Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Those Awful LEECHES!!!!

The big news in the Lexington Herald-Leader of 23 September was that Governor Beshear has declared war on Internet gambling enterprises, calling them "leeches on our communities." HELLO! Is this the same governor who's tried every way imaginable to cover the state with casinos, especially at racetracks, where his kind of folks hang out and make/spend big bucks. The "little people" have to make do with off-track betting of whatever description is available, which entities also are "leeches on our communities."

The guv sees the Internet stuff as competition for his precious potential casinos – especially at the racetracks, of course – and so makes this compassionate move to protect the public from the "leeches on our communities." Does anyone think he gives a flip about the "little guy?" Of course not! He just wants to make sure that the "little guy," while being suckered also becomes part of the tax scheme for the state, not to mention filling the pockets of his cronies – especially those in the racetrack crowd, of course – and making their lives consequently happy while they, too, fulfill their calling as "leeches on our communities."

This is no brief for gambling. It's not the way to go. However, if the "little guy" wants to throw away his money in the privacy of his own home, why should the governor or anyone else care? That's a lot cheaper than buying gas at $3.60 per gallon to drive over to Keeneland or Churchill Downs or any of the other racetracks, whether or not races are ever run in them. In fact, it's even cheaper than sashaying down to the convenience store for lottery tickets, where the proprietors, along with their partners in crime known as the state, fare well as "leeches on our communities." Let's hear it for the leeches…whoever they are!!!!

And so it goes.

Jim Clark

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