Saturday, September 08, 2012

Convention Musings

Both the Republican and Democrat conventions had as central themes the virtual deifying of Woman and Latino, of whose language and/or personal appearances there was much use for the obvious reason. The democrats added a third virtual deification, that of the homosexual. Sadly, the vital factions seeking to control the government have operated on these themes in both their planning and operations. Try not to vomit.

In the process – by virtually ignoring them – the factions have made it plain that the most evil influences in the nation are the white Anglo-Saxon males, forces to be corralled before it is too late lest they somehow feel needed and therefore object…maybe even complain. So, the effort was made to “humanize” Romney (shades of Nixon) and enhance Obama’s stature as a “hunk” (shades of Bill Clinton). Shortly after the start of the demo clambake, a homosexual identified his “uniqueness” and addressed the crowd to great acceptance, setting a certain tone, perhaps an amalgamation of hedonism and perversion.

The democrats also provided an act of un-deification by taking any mention of God out of their platform. This was predictable since it could hardly be expected that God somehow could be lumped in importance with…yep…Obamessiah, immaculated [sic], as Limbaugh would have it, in January 2009. Two deities operating at the same time just blows the political mind, spiritually as well as materially.

Some members of the fair sex might actually have noticed that they were demeaned by all the inordinate attention…okay, actually inordinate attention to their voting power. To aid in their self-demeaning they took to the podiums in droves to announce that they will not be taken for granted, are mad as hell, and won’t take it anymore. This was proven by the appearance in the dem-fest by Sandra Fluke, otherwise known as the “Condom Lady,” example extraordinaire of the “liberated woman,” who campaigned vigorously with the commander-in-chief, epitome of the non-essential male.

White Anglo-Saxon males (the black guys get a pass) were not run over like deer staring into the headlights. Naw, they just circled the wagons, admitted that the gals are running things this year and must not be offended lest they feel accused of a traditional (but false, of course) trait called “fickleness.”

The republican gals (well…maybe 48% of them), no doubt disappointed that somebody like a reincarnation of Sarah Palin (without the brassiness, of course) was not nominated, at least for the veep spot a la the gimmickry of John McCain in 2008, will go for Romney on the basis of something neutral like “values,” but remain skittish about his approach(es) to abortion and maybe even just keep quiet on the economy since nobody, male or female, seems to have much of an idea of how to fix it, Obama having gotten it into a mess no one understands, especially him unless, of course, a mess was his intention all along on the wide road to socialism.

Caveat: I watched perhaps three speeches through or nearly through and just snatches of the repub clambake, but only snatches of the activities at the demo-debacle, avoiding the horrendously long instances of sound and fury by windbags, signifying nothing. I contented myself with TV news and those snatches mentioned above pertaining to the rest of the boring sessions for my edification. For whatever it’s worth, Huckabee’s was by far the best speech I heard and best delivered.

The most entertaining moment came when the president reportedly discovered that someone, obviously following the convention’s emphasis on perversion, had erred in having God taken out of the democrat platform (not that this worthless document means anything) and the ensuing charade that he was surprised and furious at such a thing, all paraded as believable news by the gullible or propagandizing networks. The pooh-bas (press and government), as usual, figure the great unwashed to be so ignorant that they can’t see through the thoroughly transparent idiocies. What poor soul actually believes the president didn’t do the whole deed?

The actual vote(s) to have God placed back in the platform were reminiscent of many voice-votes in Congress and other conventions. The “NO” voters greatly out-voiced the “YES” voters on all three votes that were taken, so the chairman had to lie about the result and put God back in. After all, replacing God with the homosexual-glorification might have upset a few ignoramuses, who nevertheless can find the voting booths. Undoubtedly, God was scared literally to death in all of this, and people are still laughing at the silliness exhibited by both the leaders and the sheep being herded in an evangelical direction they wished to avoid.

Some of the democrat speakers forgot the new paradigm vis-à-vis God and unwittingly said something like “God bless America.” In the grand spirit of perversion/diversity, it would have been okay to say, “Allah Akbar” or render a Confucian axiom, perhaps, but to bludgeon people’s sensibilities with thoughts of God was…well, unpatriotic and dismissive of the new church-state protocol, to wit, the church is subversive and must be silenced.

I caught part of the beginning of Biden’s speech (hopefully not plagiarized from some nameless Irishman) in which he regaled and probably thoroughly embarrassed his wife with expressions of his deep and abiding love, and I wondered what that had to do with governance, but it was great theater, eaten up by the crowds. Obama and Biden still have the support of the media, however, as proven by the fact that the Washington Post team found only three lies by Obama and just five by Biden.

I caught the acts of a couple of democrat businessmen in which they extolled their virtues in establishing eminently successful enterprises, and I had to laugh since they either didn’t know better or were hypocritical enough to do that in light of Obama’s declaration a while back that people who did what they said they did actually didn’t. “You didn’t build that!” he said. Still laughing!

On the day after his convention, the president could revel in the fact that the unemployment rate fell from 8.3% in July quickly to just 8.1% in August, a statistical marvel since 96,000 (count ’em) jobs were created while only 368,000 folks quit looking for work. That just about says it all. The actual unemployment rate is probably approaching 20% by now but by November may be down to 2.3%, according to Obama-government figures.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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