Monday, June 27, 2016

Tarnished Rainbow

“In your face, God!?”

The LGBTQ individuals/institutions have adopted the colors of the rainbow as a symbol of their community, using them as flags, lights, etc.  Explanations for the use of each color have been made but the overriding explanation is obvious, to wit, that flaunting these colors is an in-your-face gesture to the God of the Bible (and people of faith), who introduced the rainbow to the world as Noah’s trip ended after the great flood documented in Genesis. For Harvard graduates, Jesse Jackson (Rainbow Coalition) did not invent the rainbow and also did not invent God.  

Among the reasons the rainbow was instituted by God was to effect the promise that he would never destroy the world by flood again (Genesis 9).  Simple.  It stood also for the fact that God was making a covenant between himself and mankind…a sort of contract. Most if not all homosexuals may eschew any belief in God but do understand the uses of bodily orifices, with which the contract deals harshly.  

A contract represents a promise by two or more entities to live up to the agreements therein. The people who followed Noah did not live up to the provisions of the contract, a part of which had to do with personal behavior vis-a-vis the natural and easily recognizable parts of the human body, not to mention the requirements of God concerning same. Those requirements included the disallowing of homosexual behavior of any kind, condemned and listed with the condemnation/forbidding of bestiality, as an example of its coarseness.

The professional psychologist/psychiatrist community in the U.S. considered homosexuality a mental disorder until 1972-73 when, under extreme social duress similar to the current pressure of diversity-mongering, it gave in to liberal pressure and removed the stigma without any new information upon which to base the change. It was easier to go with the flow of a handful of social (not clinical) engineers than be right, despite the fact that a fool would know that a penis is not designed to penetrate either an anus or a mouth, nor either to receive such penetration.

The weird insistence by homosexuals that they be considered normal while acknowledging their “difference” demands that they “come out” instead of doing their lurid things in private blows the mind. Until Obama became president, the military, for perfectly obvious reasons, would not tolerate homosexuals. Cleanliness is demanded in the military, but what could be more unsanitary than having a shipmate hand you the salt at breakfast after he had just come off liberty jiving with his friends in some toilet on the beach?

This is to say nothing of the angst felt by the straights at having to put up in close quarters with colleagues owning such bizarre, filthy behavior. Paul wrote in Romans 1 that homosexuals defile each other and themselves through lust, not “love,” the clear implication being that they were not created “that way.” When Obama pushed for same-sex marriage he damned any sort of “family” or “love” approach as normal since the main element of heterosexual marriage is the procreating necessary to continuing the race.

Ironically, both “Gay Pride” and Ramadan, both handled in scripture, are happening at the same time. The homosexuals have been milking the “Orlando Nightclub Massacre” for all it's worth and caterwauling throughout the nation, never mind that Mateen's marching orders were to kill all infidels, whether straight or perverse. He picked a “gay” club perhaps because he was homosexual himself. In Iraq, both he and his victims would have been thrown off the roof, stoned, beheaded or otherwise wasted. This was recommended by Muslim pooh-bahs recently as a fitting way to celebrate Ramadan. So...Mateen killed himself by order whether he was gay or straight.

Much of holy scripture was hijacked by Mohammad, camel-driver and caravan-attacker, when he invented Islam and appointed Allah as the new god that ordered “death or slavery” to all infidels (Americans, for instance). Because of Mohammad's illiteracy, his words were probably copied by one of his 14 wives. Especially with the presidency of Obama, the perverts have won the diversity game not just in the culture generally but even in many if not most “mainline denominations,” which as a result are dying on the vine. Evangelicals are the current holdouts, sticking to the scriptures. Secularism is the new diversity-tool, the devil take the hindmost.

The rainbow is a sacred symbol created by God. To despoil it, the LGBTQ gang has made a mistake. God will not be mocked.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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