Monday, August 19, 2013

Columnist Reveres Hillary

Columnist Kathleen Parker attempted to make the case in a recent offering for Hillary Clinton’s coronation in 2017 on the basis of her near-mystic hold on not the citizens of the U.S. but the citizens of the world—a global candidate, something to which Obama has aspired, a sort of beneficent world ruler/arbiter. Obama’s influence in the Middle East indicates how farfetched this notion is.

Was Parker doing a tongue-in-cheek thing (women columnists suffer no constraints when discussing other women)? But no…Parker said, “Hillary is one of the most recognized and revered individuals in the world.” (ital. mine) Parker also said that Hillary has matured in her public role but didn’t say how and didn’t bother to note the level of maturity (or lack thereof) from which she had – as Obama might have it – evolved.

Even though hubby Bill signed the Defense of Marriage Act ages ago, Hillary said in March that she is gung-ho (“evolved”) for two old studs tying the knot, but didn’t mention which or how-determined concerning the dependent “spouse” raking in the government-goodies. Perhaps to Parker recognizing perversion as paradigm for ultra-sophistication represents maturity.

Parker said it was provable that women, if fully equal to men (she didn’t say how), will bring peace to the planet, offering as first proof that men, besides not bringing peace to the planet “for thousands of years,” have produced “millions and millions of corpses,” as if everyone who has ever lived or living now has not or probably won’t accomplish corpse-hood. Secondly, she noted that countries (she didn’t say which) in which women are most mistreated are also the least stable, but didn’t say compared to what.

Her third reason was that women as they become more affluent (equal?) cause countries to become more stable. She said that women with money can buy food and healthcare, educate their children and start businesses, all things, presumably, that men can’t do whilst creating “millions and millions of corpses.”

Parker said Hillary’s deification took place in China in 1995 when she stated that “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights,” thus displaying superior intellect not to be ignored globally. One wonders about men’s rights but realistically and (gasp) morally who cares about instigators of “millions and millions of corpses?” Parker said that Hillary’s revelation was a “trumpet’s blast from heaven’s gate that caused the earth to tremble,” an intellectual/philosophical/theological tsunami/earthquake.

Well, the walls of Jericho fell flat at the trumpet’s blast in the Old Testament, so why not a trembling earth? One wonders, though, what St. Pete might think in his spot at heaven’s gate unless…that’s it…St. Pete himself blasted a few bars of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Hillary’s Squad.

Parker accused Americans of obsessing about Hillary’s hair and married life but that to millions she’s a role model. On her watch as State Secretary, said Parker, Obama made permanent the Office of Global Women’s Issues, whatever that is, and even appointed a Hillary crony to represent it. Probably 99.99% of taxpayers have never heard of this powerful thingamajig.

Also on revered Hillary’s watch was her sanctified mission a la Libya. She and fellow Amazons, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Obama advisor Samantha Power, trucked on up to the UN Security Council to get “permission” to make war in 2011 on hapless Libya, population two million less than New York City and with virtually no military establishment. Violating both the Constitution and the War Powers Act, Obama undertook this adventure without consulting Congress for the obvious reason, to wit, his war would never have happened.

So…as a result of Obama’s seven-month war (would last days, not weeks, he said), how many Libyans did he and Hillary introduce to corpse-hood? No official has ever said, though the current White House gang declaims daily about the corpses in Syria and Egypt and the meanies (men, of course) who cause them. It was Hillary’s finest hour. Ask any of the Benghazi ghosts.

In 1917-18 and 1941-45—4.5 years of combat—American men at the average rate of 320 or so per day accepted corpse-hood so Parker can write about revered Hillary. But in those years, sadistic Americans were guilty of “millions and millions” of enemy corpses. Would that bring a trumpet blast from hell’s gate…Satan blasting forth the Marine Corps Hymn?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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