Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Climate Contrivance

It has been interesting recently to watch the TV newscasts (the “mainstream” ones) with regard to the terrible threat of manmade global warming, which by people who have bothered to pay attention know to be a hoax. The latest ones noticed in this corner have been foisted by NBC and ABC, featuring unbelievable “scare” prognostications. On one network, for instance, the coastlines around Florida and the East Coast were shaded in red to show the extent of the inundation of sea water occasioned by the melting Arctic ice floes or the melting ice in Greenland.

In one of the Newscasts (ABC, I believe) someone sort of slipped up and managed what Shakespeare would have called an “aside” by almost whispering something about what must have been thought a strange anomaly, i.e., the ice buildup in Antarctica…in other words, the re-freezing of melted Arctic ice, thus neutralizing the threat to the “red zones.” He quickly recovered and went on explaining the dire consequences of operating cars and heating houses.

It’s inconceivable that in this administration there’s no one actually cognizant of the way things are, ergo, there’s an agenda that has to be advanced notwithstanding the facts, not least the one that there’s been no warming in at least the last 12 or so years, whether considered manmade or otherwise.

Anecdotal stuff is all the rage now, everything from a hot July this year to Sandy the hurricane, as if anomalies have never occurred or as if anything can be considered an anomaly in the first place. Modern records go back virtually no distance compared to the age of the earth, as if anyone actually has an idea about that.

Take Chicago on Christmas day: In 1982, the temperature rose to 64 degrees; in 1983, the temperature fell to –17, a differential of 81 degrees. Does that prove anything? No! The hottest decade on record was 1936 – at least in this state, Kentucky. So what? It was 70 degrees here yesterday…proved nothing, especially since November was unusually cold.

According to the University of Illinois Cryosphere Today data based on that of a number of agencies such as NASA, the Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area is growing, as it has been exponentially since 1984. It reached a record in 2007 and is currently (September) nearly 2 million sq. km. greater than its lowest volume in 1986.

The current projection is that a new record for southern sea-ice volume will be reached in 2013. This is the entirely credible data that’s ignored by the media, which seems to be a propaganda arm of the administration, President Obama having announced his “fear” of manmade global warming often enough, not to mention his promise in 2008 of bankrupting energy-producing agencies and making electricity costs “skyrocket,” something happening in Kentucky (among lowest energy-cost states) now as plants are being regulated out of existence – this after all the millions spent for years on “scrubbing” emissions.

When the Gore-Obama combine grabbed the Nobel peace prizes for 2007 and 2009, respectively, apparently for warring successfully against warming and accomplishing the goal of cool peace, U.S. citizens were being frightened about everything from losing Coney Island and the Miami beaches to the extinction of (gasp) the polar bears, four of which actually died of drowning though Gore warned of their apparent starving to death (I never read the book or saw much of the film).

Before Obama could collect his million or so and teleprompt himself as savior of the planet in Copenhagen and Oslo in 2009, The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its partners in crime, not to mention robbing Gore of the whole prize in 2007, were thoroughly discredited by their own electronic admissions, considering themselves intellectual guru-giants vis-à-vis climate but lacking even the elementary knowledge that e-mails never die.

In the final analysis, it could be said that climate-science, while incredibly useful but only if people pay attention and act thereon, is among the least understood of the disciplines, not because of brilliant scientists who recognize scientific discipline itself, but because of the totally undisciplined amateurs or agenda-drivers such as the president and Gore look-alikes, who intend to prostitute it for use in attaining personal goals.

The world is not overheating – North becoming a bit warmer, South becoming a bit colder (a tie) – although folks in Greenland might appreciate farming again, as they did a few centuries ago.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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