Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Women in Combat?

Defense Secretary Panetta announced the other day that women, being quite suited to the activity, may now take their place in the infantry and fight the nation’s wars. He, of course, a political appointee and therefore free of thought-processes, did not make that decision. It was made by President Obama, who has discovered a mother-lode of votes in the female age-group most affected by this invitation to carnage, not that many of the ladies will be all that interested. Rather, they see this decision by the “hunk” not as the bare-faced pandering it is, but as further proof that unisex rules now, the devil take the hindmost male who objects.

Ironically, as Obama announced the ladies capable of severe training, hand-to-hand fighting and dying, he also made it clear that he would have to think long and hard before allowing a son (Trayvon Martin-type, as he noted a while back) to play football, so dangerous are its probabilities for trauma to the dear child. When this kind of oxymoron-think occurs in the top office of the land, one has to wonder where the nation is headed. Obama once quite publicly said that policemen in Massachusetts acted stupidly, so maybe he knows the modus operandi for that.

One would think that Obama would approve of the ladies playing in the National Football League as a reasonable part of basic training, honing their skills to both hurt and take punishment, which is what the NFL is all about. After all, a number of New Orleans Saints operatives were suspended last year (one for a whole year) for fomenting a program involving payments to players based on the number and kind of injuries they inflicted on members of the opposition. The figures were not disclosed but one can envision a lineman-concussion at $5,000 and a quarterback-concussion at twice that amount, with mere broken bones somewhat less.

The president’s mind seems to still be in Hawaii. Women play something as unimportant as sports only in their own leagues, in which they realize equality, but may not play in the NFL, the NBA, or the hockey leagues, in which they could get killed. And yet, in something as critically important as mortal conflict, in which endurance and strength mean the difference between life and death, they are quite welcome, thank you, sir. And, during the times the shells are not falling, they can nurse their babies and do their hair.

Despite objections by field commanders, Obama inflicted the military with openly practicing homosexuals…welcome to the fun and games originating in Sodom and Gomorrah…just great for morale. Now, the ladies get their chance, never mind a plethora of laws on the books such as rape-laws and restraining orders designed to protect them as a special class because they can’t physically/emotionally hold their own in even a domestic setting. This is not meant pejoratively…just a fact.

Think what would happen if a lady is taken prisoner by a bunch of al Qaeda thugs…at least before they stoned her or cut off her head. It’s perfectly obvious that Obama either hasn’t thought of this or just doesn’t care, even though he has two daughters who could be eligible for a possible draft. But the votes are there and the democrat men will follow his lead since the office and not the country—or even the women—takes precedence. Disgusting!

When the men in a country are willing to see their wives and daughters subjected to and humiliated by battlefield carnage, they’ve lost any claim to self-respect or the respect of others. The Congress, if it allows this idiocy and insensitivity to go forward, can be labeled as either unprincipled or as collectively dumb as a gourd…or both. Laws upstage executive orders, the vehicle Obama favors as the way to govern.

It is an unmistakable fact that a nation is on a downward track morally when it reduces its womanhood to cannon fodder, never mind some ladies’ protestations to the contrary. The next step is the dustbin of history, along with all the other people-states that rotted from the inside out.

Political correctness rules these days, no matter how whacko it has become. Licentious hedonism is another term for it, whether applied to the violation of women or the perversions of homosexual behavior. Glorification of the unnatural, whether the wedding of two men or feeding women to Islamic butchers, redounds to national disaster and disgrace.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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