Friday, June 17, 2016

The Pulse Peroration

As more is made known, the Orlando homosexually-oriented nightclub massacre seems more and more bizarre.  Was the shooter actually a homosexual himself, though married and a father, or perhaps a both-ways murderer?  And what about his wife as an accomplice?  Motive: Who knows? The answer is as inaccesible as the gunman.  

The candidates have weighed in, as has the president, whose heritage is Islamic (death to homosexuals) but who “evolved” by his own account and signed the same-sex marriage legislation.  In the Middle East, Muslim homosexuals are thrown off buildings to their deaths or perhaps just beheaded.  So, Obama is caught on the horns of a dilemma, fearing this weird contradiction between his religious heritage and his own subverting of it (raised until age ten in Muslim households) will damage his legacy, the thing of most concern to him now as he plows through lame-duck mode while treading carefully, especially during the current Ramadan during which Islamic pooh-bahs have urged more killings such as those in Orlando.  

Obama claims to have become a Christian under the mentoring of the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright and attended Wright’s church for 20 years, listening to Wright rage against white people and the United States.  Wright was to offer a prayer in Obama’s first inauguration but account his publicly expressed animosity to the U.S. was “thrown under the bus.”  Christian doctrine in most churches (at least until Political Correctness became the new god) also condemns homosexual behavior and disallows homosexual’s ordination as ministers, though Obama’s church/denomination at the time of his participation (UCC) approved same-sex marriage in 2005.  

The president said that Muslims, especially Syrian refugees whether real or simply self-described, should be allowed to enter the U.S (up to 100,000 in 2017) even though they can’t be vetted and this will be the case in the foreseeable future since the U.S. has no relations with Syria, whose president Obama told to turn his country and his office over to the local insurrectionists in 2011, as if he could expect Assad to just do that.  He also told Libyan President Qaddafi to do the same in 2011.  Qaddafi (with virtually no military of substance) of course said “No thanks” anyway whereupon Obama simply made unprovoked illegal war on the Libyans for seven months until Qaddafi was killed.  Libya is in a shambles now, ungovernable and an outpost of ISIS.  This outrageous action against a sovereign state will shatter his legacy as future historians inflict their sharp knives.  

Now, fifty-one U.S. diplomats have signed some kind of memo urging Obama to start bombing Syrian targets in order to hurt Syria, while Obama is already bombing installations in Syria to displace ISIS. The unprovoked bombing of Syrian government targets (and probably the ISIS targets as well) would be the same as Obama's bombing of Libya, which ended in total disaster. Obama has already mismanaged Middle East policy enough and actually should just begin total withdrawal of American forces from that area so the Muslims could settle their wars there instead of threatening the rest of the world.

Trump is for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration but Clinton is horrified at such a thought, i.e., bring in the Syrians no matter what their backgrounds are.  She and Obama claim that this conforms to American “values.”  Neither she nor Obama has any concept of those values, as proven by their well-documented lies, unless they consider subterfuge a “value.”  Consider their tandem effort concerning the Benghazi massacre as just one of those humongous LIES.  Trump is right. Jihadists are holding the world hostage (think airport-lines and mass killings throughout the world).  The Koran and the ayatollahs insist on death to the infidels.  Inviting potential murderers to just walk in and immediately sign-up for all the entitlements is loony-tunes.  

Not only the LGBTQ gang is at risk.  Every non-Muslim is at risk.  

And so it goes.
Jim Clark


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