Sunday, May 19, 2013

Columnist Acclaims Homosexuality

Sometime Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Roger Guffey, a retired math teacher, delivered a piece (18 May) insisting that homosexual geniuses should be celebrated and even quoted Bill Clinton, currently government’s best-known sexual deviant, to make the point. Guffey claimed that “many demonize gay people” as part of his rationale. Actually, according to the dictionary, to demonize (transitive verb) is to turn someone into an evil spirit, an impossibility, but Guffey’s field was not English so he gets a pass on that.

To make his point, Guffey furnished a list of 46 (give or take one or two) homosexual “geniuses” whose accomplishments should be celebrated. He furnished no documentation that these folks were actually homosexual (or maybe bisexual or tri-sexual or other-sexual) but cut him slack and accept that they were perverted, many if not most of them dead, anyway, and couldn’t care less. A huge number came from the entertainment field—Hollywood-types, ergo Obama’s rich supporters/friends currently—with many still alive and working.

Guffey’s way is to ask questions, as any math teacher would do, and so after each listing he poses the question as to whether or not the mentioned homosexuals’ offerings should be appreciated despite their strangeness. That method represents a “straw man,” of course, since most people appreciate what they do and would do so even if the homosexuals were purple and ate jellyfish for supper. Guffey’s target (he always has a target) in the column is Christians, many if not most of whom take a dim view of what the Bible condemns exorbitantly—homosexual behavior.

To make his point more valid, Guffey goes all the way back to Plato, the great Greek philosopher and even Alexander the Great, who conquered the known world, born in 428 BC and 356 BC, respectively. Oh yes, time-wise, “BC” is out and “BCE” is in as per current political correctness that defines Christ as a nonentity, but to each his own.

As the Population Reference would have it, 107.6 billion people have lived since 50,000 BC. In 2011, the National Geographic TV program put the figure at 110 billion since 10,000 BC. No one knows, of course, but suffice it to say that 46 homosexual geniuses out of 110 billion going at least as far back as Plato is a huge segment of the population, as any math teacher would know. Guffey is probably an evolutionist but didn’t mention any forbears such as apes and one-celled amoebae as geniuses—somewhat discriminatory—but Guffey doesn’t claim to be a retired anthropologist.

Of course, there are other types of homosexuals, too, but Guffey didn’t mention that. According to German historian Lothar Machtan’s biography of Adoph Hitler (Hitler’s Secret – the Double Life of a Dictator [2001]), der Fuhrer ordered the deaths of several high-ranking Nazis to prevent disclosure of his “secret,” among whom was Ernst Rohm, also a homosexual and head of the dreaded and vicious Storm Troopers. As a noted homosexual and probable syphilis-victim, Hitler was also a coward.

Or, there’s the interesting case of Yasser Arafat. In a book by Lt. Gen Ion Pacepa, deputy chief of Romania’s intelligence service, it is noted that Arafat’s quarters in Romania were bugged and so it was possible to listen to Arafat and his body-guard get it on, Arafat roaring like a tiger and the body-guard yelping like a hyena—interesting homosexuals to celebrate. The consensus (look it up) is that Arafat died of AIDS.

But back to the cultured and sophisticated Plato, Guffey’s prize example from antiquity: His homosexual bent was outdone only by his rampant pedophilia. In his Symposium, Plato advocated for an army of homosexual lovers (and there was such an army), and he also wrote this: “I cannot say what greater good there is for a young boy than a gentle lover, or for a lover than a boy to love.

Greek culture (Plato) openly accepted both homosexuality and pederasty. Ah…the joy of a man depositing the terminus of his urinary tract into the terminus of an innocent boy’s intestinal system (perhaps with a drop of WD-40)! In Greek athletic games, the players sported in the nude. Imagine that in the NBA, with the seven-footers flashing even the tattoos on their private parts.

Homosexuality was culturally accepted in the Roman Empire, too. Both empires imploded—rotted out! Illiterate barbarians overcame the “cultured” Romans. Nearly one-fourth of U.S. states have approved same-sex marriage (deviancy), which furnished the context for Guffey’s article. This is an indication of this country’s destiny…move over Greco- and Roman-empires. The U.S is not far behind. Perversion as normal is even taught in many public schools.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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