Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Professor Excoriates Trump

Exemplifies Safe-Space College Campuses

The regularly featured words of wisdom delivered in the Lexington Herald-Leader from the halls of academia spewed forth on 18 December from Benjamin Knoll, a professor at Centre College, who began his op-ed thusly: “Not kidding around,” as if one, after reading his piece, might accidentally dissolve into laughter.  Actually, I did.  

The professor then points out seven areas in which, “Donald Trump is actively threatening to weaken American democracy.”  One wonders at the difference between actively threatening and just plain threatening, but why torture the semantics?  One suspects the professor actually meant maliciously threatening, but didn’t want to be accused of micro-aggression, currently academia’s boogie-bear, a definite no-no, almost as sacrosanct as not raping drunk/doped coeds at frat parties they attend to become drunk or doped or both.  

Knoll accused Trump of attempting to foreclose free speech by threatening the revocation of citizenship account flag-burning, apparently not understanding that legislation/referendums amend the Constitution, not individuals. He accused Trump of attempting to interfere with non-violent protests planned for inauguration weekend in D.C., though I suspect the D.C. police are gearing up for the non-violence, especially since the protesters that need watching will be the usual professionals that burned up Ferguson, Missouri, twice and Baltimore once.

The puzzler: Knoll cited the Trump campaign for promising to impose a ban on Muslim-immigration in violation of “First Amendment guarantees of freedom of religion,” apparently not realizing that the amendment applies only to U.S. citizens, not to Muslims from the desert or anyone else. In any case, Trump only reflected the thinking of Hillary Clinton's “basket of deplorables,” the great unwashed “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” folks, and irredeemably so…hopeless cases like me.

Inviting potential/actual suicide/homicide bombers into the country seems rather dim-witted but warm-fuzzy, hugs-all-around elitist academics see the larger perspective, the protection of these non-citizen-butchers' right to practice their murderous religion in the U.S. They practiced that right in Cairo the other day, wasting 25 in a Catholic Church bombing. Or...remember gay Paree – that theater as well as Charlie Hebdo, Nice and now Berlin (trucks as weapons), Boston, etc. Awarding this “religious right” is like inviting cancer into one's body...stupid.  

Knoll accused Trump of defiling the press by “bullying and criticizing news reporters,” notwithstanding that all the top media except Fox News openly and unashamedly promoted Clinton, a basket-case herself as far as making sense is concerned. The professor then accused Trump of trying to silence critics through intimidation on Twitter but doesn't mention that he tweets, too, one of his latest being “I suppose it's possible that a war with China will help make America great again. I'll admit I'm befuddled, though. Can anyone help clarify?” Egad! One hopes Knoll forgot and was just “kidding around.”

Knoll accused Trump of falsely claiming widespread voter-fraud. Just the current attempts of Clinton-worshipers to defame the Constitutional electoral college provision is all that's needed to prove Trump's point.

Knoll continued the ninth-grade civics lesson by accusing Trump of “attempting to weaken American institutions by siding with a foreign government over the U.S. intelligence community about Russian interference with our electoral process.” Okay...the Russkies (definitely not Trump) are accused of hacking into the Democratic National Committee, where they discovered that then-head honcho Wasserman Schultz, Podesta and their partners in crime blew off democrat Hillary-challenger Bernie Sanders, and Donna Brazile (currently rewarded as Schultz's replacement) fed debate info to Hillary's apparatchiks, though it didn't help the empty pants-suit.

Knoll didn't explain how this affected the election unless he wondered WWPD (what would Putin do) as the deciding factor while voting. Unbelievably (well...okay...academia-speak excused), Knoll finished with this gem: “Now is the time for the American people to show that they deserve the democracy they have inherited...”. Absolutely not! They do not deserve the democracy they have inherited from Obama/Clinton. They deserve much better than that and hopefully Trump will help deliver it. If not, God help us!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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