Monday, October 03, 2016

To the Ground

It was his aim as it had been for years
To bring the USA down to its knees
As he applied the KGB's worst fears
To entities considered enemies.
No longer Soviet but just a state,
His Russia did not rule enough of world
But he intended to rejuvenate
The old state with its flag worldwide unfurled.
To do that meant the USA's downfall
But doing that was not like third-world chase,
No...militarily was not the call,
Implosion would this greatest threat erase.
But causing this main threat to just rot-out
Would seem impossible until he thought
Just how the USA had come about...
Discovered then the answer that he sought.
Contrary to his nation's origin,
At least since Soviet empire's demise,
The USA as such was to begin
When faith in God the pilgrims would devise.
He recognized that faith to be kept whole
Depended on the churches for its health
And so he schemed to prostitute their role
Through infiltration...taking them by stealth.
But his advisers pointed out the fact
That U.S. churches already were slack
In holding sacred what God would exact
In having strength enough to guard their back.
Not that God needed them for any cause
But that for Christians' good they should not slight
Commandments found in holy writ...its laws
For morals and for military might.
Advisers pointed out how church was weak,
Its worship often known as Christian Rock,
With “praise-teams” mouthing that all now should seek
God's heaven ere the twelve on earth-bound clock,
That churches had forsaken Christ as Lord
And in his place enthroned diversity,
That only “love” must count, never the sword,
Protecting every soul from enmity,
Not that this made much sense, advisers said,
Since there are entities that all should hate,
But many claimed the “red better than dead”
As their philosophy...thus him elate,
That he should have no doubt of U.S. rot
Because the churches – hellbent – lead the way,
Indeed, allowed two men to tie the knot –
An in-your-face affront to God's pure way.
The church, advisers said, performed charades,
It stood for nothing, fell for what would sell,
Becoming more like weird “gay-pride” parades
While dragging nation down to gates of hell.
He was convinced that, though not in his time,
...Although the church's decadence was quite profound...
That as the church forsook its sacred rhyme
The U.S. soon would be brought to the ground.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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