Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kerry & the Kiddie Korps

The “Kiddie Korps” is alive and well in Washington, as it has been in spades for the last four years. The latest major addition to the Korps (Obama would probably say “korpse,” as in his famous “corpse-man” [referring to navy “corpsman” twice] remark at a prayer breakfast somewhere) is John Kerry, famous by his own admission as voting for the Iraq War before he voted against it, a wondrous revelation by a “settled” mind.

Kerry also established his bona fides a few years back by stating that guys who couldn’t handle the world of education wound up in Iraq. Just these two gems of wisdom alone are indications of his ability to be secretary of state, never even mind his remarkable attempts back around 1970, by sucking up to a gaggle of North Vietnamese honchos in Paris (where else?), to end the Vietnam War. He was a low-ranking naval reserve officer at the time representing no one in an act of treason. He shares a common trait with Obama called PNS, Perpetual Narcissism Syndrome.

This is what Kerry said to a Senate committee in 1971: “So what I am saying is that yes, there will be some recrimination but far, far less than the 200,000 a year who are murdered [in Vietnam] by the United States of America …”. Kerry’s comrades/nation had murdered [his word] 1.6 million Vietnamese 1964-71 (or almost 4 percent of the population for 1970), mostly civilians – women, children, and old men. He’s never offered a scintilla of proof for that wacky accusation so, naturally, he can be secretary of state for Obama, who has no apparent love for the military…or the truth.

The big news lately has been that Defense Secretary Hagel has been busy beefing up this country’s missile-defense system in the Far East, the better to protect places like Guam, should the little idiot running (or is he?) North Korea these days decide to make mincemeat (or rice-cakes) of the U.S., as he on a daily basis promises. This means intercepting enemy missiles much like the Israelis do routinely to down those fired at Israel from Gaza. This would also protect South Korea, Japan and other places.

In other words, Hagel is using a system developed from the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) put into place three decades ago by President Reagan but over much opposition in Congress. This is what Kerry had to say about SDI in 1986: “What we must do is deny this program [SDI] the funds that would enable this cancer on our nation's defense to grow any further.” One wonders if Kerry, having been against the system then, is for the system now. He probably doesn’t know.

One year earlier in June 1985, the Associated Press reported that Kerry was advocating the same position of limiting funding to SDI, calling it, “a dream based on an illusion.” So…do either the president or Kerry eat a bit of crow, the former for his monstrous lack of judgment in appointing Kerry and the latter for being if not a hypocrite, at least not very forthcoming or convincing as a public official?

So…Kerry has visited the Chinese and strongly suggested (actually begged) that they “just do something” about Kim Jung Un, who is, after all, their puppet. The Chinese commies probably already have warned Hun-Un but since faces have to be saved all around nothing has been made public. How times have changed! After the Pearl Harbor massacre in 1941, FDR warned the Japanese in no uncertain terms that the U.S. would destroy them. He didn’t ask anybody else to do it, just kept his word, also in spades.

Obama can doubtlessly send word to Hun-Un through whatever channels are bound to exist (the newspapers if nothing else) that he, assuming he covers his behind and lives, will preside over mega-tons of ashes should he even launch a firecracker toward this country or its allies. Of course, warm-fuzzy political correctness militates against such powerful truth-telling (racism, anyone?) but one hopes that U.S. missiles are already aimed and readied to take out every conceivable threat/target in North Korea, using every available weapon (and there are myriads of them, hopefully, but in this administration who knows?), even (gasp) drones.

Hun-Un has made it public that Obama should give him a call, perhaps even offer one of his gilt-edged apologies for U.S. intransigence (along with 100 shiploads of peanut butter), so the two can settle their differences. Obama, who put the quietus on Bush’s east-European missile-defense system might even listen. After all, he told the Russkie president last year that after the election he would have more flexibility. Why not just pull an Andrew Jackson, send in the troops and make North Korea the fifty-first state, complete with entitlements all around and Dennis Rodman the governor?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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