Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Redtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters by the noted author C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite books. The long letters were written by a man for the purpose of instructing his nephew in how to evangelize an ordinary man against God and into following Satan and going to hell. I’ve been working on a book probably titled the Redtape Letters, with a man instructing his nephew vis-à-vis politics/society and how to guide the nation into socialism. Here is a letter dealing with religion:

My Dear Gullible,

You mentioned in your last letter that you had been to church with your girlfriend but didn’t indicate how serious she is about religion, though the fact that she goes to church absent some sort of coercion suggests that (horrors) she may be devout, in which case I offer some info regarding the Force and religion, firstly, that they are mutually exclusive. Religion is pervasive in this country, of course, and most citizens claim to be religious, though many say they are simply “spiritual,” not loyal to any creed, denomination or church. These folks are relatively harmless but devout believers form a formidable roadblock to success. So-called bedrock religious principles such as worship, fidelity, only heterosexual marriage as normative, same-sex marriage as sinful and tithing as just the minimum in supporting religious causes are absolute anathema to the Force, to which religion actually is the “opium of the people,” as suggested by Marx, a belief in a god and in a hereafter.

In times past, the drivers of the Force have consciously opposed the church, especially using the separation-of-church-and-state requirement as the weapon, but this has been largely unsuccessful since the Judeo-Christian God is not only mentioned in the Constitution but seems (erroneously, of course) to be its foundation and the term “God” appears on currency, buildings, government documents, etc., even at the Supreme Court. There has been much success but the battle is tiring and too lengthy. Organizations such as the ACLU and Democrat Party have made dramatic strides but haven’t made a dent in removing nativity scenes at Christmas, for instance. Even though the culture becomes more secular and even hedonistic every day, the people insist upon keeping religious entities in place, thus salving their “souls,” I guess. As Marx said, it is the drug that gives them some sort of high though even by their own religious standards they fall far short of deserving anything but harsh justice, not mercy.

Religion is driven by the enemy, of course, though not in the usual way. The cultural trend toward hedonism, especially as it is fueled by various perversions, connects the enemy to religion. Just as boot camp is designed to break a recruit and then rebuild him, the Force demands the dismantling of a governmental system in order to rebuild it. Government systems usually implode rather than being overcome by outside forces…internal rot, in other words. This is happening in the U.S., thus making our work so much easier. Using the courts that are either grossly incompetent or perverted or both, devotees to perversions are evoking decisions that run counter to religious principles and thus counter to civility, these disruptions absolute musts in the scheme of the Force. An example is the breakup of the family, the fundamental unit of society. The Bible insists that marriage is possible only between a man and woman and nearly all the states have laws and constitutional amendments affirming that religious and obviously biological mandate but corrupt judges have ruled this to be discriminatory against homosexuals and therefore unconstitutional. So, now it is legal in some states for men to marry men and women to marry women, never mind that this runs counter to the very definition of marriage, its most important facet being the propagation of the race. Two men or two women can’t conceive a child, obviously, thus the government merely places its imprimatur on sexual perversion, the sanctioning of some sort of lust, perhaps.

Religion also demands that fidelity in marriage be observed, but the society is more and more accepting of infidelity as not only cute but a pathway to happiness. This is seen in popular TV shows and movies in which family normalcy is shown to be built on mistrust and sleaze. The same is true in the modern novels and other literature. This worship of adultery and fornication, as well as the current glorification of homosexual behavior, is replacing the worship of God with what the enemy’s advocates term as worshiping the devil and rotting from the inside, which, of course it is, the very thing that breaks the society and makes it vulnerable to radical change…sort of the fact that standing for nothing eventuates in falling for anything. This is not all pure luck, however, since the Force has operatives like me in the entertainment and publishing industries, as well as in government itself. The president, for instance, announced that he had “evolved” from the one-man/one-woman marriage-stance in 2008 to approval of same-sex marriages by 2012 and had directed the attorney general not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act enacted into law in the 1990s. This was an un-Constitutional, impeachable act on his part but demonstrates a method used by the Force to introduce chaos into the society, the better to overcome it and implant the Force’s system, i.e., the president, an obvious supporter of the Force, governs in large part in every area through executive orders, thus bypassing the legislative and court systems. His claim to be a Christian lacks credibility since the Bible is quite clear about these matters, but he is wise enough to claim Christianity since that belief is vital in elections.

Organized religion has also been infiltrated. As the church has stagnated and then started downward in membership and influence it has attempted to attract congregants by appearing more “worldly,” for want of a better term. The Force has representatives in this area, who have been successful in efforts such as making same-sex marriage biblically approved through weird interpretations of scripture (or none at all…just forget the Holy Book). Even church leaders as high in the order as bishops and heads of denominations openly live with homosexual partners, all in the name of honoring political correctness instead of biblical values, as the enemy claims. The result is further rot, a sort of sticking one’s thumb in God’s eye. Worship services feature rock bands and singers designated as worship-teams, which both sound and look the part of the rock scene. Preachers drone on about togetherness and love as if love is something that drives everything, even the acceptance/approval of something as obscene as homosexual behavior. This rot, as claimed by the enemy, is hastening the country toward the Force. It’s worth noting that the highest profile Greek philosopher and, some say, an articulator of Western Thought was also the highest profile homosexual/pedophile/pederast, as were the movers and shakers in both Greek and Roman antiquity. The Greco/Roman empires rotted out as their leaders abjured Christian principles and engaged in perverse hedonistic practices, the perfect model for destroying civility and replacing it by the Force.

It’s worth noting, also, that Islam—teaching “death to the infidel”—is constantly touted in the U.S. now as a religion, one of its other features being that a Moslem man can have four wives and may discard any one of his harem at any time without official sanction. Most of the president’s childhood was spent in a Moslem home and that may account for his cavalier approach to marriage. Accounting Islam as a religion, placing it on the same plane as Judeo-Christianity, cheapens the latter, another element of importance to the Force.

In short, have nothing to with religion except expressing an avid disparagement of it, except for Islam and its bent toward chaos and death. Believe none of it. Ballyhoo its constraints as stupid and old-fashioned. I’m not suggesting that you perform acts of perversion yourself, only that you approve of them as normal. I’m not meddling but do advise you to dump this girlfriend. People like her can be very persuasive, but believing in God is anti-Force to the core. Be fair and attend a sermon at a mosque. Don’t believe anything you hear there, either, but just appreciate the difference. Islamists can also be dangerous to the Force (or any system because of Moslem segments such as al Qaeda) but they can help in perverting the U.S. government.

As ever,

And so it goes.
Jim Clark


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