Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Greatest Accident in History

The greatest accident in history,
He claimed upon his soapbox in the park,
Concerns the president now in D.C. –
He treats his job as being on a lark,
He claims the Constitution out-of-date
Because it mandates his prerogatives...
Because it simply does not liberate
The folks who form the nation's negatives.

He ridicules the laws to not enforce
Despite the oath to uphold them,
The nation's top lawman holds to the course
The president has set to ignore them;
And so he rules by fiat, more or less,
Because he says the Congress is inert
Perhaps he thinks himself sort of noblesse—
Executive to order...laws subvert.

His violations scream impeachable
But vapid House collectively lacks spine,
The president is just unreachable –
Yes...just because the Congress is supine;
Perhaps inaction is just ethnic-based...
If so, that makes the problem so much worse,
When laws by just that fact can be erased,
The nation suffers a despotic curse.

To think a president was once impeached
For perjury that had to do with sex
Compared to orders that have overreached
Regarding life-and-death—falsehood reflex—
Is simply to condemn to nth degree
A president who strives to be a king
– The greatest accident in history –
To once great nation...degradation bring.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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