Friday, April 12, 2013

The Judd l'Affaire

At the Lexington, Ky., Lexington Herald-Leader, the racism, discrimination, and gender-abuse beats are patrolled by columnist Merlene Davis, whose most profound belief is probably that WASP-Ms (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Men) are actually beings belched from the nether regions as a curse from Satan and form the most glaring example possible of misogyny, homophobia and racism. She observed a bit of spleen-venting in the 11 April issue concerning Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s abuse of poor actress Ashley Judd.

Ms. Judd, a Tennessee resident, put out some feelers a while back – even conferred with Kentucky Governor Beshear, who responded favorably – about running for McConnell’s seat next year. She would have to emulate Hillary Clinton’s move to New York in 2000, raise some cash from the Hollywood crowd (or, Obama’s crowd—all the same), move to the “dark-and-bloody ground” and proceed to buy the election although McConnell’s war-chest holds about $10 million at this point. Of course, Ms. Judd could probably “loan” herself enough, anyway.

Unfortunately, Ms. Judd, perhaps attacked by a severe case of acute-self-importance, wrote, with a co-author of course, an autobiography a couple or so years ago, perhaps another tell-all book with enough titillation to attract buyers. Admittedly, I haven’t seen a copy.

Anyhow, things folks might think strange have been reported to appear in the book, and an apparent eavesdropper or the planter of a “bug” in the McConnell Louisville office managed to secure about 11 minutes of conversation carried on among his staffers, in which some of those strange things were discussed, and there was also (gasp) laughter. Progress Kentucky Super PAC, a major hate-McConnell outfit, has claimed responsibility but with an obviously cooked-up story about taping through a closed door. Apparently, McConnell’s voice did not appear in the conversation.

Included in the book is an account concerning Ms. Judd’s treatment once in a Texas institution for depression and this was part of that discussion, with the recording of the discussion somehow winding up anonymously at Mother Jones magazine (might have brought a penny or two), a far-left-beyond-the-fringe-and-sanity rag. Ms. Davis saw this as a reason for McConnell to apologize to Ms. Judd, who dropped out of the running in March. The infamous recording was made on 02 February. Surprise, surprise!

Ms. Davis brought two other women into the discussion, one the operations director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, who indicated that a stigma would attach to mental illness until it is treated the same as diabetes or cancer. The other was a super-liberal state senator who said she had been treated for depression all of her adult life. The ladies see the affliction as a mental illness. Judd, however, probably has so much baggage, some of it an unsavory sort, that her depression problem might not have been central. Being dragged through the mud (the above-mentioned PAC has just recently hammered McConnell’s wife vis-à-vis her ethnicity) might have warned off Judd, too.

Davis’s real problem with McConnell is that he’s a WASP-M and, even worse, a republican WASP-M, so it’s just a mean old republican guy attacking a young and beautiful democrat WOMAN—an absolute no-no, the lecherous ancient misogynist. However, Judd’s problem was not McConnell…it was Judd. Just her pictures through the years (clothes relatively unnecessary) do not depict senatorial decorum.

Flash back to 1972 to see how Davis-type, sensitive democrats treat other democrats who suffer from depression. Missouri Senator Eagleton was the vice presidential nominee on the ticket with Senator McGovern in the top spot. It was discovered that Eagleton had been treated in an institution for depression, ergo, he was unceremoniously dumped from the ticket though he remained in the Senate for a long time afterward.

Or take the case of Senator Muskie, early front-runner in the 1972 democrat presidential primary. He shed a few tears at a press conference and VOILA! he was done in by his own sensitive party. Now, the tears would be a badge of courage in the warm-fuzzy political correctness worshiped by liberals. Judd should have shed a few tears and fingered McConnell as a heartless, cruel curmudgeon. But, then, there’s that bare-bottom hockey-poster she did for the University of Kentucky. She didn’t show as much as Beyonce would have if she’d leaned over when she lip-synched the national anthem at the inaugural in January…but almost as much.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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