Thursday, January 07, 2016


His lame-duck year now on the line,
Another prexy speech...or whine
About Congressional surcease
Of passing laws to bring some peace
Throughout the land where guns are used,
Such use, of course, badly abused
In mass killings such as in schools
Or by religious jihad fools.

The prexy said he would thus give
By orders called executive
The nation some benign relief,
Bypassing Congress, as its chief,
With huge more shrinks
To finger nutcase ere he thinks
Of wasting some crowd anywhere
Like in a mall...just here or there.

Perhaps a new bureaucracy
Will come on line to oversee
The psychiatric quality
Of citizenry vis-a-vis
Proclivity to bear its arms
In schools, theaters, strip-club charms,
Then cause such violence to cease –
A brand-new form of...yeah...police.

It is not clear how this might work,
Surveillance cameras one quirk,
Each citizen to wear his own
And film all others...crowds, alone,
With monitors throughout the land...
Millions to spot a threat to peace,
Report it to the top command –
Department of the Mind-Police.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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