Saturday, July 13, 2013

Professor Compares Catholics to Republicans

Unconditional congratulations of the first order are due to Marty Solomon, retired University of Kentucky professor and sometime far-left columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader, account his profound civility in an article of 13 June in which he, instead of the usual comparison to the Nazi Party, reckoned that the Catholic Church and Republican Party could appropriately be compared to each other (be equally nasty but not homicidally). The laughter reigns.

Solomon claimed that both entities are “steeped in outdated ideology,” thus driving people away, even potential advocates. Of course, the church is steeped in theology, not ideology, but Solomon was not in the philosophy department, so cut him some slack. He claimed that both outfits have been preoccupied with sex, just as he was when he wrote this gem of wisdom, not that preoccupation with sex has ever been below the human radar.

Solomon describes the sex-infamy as the usual boilerplate vomited from the liberal establishment—a war on women. The war is premised on the attacks by the Cs & Rs upon women account attempting to curtail their rights to abortions and contraceptives and (gasp) preventing same-sex marriage. I have mistakenly believed that contraceptives were available in drugstores, groceries, schools, public toilets, etc., but, then, I don’t get around that much.

Solomon said republicans are gung-ho against regulations but urge government to “interfere in our sex lives.” Well…no! It was Obama who took the tour with Condom-Girl (Sandra Fluke) in behalf of campaigning for governmental free distribution of condoms to the ladies who haven’t learned yet an absolutely fail-safe way not to either get pregnant or come down with the clap. Still laughing! Condom-Girl made a speech at the democrat convention to show how important it is for government to take sex seriously.

Solomon said the Church is as mean as the Republican Party because it disagrees with millions of its parishioners about priest-celibacy, contraception (Fluke for pope?) and ordination of women…so what else is new? To save the party, he wondered if enough republicans could jazz up their numbers by getting immigration right and accepting homosexual-marriage as inevitable. Probably not! The democrats can’t get immigration right and don’t give a fig if a guy marries his dog so they have the upper hand in secular world.

Solomon launched into ho-hum mode, predictably, by boilerplating again the tired class war—rich (republicans) vs. poor (democrats and anyone else below the $200,000 per year level). He said the Pope is against theological narcissism, whatever that is, and for liberation theology, which began in South America (Pope Francis from Argentina) and was frowned upon by previous church officials, who said it fomented revolutions, Marxism, etc., i.e., bloodshed.

In the U.S., it’s called Black Liberation Theology, contrived by James Cone, professorial gadfly who has taught at many universities and whose writings nail whitey good. Black Liberation Theology is the euphemism for reparations, i.e., payment by the government (whitey) to all black folks account the “sins” of white folk 150 years ago or 250 or 350 – who’s counting. The highest-profile advocate of this “theology” (highway robbery) is the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright, Obama’s mentor for 20 years but thrown under the bus by the prexy back in 2009 for speaking his hatred.

Solomon wondered if Pope Francis could con the “traditionalists” into stemming the “tide of discontent among the previously devout but alienated young Catholics.” Stay tuned because Solomon said that, like republicans, the church seems to be between a hard place and Satan, characterized as a “him,” thus discriminating against men while elevating women, with or without abortions or condoms, to angelic status.

Solomon did not explain how the republicans are stuck between that hard place and Satan, but take it on faith…he knows because he’s a retired scholar and affirms same-sex marriage, the best thing since Stalin damned the Ten Commandments and the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah said the chickens had come home to roost. It’s not known if Solomon has figured out how two homosexuals can give birth but he’s bound to know.

Solomon said that priests (of all people) tell him that Pope Francis could change things overnight, doing away with that ridiculous requirement of celibacy and mandate that contraception is needed to fight AIDS. Fight AIDS? Still laughing!

Finally, Solomon reckoned that it was “theoretically possible” for the Church to become relevant but he didn’t hold out any hope for the republicans, not even “theoretically,” leaving them between that hard place and “Satan himself.” Scary, but still laughing!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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