Monday, July 24, 2006

Iran/Syria Cabal - End It!

The desire to either be deluded or to delude others is seen in the notion that Israel attacked Lebanon. Nothing has been better documented than the fact that Israel was attacked in both the Gaza region and from Lebanon, thus fomenting the current conflict, one that hopefully will end Hezbollah once and for all. In 1948, Israel did not attack Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It was the other way around.

In 1956, Israel did not attack Egypt’s Sinai, but moved against the terrorist raids from that area, as is the current case with Lebanon and Gaza. In 1967, Israel did not attack Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, but took back Gaza and got rid of the constant threats from the Golan Heights and also helped themselves to the West Bank, sort of like the USA hanging on to Gitmo whether Castro likes it or not. The same is true of Guam, although the Japanese are happy for the USA to be there.

In 1973, Israel did not attack Egypt and Syria. It was the other way around. Israel gave the Sinai back to Egypt in1982 and has recently given up much of the West Bank and all of Gaza. By 1982, it was the PLO that took up the fight against Israel, and Sharon invaded its nest in Lebanon, but virtually all Israelis pulled out of South Lebanon by 2000. Hezbollah took over this region. The Syrian army, which controlled Lebanon, did not leave until 2005.

During the 2000s, the suicide/homicide bombings became the “in” weapon used in Israel and the Koranic “death to the infidels at every opportunity and by any method” spiritual modus operandi, as exemplified throughout the 90s throughout the world and culminating for the USA on 9/11, turned the issue into religious fanaticism unimaginable in civilized countries.

Israel is the flashpoint for a much wider and ominous conflict, i.e., that which emanates from the command of the Koran for Islamic annihilation of all infidels, especially in the USA, the greatest threat to that effort. The stage is already set, and, while the Islamic fascists are still too technically/militarily weak and totally blinded by fundamentalism as practiced on ignorant people to do great horror now, the time is right to destroy this threat with a minimum of casualties in both this and other nations. In other words and by whatever means (principally taking out the technical/hardware-resources needed for both conventional weapons and WMD), Iran and Syria, the suppliers of Hezbollah and financers of the mischief (along with Saudi Arabia, a non-player because of its military ineptness), these nations must be neutralized now.

Attempts at diplomacy are laughable and only contain quid pro quo (usually financial) packages that are immediately violated. Think Kim Jong Il. Other powers such as China and all those in Europe, whose nations are becoming more Islamic every day, and even other Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia will welcome an end to the Iran/Syria cabal, just as they welcomed the virtual end of Al Qaeda and the actual end of Saddam. Russia, with its constant threat of former Muslim SSRs on its southern border (all the “stans”), as well as those within – think Chechnya – will not object. Waiting for the hopeless UN to act is to wait forever, so this nation and perhaps Britain and a handful of others will have to make the decision and carry it out. Without question, Israel, if pushed to the limit, will instigate nuclear war. It’s better to do the “dirty work” now to forestall certain massive upheavals than to wait for a gaggle of idiots such as Iran’s Ahmadinejad or ObL to cause unbelievable turmoil later.

This does not mean a land invasion anywhere. With the Iraq conflict still in progress, such an undertaking is out of the question, anyway, even if it were thought profitable. Further expenditure of American blood/treasure and that of other nations also is not worth a bloody invasion. It means that the ability of Iran and Syria to in any way aid and abet terrorist activities must be completely destroyed.

This would involve first warning these nations that all their nuclear and military facilities would be bombed into ashes if they didn’t stop their activities, notwithstanding and in spite of “collateral damage.” There’s enough information in a number of intelligence agencies in a number of countries to pinpoint these facilities, and there certainly is the means available to destroy them, both in the region and from facilities a half-a-world away, if necessary. Financing the rebuilding of the destroyed infrastructure in the two countries would dry up the cash now expended in supplying proxy butchers such as Hezbollah with the means to literally threaten the world. If these nations did not respond by foreclosing their support of Hezbollah and all other terrorist groups, let the action begin.

This is, of course, a sanguinary – some would say meddlesome and heartless – approach; however, while in the short term it would be nasty, the long-term benefits would be worth both the sacrifices on all sides, as well as the world’s rancor. Actually, the world’s rancor would change little from what it is now, since most of the nations in the UN, while never admitting it, despise Israel, never mind its legitimate standing as a nation, and the USA because of sheer envy and because of its support of Israel, notwithstanding the rightness of that support. With regard to the USA and the UN, it’s always a lose-lose situation for this country when it does anything, so there’s nothing new there.

William Buckley went on the record recently to remark this country’s failure with respect to nation-building in Iraq, actually something it was right to attempt but unable to do, notwithstanding the elections and all the rest. Nation-building might actually happen, however, once the U.S. is out of there. It certainly will not happen until the Americans leave and the Iraqis are faced with democracy or theocracy, either one guaranteed to be bloody in the establishing, especially in a nation with a literacy rate of 40%. The Iran/Syria matter does not involve nation-building, an absolute impossibility in either place, but it does involve neutralizing the ability of these countries to make mischief, and the free world should see to that, even if only the U.S. is up to it.

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

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