Monday, June 27, 2016

Tarnished Rainbow

“In your face, God!?”

The LGBTQ individuals/institutions have adopted the colors of the rainbow as a symbol of their community, using them as flags, lights, etc.  Explanations for the use of each color have been made but the overriding explanation is obvious, to wit, that flaunting these colors is an in-your-face gesture to the God of the Bible (and people of faith), who introduced the rainbow to the world as Noah’s trip ended after the great flood documented in Genesis. For Harvard graduates, Jesse Jackson (Rainbow Coalition) did not invent the rainbow and also did not invent God.  

Among the reasons the rainbow was instituted by God was to effect the promise that he would never destroy the world by flood again (Genesis 9).  Simple.  It stood also for the fact that God was making a covenant between himself and mankind…a sort of contract. Most if not all homosexuals may eschew any belief in God but do understand the uses of bodily orifices, with which the contract deals harshly.  

A contract represents a promise by two or more entities to live up to the agreements therein. The people who followed Noah did not live up to the provisions of the contract, a part of which had to do with personal behavior vis-a-vis the natural and easily recognizable parts of the human body, not to mention the requirements of God concerning same. Those requirements included the disallowing of homosexual behavior of any kind, condemned and listed with the condemnation/forbidding of bestiality, as an example of its coarseness.

The professional psychologist/psychiatrist community in the U.S. considered homosexuality a mental disorder until 1972-73 when, under extreme social duress similar to the current pressure of diversity-mongering, it gave in to liberal pressure and removed the stigma without any new information upon which to base the change. It was easier to go with the flow of a handful of social (not clinical) engineers than be right, despite the fact that a fool would know that a penis is not designed to penetrate either an anus or a mouth, nor either to receive such penetration.

The weird insistence by homosexuals that they be considered normal while acknowledging their “difference” demands that they “come out” instead of doing their lurid things in private blows the mind. Until Obama became president, the military, for perfectly obvious reasons, would not tolerate homosexuals. Cleanliness is demanded in the military, but what could be more unsanitary than having a shipmate hand you the salt at breakfast after he had just come off liberty jiving with his friends in some toilet on the beach?

This is to say nothing of the angst felt by the straights at having to put up in close quarters with colleagues owning such bizarre, filthy behavior. Paul wrote in Romans 1 that homosexuals defile each other and themselves through lust, not “love,” the clear implication being that they were not created “that way.” When Obama pushed for same-sex marriage he damned any sort of “family” or “love” approach as normal since the main element of heterosexual marriage is the procreating necessary to continuing the race.

Ironically, both “Gay Pride” and Ramadan, both handled in scripture, are happening at the same time. The homosexuals have been milking the “Orlando Nightclub Massacre” for all it's worth and caterwauling throughout the nation, never mind that Mateen's marching orders were to kill all infidels, whether straight or perverse. He picked a “gay” club perhaps because he was homosexual himself. In Iraq, both he and his victims would have been thrown off the roof, stoned, beheaded or otherwise wasted. This was recommended by Muslim pooh-bahs recently as a fitting way to celebrate Ramadan. So...Mateen killed himself by order whether he was gay or straight.

Much of holy scripture was hijacked by Mohammad, camel-driver and caravan-attacker, when he invented Islam and appointed Allah as the new god that ordered “death or slavery” to all infidels (Americans, for instance). Because of Mohammad's illiteracy, his words were probably copied by one of his 14 wives. Especially with the presidency of Obama, the perverts have won the diversity game not just in the culture generally but even in many if not most “mainline denominations,” which as a result are dying on the vine. Evangelicals are the current holdouts, sticking to the scriptures. Secularism is the new diversity-tool, the devil take the hindmost.

The rainbow is a sacred symbol created by God. To despoil it, the LGBTQ gang has made a mistake. God will not be mocked.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pecksniffian Commits Schadenfreude

Math Teacher Skewers Evangelicals

Columnist Roger Guffey (op-ed18 June) took dead aim at those “evangelical prophets of God” who described the Orlando massacre as God’s punishment of homosexuals and feel “they know God’s will so well that they can prophesize [sic] to the rest of us.” He then lists sarcastically a number of events such as floods and other massacres in the U.S. (didn't mention the Civil War, strangely) God visits on folks to show His hatred for them and consequent punishments.

Guffey wrote that far too many Christians suffer from schadenfreude and Pecksniffianism and explained both terms to the Great Unwashed, like me. He didn’t explain the difference between the accursed evangelical prophets and Christians but one guesses he thinks the former are hell-bound and at least wonders about the latter.

Guffey’s problem is that he can’t prove the evangelicals are wrong, which makes him sort of Pecksniffian, especially concerning a personal righteousness that qualifies him to judge those insensitive evangelicals, even though some biblical events concerning God’s direct/indirect actions toward people are gruesome, thus suggesting a proclivity for mayhem, pain and death for whatever reason.

Guffey brought up the event – Orlando massacre – that might explain why evangelicals consider homosexuality worthy of censure and current condemnation, i.e., God’s biblically-documented wrath and consequent judgments, such as His treatment of Sodom and Gomorrah, cities predominantly peopled by homosexuals, as outlined in Genesis 19.

Abraham’s nephew Lot was hosting two male visitors in Sodom when he was accosted by rabid homosexuals who demanded that he make his visitors available to be raped. Lot refused so they attempted a break-in/kidnapping with a view toward a grand orgy. In his anger, God struck the interlopers blind and told Lot to get his family out of town. The next morning, God completely destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah – fire and brimstone.

In Leviticus 20, as part of God’s design for an acceptable lifestyle, He indicated that those practicing “detestable” homosexual behavior be put to death, also indicating thereby that their lifestyle was one of choice and not of Creation activity. In Matthew 11, Jesus alluded to Sodom as the most evil standard by which cities could be judged.

Paul wrote in Romans 1 that both lesbians and homosexual men are condemned because through lust (not Creation) they defile their bodies by choice even though they know better, and reminded everyone of God's Leviticus-mandate about being worthy of death in that defilement. Sounds a bit harsh but Paul was not known for attempting to be God, only to quote Him.

The foregoing is not to judge homosexuals as Guffey did regarding the evangelicals, only to explain why evangelicals interpret homosexual behavior differently from Guffey on the basis of what is scriptural, taken quite literally but allowing for biblical poetry, parables, etc. Regarding obvious pronouncements by God/Jesus in both Old and New Testaments, they consider some things right or wrong with no shades of gray between.

Guffey cited Isaiah 55:8-9: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. … So are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Substitute the word Guffey for the word Lord and discover the perfect example of Pecksniffianism with respect to Guffey's approach to evangelicals.

Guffey ended by writing that individuals who revel in judging others (evangelicals, for instance) and relishing their sufferings (schadenfreude) should spend more time reading the Bible they claim to already know. This is good advice that Guffey should put into practice when considering another hatchet-job on people who simply disagree with him.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Pulse Peroration

As more is made known, the Orlando homosexually-oriented nightclub massacre seems more and more bizarre.  Was the shooter actually a homosexual himself, though married and a father, or perhaps a both-ways murderer?  And what about his wife as an accomplice?  Motive: Who knows? The answer is as inaccesible as the gunman.  

The candidates have weighed in, as has the president, whose heritage is Islamic (death to homosexuals) but who “evolved” by his own account and signed the same-sex marriage legislation.  In the Middle East, Muslim homosexuals are thrown off buildings to their deaths or perhaps just beheaded.  So, Obama is caught on the horns of a dilemma, fearing this weird contradiction between his religious heritage and his own subverting of it (raised until age ten in Muslim households) will damage his legacy, the thing of most concern to him now as he plows through lame-duck mode while treading carefully, especially during the current Ramadan during which Islamic pooh-bahs have urged more killings such as those in Orlando.  

Obama claims to have become a Christian under the mentoring of the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright and attended Wright’s church for 20 years, listening to Wright rage against white people and the United States.  Wright was to offer a prayer in Obama’s first inauguration but account his publicly expressed animosity to the U.S. was “thrown under the bus.”  Christian doctrine in most churches (at least until Political Correctness became the new god) also condemns homosexual behavior and disallows homosexual’s ordination as ministers, though Obama’s church/denomination at the time of his participation (UCC) approved same-sex marriage in 2005.  

The president said that Muslims, especially Syrian refugees whether real or simply self-described, should be allowed to enter the U.S (up to 100,000 in 2017) even though they can’t be vetted and this will be the case in the foreseeable future since the U.S. has no relations with Syria, whose president Obama told to turn his country and his office over to the local insurrectionists in 2011, as if he could expect Assad to just do that.  He also told Libyan President Qaddafi to do the same in 2011.  Qaddafi (with virtually no military of substance) of course said “No thanks” anyway whereupon Obama simply made unprovoked illegal war on the Libyans for seven months until Qaddafi was killed.  Libya is in a shambles now, ungovernable and an outpost of ISIS.  This outrageous action against a sovereign state will shatter his legacy as future historians inflict their sharp knives.  

Now, fifty-one U.S. diplomats have signed some kind of memo urging Obama to start bombing Syrian targets in order to hurt Syria, while Obama is already bombing installations in Syria to displace ISIS. The unprovoked bombing of Syrian government targets (and probably the ISIS targets as well) would be the same as Obama's bombing of Libya, which ended in total disaster. Obama has already mismanaged Middle East policy enough and actually should just begin total withdrawal of American forces from that area so the Muslims could settle their wars there instead of threatening the rest of the world.

Trump is for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration but Clinton is horrified at such a thought, i.e., bring in the Syrians no matter what their backgrounds are.  She and Obama claim that this conforms to American “values.”  Neither she nor Obama has any concept of those values, as proven by their well-documented lies, unless they consider subterfuge a “value.”  Consider their tandem effort concerning the Benghazi massacre as just one of those humongous LIES.  Trump is right. Jihadists are holding the world hostage (think airport-lines and mass killings throughout the world).  The Koran and the ayatollahs insist on death to the infidels.  Inviting potential murderers to just walk in and immediately sign-up for all the entitlements is loony-tunes.  

Not only the LGBTQ gang is at risk.  Every non-Muslim is at risk.  

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ali's Planned Beatification

It isn’t often, if ever, that one is treated to a three- or four-hour funeral (perhaps based on when it began and ended) and it’s hard to imagine that anyone would contrive to plan such a thing. It happened in Louisville, Ky., on 09-10 June. Yes, his entire last rites, according to the plan conceived by Muhammad Ali for his own final gratification or celebration of life or whatever the last rites are called these days took two days, the first in obeisance to Allah, Ali’s god, and the second to treat Louisville to virtually a whole day of funeralizing [sic].

The second day began with a grand motorcade procession started in late morning and using about three or so hours of tying up Louisville streets for a 19-mile trip to the funeral site (about 6 mph), the Yum Center downtown, where the University of Louisville plays its basketball games. The funeral, no matter how it was conceived, lasted for hours and was a combination of Islamic incantation, eloquent preaching, comedy, solemnity, and political speeches, everything from comedian Billy Crystal to a frantic, raging rabbi in a strange garb to Buddhist music-intoning to former president Clinton, who sort of delivered the final dissertation, with only a shadow of his once speech-strength and hopefully without pay.

Since the actual mileage noted elsewhere indicated 23 miles for the motorcade, the final four-mile segment was probably from the Yum Center to the cemetery, so the entire affair was one long experience for the attendees. The old rabbi made a caustic, arm-waving political harangue and actually had to be forcefully pulled away from the speaker’s stand by the master of ceremonies, but the tone of the funeral was set early in the affair by Dr. Kevin Cosby, pastor of St. Stephen Church and president of Simmons College, both located in Louisville, who made it clear that the funeral was all about white racism.

Cosby’s church is affiliated with both domestic and international Baptist institutions so one might have expected more of a bridge than a wall (Crystal’s political swipe at Trump). This seemed unseemly, also, since Ali’s entry into boxing was bankrolled by a group of white businessmen in Louisville; otherwise, he might not have had the opportunity to train and learn his trade. His trainer, Angelo Dundee, was a white guy, so why the “Jesse Jackson” approach, though Ali’s father claimed that the Muslims had taught Ali to hate whites?

Cosby, like Jackson, whether consciously or not, seemed to be proclaiming to young people the Jackson approach, i.e., hate white people and work the system for what it offers for the least amount of effort, like protesting for something or other. Making solemn occasions into racial and political opportunism speaks ill of those who do that, especially those in the field of education. He took the mourners back some 350 years or so to about 1666 to define the time-line of white mistreatment of blacks. That’s about 66 years before George Washington was born and 123 years before the U.S. became a nation.

The most surprising speaker was Attallah Shabazz, a daughter of Malcom X, Ali’s mentor as the boxer converted to Islam and joined the Nation of Islam, headed by Elijah Muhammad, with whom Malcolm X later parted ways account the old man’s dalliance with young girls. Ali refused to leave the sect, turned his back on Malcolm X and even ridiculed him publicly.

Malcolm X was assassinated by three members of the NOI, and one of his other daughters was alleged to have conspired to have Louis Farrakhan, Elijah’s successor via a sort of power-grab, assassinated. Farrakhan attended Ali’s funeral although Ali left the NOI in 1975 when he became a full-fledged Sunni Muslim. The murderous ISIS is the current high-profile Sunni branch of Islam, perhaps beheading Christians in Iraq (a favorite pastime) while Ali’s funeral was in progress.

The quirkiness of an intolerably long funeral, virtually a day-long affair, designed to beatify oneself is strange enough, but even stranger is the fact that a pallbearer, presumably picked by Ali, was Mike Tyson, infamous for biting off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear and spitting it out during a bout as well as being an ex-con imprisoned for rape, but Baghdadi el Baghdadi, head of ISIS, might have been amused.

Ali was unmerciful in ridiculing and taunting his opponents (called Frazier a gorilla) and, ironically, used his hands to pummel people into unconsciousness but was virtually deified in Louisville, wherein the first reattachment of a severed hand to its wrist/arm took place by some genius-doctors. That’s how coarse the culture has become.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, June 09, 2016


CAVEAT ALERT! To some, the following will be racist or insensitive or politically incorrect or anti-diversity or bigoted or disrespect for the dead. It’s none of those things, just a look at how people act in life and react to death, especially celebrity-death, the point of reference being the death of Muhammad Ali, also known at one time as Cassius Clay, Jr. Also, I consider prizefighting a cruel and crude “sport,” marked as much by corruption as by the pain. One wonders, for instance, about the second Ali/Liston fight that lasted less than three minutes.

Ali shouted, “I'm the greatest,” and the phrase took off in both the public and especially the media, both of which have virtually deified him. Ali didn’t say the greatest of what but he’s been termed the greatest of a lot of things by government officials and others such as goodwill ambassador, boxer, representative of the nation, etc.

The term “greatest” needs to be placed in the proper perspective. Most will agree that greatness is ascribed to those who in a good cause make the greatest sacrifice possible, the ultimate being one’s life. Thus, the nineteen-year-old soldier shipped home in a box from the Middle East has achieved greatness, while at age 19 Ali was well into his career, which involved bashing people’s brains into mush for money – not a great cause.

It has been claimed over and over that Ali was the “greatest” boxer of all time, even though he was savagely beaten a number of times. The greatest heavyweight boxer since at least the 1940s was Rocky Marciano, who held the championship in the 1950s. He fought 49 times, including numerous bouts for the title. He won every bout, 43 by knockouts, and simply retired, never beaten. He also served in the army 1943-46 (drafted) during WWII, though he could have claimed to be a conscientious objector. The greatest heavyweight of the last hundred years was Joe Louis, who held the title 1937-49, the longest such tenure in boxing history. In his prime, he enlisted in the army for WWII.

Ali dodged the Draft, however, in the Vietnam era, claiming upon religious grounds since he had converted to Islam and described himself as a minister of sorts. Elijah Muhammad, head pooh-bah of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam at the time, is said to have given him the name Ali. Elijah and the NOI were later condemned by Malcolm X because of Elijah’s adulterous activities with young girls, and was assassinated soon after. Fittingly, Ali died on the eve of Ramadan.

Ali remained a practitioner of Islam until his death, though Louis Farrakhan became its head and is best-known for his hate-speeches/writings concerning white people, including Jews. As a good Muslim, he should have been buried within 24 hours of death. That couldn’t happen because Ali had contrived a two-inch-thick document mandating his “funeral” arrangements, which sort of tied-up Louisville, his birthplace, for hours and hours, especially by a long hearse-processional (19 miles) through city-streets…sort of in-your-face stuff. Ali’s father claimed that the Muslims taught Ali to hate white people.

Ali was convicted of draft-avoidance, given a five-year sentence, but escaped it on a technicality. As a conscientious objector, to dodge the Draft he had to swear he was against all wars, which he did, but apparently had forgotten that he was on the record as willing to fight in a war involving Islam. Somehow (one wonders), this was not introduced correctly, if at all, at trial so he went free.

Much has been made of the three years the greatest couldn’t fight anywhere (all licenses nullified or not considered and passport revoked), thus costing him money. He spent that time railing against the war. Baseball-player Ted Williams batted .406, an unbelievable feat in 1941, had a Draft deferral but enlisted in the Navy anyway in 1942 and was recalled (fighter pilot) during the Korean War, during which he was shot down once, thus giving up five years in his absolute prime time (lifetime average .344 and 521 home-runs). One can only wonder what that five years cost him and hordes of fellow-pros who traded their skills, potential records and money for military service.

Ali was/is an idol for many, but actually he was just the “Greatest Narcissist.”

And so it goes.
Jim Clark