Friday, January 15, 2016

Not My Home

This world is not my home
I am just passing through
I find the more I roam
That it has gone cuckoo
My land has changed so much
Now men may marry men
I never thought of such
And prexy says amen
Islam called religion
Enough to make one choke
It is a rescission
Of sanity – a joke
The women now may fight
In Army with the guys
It causes me great fright
A salon in disguise
They sail on Navy crafts
With fetuses cared-for
The men get all the shafts
New mothers go ashore
They put them in the Seals
To go on special-ops
Looks great in the news-reels
And prexy calls them tops
Abortions are the rage
A fetus stops the fun
Expendable that stage
Just kill the daughter, son
Must be all types of speech
If not, invite indict
As smarmy bigot, leech
Micro-aggression owns
The newest sort of slime
If offense one intones
The word-police charge crime
To say what one might think
Is to take on the charge
That one should see a shrink
Perhaps not be at-large
Inviting Muslims in
Proves pure diversity
Though threat to kith and kin
The prez approves, with glee
The nation must take risk
Lest it be judged as mean
And emigres not frisk
That would be too obscene
Police are now fair game
Seen as the enemy
To shoot them brings no shame
A dope-head must be free
One must not speak of God
Lest atheist be stunned
In age that is post-mod
Religion must be shunned
And then there are the trans
Their genders not quite sure
The bathrooms – woman's, man's
They never must endure
A third or fourth must be
In every public space
So they can then feel free
To go...not in disgrace
The climate must be changed
The prez said that is so
Its heat for cold exchanged
Lest harm for golf, polo
And athletes must know scorn
If using growth hormone
Though fans are all reborn
At thrill of broken bone
The Congress in gridlock
Is all that seems so norm
The citizens feel shock
When it reverses form
This world is not my home
I am just passing through
I soon no more will roam
And that is alright, too

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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