Thursday, November 01, 2012

Anyone Seen Hillary?

Has anyone seen State Secretary Clinton lately? She was very prominent in the Rose Garden with President Obama on 12 September, when the impression was given that the “Benghazi Massacre” eventuated from the temper tantrum thrown by Libyans occasioned by a film showing Mohammad as a number of bad things, all of which are true. She later very publicly declared that the filmmaker would be arrested and prosecuted.

Whoa! Prosecuted for what? Never mind her exalted status as a graduate of the Yale Law School, she either didn’t know that prosecution for exercising freedom of speech (the film) is not possible or she knew by then that the guy could be canned for a parole violation of some sort or both or none. She wouldn’t have said that absent permission from Obama, a Harvard Law guy, although any prosecution for anything would be announced by the appropriate federal prosecutor, not the president or the state secretary.

To say that Clinton has taken a low profile since the egregious gaffes (actually outright lies) took place is to understate the situation. The film had nothing to do with the bombings and deaths of four Americans, even though the administration insisted that to be the case for days but finally realized too late for the learning that reporters had apparently ferreted out gazillions more information than anyone in the government. As a result, Obama and Clinton – as well as their apparatchiks – have been exposed as perpetrators of a cover-up far more serious than any attempted by Richard Nixon, who resigned under pressure.

Clinton should have been fired on the spot no later than 14 September, but the president couldn’t do that because he was not only a co-conspirator but the official actually responsible for the attempt at cover-up. Instead, as late as 16 September, UN Ambassador Rice was spouting this known LIE on five major networks. The administration-think (by wacky wonks) apparently was that the great unwashed would never catch-on or if they did would not care one way or another.

Now, it’s known that the proper investigative group that should have gone to Benghazi was not even activated; rather, the president sent (or tried to) the FBI, making the terrorist attack a simple crime. Weird but explainable…to have done the right thing would have been to admit that terrorism is alive and well in Libya, the terrorism brought on by Obama’s stellar leading from behind last year.

Well…Clinton got out of Dodge, and none too soon because the brickbats are flying. It would be even worse if the hurricane hadn’t hit the east coast and captivated attention for a few days, but the subject won’t go away, despite the fact that the “mainstream media” won’t touch the Benghazi affair with a ten-foot hard-drive.

The fact is that the president should be quickly impeached; indeed, he should have been impeached last year when he attacked defenseless and un-provocative Libya, in the first place. If he’s reelected, the first thing the House should do is handle articles of impeachment. Conviction and expulsion from office would not happen in the Senate but the point ought to be made that declaring a war without Congressional fiat and then covering up an egregious dereliction of duty should not go unpunished in some way. People on the ground in Libya had been imploring the administration over and over to send more security. Clinton’s outfit refused but the buck lay on Obama’s desk, as he finally admitted under pressure.

So…where is dear Hillary these days? As noted way over on page 10 of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, Ky., she has been gracing Croatia with her presence and straightening out the situation in Syria. Croatia, one remembers, is next-door to Bosnia, where Hillary claimed during her 2008 campaign to beat out Obama that she had to run and flee sniper fire in 1996, never mind the monstrous measure of that LIE. She was met on he tarmac by a welcoming party complete with the traditional child for a big hug. Of course, that’s Hillary just being…well, Hillary.

For a long time, Hillary has been dealing with something called the Syrian National Council, apparently some sort of group of Syrians in exile but has finally decided that she’s getting nowhere and stated in Croatia (one wonders why she was in Croatia) that some sort of consortium had to be formed with people doing the fighting (insurrectionists) being represented. She has pushed for a clambake in Doha, Qatar, next week, at which hundreds seem to be expected – the more the merrier – to figure out how to get Assad out of office.

The actual effort has to do with deciding just who among the rebels should be given guns, about the same as with Libya last year. The results of that are seen in the current movement of ammo and al Qaeda types to Syria to cause as much bloodshed as possible there. There are already enough guns in the Middle East to take care of wars for much of the rest of the millennium, but the U.S. has to keep playing the Ugly American and adding fuel to the fire…and, oh yes…helping Obama look PRESIDENTIAL!


And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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