Thursday, February 21, 2013

Panicky Professor at Berea College

In a 19 February column in the Lexington Herald-Leader (Lexington, Ky.), Mike Rivage-Seul, emeritus professor of peace and social justice (whatever that is) at Berea College said this: “The 20th century, once so full of promise, turned out to be the bloodiest in the history of the world. And the West was responsible for it all… .” He didn’t explain but the professor probably considers the West to be Olde Europe and North America and hasn’t caught on to the fact that Japan, China and Russia existed in the twentieth century, as well as a whole passel of other bloodletting nations.

It’s this kind of stuff purveyed on “progressive” college campuses that makes one nearly vomit. The professor especially mentions World Wars I and II, Nazi “Social Darwinism,” the Jewish Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki as being the “icebergs” into which “constant human improvement” (the rhetorical Titanic) has collided, to its detriment, of course.

Even to mention this country in the same breath with Olde Europe and the Nazis is to savage the one nation that did the most to salvage any modicum of relief from the torment occasioned by the actual evil powers that would have taken over the world, if possible. Slamming this country even further, the professor of peace and justice made it clear that Hiroshima and Nagasaki—the actual war-ending exercises in 1945 saving millions of Japanese and Americans—are to be in the same category as Buchenwald, Auschwitz and the Storm Troopers. A former Catholic priest, the professor might join another emeritus clergy-colleague, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, in his famous sermonic solemnity, to wit, “God damn America.”

Somehow, the professor tied the Titanic to the evil West to the cruise-ship Triumph that lately lost power in the Gulf of Mexico for four days while the passengers waded in sewage—remarkable. Never have metaphors been so violently mixed. The professor said that the Triumph comedy/tragedy was prophetic—get this—of the complete breakdown of systems providing food, shelter, law and order.

Then he said: “I’m referring, of course, to the effects of climate change and the massive disruptions that promise to shut down entire eco-systems.” A leap of this magnitude is amazing. A ship breaks down, something that happens routinely even in the U.S. Navy, and the lesson has to do with the Apocalypse, no less—the end, zilch, Armageddon. The elements of proof according to Rivage-Seul – unprecedented drought, flooding, super-storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. These things, of course, have never ever happened before.

The professor said that whereas those acts were once blamed on God, now they are to be blamed on man, his way of saying man is killing the climate and, as one result, leading to loss of “fellow-feeling.” One may not even want to think about what fellow-feeling is (kinda creepy, huh?) but it probably has to do with peace and social justice, which are defined mostly as what anyone says they are.

The professor has either been sucked in by the “Algore hoax” and believes that stuff or has an agenda. He may not be aware that the anthropologists/archeologists have determined that at one time the climate of Brazil obtained at the Arctic Circle and that the Ohio River was carved out by a glacier that finally retreated to the North Pole (third Ice-Age, if memory serves).

He may not know that, while Arctic ice has been decreasing in volume, Southern Hemisphere sea ice is at its second highest volume since 1979, 2007 being the highest, and that it has been steadily increasing since 1979 by an amazing amount considering the huge masses involved. Check out the University of Illinois Cryosphere Today data for proof. The readings for 2007 and 2012 are virtually equal.

The climate has not changed in at least 15 years, as measured by top U.S. scientists/climatologists, not the UN IPCC crowd that so thoroughly discredited itself as fraudulent just after Gore was awarded his Nobel Peace Prize and about the same time that Obama received the same award and, looking silly, took the dive at the Copenhagen Climate-Change Conference in 2009. Neither man knows any more about climate than the average Joe Blow on the street corner or the average professor of anything but the instant subject.

The professor claimed that climate catastrophe is now conducted by man, not God. One wonders where he thinks man originated, if not from God, which brings everything back to Square One regarding God, man and climate. Wow!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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