Thursday, July 27, 2017

Transgender GI

The liberal nose is out of joint now because Trump reckons that the military would profit by not getting stuck with sex-changes for its members, who in process might have hormonal relapses or gone-wrong surgeries (maybe infections installing vaginas in men who would rather be women) requiring their absence from the wars here and there. Recruiting nightmare...folks joining up for free sex-changes. Egad!

Transgender GI

The prexy ruled transgenders be
Recruited militarily
Because correct diversity
Means even monkeys must be free
From stigma whether he or she
As per one's sex-reality
And not to what apparently
Was Nature's way...mistakenly?

And so a he who is a she
Reports to boot-camp grudgingly
And finds her clothes are dungaree
As if she is another he;
She gives her name as Mary Lee
And finds her skivvies not panty
But boxer-shorts unwittingly
Thrown in her arms in great, good glee.

Then off to barracks—hup-two-three—
And to the restroom speedily
Only to find disgustingly
Those urinals...oh my, oh me,
And grown men standing easily
Before them, maybe two or three,
Exposed...oh yes...genitally...
Oh dear! Such trauma to a she.

The drill sergeant, no wit had he,
Had not seen femininity
And had not seen her purse to be
A sign that she was not a he;
Thus later off to Barracks B,
Where female GIs all would be
Exposed to her, a fellow she,
And great, good glee.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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