Wednesday, June 17, 2015


The president sent out the word today,
With bravery the subject of his bray,
He publicly referred with face of straight
To one who ordered up a self-castrate;
It seemed the man was tired of his own sex,
Indeed, upon his life it was a hex,
But thought that as a woman he could jive...
Indeed, in no way better could he thrive;
And so he told the docs to cut it off,
That he no longer normally would boff,
And ordered up some brand-new body parts
To be implanted as new life he starts;
The Hippocratic Oath was not the force,
“No harm” replaced by “charm” was now the course...
A mutilated body now was “in,”
A brand-new set of works within the skin;
And so the man was changed from fatherhood
By methods state-of-art to motherhood;
With bravery by most folks understood
As on exhibit in tough neighborhood
By those who wear the badge to keep the peace,
The presidential braying should just cease –
Or by those under fire on battlefield
Or on the oceans, in the air, to yield
Their lives if need be to keep peace...
The presidential braying should just cease;
Yeah...presidential braying understood
To mean the president misunderstood,
But what he heaved and spoke was understood
To emanate from skull encasing wood.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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