Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DNC Memorandum #14

From the office of the chairWOMAN, 31 July 2013

***Listen up! There are no apologies offered for the absence of memos since April. This has been a terribly busy time for the chairWOMAN account having to deal with the “Weiner Affair,” the IRS scandals, the Benghazi slaughter, Fast-and-Furious, and Hillary Clinton since she’s connected to all of them and has told me she’s mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. By the way, the rumor that Ms. Weiner lives in this country and stays married to the creep because she can’t drive a car in her own country, Saudi Arabia, is not true. She’s still here because she’s loyal to Hillary, her former boss at State (made the coffee, etc.), and wants to emulate her for standing by Bill during all the Bimbo-eruptions and proving that being married to a pervert is excellent for developing skills in working with Congress.

***The temporary terrorism-protocol put into place after the Marathon-bombing, i.e., that it was okay to use that term then has been rescinded. This means that man-caused-disaster is now the proper term describing anything that looks, walks or talks like terrorism, up to and including the entire destruction of Manhattan or Chicago’s Southside, where murder is as casual as Starbucks anyway (little joke there).

***POTUS has made it official that the jury in Sanford, Florida, erred in acquitting George Zimmerman of the murder of Trayvon Martin. AGOTUS (Holder, for recent Harvard graduates) will pursue this matter until justice is dealt, notwithstanding anything in the U.S. Constitution to the contrary. Do NOT make an issue of this since the jury was entirely made up of women, a vital voting bloc for POTUS and the democrats and even had one Hispanic and one black, each representing other vital blocs. The judge was also a woman but do NOT mention this since she interviewed Zimmerman during the trial—unheard of procedure. The lead lawyers on both sides were men so it’s okay to say anything nasty about them, win or lose. Men vote republican and are fair game for everything from slander to attempting to kill quarterbacks.

***POTUS announced that doing something about gun-violence would honor Martin, perhaps the first time an attacker of a citizen on the same sidewalk has been so acclaimed. POTUS has requested that a red/yellow/black/white paper be forthcoming from the DNC on how to do this. FYI, suggesting the removal of triggers from guns will get anyone a term in the Durbin Re-indoctrination Center & Gulag, and possible deportation to San Francisco. This is a serious project and the successful propagandizer will get a free trip to the Washington Zoo (not the one in the capitol building—little joke there).

***It was mentioned (again) in the last memo that POTUS is considering instituting a Department of Gender and has requested a yellow/black/white/red paper on how to do this, pending word from the LBGTQ group as to how many genders there are. This hasn’t been settled yet mainly because the American Association of Transvestites has threatened to sue something or somebody if not included in the gender-count, but certainly not in the Q group. Stay tuned for the final word and be thinking of a candidate to be Secretary of Gender. In an interview on his plane the other day, Pope Francis gave a virtual go-ahead to homosexual priesthood (not that it isn’t already de facto), so one such might be a good choice, notwithstanding the requirement of celibacy, which kind of puts the damper on the whole thing. Some mean-spirited Catholics went on record that the Pope’s pronouncement might have been due to light-headedness at 38,000 feet and thus not to be taken seriously.

***POTUS and even VPOTUS and even FLOTUS continue to be concerned about the job situation, which is improving but help is needed in getting out that word since the jobless rate stays the same or goes up while POTUS apparatchiks claim tens of thousands of jobs come on line every month. You guessed it—a black/white/red/yellow paper is needed in order to educate NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the New York Times – propaganda arms – so that they can educate the public. POTUS and his staff would do this but he’s out on the campaign trail every day and hasn’t the time. VPOTUS and his staff would do this but he and his whole gang have trouble finding the toilet, much less understanding anything about economics. FLOTUS and her staff would do this but they’re tied up figuring out what schoolchildren may and may not eat, depending on whether their states are red or blue, thus haven’t the time.

***Since VPOTUS’s sagacious announcement concerning the arming of every woman with a 12-gauge-double-barrel-shotgun, stores have had to start importing the things to keep up with demand. Also, as the women have practiced shooting them, there have been record numbers of women reporting to hospital emergency-rooms with broken arms, shoulders, jawbones and collarbones, as well as concussions and lacerated ear-lobes. Please do NOT mention this in any town-hall meeting since a high-school sophomore would have known that to be bad advice. One woman even requested that VPOTUS send word as to how to put the gun in her purse, so you get the picture.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, July 22, 2013


In his unannounced supposedly off-the-cuff speech in the White House press-room on 19 July (late on Friday for the benefit of the TV-talking-heads-shows), the president carried out the tradition of Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in a whining presentation that was as much about himself as Trayvon Martin. It was the sequel to his remarks in connection with his 2008 “Philadelphia Race-Speech” (actually a failed apologetic for Wright), in which he said the “typical white person” was like his grandmother, i.e., uncomfortable in the presence of people resembling himself.

This was not a surprise to anyone who’s read his Dreams From My Father, his autobiography of the mid-90s, updated in 2004 in time for the big run. His antipathy toward white people, even though his mother and grandparents, who raised him, were all white, virtually explodes from the pages of that book. This is ironic in the sense that Zimmerman has been tagged a “white Latino” (parents from two equally different races) but neither Obama nor his propaganda media-friends reference him as a “white American” (parents from two equally different races). Why not? His book is subtitled: A Story of Race and Inheritance. That’s why not, his obsession with race!

An exaggeration such as car-door locks being audibly clicked down when a black guy crosses a street (as if all the parked cars were occupied by Pennsylvania Baptists hunting for illegal immigrants, a la his charge before a Hollywood crowd) was so over the top that one had to wonder about his state of mind. Does he consider everyone dumb enough to swallow that stuff?

The government is supposedly disallowed to profile folks but ordinary citizens are not. People profile others every day. If Zimmerman profiled Martin he did nothing wrong but would have been guilty if he had attacked Martin. Martin profiled Zimmerman, according to the girl to whom he was speaking on the phone at the time of the episode, as a “creepy-ass-cracker” or something like that, which probably explains why he knocked Zimmerman to the ground and proceeded to “work him over.”

This is no brief for Zimmerman, whose history is not angelic. But if Zimmerman had been black and Martin white, Martin would have been charged with a hate crime for, as the lady-friend put it on the Piers Morgan clambake, “whupin’ ass” on a person of color.

Blacks consider the “stand-your-ground” laws in 22 states to be aimed at them, as claimed by Stevie Wonder in declaring his absence from those states from now on. They make up 13% of the population but commit more than half of all murders. Narrow that down to black men (most of the killers – 7%) and the picture is even grimmer. Ninety-four percent of the murders are against other blacks, as is the case currently in Chicago, with an average of more than one killing per day this year but those S-Y-G laws are for the protection of everyone regardless of ethnicity.

Obama claimed that he could have been Martin 35 years ago, a wild stretch. Obama went to the best prep school in his city in Hawaii 35 years ago and lived with his grandparents, his grandmother being a bank vice president. Did he experience racial prejudice? Of course he did. Does he exhibit racial prejudice? Yes, just as strongly. It’s perfectly obvious that he dislikes white people, even though he’s stuck with them (most of the czars) in government.

In adopting the approach of the men mentioned above, Obama perpetuated the notion that whites are to blame for every problem of the black community. Some, not all, of those problems are the fault of whites, who nevertheless, as a community, have tried hard to address problems of blacks. The “entitlement” laws of the 50s-60s are ample proof. People are products of their cultures, however, and ‘togetherness” cannot be orchestrated. Most folks tend to “hang-out” with their own kind – human nature, but violence, along with hanging-out, has developed in the black community since the 60s.

Black men, especially, are responsible for the breakdown in the black community because they don’t take responsibility for the out-of-wedlock children they sire (73% of births) and the women they impregnate and desert. Obama’s father deserted him, so he should understand the problem. Instead, he lines up with the men mentioned above…the exponential hypocrite, and attempts to destroy the stabilization of family itself with his silly “evolving” anent same-sex marriage.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obama & Class-Warfare

The attempt at class-warfare that is the mark of a socialist approach to government has never been remarked as unmistakably as the effort made by the administration in the “Trayvon Martin Affair.” The federal Department of Justice (Attorney General Holder) inserted itself into the state matter last year and sent representatives to Sanford, Florida, to aid in whipping up protests regarding the assumed guilt of George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder and manslaughter last week.

Less than a month after the shooting in February 2012, the president stated that if he had a son, that son would look like Trayvon Martin, in his attempt to convict Zimmerman before a trial could even be held. This reminds of his assertion in 2009 that police in Massachusetts acted stupidly when he had no knowledge of what had happened to occasion that remark, and had to eat crow since the main policeman, a white guy arresting a black guy, acted according to protocol.

After the acquittal of Zimmerman, the president stated that doing something about gun violence would honor Martin. Honor Martin? This might have been said after the shootings in the Newtown, Conn., school last year with respect to the grade-school students who were killed. Martin was shot while he was trying to batter and beat another human being who was merely sharing the same sidewalk.

Attorney General Holder has announced that his department will look into the Martin matter, presumably to find some grounds upon which the federal government can bring a criminal suit against Zimmerman, thus imprisoning him and attempting to take everything he has or can earn on the basis of his acquittal. Zimmerman is a marked man and has to wear a bullet-proof vest but Holder hasn’t offered the services of the government for his protection.

Honoring Martin for trying to kill Zimmerman by beating his head against a sidewalk is the same as honoring Major Hasan for killing 14 people at Ft. Hood in 2009 while sharing a building with them. In the Obama administration’s structure of justice, Hasan hasn’t been tried and convicted of anything yet, though he may actually go to trial in August, something someone has helped him avoid for 3.5 years. Even though he screamed “Allah Akbar” before instigating the slaughter, his crime has not been classified as terrorism but as “workplace violence.”

Ironically, There’s been more than one homicide a day this year in Chicago, the president’s hometown, but Holder isn’t saying much about that. Ninety-two percent of murdered blacks in this country are killed by blacks. Martin’s death came at the hands of a man who is half-white, just like Obama, but suddenly this is a racist matter?

The juror who has been interviewed has said that race was never introduced into the jury’s deliberations. The first prosecution witness in the case was interviewed by (who else?) Piers Morgan (England’s revenge for Larry King) and stated that as she and Trayvon spoke by phone while he was eying Zimmerman the possibility came up that Zimmerman could be a rapist, implying that Zimmerman might be a homosexual on the hunt for a young mark, in which case she suggested that Trayvon should run.

Since “straight” men sometimes feel strongly enough about such a thing to commit mayhem on the homosexual, Trayvon could have had a motive for trying to smash-up, if not kill, Zimmerman instead of just going on home. This puts a completely different light on the subject. If the prosecuters knew this (and they probably did since she was their witness), they wouldn’t have touched it with a ten-foot pole at trial. The defense obviously didn’t know about this; otherwise, it might have successfully had the case dismissed, with Zimmerman the obvious victim.

Blacks can be thankful that people like Al Sharpton of “Tawana Brawley” fame (big gun in the protests then and now) and Jesse Jackson, perennial race-baiter but who also said on an open mike that he would like to castrate Obama, are slowly but surely passing from the scene, thus killing the indoctrination to young blacks that everything that happens is racial.

The actions of both Obama and Holder, however, reinforce this garbage and they, because of their overpowering positions, provide the best and most dangerous example of class-warfare, pitting one group, blacks, against another, whites and most everyone else. Their behavior is beneath contempt.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Professor Compares Catholics to Republicans

Unconditional congratulations of the first order are due to Marty Solomon, retired University of Kentucky professor and sometime far-left columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader, account his profound civility in an article of 13 June in which he, instead of the usual comparison to the Nazi Party, reckoned that the Catholic Church and Republican Party could appropriately be compared to each other (be equally nasty but not homicidally). The laughter reigns.

Solomon claimed that both entities are “steeped in outdated ideology,” thus driving people away, even potential advocates. Of course, the church is steeped in theology, not ideology, but Solomon was not in the philosophy department, so cut him some slack. He claimed that both outfits have been preoccupied with sex, just as he was when he wrote this gem of wisdom, not that preoccupation with sex has ever been below the human radar.

Solomon describes the sex-infamy as the usual boilerplate vomited from the liberal establishment—a war on women. The war is premised on the attacks by the Cs & Rs upon women account attempting to curtail their rights to abortions and contraceptives and (gasp) preventing same-sex marriage. I have mistakenly believed that contraceptives were available in drugstores, groceries, schools, public toilets, etc., but, then, I don’t get around that much.

Solomon said republicans are gung-ho against regulations but urge government to “interfere in our sex lives.” Well…no! It was Obama who took the tour with Condom-Girl (Sandra Fluke) in behalf of campaigning for governmental free distribution of condoms to the ladies who haven’t learned yet an absolutely fail-safe way not to either get pregnant or come down with the clap. Still laughing! Condom-Girl made a speech at the democrat convention to show how important it is for government to take sex seriously.

Solomon said the Church is as mean as the Republican Party because it disagrees with millions of its parishioners about priest-celibacy, contraception (Fluke for pope?) and ordination of women…so what else is new? To save the party, he wondered if enough republicans could jazz up their numbers by getting immigration right and accepting homosexual-marriage as inevitable. Probably not! The democrats can’t get immigration right and don’t give a fig if a guy marries his dog so they have the upper hand in secular world.

Solomon launched into ho-hum mode, predictably, by boilerplating again the tired class war—rich (republicans) vs. poor (democrats and anyone else below the $200,000 per year level). He said the Pope is against theological narcissism, whatever that is, and for liberation theology, which began in South America (Pope Francis from Argentina) and was frowned upon by previous church officials, who said it fomented revolutions, Marxism, etc., i.e., bloodshed.

In the U.S., it’s called Black Liberation Theology, contrived by James Cone, professorial gadfly who has taught at many universities and whose writings nail whitey good. Black Liberation Theology is the euphemism for reparations, i.e., payment by the government (whitey) to all black folks account the “sins” of white folk 150 years ago or 250 or 350 – who’s counting. The highest-profile advocate of this “theology” (highway robbery) is the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, Obama’s mentor for 20 years but thrown under the bus by the prexy back in 2009 for speaking his hatred.

Solomon wondered if Pope Francis could con the “traditionalists” into stemming the “tide of discontent among the previously devout but alienated young Catholics.” Stay tuned because Solomon said that, like republicans, the church seems to be between a hard place and Satan, characterized as a “him,” thus discriminating against men while elevating women, with or without abortions or condoms, to angelic status.

Solomon did not explain how the republicans are stuck between that hard place and Satan, but take it on faith…he knows because he’s a retired scholar and affirms same-sex marriage, the best thing since Stalin damned the Ten Commandments and the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah said the chickens had come home to roost. It’s not known if Solomon has figured out how two homosexuals can give birth but he’s bound to know.

Solomon said that priests (of all people) tell him that Pope Francis could change things overnight, doing away with that ridiculous requirement of celibacy and mandate that contraception is needed to fight AIDS. Fight AIDS? Still laughing!

Finally, Solomon reckoned that it was “theoretically possible” for the Church to become relevant but he didn’t hold out any hope for the republicans, not even “theoretically,” leaving them between that hard place and “Satan himself.” Scary, but still laughing!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, July 08, 2013

The Parson & the Lesbian

The Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, Ky., doubled down on 07 June on its agenda demanding that homosexual marriage be officially sanctioned, with all the perks a normal spouse receives also flowing to a homosexual partner. In her column, Charlotte Wood mentioned that she was celebrating her twenty-fifth anniversary of lesbian partnership and compared her situation to common-law marriage.

In his column, the Rev. Chuck Queen approached the subject not from a religious standpoint but made the point that same-sex marriage is inevitable anyway as the nation places itself on the “right side of history.” Since same-sex marriage has virtually never been recognized anywhere in at least the last 6,000 years, one wonders what history he was citing. Perhaps he meant the right side of the future.

Each columnist made it clear that the matter is entirely personal, i.e., that the folks involved should not be hampered from doing their thing. This is in line with the current collective mindset that diversity must include every gender-related possibility, so one might assume that multi-partner marriages would be the next step, thus negating the laws concerning bigamy, polygamy, etc.

The one thing neither columnist mentioned was children, the logical implication being that marriage is designed for the pleasure of the players, homosexual or otherwise. For Wood, this is understandable since she and her “partner” apparently don’t face the nuisance of children.

For the reverend, this seemed strange since the use of the term marriage in the scriptures has to do with the propagation of the race, not the ecstasy of sex or scamming the governmental perks available. For instance, Adam and Eve were told by God in Genesis 1 to be “fruitful and multiply,” not go out and have a helluva time. God officiated at their marriage. Jesus reinforced this definition of marriage in Matthew 19 for those who consider much if not all of Genesis as myth.

In other words, marriage is treated as an institution scripturally, with the husband and wife as the founders. The Kentucky Constitution also treats marriage as an institution, with the same instigators, and provides for the offspring, remarking the husband and wife as mother and father. This furthers the marriage as an institution governed by laws that protect the family, including children.

Lesbians and homosexual men cannot and will never be capable of propagating the race, so actual marriage as an institution is an impossibility for them, either religiously or governmentally. They can hook-up as “partners” and cadge perks, as is the case at the University of Kentucky, which is complicit in violating both Kentucky statutes and the state Constitution, but by definition they cannot function as progenitors or parents.

Both writers seem oblivious to what’s involved in trivializing male-female marriage, which is the most important institution people can form, particularly since most thinkers regard the nuclear family as the foundation of society, the fabric holding it together. It’s unseemly and unnatural that children can have two mothers or two fathers or two partners, so the entire definition of marriage must undergo change lest huge numbers of lawsuits tie up the courts.

Queen wrote, “Let … government govern without discrimination,” as if homosexuals, who bear no responsibility for propagating the race, are not forcing that responsibility upon the “straights,” who are actually creating and maintaining the race, not just financially, but biologically, never mind any sort of “marriage contract.” That constitutes profound discrimination against the heterosexuals, who carry the entire load.

States can approve any arrangement for “paying off” the supposedly aggrieved homosexuals (civil unions, etc.) who want a huge piece of the pie, but this should not come at the expense of prostituting marriage as the vital institution it is, effectively wiping it out and in the process easing the country’s skid into Europe-like oblivion. Wood/Queen have the president on their side but that does not make them right.

Queen was not identified as a preacher or minister, as he should have been, but as a BAPTIST preacher, implying that he speaks for an entire faith-group. It’s doubtful that more than a minute minority of Baptists believe as he does, especially since the Bible treats marriage as male-female only and condemns homosexual behavior as unnatural and wrong, as it obviously is by any measure. Baptists who do not believe the Bible deserve this pastor, who obviously does not believe scripture vis-à-vis marriage.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Gettysburg...03-05 1863

What was perhaps the turning point of the Civil War was the bloody battle just outside of Gettysburg, fought 3-5 July 1863 in the placid countryside of Pennsylvania. Fifty-one thousand Union and Confederate soldiers were wounded, missing, or dead as a result of the desperate battle. On 19 November 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered the immortal “Gettysburg Address,” only some 269 words in length but a document that will forever live in the annals of American history. The battle constituted a watershed event in the nation’s history, saving the nation and freeing the slaves, and it is fitting on the 150th anniversary of that terribly-costly battle to pay homage to the brave men on both sides.


The pain, like nothing he had known

Since lacerating foot on stone…

Yes, worse than tissue ripped to bone

When just a boy, one day alone;

Once more alone, with searing pain

- From head to toe a pain-link chain -

His first awareness in the rain

As consciousness he fought to gain.

His mind, befogged, began to clear,

No musketry he now could hear,

No longer…now…that rebel cheer,

Which once was music to his ear.

Flat on his back, he closed his eyes

Against the rain from graying skies

And flinched at hearing anguished cries

Of comrades facing pain, demise.

On yesterday the fight was waged,

As back and forth the lines had raged;

A sniper’s bullet rightly gauged

Had felled him in this crevice, caged.

He opened wide his cracked, parched lips,

To slake the thirst of countless trips

Through hostile fields...some canteen sips,

And chewed-up weeds, tobacco strips.

Now fighting just to stay aware,

He turned his head only to stare

At blood that oozed through matting hair

And dripped on rock…quite tombstone bare.

To turn his head was all that he

Could bear, since pain incessantly

Made movement an atrocity

More feared now than the enemy…

Still gone were sounds of musketry

As twilight settled eerily,

No pounding hooves of cavalry…

The only sound…cried-misery.

He thought of Alabama corn

Just breaking ground that April morn

When tears were shed and love was sworn

And he to shot and powder born,

And then the days of victory

And seeming death-immunity…

All now recalled despairingly,

While facing his mortality.

In haze, he pondered “civil war -

Uncivil war, this blood and gore,

Was it for this, or was there more

That made men kill their brothers for?”

As darkness crept across the slain

And earth was marked by bloody stain,

Red rivulets, formed with the rain,

Made ghastly the pock-marked terrain.

His feeble cries on deaf ears fell,

Or ears of those who shared his hell

And, thus, with him could only dwell,

But not his wretchedness repel.

The thoughts of cotton fields in bloom,

A teenage boy, a small schoolroom,

Danced in and out amid the gloom

With thoughts of an impending doom.

As night wore on, the groans grew less

Throughout the mud of helplessness -

In sound and number less and less,

As comrades entered hopelessness.

Sometimes a scream, sometimes a prayer

Would split the heavy, midnight air…

The screams and prayers of stark despair,

No loved ones…there…to know or care.

He fought to keep his consciousness

And thwart his awful pains’ duress

To make it till the dawn’s brightness,

When rescue would be his redress.

Toward daylight, thoughts consumed his mind

Of her for whom he so repined,

And parents to his will resigned,

And their entreaties he declined.


Then, slipping from his stubborn will,

No longer feeling rainy chill -

“Our Father” wafted toward the hill -

Then morning came...and all was...still.


And four months thence the president

Bestrode this place where lives were spent

And sanctioned it as monument

To those whose deaths were testament

That what was joined by rock-hard will

For four-score-seven lived on still,

Not split asunder…brought to nil,

But still a work that none will kill.

And yet in fourteen decades thence

The nation bears the evidence

That peace is simply recompense

In periodic segments whence

Its military might prevails

Against the day the nation quails

– When leadership is weak and flails –

Before its foes...and freedom fails.

And thence through terror these twelve years,

As those of Allah kindle fears,

Bathe innocents in blood and tears,

Change peaceful scenes to fiery biers,

The nation once again must fight

And vows that Gettysburg was right,

Its symbol never dropped from sight –

That freedom reigns through blood-bought might.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark