Friday, February 10, 2012

Endangered Constitution

Well…after all, what’s a president to do when a recalcitrant Congress thwarts his will at every point? On 06 February in an “interview” with NBC’s morning guru Matt Lauer, President Obama displayed dismay that he couldn’t force the Congress to do his bidding and blamed the Constitution for making that his problem. He specifically blamed the “fathers” who wrote it but claimed that he was getting better as he proceeds in his presidency. Getting better at what? Getting better at satisfying his base, of course, Lauer already having mentioned that the people who voted for him in 2008 were disappointed!

The president thumbed his nose big-time at the Constitution when he instituted his personal – purely personal – war against Libya in March 2011, an action that has resulted in massive bloodshed as well as a devastated, ungoverned country. Not to be bothered by a possibly disagreeable Congress was paramount in his considerations, especially since both Defense Chief Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen had publicly stated he was making a mistake.

They made those statements in a congressional hearing, providing even more reason not to go to Congress. Only Congress has the power to either by declaration or a timely proviso (War Powers Act) make war. His action was all the more heinous in that Libya was no threat whatsoever to this or any other country. Now, he faces the dilemma with “what to do” about Syria, a situation exactly like that of Libya, as if he can do anything other than command decent GIs to bomb innocent women and children, as they were commanded to do regarding Libya.

Lately, Obama has decided to tell the churches/denominations what they can and cannot do, wiggling every which way to make his un-Constitutional approach work. Plainly, he hates the U.S. Constitution because it stands in the way of turning this nation upside down economically, morally, and spiritually. By regulations no one has ever conceived, his czars are turning his healthcare legislation into a nightmare of bad consequences, obviously more intentional than not.

Not even during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when communists and socialists had their strong legal parties and tried to gain control of government, was the threat to personal freedom as pronounced as it is now. Proud, suffering Americans would have none of their poison then, when there were no “safety nets,” but under Obama and a Congress insipid beyond words, the nation is heading for “herd control.” Disgusting!

The Constitution Wins

He said the Constitution was a drag
And emphasized states-rights far, far too much,
When speaking of it, he sometimes would gag,
Dismissing it as too far out of touch;
He said it gave the Congress too much power
That limited executive fiat,
His thoughts about that daily grew more sour,
He felt constrained by every tittle, jot.

He campaigned toward the document’s demise
And felt that wealth should be distributed
By him because, of course, he was so wise
And voter’s thinking so inhibited;
The Constitution did not stand for that…
The founders felt that sloth would soon ensue
If those who worked and earned should give up that
For which they toiled…and soon be slothful, too.

He seems to favor courts to legislate,
The courts with nominees by him, of course,
Since with a pen-stroke judges can relate
To any group what it must do, enforce;
He thought the Constitution was unwise
In that it gave religion too much say,
Since he decided faith was his surmise
And that believers should just…well, obey.

He felt he could declare war when he chose,
Ignoring Congress as just too, too slow,
With teleprompters he could be verbose,
Inviting all the world to his war-show;
The Constitution does not give him leave
To undertake a war just on a whim
Or even if the Congress might believe,
Debate a declaration backing him.

His healthcare bill was fashioned on a theme
That bureaucrats decide when one is sick
And then decide for him a proper scheme
To heal him or let nature interdict;
And though the Constitution disallows
The government to mandate purchases,
His healthcare clearly disavows
That fact as arcane, simple silliness.

So…now his promised change is recognized –
Subversion of the founders’ wise edict…
He would be king, with Congress paralyzed,
No fortitude his scheme to just evict;
But citizens will not for long be conned,
This country’s way of life too precious…yes,
From office they can mandate he abscond,
The Constitution wins…he will confess.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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