Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Evolving President

The elitists are fond of castigating as a hopeless, mindless zealot anyone claiming to “have that old time religion” or religion of any kind, except maybe Islam these days, at least in the U.S., where a Baptist can be called a dangerous screwball-nutcase but a Moslem referenced only as holy, else the hate-police get on the case. It’s fashionable to accuse believers of opposing the president on religious grounds, so why not take religion out of the mix and just examine his approaches on other grounds such as biological or—better—just plain common sense?

Flip-floppers are usually condemned, sometimes in even the mainstream media, the democrat propaganda arm, but Obama gets a pass on his 180-degree turn on marriage on the basis that he has—get this!—evolved, translated, even more superior in intellect than before and certainly more superior to that of anyone else. Well…doesn’t the human’s difference from the ape prove that evolution takes place and so why shouldn’t the president evolve, assuming, of course, that one believes in that strain of evolving? I don’t.

Anyway, the prez needed only the time between campaigns to evolve, just four years, perhaps some kind of record-setting affirmative brain-adjustment. After all, it took Darwin over 20 years to get Origin of Species right and published. Obama is/was a much faster study than even the definer of evolving. Of course, the prez might not have started evolving in 2008, when he declared that marriage can be between ONLY a man and woman, but might not have started until the campaign year of 2012, meaning an even faster and more overpowering tsunami of brain-waves activity.

The prez has to be admired for his intellectual bravery since his public announcement that Atty. Gen. Holder will not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act means that he has acted un-Constitutionally in not enforcing the nation’s laws, as he has sworn to do. This, along with his unprovoked and un-Constitutional attack on Libya, should have triggered impeachment proceedings in the House but the House apparently has not evolved as fast as the president, not exactly stuck in ape-mode but just not as far advanced.

The president has declared that men may marry men now, though he has not designated if the pairs are to be man and wife (and which is which) or partner and partner or significant other and other, things that should be settled since kids often have to designate these people on documents of one kind or another. Or it may be that—probably through executive order—such designations will be removed from all documents, the better to enhance diversity, which is the Nirvana of all endeavor, presently the acme of evolving. In the mix, it is now possible for homosexual “lovers” to be assigned to the same navy ship, since no marriage contract is required to disqualify them as sailor and sailor.

The president has also placed his domestic imprimatur on scouting. In that famous interview the other day with Scott Pelley of CBS News, the president said that the Boy Scouts should be open to homosexuals, never mind the longtime BSA aversion to unnaturalness. God is very important in scouting and the scriptures vehemently condemn homosexual behavior but a homosexual scoutmaster might take a different view, especially if he has evolved in a superior manner, meaning that he has advanced beyond silly superstition. So far, the BSA has not caved, so an executive order may soon be in process.

As Evolver-in-Chief, the president has shown great mental dexterity. He was against the Iraq “surge” but ordered an Afghanistan “surge,” having evolved into that position. He promised to close Gitmo but evolved out of that troublesome problem, as well as trying the terrorist butchers in New York City. He castigated the Bush administration for its tactics but has evolved to such exponential mental acuity that he signed the Patriot Act renewal and has made Bush’s use of drones merely inconsequential compared to his use, in which thousands of civilians have been killed in such places as Pakistan, with which the U.S. is not at war.

Currently, the best example of the president’s evolving is his superior understanding of the economy, marked by his insistence that it can be operated, public and private, on money borrowed from China. Since no other credible economist understands this—indeed, just the opposite—the prez is operating in a mnemonic area totally beyond that of any other humanoid, though it’s rumored that certain chimps at the Washington Zoo have figured this out but are in danger of evolving out of the ability to understand this method and so have been placed on “arrested development” medicine and will be invited to teach at Harvard, Obama’s old school.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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