Thursday, August 09, 2012

Obama & Character Assassination

The sure sign of intuiting an impending doom in a political campaign occurs when the campaigner, instead of either discussing substance or protecting a record in the case of incumbency, resorts to attempting to assassinate the character of his opponent…sort of like hating the message and therefore killing the messenger. Whether he or his apparatchiks commit the slander, he must take the responsibility for the sleazy methodology.

President Obama has taken pains to make it clear that he functions as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, notwithstanding his obvious ignorance with respect to anything military. Like former prexy Clinton, he probably “loathes” the military and is reminded of that loathing every time he approaches his personal helicopter or makes one of his near-daily trips on Air Force One for transportation somewhere to make yet another campaign speech – all those uniforms and all that silly saluting. Now, however, he has a new appellation, to wit, “Liar-in-Chief.”

One of the president’s prime campaign-slanderer-sycophants is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who may not genuflect in the dear leader’s presence, as Obama did before the Saudi Arabian honcho in 2009, but comes close. Reid, without a scintilla of proof or the naming of any sources, has recently declared that “the word is out” that Romney has paid no taxes for ten years, despite the fact that his 2010 return was published (paid more than $3 million in income taxes), with the 2011 return to be published as soon as it’s filed, not that it matters. Romney has indicated that it will be about the same.

The enormity of this lie is seen in the fact that in the last ten years Romney was either Massachusetts governor or running for the presidency in 2008. If he hadn’t been paying taxes, that fact would have been trotted out long ago, and certainly in the past decade. Reid, during whose current tenure no budget has been passed in more than a thousand days, undoubtedly at the president’s bidding, is a pathetic if not psychopathic liar, besides which his legislative ability wallows in profound incompetence.

Neither Reid, Minority Leader Pelosi nor Democrat National Committee Chairperson/Florida Congressperson Schultz have allowed their tax returns to be published but are either too stupid to understand their hypocrisy or, as they charge Romney, “have something to hide,” such as offshore accounts not susceptible to taxation. Theirs is a brazen, callous position perpetrated in their elitist belief that the average citizen is too dumb to notice. The scary thing is…they may be right.

The latest ad festering out of the Obama crowd accuses Romney, as Bain Capital’s CEO, of killing someone’s wife because she died of cancer absent any health insurance. When she became ill, Romney was no longer running Bain and when she died he hadn’t run the company for many years, besides which it turns out that she had insurance for two years before her death. The Obama campaign knows all this but the ad airs anyway – a complete and total fabrication from the Liar-in-Chief, who wallows in this slimy ooze, like a pig slopping garbage, perhaps his way of celebrating Ramadan, currently in progress. The woman’s husband was the star of the TV-ad, but no mention has been made of how much he was paid for dancing on his wife’s grave.

Even later is the information oozing out now from the democrat propaganda machine known as the Huffington Post that Romney started his business with money made available by El Salvadoran “families” that used “death squads” in their business dealings. Again, no names have been offered as providing the proof of this, though it could well have happened since it isn’t hard to believe that businesses in Latin America in the 1980s did just that. Until Obama or his minions furnish concrete proof that Romney had knowledge of such a thing, POTUS remains Liar-in-Chief.

As for life and death issues, Obama voted affirmatively in the 1997 Illinois legislature for partial-birth abortions, the actual murder of newborns since they are partly out of the womb when dispatched, then jerked out like a bad appendix and thrown away. He may actually have voted “present,” as was his custom, but since a yes vote would have protected the infant he voted to kill the baby. In other words, he comprised a “death squad” of one, placing him on a par with the wicked El Salvadorans.

POTUS was campaigning in Colorado the other day – on the theme of “Romney’s war against women” – with Sandra Fluke…yeah, THAT Sandra, who testified before a Congressional panel set up by Minority Leader Pelosi a while back to the effect that the women law students at her school (Georgetown…Catholic…no insurance to cover the passion-pit activity) simply could not afford enough condoms (costing $1,000 per year) to satisfy their sexual habits. The Big-Box stores sell them for $9.00 a month but apparently the elite students would only accept the exotic ones…maybe lubricated with WD-40 and spirits of caviar.

Romney’s war against women! Yeah…Liar-in-Chief rides again.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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