Monday, December 12, 2016

Trump & the CIA/FBI

CNN talk-radio host Smerconish is my favorite not because I agree with him most of the time—I don’t—but because he allows his interviewees sufficient time to state their opinions and seldom interrupts no matter how profoundly he may disagree with them…he doesn’t lose his cool.  He almost lost it, though, in his 10 December segment involving Trump communications director, Sean Spicer, and came out looking so bad he admitted he forgot his place in the programming.  

Smerconish tried to make the point that Trump doesn’t trust his own CIA with respect to whether or not the agency is right in accusing the Russians of hacking into the U.S. election in some way or other, noting that some entity DID hack into the DNC apparatus during the campaign and that it has been alleged that the Russians hacked into the RNC outfit, as well, with the resulting information concerning only the DNC being made public…supposedly unfair in favor of Trump. The info (allegedly via WickiLeaks) did culminate in the firing of then-DNC head honcho Wasserman just as she was to initiate the July convention.  

Much was also made of the fact that Trump does not indulge in the daily briefings that allegedly Obama receives.  It’s doubtful that anyone knows how diligently or seriously Obama takes the briefings, either.  As to Trump’s possible distrust of the CIA (anathema to Smerconish), Spicer ate Smerconish’s lunch in a lengthy back-and-forth in which Spicer had his ducks in a row and Smerconish did not.  The upshot was/is that no one actually knows what if anything the Russians did but Spicer made it very clear that the electoral college victory depended not at all on whatever hacking did or did not take place.  

Trump, if he does not trust the CIA, possibly remembers that the CIA reported allegedly false info (WMD in Iraq) that resulted in that wasteful and ineffective war.  I disagree because the intel agencies of a number of developed nations made the same claim, and I believe that Saddam moved the WMD probably to his neighbor Syria probably at night between September 2002 and March 2003.  This is the subject of my novel The Biggest Con.  

It is politically incorrect to say it but the truth is that the head of the CIA, John Brennan, is alleged to be a Muslim, as is Obama’s top aide, Valerie Jarrette, but not because of whatever religion may be involved for them. I believe Islam is a cult, not a religion, and therefore distrust the Islamic movement (caliphate) centered on ruling the world and killing “infidels” (especially Christians/Americans) and Jews.  Trump could feel the same way. The “Cairo Massacre” in Cairo, Egypt, on 12 December is instructive. The homicide/suicide bomber blew up a Catholic church and killed at least 25.  

It doesn’t help that FBI Director Comey and Attorney General Lynch, after Comey outlined an airtight case against Hillary Clinton, while She was State Secretary, on the bases of flagrant negligence allowing any hacker to access the nation’s secrets and indisputable perjury concerning same, brought no charges of any kind against her.  Under oath himself, Comey indicated her perjury in a Congressional hearing.  

So…it’s not surprising that Trump might view any of Obama-controlled agencies as objects of suspicion and even distrust, especially those that involve national security and law-enforcement, Smerconish’s insistence otherwise notwithstanding. When he takes office, the taint of Obama, Jarrette, Lynch, Brennan and perhaps Comey will be gone. Trump has already picked a CIA chief, national security adviser, defense secretary and attorney general and will then have confidence in what he hears. National Security Adviser Susan Rice (remember the lies she told five networks regarding the Benghazi Massacre) will also be gone, thus ridding the nation of incompetence and outright corruption in the highest offices.

The vote has displeased the progressives (Hillary's term, not just democrats anymore) so the effort is now to somehow invalidate an election Constitutionally conducted by claiming its outcome was determined not by Americans but by Putin, though there is absolutely no proof offered to that effect. Weird but true!

Ironically, even if some electors betrayed their trust on 19 December when the votes of the electors are counted, the election would be decided in the House, which is by a substantial margin republican.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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