Friday, May 13, 2016


AG Lets Transgenders & Homosexuals BULLY the Masses

Two social problems are currently intersecting, causing consternation and conflict as well as calling for another interpretation of the Constitution. One has to do with laws in many locations having to do with bullying. The other deals with transgenders (or those claiming that status) using public bathrooms of choice, no matter their biological gender.

Attorney-General Lynch, in hammering the North Carolina legislature and governor for enacting laws preventing this absurdity, has predictably posited this matter in terms of racism hearkening back to the 1960s civil-rights era, although race is not a factor, just bathroom privacy for everyone. Strangely, one wonders why those who claim to be bisexual are not a part of the conversation. Should they also occupy the facility of choice?

How is a transgender or bisexual identified. There's no clinical test to determine transgender-sex. A transgender or bisexual is self-identified, no matter how he/she is dressed or undressed. Apparently, it's all in the mind, which cannot be deciphered. There's no genetic or chromosomal anomaly involved, as is the case with homosexuality.

Anyone can claim to be transgender to frequent bathrooms of choice, no questions asked. A 250-pound male, who may be a child molester or other type of pervert, can enter a restroom occupied solely by a mostly undressed twelve-year-old girl. The potential danger is obvious.

CNN's Jake Tapper, showing considerable angst on 11 May arguing with North Carolina Governor McCrory, stupidly asked if there had been a problem to date. There had been no complaints because the issue has just presented itself in the rabid political correctness craze. Transgenders, with no harm, had simply gone to the proper restrooms. The plot will thicken when that drunken 250-pound "transgender" (on his own say-so) assaults and perhaps kills that twelve-year-old girl, thus giving Tapper his answer.

This is where bullying intersects the bathrooms. Business people have been bankrupted by a handful of homosexuals account, for religious reasons, not accommodating their marriage activities. They can now be bankrupted for refusing the transgenders opposite-sex bathrooms if for no other reason simply guarding against lawsuits for what happens in those bathrooms. Bullying!

The actual bully, however, is the government, the only power the transgenders or homosexuals have for pushing this social engineering agenda. The 99.99% of straight Americans are being bullied by their own government depriving them of their right to privacy without harming another soul. Plain common sense.

A father does not want his daughter subject to exposure or worse. His son should not be forced to hear ribald conversation and even advances by silly women in the men's restroom. High-school boys, prone to pulling pranks and enduring raging hormones, can claim to be transgender to enter girls' restrooms, locker-rooms and showers (already happened in Ky.), then laugh later in their own bathrooms, perhaps joined by some girls for a great orgy all around.

This violation of privacy for the masses will affect business, manufacturing, education and all other entities if allowed to happen. SCOTUS has ruled that a right to privacy exists. Transgenders and everyone else will have that right if the government decides not to be a BULLY!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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