Saturday, June 27, 2015

Plato & the Court

The word came down today from Court Supreme,
Thus noted in reverse to mark its theme
Of making laws, not banning or redeem,
In this case denigrating Nature's scheme;
By one-vote-split, the justices ordained
That man may marry man, now unrestrained,
That women do the same, their gender stained
The same as men's—perverted acts retained;
To legalize what Nature clearly bars
Is to blaspheme Creation earth-to-stars...
The Court became the Eve of Eden's mars
In miring of the states in Satan's tars;
So...tell the world perversion is new norm
In these United States, a higher form
Than of millenniums with no reform
But just with Nature always to conform;
The Court affirms with Plato, Socrates
That homosexuals one must appease
By counterfeiting them as normalcies
Though they can never fashion families;
The Court may someday rule that pedophiles
Consorting with “consenting” juveniles
May not be charged because of their lifestyles –
Ah yes...the ghost of Plato is all smiles.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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