Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Price Survival?


Its population decreasing,
In consequence costs increasing
For those whose taxes pay the freight
To fund the government's huge weight,
Thus chancellor sent out decree
That Muslim immigrants were free
To settle in her nation and
Find work, pay taxes – helping hand.

An altruistic act was spun
By Europe's once collective hun
For settling in the refugees
Delivered from huge obsequies
That would result if forced to stay
In Muslim countries in full sway
Of beastly pogroms Koran-mad,
Blood in the streets the current fad.

And so they came, a million plus,
Some walked and some by train or bus
Through other countries burdened with
The costs of moving them forthwith
Or settling somehow all of those
Who further movement stopped, just chose
To stay where they hoped to remain,
No matter governmental strain.

The influx of a million plus
Encamped in their new terminus
Plus thousands more in other states
Of Europe shaped those nations' fates;
Their language skills did not exist
Nor resources to eat, subsist,
Where unemployment rates were high,
The housing setup swarmed, awry.

The worst was yet to come, of course,
Predictably, a social force
Involving crimes like robberies
And sex-crimes, wild atrocities
As idle men, no work to do,
With women thought as chattel through
Whom they could satisfy their lust
And which their culture deemed as just.

Indeed, the media proclaimed
In just few months women defamed
In orgies such as at Cologne
Where hundreds of complaints were shown
To mark the crimes policemen face
In trying to control a race
Whose god screams death to infidels –
A class which in all Europe dwells.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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