Tuesday, November 17, 2015

No Muslim "REFUGEES"

Risk Too Great

In his news conference in Turkey on 16 November, President Obama made it plain that Syrians would be accepted as immigrants in the U.S. He's already pegged the number at 10,000 for 2016 with some 100,000 soon after. He takes this position despite an NSA apparatchik claiming Sunday that all immigrants will be thoroughly vetted to keep terrorists out but surely knowing that vetting Syrians is impossible since no lines of communication with the Syrian government or its agencies exist. Syrians have been coming into the U.S. this year, virtually un-vetted, and some governors are refusing to accept them. Kentucky, with 92 accepted this year, is eighth in the nation in acceptances.

The French have firmly established that one of the bombers of 13 November in Paris was a supposed “refugee” who had passed through Greece in October on a Syrian passport, easily entering France. Surely the French, who have been on high alert for a long time, have their own systems for vetting but he wasn't apprehended. The other assassins were mostly French citizens or Muslims living in Belgium...just rented a car and drove in. U.S. borders are already just as porous as France's.

I seem to remember presidential democrat wannabes Clinton and O'Malley tossing out the number of 65,000 in the CBS debate on 14 November, insisting, of course, on thorough vetting, which republican candidates Huckabee and Rubio have mentioned as impossible. On the Smerconish CNN program on 14 November, Huckabee also mentioned the fact that Syrians would not speak English. The president has not indicated where the “refugees” will live, go to school and work. Huckabee made the point that helping Middle Easterners settle in their own part of the world would be much better, in Saudi Arabia, for instance, with Americans footing the bill.

According to the Council on Jewish Islamic Relations, there are between six and seven million Muslims in the U.S., not counting Farrakhan's homegrown Nation of Islam, which was numbered at some 250,000 in 1975 but is probably much smaller now. The NOI does not furnish membership figures. According to the International Population Center at San Diego State, there were three million Muslims in the U.S. in 2000. This represents a doubling of the Muslim population in just 15 years.

An influx of Muslims from anywhere is unthinkable. Their birth-rates are much higher than that of Caucasians in the U.S., which just barely sustains the current population whose ancestors built this country. That may sound racist but it's just fact. In Europe, the white birth-rates are not high enough to sustain traditional European populations. This is one reason why Muslims are being allowed into Germany (800,000), for instance, i.e., to take the risk to furnish enough workers to sustain the socialistic governments/societies (no pensions otherwise). Just through births alone, Muslims will take over those governments in a relatively short time. The Syrian birth-rate is roughly four times greater than Germany's and about twice that of the U.S.

The president's childhood was Muslim-oriented. He knows the Koran and its adjunct teachings, which seem centered around killing or enslaving the infidel at every opportunity. The imams admit this publicly. Except for their sheer stupidity, the shoe-bomber, underwear-bomber and Times Square-bomber (SUV loaded with explosives) would have killed thousands of Americans, not to mention the incidental killings and injuries such as carried off by the Boston Marathon bombers. Has the president forgotten 9/11, with 3,000 killed by 19 MUSLIMS?

Except for sheer stupidity (arrived too late), the Paris soccer-field homicide/suicide bombers would have killed thousands more on 13 November. If just one “refugee Syrian terrorist” makes it into the U.S., he could kill thousands. The president's primary responsibility is the protection of Americans, meaning that all necessary precautions be taken, a major one being no more visas for people from the Middle East and North Africa. This is the first line of defense. This is a “red line” the president had better not cross. Citizens should rise up and demand that common sense rule.

Shepard Smith, chief afternoon whiner at Fox News, spoke passionately on 16 November about not “demonizing” populations, his implication clear. People are not “demonized” by other people. They “demonize” themselves, if anything. Muslims are killing each other by the thousands in the Middle East. There's no good reason to invite them to do the same vis-a-vis Americans on U.S. soil.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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