Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will be held in Paris, France, November 30—December 11. This is an annual clambake in which the climate-change alarmists try to convince the world that it is literally going to hell...at least heat-wise because evil human beings—translated, mostly Americans—are befouling the atmosphere with too much carbon dioxide, which mainly emanates from the world's oceans that make up 74% of the planet. One hopes the Islamic jihadists do not believe the number of attendees large enough to warrant another bloodbath.

This is a ho-hum affair, not least because no global warming, man-made or otherwise, has occurred during the last 18 years. Anecdotal episodes do not count. During this year, the volume of sea ice in the southern oceans has been at its highest since records have been kept.

This is from the UK The Daily Mail of 2 September 2014: “The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’ Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change. But seven years after his warning, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012.”

Little if anything has changed since last year with regard to climate-change. Gore made a fortune with his scandalous book and film titled An Inconvenient Truth. The film was not even allowed to be shown in Britain's public schools until the teacher pointed out all the errors. The Paris meeting will not be about climate or science; rather, it will be about global politics. This isn't to say that honest people will not attend but that ignorant attendees will suffer yet another attempt by the United Nations to subvert actual science by actual climatologists.

After the Gore fiasco of 2007, with peace having nothing to do with climate, President Obama was awarded the same Nobel “Peace Prize” in 2009, less than a year after he took office for doing the same thing, warning the world that it was about to burn because of man's efforts to kill it by driving cars, heating/cooling their houses and otherwise using energy. Obama was all geared up in December 2009 to deliver the main climate speech at the UNFCCC convention in Copenhagen when it was discovered through their own email exposures that the main operatives for the UN had cooked the books and that global warming was a hoax.

This let all the air out of the frantic-efforts-balloon by the UN and U.S. alarmists to float a negative. It precluded the weird and stringent cap&trade penalties envisioned by the UN to especially hurt the U.S. economy, something Obama had promised in 2008 when he claimed he would make electricity rates “skyrocket.” He meant to sort of apologize to the world for the lifestyle of the U.S., even though 40% of the world's population lived in China and India, with less than 5% living in the U.S. Alas...the news of the hoax destroyed his teleprompter!

While the current administration—using unbelievably stringent “scrubbing” regulations—has forced many energy businesses to either go bankrupt of just quit, India and China go merrily along, with China, especially, building ever more coal-fired generators and India contributing huge atmospheric wastes on the basis of population alone. Since the dire warnings of the 1970s that a cold-age was about to decimate the world, little has changed, except that slight warming in recent years is probably due to a slight alteration of the sun-earth relationship having to do with sunspots, something over which people have no control...or even much understanding.

Ironically, The UNFCCC clambake was held in Cancun in December 2010, the better to make the scene more amenable to vacationing while doing the tough work necessary to keep the climate from changing. Cancun underwent violent and uncharacteristic cooling that week, chasing everyone off the beaches. A long ode to that climate-surprise:


In balmy Cancun-by-the-sea
The I-P-C-C came to play
And thousands more insipidly
Joined in to play and look for pay;
They came from all the world throughout
To caterwaul of climate-change –
Claimed warming…yes…without a doubt,
Was making elephants act strange;
Nobelist Gore had made it plain
That man was messing with God’s plan
And, though some called him quite insane,
Insisted there were things to ban;
He said that light-bulbs had to go,
Their use of current quite too much,
He fought their incandescent glow,
Said only hard-of-heart used such;
He speechified…well…everywhere
That evil people hated ice
And thus deprived the polar bear
Of pleasant living – chilly, nice;
Yes, Algore made it very plain
That man kills Mother Nature’s way…
He causes earthquakes…stops the rain,
And kills the forests – gasp – so fey;
Obama’s reps were there to make
His case that carbon is so bad
That drastic measures we should take,
Lest all the world become quite mad
At Uncle Sam for burning coal
To make electric things…well…work,
That U.S. folks just have no soul,
Should pay the world for this strange quirk;
And gasoline – oh – say no more…
Is gross, so fossilized, impure,
Emitting evil, to the core,
And warmth the cosmos must endure;
He recommends to check all tires
And make their p-s-i just so,
Lest all the world have ghastly fires
As warming hovers to and fro;
Alarmists view the cattle herd
As damning air with methane gas
And claim that this is so absurd –
We die of beef, of course, en masse;
The prexy owns G-M, of course,
And, with the unions, Chrysler, too,
Yet, seems to want to try the horse
Since cars emit vile C-O-2;
If not the horse, then batteries –
But never mind the source of charge,
Which comes from coal-fired enemies
That poison air with their discharge;
Cancun was limping at its close,
The partiers…well…rather glum,
The Cancun temps at record lows
For days made partying so bum;
The coolness came from global heat
That mostly U.S. folks have brought –
At least that was the common bleat
Of those who braved the cold’s onslaught;
The beaches at fifty degrees
Invited mockery and flight –
Another reason global fees
The U.S. owes for such a plight;
Kyoto, with a whimper, went…
Japan and Russia…well…demurred,
And China promised to repent –
No one believed a single word;
The thousands on expense accounts
Or maybe through a U-N fund
Have left for home on fossiled mounts
With spirits sadly moribund;
So…Cancun is now history,
Like Copenhagen, laughingly,
COP 17 next year will be
In balmy Durban-by-the-sea;
The temps should reach eighty degrees,
But global warming could invade
As summertime brings gentle breeze,
And put Cancun in icy shade!
By then the warming may be moot
Since cooling has gone on for years,
But other culprits follow suit
To keep the world in doubts and fears;
Perhaps I-P-C-C will claim
That fateful cooling has set in,
That Bush and Cheney get the blame,
With Halliburton’s yang and yin;
These evil entities are said
By Truthers ranging far and wide
To do bad things, fill earth with dread
And laugh at simple fratricide
Like 9/11’s tragedy
When, with Osama, they bade well
To wreck U.S. economy,
Replace it with their greedy sell,
Or caused the levees’ weird collapse
When sweet Katrina swept the seas
Right through those wide and awful gaps
And brought Big Easy to its knees;
Yes, coolness is well on its way,
The I-P-C-C may suspect,
That’s why warm Durban-by-the-bay
Will sport the climate’s best effect;
The gurus at the C-R-U
Will not be there to scare the world,
The hockey-stick will be gone, too,
At Mann the insults would be hurled;
You were a great time for hot air –
Not even it could make things jell…
For partiers, it was not fair.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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Tim Wohlford said...

The previous great science hoax was the 1960's "population bomb". Which would be harmless enough I suppose, just a bunch of angst among liberals (including liberal churches), but it cause the creation of the EPA. And of course, any opposition to birth control and legal abortion melted in the face of such "science". In China, they got the 1-child rule.

Now, the worst so far seems to be the utter waste of $350 bbbbbillion per year in "global warming" expenditures. I realize that there might be some value in what is done with the money -- raising sea walls for instance -- but you have to wonder why we can't be honest with the expenditures.

Which of course is the point -- akin to a Keynesian economics, "global warming" and "climate change" is used by those who barely understand it to gain power and money. Can't get a sea wall built? Global warming! Want to seize control of low-lying tidewater areas (as the State of NC's environmental division of gov't wanted to do)? Global warming! Want to get funding for a new power plant? Global warming! And so it goes.