subject of the hearing: rape in the military and the lack of effort to do anything about it. The big news recently has to do with rape in the military (3,374 rapes reported in 2012, with 238 convictions) but perhaps 26,000 (includes groping, etc.) that were not reported. This, reportedly, was an increase of 37% from 2011. Amazing!

One supposes that the number 26,000 was not just pulled out of a hat, but one also wonders how its validity was determined if there were no records supporting it. Did it derive from the ladies just talking to each other and perhaps noting the information in their diaries, with the diaries somehow made available to somebody (maybe a news-anchor…does anyone know?) but as only off-the-record stuff?

The number of reported rapes is intolerable if it represents the actual facts, which, on the basis of the number of convictions, seems problematic, though the senators would argue that they merely represent the fact that the military does not police itself adequately or conduct its tribunals according to law. A conviction rate of only 7% has to account for something, however, especially when all a woman has to do to be taken seriously is simply make the charge.

Rape is the quintessential “he said, she said” thing, his word against hers. There are rarely witnesses to rape. So, even if rape-kit results point to intimacy they do not furnish facts concerning who said or did what absent physical testimony such as would be present in the case of an altercation between the players.

But none of this actually matters. The disgusting thing about that hearing (charade, actually) was that everyone in that room knew precisely what would virtually cut the incidences of rape or rape-accusations to nothing, to wit, taking the military back from the social engineers who have been wrecking it for a generation.

Separating the genders is the answer. The miserable results of boot-camp integration were proof enough that, while unisex is great for political-correctness methodology, it’s loony-tunes practically. American women are not even traditional Amazons, let alone fighting machines, so there’s also a military reason (mutual protection) for keeping them and actual soldiers apart.

The president and the political-appointees at the Pentagon have announced women ready for combat, ergo, okay in the foxholes…exponential stupidity but politically astute. They already serve on ships and have to be handled as special cases when they become pregnant. Now, they’re prepping for submarine duty, which involves quarters so crowded as to be claustrophobic to most people.

If women are as capable at making war as men are, let them form their own platoons, companies, brigades, etc. Let naval ships be either all-male or all-female. When the sexes are not thrown together, especially in high-hormone-mode connected to youth, they won’t commit hanky panky or groping or rape. This could be done practically overnight.

It won’t be done. The lady-senators would be horrified at such a thing. It’s more fun to chew-out hapless generals. The vapid Congressmen are incapable of facing the truth in the face of having to count on votes from the largest voting bloc—women. In short, common sense has no place in government.

But this—and only this—would solve the rape problem.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tipping Point?

Associated Press writer Travis Loller mentioned in a current column that the Southern Baptists are having their annual convention this week in Houston and that, “It [Southern Baptist Convention] has less influence in government and a growing diversity that might be diminishing its role as a partisan political player.” It’s a lead-pipe cinch that the majority of SBC adults are registered democrats—location/demographics alone dictate this—so one wonders what Loller means.

His offering centered on the thought that the Baptists concentrate on only one “wedge” issue, to wit, sexual preference and anything accruing to its ramifications. This is understandable, taking into account the AP’s liberal bent, as well as its probable insistence that the hardheaded Baptists are not capable of deep thought concerning such things as war and the economy. Even animals understand sex, so in SBC la-la-land…well…

In Loller-think, the ONLY thing that could unite democrats and republicans, who disagree on just about everything, would have to be sex since the believers in both parties accept the Bible as authoritative. He’s probably right, so the partisanship, if any, applies scripturally. In both Old and New Testament dispensations, homosexual behavior is condemned in terms unmistakably harsh.

But take religion out of the equation. The term “sexual preference” was used above, not “sexual orientation.” The reason: As in the case of mongoloid babies or babies with spina bifida or missing limbs as per genetics or birth defects, the number of people “born” as homosexuals is infinitely small. Rampant homosexuality, whether driven by environmental influences or parental mistreatment or nothing at all, is for all practical purposes an acquired “taste.”

As always happens when any type of representative-government is tried, there comes a “tipping-point,” when the society will determine whether to survive in its freedom or slide into oblivion. The decision will always turn on the matter of morality, never military might or anything else, though other things will always affect and be affected by a society’s decisions.

In this context, people often accurately mention ancient Greece and Rome as rotting out from the inside. The same rotting could be true for more recent “empires,” entirely broken up post-WWII. Only a couple decades or so ago, the Soviet Union fell apart almost overnight and is now in a drunken stupor.

The USA is not an empire, nothing like the late European empires that were built on and died from greed. Nor is it like the USSR, damned toward extinction by communism. The USA is more like Greece and Rome, toppling under massive attention to the glories of perversion, accentuated now more than ever before by the current administration, marked by every despicable attribute from approval of aberrant, unnatural behavior to the persecution of the opposition to possible surveillance of its citizenry without appropriate safeguards.

In the last two decades, the vast majority of states have rewritten their constitutions and laws to define marriage as between a man and woman. This was defined in federal law during the Clinton administration and implies vast disapproval of homosexuality, which, until about 1973 was recognized officially and medically as a mental disorder involving the violation of normal bodily functions. It still is and occurs to a miniscule number of people.

Homosexual practices, however, have caught on with especially the elitists, to whom any aberrancy is an adventure, especially sex-wise. These are Obama’s people. With him as Perversion-monger-in-Chief, the emphasis on filth-as-normal has been made into a “civil-rights” cause, ergo, men should marry men and the hell with whatever that means to the definition of family, procreation, civility, decency and civil order.

This negates any notion that a national morality is acceptable based on obvious physiology/mentality. This puts the nation on the track followed by the ancients, namely, that violation of the splendid human body is the way to go…for fun, the highest consideration in the pursuit of happiness. After all, Plato, acclaimed by the intellectuals as the “father of something or other,” was a homosexual-pedophile-pederast.

With a handful of states codifying this travesty of nature (note: religion not the issue) and violation of federal law, almost overnight the nation has reached the tipping-point, slipping toward oblivion, or, as Robert Bork put it, “Slouching toward Gomorrah.” This is literally the case and while God may not turn the nation into an inferno, as happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, the society will burn itself to a lustful death all on its own.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Prevarication as Politics

President Obama’s main method for making appointments to the highest bureaucratic posts remains in place today, to wit, recognizing and rewarding a lack of integrity. Since tax-dodging is a form of lying, one remembers the appointments four years ago of Tim Geithner to Treasury and Tom Daschle to HHS. It didn’t matter with Geithner, whom the president reckoned was indispensable.

However, after coughing up well over $100,000 (and maybe jail time), Daschle went back under the rocks, losing his grubstake. Bill Richardson, for Commerce, fell through because the New Mexico governor was under investigation by the Federals for something or other having to do with contracting (what else in light of campaign funds?). There were other tax-cheats who dropped out of their appointments, but who was counting anyway? Surely bureaucrats, of all people, have the right to skip taxes – they belong to the machinery, like the IRS folks currently under the magnifying glass for a little bit of everything evil.

Laughably, Justice Sotomayor was being confirmed to the SCOTUS at the same time that it was learned that she had skipped the proper protocols for handling an Appeals case (another form of dishonesty) and at the same time her ruling was being overturned by the SCOTUS, mandating that ethnicity did not trump eligibility in the matter of Fire Dept. promotions. A fifth-grader would have known she was wrong but she sits on the SCOTUS today to attempt to similarly twist the law in any way she can.

This brings up the latest appointments, to wit, Susan Rice to be the head honcho of the NSC (not subject to Senate confirmation, not that it would matter) and Samantha Power to take her place as U.S. ambassador to the UN. The latter faces confirmation and perhaps will explain what she meant back in the day when she catalogued Hillary Clinton as a monster who would stoop to most anything. Maybe that wasn’t being dishonest so cut Power some slack.

Ah yes…Hillary! She was the epitome of prevarication in 2008 when she graphically described running for her life in Bosnia from those evil snipers in 1996. She was joined in that terrifying moment by daughter Chelsea. At the end of her run (actually stepping down from a plane), she was greeted by a little girl and local officials. It was all a lie so, naturally, she was appointed State Secretary by Obama.

Oh well…isn’t lying the main thing regarding diplomacy? More recently, Clinton lied about the Benghazi massacre, blaming it all on an innocuous amateur film that appeared on U-Tube for 13 minutes. In this, she was joined in the Rose Garden and later at the UN by Obama, whose whereabouts on the night of the Benghazi attack are still unknown. He hasn’t said.

Continuing with the subject of lying vis-à-vis the State Department, John Kerry now holds the post. He said back in the day that U.S. GIs wasted 200,000 Vietnamese civilians a year during the Vietnamese conflict. That makes Syria’s Assad appear as a saint by comparison. Iraq’s Saddam wasted only 400,000 in 25 years or so. So…on the basis of ability to lie, Kerry has earned his job. That works out to about 2 million dead civilians…say 1963-73. Of course, he was a mediocre student at Yale so why should Kerry be expected to excel mathematically?

Of course, Kerry got the job only because the new NSC director told an outrageous whopper on five TV talk-shows regarding Benghazi. In line for the State job as noted by Obama, Rice’s lie was even bigger than Hillary’s since people were actually killed. She repeated the Clinton/Obama BIG LIE about the insipid movie and INSISTED that the massacre was not an act of terrorism.

All the while, the administration, with her as an integral part, knew the truth. Acting as a party-hack (Clinton wouldn’t touch those essentially friendly talk-shows), she took the dive, probably hoping the friendly media would not call her on it. She was mistaken and Obama knew that getting that kind of liar confirmed for State would be just too embarrassing, even though the Senate democrats would have confirmed her, though not if cloture became an issue.

It’s scary that Rice is at the NSC (all those government secrets) but she and Power, along with Obama and Kerry, are proof positive that the government is either being run by the Keystone Kops or an integrity-bereft administration. Both possibilities seem operative.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dr. Ross Condemns His Church

The keepers of the Op-Ed section of the Lexington Herald-Leader seem to be obsessed lately with deviant sexual behavior. The latest offering (01 June) is by James Robert Ross, described by himself as a marriage-and-family therapist, and as a “professional credentialed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to assess and treat sex offenders.” In the column, Ross berated his church leaders for not welcoming sex offenders into the church and attempted to argue how wrong they were.

A couple weeks ago, columnist Roger Guffey’s offering had to do with the absolutely vital necessity of celebrating the genius of homosexuals, his main exemplar of that strain being none other than Plato himself. Guffey didn’t mention the fact that Plato, in his own writings, identified himself, also, as a cultured, sophisticated pedophile/pederast. Actually, bestiality might have been an even better qualifier of the great man as…well, GREAT! Hitler was also homosexual, with the genius for wasting 11 million people, so there’s much to celebrate…something like 3,000 per day gassed and incinerated, starved or otherwise tortuously discouraged from living 1935-45.

Ross didn’t identify his church but in an unrelated matter pointed a long finger of sex-connected accusation at an evangelical church, one of the largest in the country, as if that might vindicate his position. It was just mean-spirited but, after all, he has a PhD in theology—case closed.

There’s no intention here to play down the need of a convicted/released child molester for a strong spiritual grounding but the church does not guarantee that. Ross would do well to deal with his client in Christian ministry one-on-one, just as Jesus did. Expecting his church to see things his way is from a practical standpoint a reach too far. The parents in that church have a common-sense approach and understand that the law even mandates where a registered offender may and may not live or travel.

The initial problem leading to incarceration is bad enough but the rate of recidivism is instructive. In a Wall Street Journal article of 24 January 2008, mention is made of a recidivism rate of 52% as suggested in a widely published report by Dr. Dennis Doren, evaluation director at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston, Wisconsin.

In a Canadian study in the 1990s, the rate was set at 42% in a study of offenders released 1958-74, with 10% of the repeat crimes occurring 10-31 years after release. From this long-term study in a relatively homogeneous population, unlike this country’s, it can be seen that child molestation capability may be a latent threat for decades.

Ross wrote that he had never heard of a child being abused in a church by a registered offender. Of course not! How many registered offenders go to church, in the first place? Weird! Ross said the church’s decision was based on either ignorance or irrational fear or both. This is the kind of arrogance expected in the warm-fuzzy politically-correct craze of today, in which all is relative and nothing is either right or wrong, with the hoi polloi too dumb to understand their betters, like Ross.

Ross made it clear that an offender attending church would be accompanied by “another responsible adult.” That just about says it all. That’s like saying that a released shoplifter or murderer couldn’t attend church unless chaperoned by a policeman. Such is not the case, of course, and points up the need to take extensive measures to protect the most vulnerable—the children—in church and everywhere else.

Finally, Ross brings out the big gun, to wit, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO. After all, sinners are to be welcomed in church, according to Christ. But as a clinician—psychologist, therapist, counselor, whatever—Ross deals with sick people. Would someone with smallpox be expected in church? Should children be exposed to someone sick (or evil) enough to violate a child? Most folks probably think not—maybe about 99.99% of them.

In any case, Jesus was not the wimp the PC crowd prefers. He made a whip and used it on the backs of people violating the Temple and drove them out, not in. Later, shortly before he was crucified, he told his disciples to arm themselves. When he referenced Sodom in condemning other wicked cities, he minced no words. Christ was a hardliner.

So…does the whole thing boil down to a disgruntled church-member not getting his way? Who knows…but plain common sense/decency dictates that Ross’s church deserved better than his condemnation of it.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark