Monday, June 29, 2015

SCOTUS Makes Mischief

People often object to laws or regulations they don't like by trotting out the Fourteenth Amendment as their apologetic. Fourteenth Amendment: No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage must be honored in every state; however, while most if not all states, as well as the U.S. Congress in the 1990s Defense of Marriage Act, have defined marriage by either statute, the DOM for instance, or state statutes/constitutions, the Constitution does not define marriage so a court – any court – can hardly make a ruling concerning it. Marriage is not like abortion, which is physically/medically defined. SCOTUS made a ruling (Roe vs. Wade) about abortion, accepting its obvious definition.

There are federal laws on the books, however, that deal with marriage not as a definition but as, ipso facto, defined by both tradition and Nature. In 1862, President Lincoln signed the Morrill Act, which made bigamy illegal. In 1882, President Arthur signed the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act, which made polygamy illegal. Co-habitation was the target in these cases, at least as a legal matter, but the inference is clear. There were to be no harems in the U.S., an obvious recognition of the fact that people are not animals.

Accruing to the recent SCOTUS ruling, any trio or otherwise multi-number group can now successfully sue any government that disallows any “marriage” arrangement. These groups could be made up of combinations of both gender and number. For instance, three homosexual men could marry four lesbians and part of the lurid whoopee would entail all the legal entitlements accorded to actual families.

This being the case, the Tenth Amendment comes into play, i.e., that states have the right to regulate/define what isn't the responsibility of the federal government. Marriage has never been the responsibility of the Constitution any more than drunkenness has. Each state, for instance, has its own laws defining the alcohol-content amount in a person's body vis-a-vis auto-driving impairment, no matter what any individual thinks.

The federal government (Department of Defense) makes rules regarding who can serve in the military, no matter if a one-armed guy demands to be a Navy Seal or National Guardsman because his rights can't be abridged. The Constitution allows sensible laws on both state and federal levels and most laws abridge somebody's perceived “privileges or immunities.”

Those self-righteous, politically correct citizens, legislators, justices, and bureaucrats who have been gloating over the action of SCOTUS are now facing far more than they bargained for. Laws concerning incest are now subject to being overturned. Brother may marry brother or sister in due time as all the ramifications of the recent action set in. Five people have decided that marriage will become virtually what anyone says it is and that any “personal” individual or group, no matter how lurid its makeup, cannot be denied either marriage or sexual activity by government, no matter how defiled or destructive, especially of children.

The can of worms opened by SCOTUS is even more problematic when all of the Fourteenth is considered, namely the final clause: nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the First Amendment, with no governmental abridgments allowed as long as physical harm or disturbing the peace is not a factor. If same-sex marriage is protected by the Constitution that same protection applies to the person who – account religious convictions – chooses not to deal with anything that's same-sex, i.e., not be coerced.

An appeals court has already ruled that a clothing company in Lexington, Ky., cannot be coerced into printing on wearing apparel what it perceives as a statement violating the company-owner's religious convictions. The court has also ruled that a children's-services agency in Kentucky may fire a homosexual for cause and is not required to hire homosexuals or lesbians. The SCOTUS has turned so-called “equal rights” commissions on their ears in this latest ruling.

The Court, not Congress, now makes laws.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The President & the Eulogy

I tuned in via TV the other day to President Obama's eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney in a Charleston, SC, church and listened for a while to what was a good and predictable effort. When the president turned from eulogizing to politics, especially the politics of racism, I did something else for a while. I listened long enough to realize that he was pushing all the hot buttons pointing to the evil of white people, with whom he is careful never to identify, all the Jim Crow stuff and the implied guilt of current whites who had nothing to do with slavery. Later, I tuned in again right at the end for the “Amazing Grace” finish, a nice touch.

Obama had the congregants on their feet, clapping, giving out the amens, and even brought in the old stars-and-bars for a good shellacking. It was reminiscent of his speech in January 2011 in Tucson, Arizona, at the memorial service for the victims who died in the assault that terribly incapacitated then-Congresswoman Giffords. He had the folks in the aisles clapping and cheering as he turned the sacred service into the kickoff of his second campaign for the presidency.

It was a sort of replay of the circus perpetrated by then-Senator Harkin at the memorial service for Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone in 2002, just days before the election. Wellstone died in a plane crash while campaigning. Harkin approached warp-decibels and near hysteria but Obama did not quite get to that level. Apparently not wasting a crisis, as his former chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel might have put it, he enhanced divisiveness, something he's done throughout his six years...pitting factions against each other. In the process, Pinckney faded into the background.

This may sound harsh until one remembers the Rose Garden presentation the morning after the Benghazi massacre in 2012 in which Obama told perhaps the biggest lie of his presidency, even more damning than his “you can keep your doctor, insurance...” fabrication back in the day or that he knew nothing about Fast-and-Furious and the IRS scandals until he heard about them on the news.

Using the Benghazi lie at the UN a couple weeks later, when everyone in the world knew the truth, was an example of arrogance to the nth degree. He, along with State Secretary Clinton, even lied personally to the survivors of the Benghazi dead when the bodies – all white folks – were returned. One wonders what he told Rev. Pinckney's wife and children as he consoled them.

When two New York policemen (one of Latino-, one of Chinese-extraction) were assassinated a few months ago by a black man, Obama sent Veep Biden to eulogize one of them and sent FBI director James Comey to the funeral of the other one. There was no reason for him to attend either funeral and he didn't.

But when a black man was killed by a white guy, he saw fit to make that a golden opportunity to vent his spleen upon whites in Charleston and by extension everywhere else. Not very presidential, especially when one remembers he quickly sent Attorney General Holder to Ferguson last summer to destroy an innocent policeman but helped foment the burning of the city instead. The Charleston “eulogy” said a lot more about Obama than Rev. Pinckney, who was also a highly respected legislator.

Manipulating grieving people – one doubts that he was asked to give the eulogy...probably Sharpton's idea foisted off on the family or SC officials – in the interest of not letting a crisis go to waste by giving yet another long-winded diatribe was unseemly as Obama (latter-day Harkin) made himself the center of attention, an obvious political ploy smothering a religious exercise and the memory of Clementa Pinckney.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Plato & the Court

The word came down today from Court Supreme,
Thus noted in reverse to mark its theme
Of making laws, not banning or redeem,
In this case denigrating Nature's scheme;
By one-vote-split, the justices ordained
That man may marry man, now unrestrained,
That women do the same, their gender stained
The same as men's—perverted acts retained;
To legalize what Nature clearly bars
Is to blaspheme Creation earth-to-stars...
The Court became the Eve of Eden's mars
In miring of the states in Satan's tars;
So...tell the world perversion is new norm
In these United States, a higher form
Than of millenniums with no reform
But just with Nature always to conform;
The Court affirms with Plato, Socrates
That homosexuals one must appease
By counterfeiting them as normalcies
Though they can never fashion families;
The Court may someday rule that pedophiles
Consorting with “consenting” juveniles
May not be charged because of their lifestyles –
Ah yes...the ghost of Plato is all smiles.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Millennial Church

His friend urged him to seek
A spiritual entity
To help him through a time-frame bleak,
A time of hopeless misery;
He thought about that, thought it strange
And even bordered on inane
But felt compelled to rearrange
His thoughts...or simply go insane.

And so he hit upon a plan,
To wit, some churches just explore
And see if they could help him span
This time and thus some hope restore;
He was an avid hard-rock fan,
Hard metal, too, with its bombast...
So...opposites – those things to ban
Seemed apropos...dial down the blast.

He figured worship quiet, calm,
Was just the thing to soothe his nerves,
A sort of sterile, lyric psalm
Almost like drugs in his reserves,
Though drugs had not helped out this time –
Another reason for the church,
To give his life a brand-new rhyme...
A just reward for brand-new search.

A careful yellow-pages search
Revealed church listings by the score,
He closed his eyes to find the church,
Brought down his thumb on Restore Faith;
A church named Restore Faith, he thought,
Might satisfy his needs, for sure,
Though too much change would not be sought –
Enough for temporary cure.

The next Lord's Day he set alarm
To make sure he was up in time,
He figured church would do no harm,
Might even be worthwhile, sublime;
Restore Faith Church's parking lot
Filled five acres of new asphalt,
At last he found a parking spot
And took a long walk by default.

When he got close he felt the beat
And heard through amps he knew were huge,
He sensed vibrations in his feet
And when he entered...sound deluge;
The music leader wore his jeans
With holes at both knees, threads awry,
His T-shirt pictured palm-tree scenes,
His mike mouth-close as either eye.

There was a praise-team – mini-skirts
For all four girls in hip-hop groove,
Four guys with wild unbuttoned shirts
Joined with the girls in every move;
They sang “Praise God” some fifty times,
Then sang “Praise Christ” some fifty more,
These three words passed for all their rhymes,
He sat there stunned, both eardrums sore.

And then the preacher came stage-right
Dressed all in earth-tones...sort of beige...
With gold necklace that was so bright
Reflected foot-lights lit the stage;
In ear-locked mike he screamed “Praise God,”
And then said “Let's give God a hand,”
The clapping crashed...then with a nod
He stopped it cold...and cued praise-band.

The singers and the band conspired
For fifteen minutes so amped-up
That words were never heard, just mired
In chaos titled “Bitter Cup;”
And then the preacher reappeared,
Said “Let's praise God,” the people clapped,
He preached that Satan was not feared
Except by those when tithes they zapped.

A quarter-hour the preacher spoke,
His ears still ringing, he took note,
The subject: “Fix it 'cause it's broke,”
Delivered as if just by rote;
One size fits all, he then surmised,
Is what the preacher emphasized...
Just pay the tenth and be surprised
As blessings are then realized.

He left before the final prayer
To beat the crowd across the lot,
His misery was not still there
Since he had learned what he was not,
To wit, he was not,
Or suckered by the morning show...
Or satisfied with status quo—
But knew of God he had to know.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Monday, June 22, 2015

The President & Charleston

President Obama dropped in at the White House press room the other day on his way to his Father's Day vacation in Hollywood country (sort of like the Rose Garden charade the morning after the Benghazi massacre)to announce in the wake of the murders in the Charleston S.C., Emanuel AME Church that the blood of mayhem lies in the fact that guns are too available to citizens, thus politicizing a tragedy, a total lack of sensitivity. This was the knee-jerk reaction expected from him, so what else is new?

There are 52 weekends in the year but the prez picked Father's Day to requisition the huge entourage (mostly men) needed for one of his golf-forays—secret service, Air Force crews, ground crews, chauffeurs and all gofers...another example of total insensitivity. Concomitantly, Michelle Obama requisitioned a nearly duplicate outfit, perhaps enhanced by hairdressers, wardrobe-keepers and the like, so that she and daughters could do a European tour. Shades of Hillary Clinton, who visited at least 76 countries while hubby Bubba was prez!

This reminds of the “Big Apple date” the Obamas managed soon after he took office in 2009, requisitioning three Air Force planes, the usual secret service army, ground crews, chauffeurs, the NYPD—the whole nine yards for one night...all while the nation spiraled into deep and continuing recession. That, along with the dual insensitiviries last weekend, are about as “in-your-face” as it gets. Let the citizens eat cake.

Predictably, the media has made the Charleston affair into a virtual cause celebre. Everyone from psychiatrists to people in the street to preachers to cops has been interviewed, especially on cable, in an effort to figure out why a 21-year-old nutcase shot up a church, as if anyone has an answer to that. That's about the same as trying to figure out why Obama, especially in light of Charleston, says partial birth abortion (murder of a partly delivered baby) is okay. There were nine simultaneous murders in Charleston, but the partial-births are just one-at-a-time—maybe that's the answer.

Interviewed on radio by comedian Marc Maron, the prez apparently reckoned that it was time for him to get some shock-and-awe going by dropping the term “nigger” on the public...after all, he can say that word but nobody else better do that. The newsies, at least some of them, have been aghast; but, come on, the prez was just making the point that racism is alive and well though it is much less a problem than in the 50s-70s for young black men.

He's wrong about that. Race relations have worsened exponentially during his tenure, worse now than six years ago, not least because of the war he and his AG declared on the police, especially the white police if for no other reason than that there are so many more of them, not surprising since the population is more than 70% least for now. It's no wonder the Baltimore mayor publicly admitted that she made the police give the professional protesters (Sharpton's gang) both slack and space so they could burn and loot part of the city because a two-bit drug dealer somehow died in custody, though three of the six charged police-persons are black, as are the chief and 54% of the Baltimore Police Department.

Predictably, there's the usual furor concerning the confederate flag that flies on the capitol grounds in S.C. The president said it belongs in a museum and probably most folks either agree with that or that it should be burned. It's a state-thing and the people in S.C. should vote on it. It's in poor taste but railing against it because Dylann Roof, the Charleston murderer, used it in a photo op with himself is quite beside the point, which has been sore for a long time.

To many South Carolinians, it's a freedom-of-speech thing, even though it's tasteless. The Civil War began in Charleston, S.C., and for all practical purposes ended there as the virtual terminus of Sherman's march. The state had been wrecked but that's no excuse for flaunting the confederate flag.

Last summer, it was Ferguson. This summer, it's Charleston. Evil white folks. That's the message. Meanwhile, in the president's hometown of Chicago there have been 208 homicides (1.2 per day) through 21 June or 14% more than this period last year (180 or so), with 76.6% and 18.4% (95%) by blacks and Hispanics, respectively, with nearly all victims (198) blacks/Hispanics.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Transition Is for Every ID

The phenomenon that has most impacted the century-21 culture can be termed as simply “trans”...trans-anything. Lately, the most notorious trans-event has been the transitioning of Bruce Jenner into Caitlin Jenner, i.e., total sex-replacement (gender-replacement for the feminists), though not by the usual transplant procedure. Jenner didn't swap his reproductive organs for a set of women's – could that be done? – but simply settled for neutering, artificially-built accoutrements such as boobs, and rather drastic physical cosmetics to be adjusted by over-the-counter cosmetics, the better to look more womanish and less freakish. The handiwork of the medical magicians and makeup artists was spread through 22 pages of a recent magazine installment so the public could see how advanced both professions are in defeating (they think) Nature. The whole thing represents total disingenuousness, however, since Caitlin can't have children and is thus not actually a woman. At age 65, she/he would not be bothered with this anyway, which represents a Jenner cop-out in that she/he can never identify with pregnancy or birth pains, thus making the whole matter into a publicity stunt that will probably garner millions for Jenner as books and movies, not to mention the priceless porn in the magazine, are derived from the process.

Trans-anything these days represents a market for new entitlements. Students in some school systems who claim to be transgenders are now allowed to choose their own bathroom and locker/shower-room du jour, depending on whether they feel male or female on a given day or, as the Q element of LGBTQ signifies, haven't made up their minds (gender-challenged, perhaps), in which case they might sneak outside. Forcing them to use a bathroom at all is an infringement on rights to privacy, meaning that if they go off-building, all other students and potential spectators must be required by law to “look the other way” or face arrest. Students opting for this method of relief can simply press an alarm activator that will signal all-eyes-closed for two minutes, at least in the proximity of the area to be used. Since the only evidence necessary to prove transgender status is simply the word of the transgender him/herself, the new entitlement is an absolute godsend for the voyeur of either, gender (to make the feminists happy). There's no such thing as sex for feminists except maybe unisex...or uni-gender, about either of which one must not giggle lest he take a chance on perpetrating a hate-crime, giggles being a form of verbal abuse.

And then there's the recent widely circulated account concerning a local white NAACP official who declared herself (and has made herself to appear) black, notwithstanding irrefutable proof provided by her parents especially in pictures and via birth certificate, that she's white. This, of course, means a new category of transition—trans-pigmentation. There's no reason why the government should object to paying for procedures that make people comfortable in their own skins—that old entitlement to the pursuit of happiness thing—as declared in the Declaration. Just wearing uncoordinated colors is bad enough but the trauma of living in a skin of the wrong color is unthinkable, and doctors who can rearrange folks sexually (or genderally) should have little trouble turning white people black, brown, or chartreuse, for that matter, and vice versa. This would be a bonanza for dermatologists, who nevertheless should be careful with injections or pills lest someone turn out purple or (gasp) polka-dotted. Lawyers could become zillionaires overnight handling the resulting lawsuits, which would bankrupt medical-insurance companies or simply raise premiums astronomically, or both.

Obamacare should cover such a sensitive issue concerning the welfare of the people. After all, didn't the president tweet Caitlin and express his admiration for her bravery? He said she struck a blow for LGBT rights, though that raises the question of whether or not Jenner switched from homosexual to lesbian or straight-to-straight or straight to lesbian or...whatever. Caitlin will probably get the freedom medal or some such accolade before Obama leaves office, though he will not award it account of pigment-change but for the far more fundamental reason, change-of-race—as he would say—period! He is the best example of this reasoning, to wit, though he is half-white (with some of it Irish, of course), he never references himself other than African American, obviously his chosen race. Indeed, one wonders if he might sign an executive order designating the entire population as, if not African American, at least black, perhaps making the U.S. the largest minority in the world, but the president would never do something so racist. The Constitution, though dissed occasionally by Obama, would not allow that anyway since in Century-XXI everything from tattoos to tank-top messages like “Live and Let Love” is a form of speech.

So...trans-racer persons should have the right to change races, and this would not even require a name-change. Indeed, on the basis of his immigration policies (whatever they are at the moment), the president might just as soon be Latino. The medical profession should be able to handle this, though there might be problems with people who are both transgender and trans-racer. To keep costs down, a complete do-over might be possible in just one procedure, though a slip of the scalpel might eventuate in dire circumstances, such as a white transgender/trans-racer man being changed into a black lesbian but account OR mistakes winding up as a bald Chinese lady with a mustache.

This leads inexorably to the mother of all transitions, designed for a person who is trans-species. A bright veterinarian and a bright medical doctor should be able to pool their mnemonic resources and come up with a way to change a person into a dog or maybe a cat or even a fish for those who love to scuba-dive. A trans-species person is one who is uncomfortable in his/her skin and is convinced that he/she is some sort of animal or bird or reptile...the possibilities are out of sight. Such a procedure could also be designed to concomitantly change gender so that a male white guy could become a female pit-bull or a black lady could become an albino homosexual orangutan. The possibilities are endless. The same procedure might be done in reverse but for the fact that animals can't give consent in writing to changing, for instance, from a rattlesnake into a democrat, its natural human counterpart.

Some transitioning takes place with little or no outside help at all, though it usually occurs with parts of the soul/body/psyche/whatever, and not the whole. For instance, in 2001, the mind of Vermont Senator James Jeffords (RIP) changed from 26-year republican to democrat in just a few months after being reelected, thus giving the Senate leadership to Tom Daschle, his partner in crime. In the short time between 2008 and 2012, the mind of President Obama transitioned (evolved, according to BHO) from affirming marriage as only a man-woman thing to being a man-man thing and may still be transitioning, so look out for a new “evolution,” perhaps eventuating in arrangements such as marriage being a communal thing affirming transgenders, trans-racers and even trans-species folks, all in the name of the god DIVERSITY. Home locations could be the White House, Statehouse, any house or the zoo.

In a country so jaded after only 226 or so years resulting in exceptionally free and prosperous existence that transitioning is its collective obsession and tour de force, perhaps the time has come for the nation to be transitioned to colony-status so it can have the thrill of starting all over again. Nations could vie for the opportunity to be the new evil empire, taking over all but especially the U.S. military assets (like ISIS does) in order to keep the new colony down. What a new history that would be!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


The president sent out the word today,
With bravery the subject of his bray,
He publicly referred with face of straight
To one who ordered up a self-castrate;
It seemed the man was tired of his own sex,
Indeed, upon his life it was a hex,
But thought that as a woman he could jive...
Indeed, in no way better could he thrive;
And so he told the docs to cut it off,
That he no longer normally would boff,
And ordered up some brand-new body parts
To be implanted as new life he starts;
The Hippocratic Oath was not the force,
“No harm” replaced by “charm” was now the course...
A mutilated body now was “in,”
A brand-new set of works within the skin;
And so the man was changed from fatherhood
By methods state-of-art to motherhood;
With bravery by most folks understood
As on exhibit in tough neighborhood
By those who wear the badge to keep the peace,
The presidential braying should just cease –
Or by those under fire on battlefield
Or on the oceans, in the air, to yield
Their lives if need be to keep peace...
The presidential braying should just cease;
Yeah...presidential braying understood
To mean the president misunderstood,
But what he heaved and spoke was understood
To emanate from skull encasing wood.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Democrat Males—Do not Apply!

A strange though predictable thing has happened on the way to the democrat candidate-nominating process, to wit, that neither party honchos nor the pundits have considered that the nominee could be male. When doubt has been expressed about Hillary Clinton's chances account, for instance, her proclivity for deviousness (humongous outright lies or governmental emails on a personal computer/server, with a third already erased), attention has turned automatically to Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts senator and former Harvard Law professor, known for her bogus claims about Indian heritage. Is there no democrat man up to the job?

Clinton is embroiled in the Clinton Foundation so-called fund-raising activities, tagged by some as influence-peddling on a gigantic scale, not to mention personal enrichment. The millions both she and hubby Bubba have been paid for “speeches” are so transparent as to require uber-professionally structured spin, lest the great unwashed catch on to the subterfuge.

Ms. Clinton is holding no press conferences of substance, lest someone ask about these shenanigans, some involving inordinately wealthy Middle East partners in who have bottomless pockets. This money comes from countries in which women are treated as chattel, but never mind that...the cause is righteous. When Ms. Pelosi became speaker again in 2009, she made much of the fact that a grandmother would straighten up the place, warm-fuzzy goodness transforming the nation.

Women HAVE made great gains in the last 20 years not just in government but across the board in the professional areas—medicine, legal, judicial, education. They were supposed to bring goodness and light to the country and above all – HONESTY. They've proven to be as greedy, opportunistic, and dishonest as men. Men, especially white men whose forefathers made this nation what it is (for good or ill but at least powerful and prosperous), have made every effort to surrender, lest they be called chauvinists or, worse, politically incorrect deniers of the god Diversity.

This segues into the difference between men and women. Women are unalterably (but unfairly except for a handful) connected with the “oldest profession,” the selling of the body for money. The men sell their bodies for the battlefield, which promises no personal profit but a grim chance for death. No one with at least half-sense believes that the current drive to put women in combat is any more than potentially deadly recognition of the god Diversity, with an impossible unisex as normal and unavoidable catastrophic military consequences.

The tone is set through the media not just in entertainment venues but in the supposedly “serious” news outlets. The girl-anchor/commentator crowd shows as much thigh and cleavage as possible, not to sell their bodies but to command attention not to news but to themselves. The one consistent exception is Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren, who looks serious while handling serious subjects. In other words, the news-ladies still consider themselves as sex objects more than as journalists. Compare their appearance with that of the suit-tie-coat-mode of the men anchors/newsmen to get the picture.

So...why is Hillary Clinton a shoo-in? With regard to the above, she would say, “What difference does it make?” She has absolutely no bona fides for the presidency. She owes everything in her political adventure to the simple fact that she married Bill Clinton. As a senator in a hearing including David Petraeus as a witness, she told the general he could not be believed (ironically, perhaps her crowning achievement in matters of integrity); as state secretary, she was complicit in the unprovoked U.S./NATO rape of Libya, with much blood on her hands, not to mention her Rose Garden lie about Benghazi, the lie she even repeated privately and with total insensitivity to the survivors of those killed in that massacre.

The country deserves better—man or woman. She has the inside track because she has the blocs to guarantee it – nearly all blacks, women up to age 35 (they vote), Hispanics, and the 47% of households that pay no taxes but vote how to spend other people's money. But a democrat man, especially one with military experience, could get most of that vote, too. Surely, the Democrat Party can come up with a believable candidate even if it might be male. Hillary in the Oval Office is bizarreness stretched past snapping.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Sex-Change Fraud

The spectacle of Bruce Jenner's transformation from male to female through the good offices of medical people whose morals are as low as his has captivated the media, the main-streamers such as ESPN extolling Jenner's virtues as it did when Michael Sam outed himself last year. Jenner was once a great athlete who brought honor to both sport and nation. Now, he's a sideshow freak like the 800-pound lady in the carnival booth whom people buy tickets to ogle.

Jenner represents the prurience currently remarking a nation sinking ever faster into a morass of immorality that will damn it into oblivion unless soon reversed. One supposes there will now be a trade organization established whereby women being transformed into men can trade their uteri, breasts and other adjuncts to men becoming women for a genuine penis/prostate outfit, thereby making both actually what they mistakenly think they are. Of course, the brains of men and women are quite different but an exchange in that area would push the envelope a genome too far.

The liberal press will scream religious-fanatic-idiots at those who take exception to the grossness of so-called sex-change, actually an absolute impossibility anyway, although most people of faith can be guaranteed to take exception on the grounds that the God-created body should not be violated. What would be next, especially in light of the weird attempts to clone people, thereby also violating the divine design? Maybe the change of a Jenner-type into a chimp, thereby reversing the sacred god of spurious human-evolution?

No...take God out of the equation. So-called sex-change is a violation of Nature itself, whether formed by God, the Big-Bang, the Big-Nothing or any other theory of origination. Integral to Nature is the propagation of people and the propagation of the things upon which they depend for livability. In both cases, the elements of male and female are necessary as they join to form, not clone, their own. Tampering with this arrangement, as already proven by cloning misfires, is tantamount to secular blasphemy, the result of which will be disaster.

Doctors who subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath of healing and doing no harm debase themselves and their clients (not referenced as actual patients) when they take scalpel and carve a human into something else, no matter what they call it. Castrating Jenner didn't make him into a woman. In racing terms, it simply made him a gelding. A human's anatomy or biology can be tweaked, as in an appendectomy, but his/her sex can't be changed no matter how many tweaks are employed.

Chromosomes are inborn and therefore just are. Otherwise, in China, doctors would rearrange chromosomes, probably by state edict, so that female fetuses could be changed into boy fetuses, at least until undue loss of girl population threatens negative birth rates, which actually is a problem there now. The fetus would have no say, of course, so this is not a good analogy to the Jenner debacle. It's likely that this womb-change effort is already in some mad researcher's lab as man attempts to outdo the originator, no matter who or what.

Jenner is just a blip on a news cycle. His brief notoriety will be just that—brief. Others have had this same body-desecration performed but were not high-profile enough to cause media frenzy. The Jenner insult to humanity is merely to point out the moral degradation now operative in the U.S. and approaching warp speed. The virtual glorification of homosexuality apparent in the last 20 or so years—another insult to humanity—is further evidence of decline. Homosexual behavior also violates Nature's design, especially for body orifices and protuberances. The results, especially in terms of disease, have been and will continue to be catastrophic.

Notwithstanding the contrary claims of arrogant medical people, elitist social-mongers and fame-hunters like Jenner, these violations of the human body will not go unpunished. Leave God out of it. Nature, as has always been the case, will have its way, i.e., exact a price for aberrant, perverted behavior. Ask the Greeks, Romans, current Europeans and Muslim butchers, not to mention those whose perversions have delivered them to AIDS, STDs and other diseases.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark