Thursday, May 03, 2012

Shameful Presidential Posturing

The president is still busy taking his “victory lap” account the assassination of Osama bin Laden in May2011, something about which he said a few days after the feat was accomplished that there would be no “spiking the ball,” i.e., crowing loud and long concerning “see what I did…hooray!” Now, he’s even taken his act to Afghanistan, a bit of buffoonery in an effort toward reelection but “rubbing the Pakistanis nose in it,” a diplomatic bit of stupidity, just a good photo-op. Predictably, the Taliban responded to his brief visit with a car-bombing, killing seven and wounding 17. He might as well have burned a Koran.

Obama, at least, didn’t fabricate a tale in which he had to run a gauntlet of snipers similar to the huge lie foisted on the public in 2008 by State Secretary Clinton concerning the visit she and daughter Chelsea made to Bosnia in 1996. For that bit of integrity she entered the president’s cabinet. It’s no wonder tax-cheat Geithner became Treasurer and former senator Tom Daschle had to cough up over $100,000 in unpaid taxes in his unsuccessful effort to become secretary of something or other. Dishonesty seemed to be a virtual requirement, and these folks were not the only examples.

One remembers the incident of last May with respect to just how much Obama had (or not) to do with it. The actual account is sure to come out in a book by somebody in this administration either after he’s gone or Obama is gone, whichever comes first, hopefully the latter in November. The account by an “insider” has been well documented on the Internet and includes info relative to just how incompetent Obama is regarding anything military. It seems clear enough that the “Osama Affaire” was then CIA-director Panetta’s baby, with Obama “leading from behind,” if at all.

The assassination effort took place at Osama’s compound just about a half-mile from the Pakistan Military Academy, the equivalent of West Point in this country. The topographical map shows a mere handful of buildings between the two locations. There was a firefight resulting in at least five deaths (including Osama) and a number of wounded. The Navy Seals were on the ground for forty minutes during which time a helicopter crashed sending up a fireball.

The noise alone of three or four (who knows?) helicopters and the firefight, plus the enhanced noise of the crash, could have been heard a mere half-mile away from the West Point of Pakistan in Abbottabad but there was no response from presumably some of the sharpest military operatives in the country, even though the mayhem continued for forty minutes practically on their parade ground? This defies belief, so one has to wonder as to Panetta’s total knowledge and control.

What did Panetta know (plan) and when did he know (plan) it? Was there a conspiracy that included Pakistanis, who are Taliban, not al Qaeda, and who had seen what al Qaeda had caused for being allowed to operate in Afghanistan?

The plan was to secure the body of bin Laden – dead, not captured. Why? He was unarmed so he could have been taken alive or even anesthetized to make his removal easy. After all, he was to be carried out in any case, according to plan. He had more knowledge of al Qaeda plans and operatives than anyone in the world – a veritable gold mine of information to be mined at Gitmo, perhaps with water-boarding, which neither injures nor kills and is therefore not torture.

In its 01 May 2011 (same day?) account, ABC News indicated that sources had reported that DNA testing proved that Osama had been killed. This means that DNA testing was done on the spot, presumably, an impossibility. Has there ever been any information as to where and when Osama’s DNA had been previously collected and preserved by U.S. officials in order for a match to be made, especially immediately?

Osama’s son was killed in the attack but it’s a lead-pipe cinch that his DNA was not collected for a match; however, even if it had been, it could not have been calculated in a 40-minute firefight or within minutes after the attack. Osama was removed immediately and flown to a carrier in the Arabian Sea, where he joined the mermaids or the 72 virgins, whichever came first…all within 24 or so hours, lest Allah be offended. Egad!

So…whereas Iraq’s Saddam was not shot by his American captor but made to stand trial and be publicly hanged, leaving no doubt as to his identity and final disposition, all the public got concerning the May 2011 celebrant, whoever he was, was a bunch of pictures and verbal assurances that he was bin Laden.

American citizens, especially the relatives of those killed on 9/11 and in the fighting in Afghanistan deserved to see bin Laden brought to justice by this country, like Saddam and the German butchers after World War II in Iraq and Holland, respectively. Why not just drown 9/11-planner Khalid in the Atlantic at some unmarked spot instead of giving him the “good life” at Gitmo…same difference?

None of this is to say that bin Laden was not killed on 01 May 2011. It is to say that the peculiarities surrounding the event make the administration’s accounting stink. The interrogation, public trial and execution of Osama would have sent the proper message to terrorists everywhere. Dishonesty concerning Osama is the hallmark of this administration…either that or abject stupidity.

One thing is certain, to wit, Obama should continue his campaigning on the basis of his actual performance and stop trying to con the public, crowing and hoo-hahing about his personal execution of Osama bin Laden. He was just a bystander, like everyone else. Someday, the truth will be known.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

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